3 Healthy Grains To Try Now

Catherine here, Carbs, like wheat and grains, often get a bad reputation for making you put on weight. But guess what? It isn’t the grain itself – it’s everything else. Think about store-bought bread, like sandwich bread, sold in a … Continue reading

Stress Causes Belly Fat! 5 Tips To Reduce Stress!

Catherine here, Studies are popping up all over the world and PROVING that stress leads to weight gain! And, for women, that weight shows up in the WORST possible place – the belly. The culprit is a chemical called cortisol. … Continue reading

5 Tips To Curb Cravings

Catherine here, Why is it that we never seem to get a craving for fruits and vegetables? It seems like cravings are little tiny monsters, roaming around in our brains, destroying our good intentions by creating longings for foods that … Continue reading