What Is a Calorie, Anyway?

I have read this rubbish before, and I’m sure I’ll see it again.

There are some people who believe that a calorie is a calorie, whether it comes from a candy bar, a hamburger, or a piece of broccoli.

These people think that calorie counting is enough to lose weight, and to keep losing it, and they think that as long as they have a certain number of calories per day, the weight will just come off.

That is not true.

You Need To Work For Your Meal…

When you eat certain things, like fruits, fibrous veggies, or meat, you are actually doing a lot of work to chew and swallow that food…

It takes energy – meaning calories – for you to chew up that food, swallow, and digest it.

Think about a piece of broccoli, versus a bowl of ice cream – there is effort in eating the broccoli, not the treat.

The protein and the fiber in fruits, veggies, and other good-for-you products takes so much effort to eat that not all of the calories get digested – some go to the process of breaking down and digesting your food.

This is also why you feel more satisfied off a meal of good stuff – lean meat, fruits, and veggies…and why you feel like you can easily polish off a whole PINT of Ben and Jerry’s in a single sitting – it’s just too easy and there is NO work involved!

Mouth-Moving Munchies!

So, next time you get hungry, reach for something that is good for you AND that takes some effort to eat! Here are a couple low cal, low fat, high fiber, high satisfaction snacks:

  • Broccoli
  • Celery
  • Peppers
  • Spinach
  • Artichokes
  • Some whole grains

As usual, leave suggestions in the comments!

Done With The Soup?

Vegetables, like the ones above, are called “Free” Foods by nutritionist and health expert Josh Bezoni.  He claims that you can eat any of those freely throughout the day and you’ll keep losing weight!

(Weight Watchers just changed this too, right? Fruits and veggies are freebies in the calorie counting, woo hoo!)

With Josh’s Belly Fat busting program, you’ll learn more lessons like this.

Which veggies can you snack on all day?

What foods should you NOT bring home?

I strongly suggest you check out Josh’s free video – he even divides the info up, some is for men and some is for women, so you know he will get very specific!

In this video, he promises by eating the foods he suggests, you’ll get a flatter belly in just 7 days – no joke.

I want a flat belly in 7 days! <– Click to see the free video.

It’s worth checking out!

Til next time,

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What Is a Calorie, Anyway? — 164 Comments

  1. Thanks for your tips. I’ve lost 17 pounds since starting this way of eating in June.
    I don’t have nearly as many cravings as I used to have since I changed my habits.

  2. Thanx Catherine for the info!! I have about 30lbs to lose. I just had lung sugery and after two weeks im back to watching what i eat. I’m doing my treadmill every morning for 30 mins and my bike for 15 mins and the eliptical for 15mins. I need to lose at least 10 to 20 lbs this month as i am going to visit my kids and grandbaby. Do you have any suggestions on how to lose the weight quicker? I really need to do this.


    • Rhonda, take care of yourself and don’t over-exert yourself after that surgery! I am sure your family will be SO happy to see you, happy and well, regardless of how you look. Try the Cabbage Soup Diet for a week and see if it doesn’t help you lose at least 5-10 pounds. Best wishes!

  3. Another reason why calories are not the same is because the food it comes from is not the same. 200 calories of ice cream does a lot of damage to organs like the pancreas, and does nothing for the digestive system. 200 calories of vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals and helps the digestive system with its fiber.

  4. Hi Catherine, I have lost 10 kgs in 9weeks starting with your cabbage soup and eating lots of veggies and fruit…everyone is amazed and so am I…and I don’t calorie check, simply make sure everything is healthy and smaller portions. Smaller portions is my bestest hurdle but with watch a lot of u tube mind set lose weight videos each day, I don’t want to eat the unhealthy foods any more.
    thank you, very grateful for your ongoing support,

    • hi
      you have motivated me soo much!!! im on my 1st week right now its day 5 and the 3rd day was horrible with me feelibng like eating even the wood lolllll but now im a whole lot motivated .
      we ignore so many fruits and vegetables in our lives!! i used to get only apples bananas and oranges from the green earlier but this diet has helped me enjoy a whole lot of new and alien fruits and veges, i didnt like celery though. my taste buds have also etarted enjoying the raw and slight flavours
      thank you cabbage!!!

