Your Healthy Pantry Must Have These…

Catherine here, For me, if I have junk food in my house, I’ll eat it. Left-over holiday candy? Eaten!! If I have something frozen or quick to make, even if it’s bad for me, I’ll eat it. And, forget it…if … Continue reading

What To Eat To Feel Fuller

Catherine here, Do you ever feel like a bottomless pit? You try to eat healthy…then you eat more…then you have thirds…and then a snack after dinner. There are some ‘empty calorie’ foods that never fill you up, like potato chips, … Continue reading

Healthy Swaps for the Pickiest Eaters

Catherine here, Big changes in your own eating patterns can be hard to do… …but what if you’re in charge of feeding your whole family? What if you have picky eaters and a partner who doesn’t like change? For everyone’s … Continue reading

5 Ways Veggies Are UNHEALTHY!

Catherine here, You already know that the healthiest way to eat your veggies is to eat them raw. Fresh vegetables pack the healthiest punch with the highest amounts of vitamins, protein, and fiber. If you’re trying to eat healthy, you’re … Continue reading

Enjoy Your Fresh Fruits!

Catherine here, Eating fruits are not only tasty but necessary, too! Even if you follow a mainstream, long-term diet program (after you finish the Cabbage Soup Diet), you probably already know that fruits are, for the most part, unlimited! They … Continue reading

Fiber-Full Foods

Catherine here, Starting your morning off with a healthy dose of fiber is just what the doctor ordered! Fiber in the morning will help to regulate your system all day! Your trips to the bathroom will be more…um, productive. You’ll … Continue reading

No Powder Protein Smoothies

Catherine here, Especially in warmer weather, I love to make a smoothie for breakfast! I reach for locally grown fruits and veggies, really whatever I want! I love bananas, strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, peaches, spinach, kale, chard…ooh, I am thinking of … Continue reading