7 Protein Packed Foods To Eat For Weight Loss

Catherine here, From reading my email, you know that protein is necessary! Protein is contained in bones, red blood cells, muscle tissue, and even your hair and fingernails.  You need to consume protein to help re-build the stores in your … Continue reading

4 Lies On Food Labels – And The Truths!

Catherine here! Today I want to talk about something you see every single day: food labels! If you’re on a meal plan, you should be following the guideline you’ve set for yourself.  I am sure that some of those guidelines … Continue reading

5 Healthy Foods That Are Substitutes For Similar Salty Items!

If you often “crave” salt, than this post is for you! You already know that the Cabbage Soup Diet is lower in sodium, right?  This is because too much salt will lead to water retention, bloating, and therefore, weight gain. … Continue reading

How To Add More Fruit To Your Meal Plan

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3 Healthy Grains To Try Now

Catherine here, Carbs, like wheat and grains, often get a bad reputation for making you put on weight. But guess what? It isn’t the grain itself – it’s everything else. Think about store-bought bread, like sandwich bread, sold in a … Continue reading