  5. Great advice, Catherine. Thanks so much. Now it explains why drinking milk all the day does not help as much as eating fruits and vegetables as snacks.

  6. Thanks for the support Catherine. I started with the cabbage soup to kick start the diet, only lost 2kgs, then carried on with two long walks a day, soup for one meal, any kind, with celery pieces filled with a desertspoon ful of peanut butter (light) for a snack. I’ve lost 10kg’s in 12 weeks . The best part is that my blood pressre is now normal, down from 187/87. This is the real benefit. Lost 2 dress sizes too. I try to make every day a winner and weigh daily, despite what they say

  7. Thx Catherine, before I read this I was going to indulge on a bowl of popcorn instead I have opted for a yummy nectarine. Is popcorn bad thing to eat?? I start back on the cabbage diet in a week! Thx for the emails!!! I was on the cabbage diet 3 weeks ago and have lost 8 lbs. :)


  8. Hi Catherine, I have lost 5 kilos for 2 weeks thanx to your cabbage soup diet.But i felt hungry sometimes and i wanted to snack something else from cabbage soup.I ate diary products for example : dried yogurt ( in my country we eat hard yogurt drying under the sun ) i lost for 2 weeks 5 kilo so i want to go on it. Thanx Catherine.I am writiing you from Mongolia.

  9. thank you! did the cabbage soup diet for a week and lost 5 lbs..my partner lost 4 lbs so he was pleased too (he only did it to support me and didnt need to lose!). Am now continuing but putting a bit of meat each day. Everyone has told me how well I look and Im sure its giving up the dairy products and wheat..I feel full of energy and have fewer headaches..fantastic! Carolyn

  10. hi
    cat I have lost 7-8 kg after the cabbage soup…
    now I need just 5 kg to have the best weight…
    thanks alot…


  11. This is Wednesday and I started the csd on Monday .I didnt realize it til Tuesday that I forgot to eat the soup on Monday and by today I had lost 9lbs. Icouldn’t believe it. I can’t wait to get the books and start eating right.I only have 40 lbs. to go. T hanks, Pat

  12. Is it normal after your meat days to gain weight back? I lost 7 pounds in 7 days, but then on days 8 & 9, the scale showed me gaining two pounds back! I was alarmed and frustrated to see that…because I had not cheated. I decided to keep going on and have now re-lost those 2 plus 1 more. Is this normal fluctuations?

    • Yes, it’s normal. You do lose mostly water weight, and it should just be a catalyst to get you into something more long term, like the Diet Solution or something similar. As you go back to a regular diet, you may notice the weight creeping on…all the more reason to stick to a good for you program!

  13. even though i lost 5 kgs the best thing that happened is it made me more health conscious. I have also started walking in the morning and am more watchful of what i eat.. my destination is 15 kilos down….

  14. Had to cancel 7 day plan after 2 days last wk. Restarted it this wk and am on day 6. Have lost 8 lbs so far. I’m lucky; i love all the veg. and fruits–but the steak was devine and a filet mig. at breakfast kept me satisfied til 4pm. I find adding a squeeze of lemon really helps to get the water down. I shall make an effort to always have cabbage soup available for between meal snacks. I’m also swimming laps and working out with weight machines. Thanx for all the info. Nancy

  15. ‘It’s boring, bland, and downright tasteless’ Am I wierd?? I’ve just copied this from one of the first pages of the diet booklet. I LOVE the taste of the cabbage soup!! I have done a couple of varieties, adding chilli flakes or spices, but either way, I find it really tasty!! I’ve frozen what I haven’t used during the week and will have it for lunches.
    Weigh day tomorrow morning …. hope I’ve lost heaps ;-)

  16. Hi Cat!
    Yesterday was my 7th day and I weighed in today. I lost 7.5lbs during my cabbage soup diet week. My goal now is to loose 1lb a week for the next 15 weeks (until Thanksgiving) and I will be at my Ideal Weight!

