3 Simple Swaps To Lose More

Catherine here,

For many people, the reason you stop following a diet is simple: the food tastes gross.

Cardboard flavor…no flavor….not sure which is worse!

The key for long term weight loss is to find foods that are both healthy AND tasty!

With that in mind, here are 3 simple swaps that are big on flavor and small on calories!

3 Simple Swaps

Choose Mushrooms Over Meat!

mushroomsThis is something that my vegetarian readers do during the Cabbage Soup Diet week!  Sautee one cup of mushrooms for only 21 calories or brown 3 ounces of meat for over 200 calories.

If you’re still hungry, make more mushrooms and still be in a calorie loss compared to the meat.  Mushrooms are inexpensive, too.  Choose shiitake for even more protein!

Choose Avocado Over Butter!

ganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weissSpread a tablespoon of avocado on your breakfast toast instead of butter.  Fresh, ripe avocado has about 25 calories, whereas butter has over 100.

Avocado is filling and has healthy fats in it as well.

Choose Lettuce Wraps Over Bread!

lettucewrapsYou can swap healthy, crunchy, whole lettuce leaves for sandwich bread, tortillas, and more.  Four large romaine leaves is about 20 calories, and a hamburger bun is well over 100 calories!

Can you think of anything else that you swap for – things that taste great and are low in calories?!

To your health,


3 Simple Swaps To Lose More — 21 Comments

  1. hello, will be starting your cabbage soup next week yeaa. wish to know pls is coucous good for one on a weightlose journey? if not what’s a substitute?

  2. These are really good swaps!
    If on the CSD week (or another strict diet week) I tend to use very finely chopped cauliflower instead of rice. I put a bit of water in a bowl with the cauliflower, microwave it for a few minutes and then dry fry it if I have time. It works especially well for a curry base!

  3. So good to find (or re-find) your website…I go on the soup diet, original plan, for two weeks every year or so…and am starting on 10/9 after a luncheon on 10/8 with my Mom. I rarely eat beef, so the mushroom idea is great. Some days, I blenderize the soup, with the vegetables in it, and add curry powder. It helps to keep it from the total sameness. I love the 2nd day Baked potato, only add just a tiny bit of butter. Also, I use brown rice, and make a casserole on day 7 with a bunch of the vegetables. By the way, I eat the vegetables in the soup. Would only broth make a difference?

    • The vegetables are good for you to keep your energy levels up and they are so low in calorie that it would be a shame to not eat them!! Sounds like you are doing well with it.

  4. Started the diet Saturday. Hanging in there but I am having a hard time getting the soup down. Is there a minimum/maximum amount I need to eat each day and does the amount effect how much I will lose? I love mushrooms so will give it try.

    • Some people blend the soup and others just have a few bowls per day. If you don’t like it try to fill up on veggies if it is a veggie day. The soup is to help you feel full and satisfied. Would adding mushrooms or more spices to it help you any? Mrs. Dash has some varities of seasoning that might help you with the flavor of it.

    • The more you eat of the soup the more you lose. That’s what I have been receiving in the mail. The tips given say try to eat at least 3 to 4 big bowls of the soup. My problem is how much is one big bowl? I just try to eat at least 3 cups. And also, the email I received said that you expect to make 2 batches of the soup within the week, and I am on my 5th day, and my second batch still has about 3 days of soup left, so I figure I must be doing OK. I have lost almost 4 kilos!

  5. I have at least 30 pounds to lose, what do I eat after my week of the diet, waiting to start it again after the 2 week waiting period?

    • Try to count your calories and set a minimum amount to eat per day per your doctor’s advice. Eat lots of lean meats and veggies and salads and fruits. You don’t have to be as strict as the Cabbage Soup Diet just know your limits. Also, if you are not doing so already make sure you exercise!! Whether its walking or cardio start out slow and build up. Use light weights on your arms to tone them. Google diets and find one that you feel you can stick to without starving yourself.

  6. I just made my soup and found it surprisingly tasty. A bit like Minestrone.
    As I tried it, I thought it might work well as an Asian inspired Hot and Sour soup. So to my first proper bowl I added a generous shake of chili flakes, a few drops of fish sauce (really only 3-4 drops), a dash of Apple Cider vinegar and a grating of ginger. So yummy. My 4 year old son was eating lunch with me and he also got some soup. To his I added some dried herbs (basil, thyme & oregano), some grated cheese and half a hard-boiled egg (chopped up) to make it more nutritious and filling and he got some buttered toast for dipping. He loved it.

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