  17. Dear cate
    I have two questions
    The first question is I eat soup in the normal daily food and the diet I stopped it because I had lost weight and right now I’m working on it more through sport and the healthy food and the proper question does the cabbage soup help with normal food does it help to loss of weight or fat burning?
    The second question I will send it by e-mail.
    With love

  18. Hi Catherine, I just want to share that this diet is fantastic!!I recently finished it, followed it very strictly and lost 11 pounds!!!I feel so great not only by looking at myself in the mirror but also because it taught me that I have more will power and discipline that I give myself credit for. My husband doesn’t stop congratulating me and telling me that he is proud of me for my effort, he even started eating the soup, found it delicious and we are incorporating it into our go to meals in the week. Thank you for the support along the week and for the great tips. Finally, I will like to tell people that if they really want to obtain all the benefits of this week’s effort to add a little exercise during the week, a brief walk, for at least 30 minutes, because that also helps to speed up more the metabolism. If they get hungry, eat the soup, soup, soup!!!! Thanks again.

  19. I want to do the cabbage diet but I don’t like eating leftovers. Do u have any other suggestions that I can do to lose 10lbs in a week?

  20. I started the diet on Monday and only lost a kilo, but what it taught me is to increase my fruits and vegetable intake so i now take more fruits to work and make a consious decision that I should see a lot of colour in my food.

  21. Boy it that true. I had bypass surgery 3 years ago and lost over 100 and 35 pounds but in the last year of relaxing how / what I was eating, even though I counted calories I found that I put about 40 pounds back on. Now back to the good stuff.

    BTW want a good sweet snack? Try The flavored frosted miniwheats. Whole wheat biscuits with a kiss of sweetness and flavor. Very filling and with a hot drink they will positively fill you up and stop the cravings.

  22. I went on this diet in March this year and lost 2.8 kgs and done it again last week and lost 2.8 kgs again. So far this year I have lost 17.8 kgs. The diet is not too bad, but thank god for the blender and love day 4. Thanks for all the good comments on things to do etc. Good luck to anyone going on the diet.

  23. hi i started the diet and on my first day i felt sick and could not get of the toilet is this normal ?? i am now on my 3rd day i feel full i havent weighed myself yet but it feels that my clothes r getting tighter maybe im holding water ?? i am a diabetic type 1 insulin dependant if there is any other things that i might have to add to this diet due to being a diabetic please let me know thanks and im keeping my fingers crossed that this diet will help me lose some over due weight ….

  24. hi i started the diet and on my first day i felt sick and could not get of the toilet is this normal ?? i am now on my 3rd day i feel full i havent weighed myself yet but it feels that my clothes r getting tighter maybe im holding water ?? i am a diabetic type 1 insulin dependant if there is any other things that i might have to add to this diet due to being a diabetic please let me know thanks and im keeping my fingers crossed that this diet will help me lose some over due weight ….

    • Hello! I am so sorry you’re not feeling well. If you’re still feeling sick, I would discontinue the diet. I am not a doctor myself. You probably need more sugar products here to keep your insulin regulated. I would discontinue it and consult your doctor ASAP.

  25. Thanks so much for your support. Since I came off the CSD I am still going down in weight, thank goodness. I have made myself wheat free as I feel better that way. I eat sprouted spelt bread or other sprouted grain breads. Fruits, Veggies, grain and some beans i.e. millett, brown rice, aduki beans, etc. I love nuts, but am weighing them so I do not have too many. Absolutely no processed foods. It is fairly easy for me as I was vegetarian and macrobiotic for 8 years , many many years go. I also eat good fish like plaice, cod, haddock, salmon, but cook it as naturally as I can. Also chicken and sometimes (but rarely ) meat. However, I am weighing all food at the moment to make sure I only have one portion and no more. I have much less coffee than I had before, maybe 3 cups a week (instead of 3 a day) but do drink plenty of water and good quality herbal teas. All processed foods are out the door. I have dropped at least one dress size, am back to some exercise, so am quite proud of myself and will treat myself to a new outfit next week. I am still in the obese scale but it looks like in 1.5 – 2 weeks, I will be in the overweight scale. So I am very optimistic and thanks to the CBS which gave me the kick start I needed to carry on.

  26. me my husband and my daughter did the diet together last week we all lost between 8 n 12 lbs now just got to try and eat healthy and carry on losing thanks for your support.

  27. me my husband and my daughter did the diet together last week we all lost between 8 n 12 lbs now just got to try and eat healthy and carry on losing thanks for your support.

  28. Catherine, these tips are invaluable and so helpful staying motivated. I lost 8 lbs this week and my husband lost a whopping 16 lbs!!! I’ll try to forgive him for that! Your article that a calorie is not a calorie could not be more true! I had this same disagreement with my husband’s cardiologist who stated that 200 calories was 200 calories and it didn’t matter if it was a Snickers bar or a bowl of fresh fruit! Whatever! One is a refined, processed food that provides no nutritional value and the other is loaded with fiber, water and live enzymes! Thanks for the reminder.

  29. Thank you Catherine, I followed your cabbage diet for 5 days and lost 1 Kg, Now I am keeping fit by exercising and eating a balance meal according to your suggestions. Thank you and well done; please keep me continuously informed.

  30. Thank you so much for posting this diet and the support also!! I was trying to flatten my tummy and lose a few dress sizes buth the weight has come off my legs and arms and thighs so far – this is day 7 so I will see what the week ahead brings. Can I go off this diet for a week and resume it the following week? I did have light headedness on day 6. Again it is a privilege to be able to download and use all your great info.

  31. Hi Catherine, thanks this is really helpful. However, just wondering about maintaining your weight loss after the cabbage soup diet since you cant do it forever?

  32. Hi Catherine. Thanks for your support. How does tofu feature in the diet as a veg and in the general, after the diet? Just tried some in a stir fry (smiggen of oil) and liked it.

  33. I’ve lost 4 kg in 2weeks. Thanks so much…BTW, can I eat cucumber as a snack & drink green tea in between??? Please advice me…

  34. I finished my cabbage soup diet yesterday and I have lost 2.1 kgs
    Will go back on it in two weeks time still have 11kgs to loose

  35. Hi Catherine,

    I am on day 5 of the CSD and am going ok, though am wondering if fruit and veges can be eaten on day 5 , along with beef and tomatoes (and soup)? Leonie

    • hello Angelica. I’m Daphne, and I am on day 4 too! Very pleased with the results so far. I am approaching it like a mini cleanse. It actually has some of the cleanse symptoms/side effects, like little headaches that come and then go, a little fatigue or extra energy. From the mini clease point of view it switches up so much that it is easy to look forward to the next day. I think we should be very proud of ourselves “loosing” weight before Christmas, don’t you?

  36. How does this diet fit in with the blood type. For instance the lis you gave us I am only allowed the Spinach and Celery. Do I just stick to that?

  37. Now that I have successfully completed the first seven days, may I use balsamic vinegar and tahini on my salads without spoiling the effects of my good work?

  38. This article is very true and probably the key to weight loss. I’m making better food choices (calorie wise) and continuing my weight loss even after the diet (I’m actually losing more now than during the diet, which was a great ‘kick start’ ). My hunger has finally gotten under control, so that I can make good food choices for the majority of what I eat. Eating mostly “bad calorie carbs” keep me hungry.

  39. wow just reading all this positive feed back.. I have to admit I failed . yes I am ashamed .. I didnt even make it to day 4 .. just could not handle it. I have thou remained with eating my soup and eating a healthier diet which resulted in some loss .. 4 lbs
    now the big question .. can I start again .. or just carry on with eating soup and t he healthier meals.. I have had very minamal carbs maybe a small potatoe one meal and 1/2 cup of rice in another.. :(

  40. This is great information! I had always thought that a calorie is a calorie but saw that when I found myself eating more “junk” calories, the weight piled on! This makes sense because it does affect so much more than just fat!

    I am currently on day 5 of the CSD and while I have been on this before, I hadn’t done the different days with different food like before. I was just told to eat as much soup as you want for a week. So far I have lost 8 lbs and feel awesome. I was a little sluggish the evening of day 3 but adding the protein from the skim milk perked me right up the following day! I made a smoothie of bananas, skim milk, crushed ice, a little organic, pure vanilla and a couple of drops of stevia (a natural sweetener) and it was delicious!!! I plan on making it on a regular basis with maybe some flax meal, too!

    I also love the soup and find it delicious and not bland at all! I leave out the bouillon cubes. I used some for dinner for my family as well on my baked potato night they put the soup on the potato (along with some black beans and cheese for them) and we all were able to enjoy it together! Even my 7 year old twins enjoyed it and my daughter wants to eat it for meals!

    Thank you for this site, too. I am looking forward to seeing how this jump starts my weight loss and hope to use this soup on a regular basis!

  41. well i started the csd really well but day 7 i had to stop as i got my women thing and felt completly weak and shaky,well the good new was that i lost 7lbs within 6 days and want to keep the weight off so following some of the meals in the book.
    so thank you very much c.x

  42. This is sooooo true! During my week of the Cabbage Soup diet, I realized I am soooo lazy in my eating. I actually got tired of chewing all those fruits an veggies. I was hungry, but I didn’t want to work for it anymore! I realized the good stuff does take work; and most of the bad stuff is so easy to get down. That’s alot like life.

  43. I followed your plan to the letter every day for the week(with the exception of substituting red pepper for tomato) and I lost 5.5 lbs. I am so pleased with the results! I’ve been working really hard over the past 2 years and had finally gotten to my goal weight the summer….when disaster struck. During a run my knee gave out and I was told that I would have to lay off it for a while. I then started a new job and the stress in combination with lack of exercise lead me to gain 10 lbs of my weight back. I wanted to have that 10lbs gone by Christmas…but it was coming very slowly. A teacher at my school mentioned this diet to me one day and I figured….hey, I can do anything for a week! I now have 1lb to go to get back to my goal weight by Christmas! This really helped me to get a chunk gone in a short amount of time. Now I just have to go back to my usual healthy eating….and hopefully get the last 1lb gone! Thanks!

  44. catherine i want to ask you that does salt increase weight ?
    i mean the salt that is present in the lipton soup mix to make cabbage soup ??
    i heard that avioding salty stuff helps in reducing weight

  45. Day Six today. My employee even told me that she can see my little muffin top disappearing. I didn’t notice (my scale broke this week) so I haven’t had the opportunity to weigh myself. But, I feel good, and don’t go away feeling hungry at all. Mid morning and mid day healthy snacks are such a necessity. Lots of water veggies and fruit. My family even went out to KFC the other night for dinner – I brought my heated soup and bananas. They thought it was funny, but I thought it was practical.

  46. I just recently have started this ‘new’ thing… I’m ALWAYS hungry. I can eat a full plate of food with rice, vegetables, and grilled chicken, leave the table clean up dinner and pack a lunch for the next day, however by the time I’m done I have the feeling like I’m starving again. All day at work I do the same thing. I don’t feel that I’m over weight. I’m not trying to lose any wieght really. But I would love to kick my little baby gut out of town and tone up my stomach. I just don’t feel ill be doing that with all the eating I do. Most the time I pack fruits and veggies and drink water all day at work. I am a teacher at a preschool so I’m active through out the day. But where I’m at hasn’t moved. Any suggestions?

  47. Hi Catherine Finished the CSD on Sunday so had a weigh in on Monday I lost 5.5 lb and my husband lost 9.5 lb we were both very pleased with the results. We have always eaten very healthily with lots of salad, veg and fruits so we are trying very hard to stay on the straight and narrow and not adding to many treats into our diets and cutting down on things like bread and potaotes which we both love. Thank you for the diet and all the info and tips during the week

  48. Thanks Catherine I really needed this info!! I have been doing it My way for so Long!!!!! Well now its time to do it THEY RIGHT WAY!!! The emails are very informative & really motivate my next step on the Road to a Healthy life style.

  49. Haai Catherine ,

    Cabbage soup really works i started on the 7th and my weight mas 77.4kg on saturday was my last day and that was the only time i went to check the scale , I was shocked to see that i’ve lost 5Kg’s wowwww, can’t wait for 2 weeks so that i can continue again.

    Thank again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. My diet ended yesterday and i have lost 6lbs, now i have changed my bad eating habits and hoping to continue losing more weight. Thanks Catherine for all those tips and to all the fans your comments and stories keep me going daily, thanks guys

  51. Just finished day 7 last night….weighed in this morning…lost 7 pounds. It wasn’t the easiest week but not the toughest either. I feel hydrated and salt free and healthy and will keep watch on what I am putting in my mouth. In addition to the weight loss I would say the number two benefit of the program is AWARENESS! I really feel like I got a grip of what I was doing wrong. Tytytyty!

  52. You are totally correct in everything you said, you have to watch what goes in your mouth even when counting calories. Awareness really counts!!!!

  53. on day three I added Brussel spouts to the soup,don’t know if that’s okay. That night was not easy going. lots of gas and the next morning was spent in the bathroom. I put the soup in the cooler at night,but keep it out during the day. do you think it might spoil ,it always snells good. Kind of makeing day 4&5 fit togather don’t like bananas that much. having chicken in place of beef. baked.

    • Instead of bananas, you can do apricot, kiwi or papaya, and make sure they are fresh, not dried. For the bananas, try a milk/banana smoothie! Or, if you like “dessert” try freezing a peeled bananas for a few hours, then put it in a bowl, lightly mash it up, add some cinnamon, and you’ve got “ice cream” :)

  54. HI! Thanks for your support! It was really helpful. I’ve completed my one week and have lost 3kgs,u would not believe how happy i am right now! Because my weight became a serious issue to my health and losing 3kgs in 7 days is unbelievable for me! But now i have one question! Its already been 3 days now since i’ve completed my Cabbage Soup Diet. And this past 3 days i’ve been eating healthy foods according to your advice.I wish to start from tomorrow for the next seven days to go back to the seven days cabbage soup diet! Is there any problem??!! Since i don’t feel anything is wrong with both my health and activities!!Please give me some advice!! It’s really helpful!

    • You really should only do it once per month, or at the most, once every three weeks. Because it is such a low calorie diet, your system may start clinging to calories instead of releasing. IF you start the diet again and notice you’re NOT losing weight, you’ve started again too soon.

  55. I finished Day 7 last night. I lost 6 pounds but most importantly I visually noticed differences in places… amazing to find little changes in my body by day 5. My relationship with fruits and veggies is back again! The hidden bag of chocolate was calling my name today… I was afraid I would end up eating it all, but after a few pieces, it just didn’t taste good to me so I made a fruit smoothie! YES! :) Thanks Catherine!

  56. Finished my 7 day last night,lost 9 pounds. Very happy with that. Now to work at maintaining it so in 3 week i will not be losing the same poundage.Now if I could get some good walking weather to go with it. Rather cold here in New Hampshire for walking.

  57. so i finished on monday and i lost 6-7 lbs which is great. and i dont think it was water weight. cause i run and sit in a suana every am (the sauna about 30-45 min each time). i really liked the banana and milk day. so now most days im doing that instead of my meals. i noticed im not so interested in eating junk food. even at dinner I really like the smoothie w/my dinner. i vary the kind of milk. I keep almond; soy; skim lactose free.

    and i made a new version of the soup (not tomato based) and am trying to eat at least 1 cup b4 dinner every night. I’ll make a cauliflower/asperagus one next. i like the idea of having a big pot of soup in the fridge.

    and i never buy red meat, but the beef and soup day i bought organic beef tenderloin. and it tasted really good, so i’ll do that once in a while.

    all in all this was pretty good.

    i was pretty strict on it. but i don’t know if i could do it exactly as is in future. i hated the veg only day. and the last 2 days were just too boring. or maybe i didnt like the foods.

  58. Just finished the 7 day diet and I lost 2 kilos!!! I did not cut down on salt (I have this Herbamare from Vogel to which I am addicted!!), and used a little oil on my salads. Maybe that is why I did not lose any more kilos…but I started exercising and I feel great again with those 2 kilos off me!!
    Thank you so much!!!I am planning to continue to eat the soup once a day. Do you recommend it for lunch or dinner?

  59. hi just finished my 7 days yesterday and i have lost 8lbs am sooo excited . I found the diet very easy to followed and was confident in what i was doing as the day to day guidance were very specific. Thank you soo much … i am thinking of trying the 25lbs in 25 day fat burner HAS ANYONE TRIED THIS DIET??? pls reply ..

  60. I am at the end of the 5th night and weighed myself 2nd day lost 1 kilo and 4th day lost another 1/2kg. looks like 2 Kilos seems most common here.
    had the cabbage today by steaming it up till it was still a little crunchy and it tasted so much nicer as a change up – hope that its ok to do it??

  61. Hi everyone..i want to lose 5 kg in 10 days ..so i decided to follow this cabbage soup diet ..but i start i have some doubts to clear..

    1; is it must to do exercise when im in this diet ??

    2; can i have tea in the morning and evening without sugar ??

    3; how many times in a day can i have this soup ?

    4; can i have green tea ?

    5; can i have some fruits when i feel very hungry ?

    plzz friends reply ..im going to start this after 2 days ..

  62. 7 days, lost 5 lbs. First diet my hubby was ever interested in trying as the cabbage soup was good. He lost 10 lbs. Now that the 7 days is over we put brown rice into the soup stock & added cubes of steak. It is amazing. Will be eating that this week & enjoying it. Will try the CSD again next month. Thank you! We CAN do this :).

  63. 7 days, lost 5 lbs. First diet my hubby was ever interested in trying as the cabbage soup was good. He lost 10 lbs. Now that the 7 days is over we put brown rice into the soup stock & added cubes of steak. It is amazing. Will be eating that this week & enjoying it. Will try the CSD again next month. Thank you! We CAN do this :).

    • In addition – hardest part was no sweetener in my coffee but I did it. Bonus now is I don’t want 2 sweeteners anymore – 1 is plenty. Bonus!

    • In addition – hardest part was no sweetener in my coffee but I did it. Bonus now is I don’t want 2 sweeteners anymore – 1 is plenty. Bonus!

  64. Hallo from sunny South Africa! Today is day 5 and I’ve lost 3 kilos thus far. It really is such an easy diet as you never have to go hungry. My goal is to lose 7 kilos. I do pole-dancing as a fitness routine. My weight was constant as 61 kilos, which tells me that my eating habits are OK, so I know that at 54 kilos, I should then remain constant too :) I do miss cheese and bread. Questions… as I’ve managed well with the soup, fruit & veggies…. Won’t the weight loss be more if I continue the next 3 days without meat? And why is it not advisable to continue with the CSD for another week? Thank you for all your effort!

    • Hello from Texas in the US! :)
      You should only do the diet for a week since its SO low calorie, if you do it for longer, your body risks going into starvation mode and clinging onto calories.

  65. Hi Cat. I’m on day 7 of the CSD and have lost 7 lbs. I’m a little disappointed, I was hoping for at least ten considering how much I have to lose…approximately 180 lbs. I followed the diet faithfully except for the salt. I am a salt addict, so I did continue to use it…however, I drank lots of extra water (approx 96 to 120 ounces). I have low blood pressure and low sodium so Dr.s are ok with my salt intake. I also have a tumor in my adrenal gland that wreaks havoc on my body via my hormones. It makes weight loss very difficult. I have a few questions for you.

    1. I’ve only been eating one bowl of soup per day, except for the banana and milk day. Do I need to be eating more soup to be more successful?

    2. While the soup was ok, it was a little tomatoey for my taste. Could I add chicken broth instead of the low sodium v8 juice?

    3. In one of the earlier posts I read where you said this was a diet to reduce water weight. Am I not losing any fat on this diet? I had planned on doing this diet every 3 weeks, and when I’m not on it, just watching my calories.

    • You need 2-3 big servings of soup per day, that will help. Regardless of your sodium levels and bp levels, this diet labels salt as enemy #1 this week. Salt leads to bloat. You wont lose weight on this diet if you dont give it up. On this diet you are mostly losing water weight, not fat. This is a cleanse diet not a long term type of thing. You cannot add store bought stock because it has too much salt.

  66. My fiance and I just finished the diet and he lost 9lbs (6ft was 213lbs now 204lbs and I lost 8lbs (5ft8 was 175 now 167)!!! I have to say I think most of the weight dropped off the first 4 days and after that we both manged to loose only 1lbs. Saying that I dont know any other diet that lets you loose this much in a week. This diet is definitely a great way to kick start a healthier eating lifestyle. Thanks for all the information on the site!!! Plan on doing the diet again in 3-4 weeks time.

  67. Im done with my 7days diet on Sunday. i didnt loose anything or gain my worry is that i was not going to the toilet the whole week is it normal not to go to the toilet while you are in this dies? i followed the diet to the latter dranked lot of water what might be the issue that i didnt loose anything and im fitness classess and doing ballroom and latin dance. but i dont give up i will try it again after two weeks

  68. hi this is my 3rd day of my cabbage diet and i have just wieght my self to find out that i hav e put on 3lb why has that happend . ps will i still lose it at the end of the d iet

    • There could be a few reasons..Some people dont lose weight till the end. If you’re female, your cycle can keep weight on for a few days. Also, make sure you’re only eating soup and the veggies. Eating eggs for breakfast, adding cream to your coffee, adding salt, any thing small like that can prevent weight loss.

  69. I finished the CSD and lost 11 lbs.The thing I like is the way my eating habbits have changed. My choice of foods have also changed. My doctor is really happy with my weight loss and so am I. FYI: I made another big pot of cabbage soup…very happy

  70. I have just finish the cabbage soup diet with my husband i didnt really need to lose much weight but did it to support him!! it was tough to start off as i missed my coffee but soon got into it as soon as the weight started to drop off!! myself and my husband did a weigh in this morning and i lost 7lb and my husband dropped 13lb so we are both very pleased with the results! i think the trick is not to cheat its hard but if you want results fast you have to stick to it!! will be sticking to a healthy diet from now on with plenty of walking with our dogs!! but no more cabbage soup!! echhhh !!

  71. Hi cathreen, my name is Maria and I got done with my soup diet 3 days ago and in this time lost 7 lb!! Plan on doing it again in two weeks to shed off the last unwanted 5lb!! I am so excited!! Thanks

  72. I like to munch on crunchy PICKLES for a healthy snack. Also, pickled okra, the hot kind.
    I finished the CSD, with 5 lbs lost. I weighed the day before the beef day, and I had lost 10 lbs !!!

    Is this normal for the two beef days to add weight back, or did I do it wrong ??

  73. I’m on day 5 of the CSD and I must say that I’m getting sick of eating the soup. Does anyone else feel that way? I was having it for supper last night and I had to stop because the smell and taste was making me sick. Can’t wait for today though, STEAK!!!!

  74. hi…im doing csd after defaulting twice before…am on my third day n already the soft nagging in my tummy is become a part of me…anyways have one q…can i drink cranberry juice in between…is tht ok or would it spoil the diet plan…thx fr ur regular tips…


  75. hi tcatherine, the csd has really helped me lose weight, i started my first csd on 15 october 2011 weighing 95kg’s, now at my 6 month am @ 70 kg and still loosing more, have challenged my siblings nad they have all started working on losing weight and changing their eating habits and thanks to csd, they already feel motivated whenever they see me. i still have 10kg more to shed off

  76. Hi! For the first week I lost an amazing 7 and half pounds; then I ate sensibly for two weeks before doing another week on the CSD – total weight loss in four weeks is 14 pounds! YAYYYYY!!! My daughter says how she can really see the difference, and I wore a pair of jeans from the back of the wardrobe I haven’t worn for months today too! I’m so happy, and am really focussed to lose more. One stone down, two to go :-)

  77. I tried the cabbage soup for seven days and lost 4 kgs it was wonderful and i am planning to do a second time after two weeks hope i lose some more 4 kgs thanks to Catherine

  78. My husband and I started the CSD a month ago tomorrow. He lost 15lbs and I ‘ve lost 7, but gained 3 back,( probably due to the birthday cake he bought me…ugh!) My concern is that he is obsessed with the soup and will hardly eat anything else. Im making a new pot of soup every other day! I try and beat him to the fridge and bring him fruit and other things according to the day we’re on, as i know he needs those other vitamins as well.. (and the soup will last longer!) I know he plans on living on the soup for another 2 weeks as he’s hoping for maximum weight loss…Should i be too concerned? and go on soup strike? Also any suggestions for a girl with PMS..its sooo hard to stick to the plan when im craving noodles and salt and chocolate things!

    • You’re gaining it back b/c the CSD is not a long term or sustainable program. You’d both lose more doing it once per week only. He really should not be having only the soup, he is basically starving himself

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