How To NOT FAIL At The Cabbage Soup Diet

Whether you’re on the diet right now or not, you came to my website because you wanted to lose some pounds with the week long Cabbage Soup Diet.

The awesome part is, MOST of you have followed the diet to the letter and gotten the results you wanted!  Some of you loved the diet and have done the cleanse over and over….buuuuuut some of you haven’t gotten the results you wanted – and that’s where this new post comes in!

From reading your comments and from doing the Cabbage Soup Diet quite a few times, myself, I’ve come up with some sure-fire tips to help you succeed with the BEST results possible!

General Advice

-For the most weight loss possible, FOLLOW the 7 Day plan!  Yes, I know that sounds like a silly thing to say, but it isn’t.  No, you cannot add things to the plan OR have an egg every morning because that’s what you’ve been doing since 1982. For these 7 days, follow the plan!

Is failing at diets and NOT staying on track a constant problem for you?  If so, I strongly encourage you to check out my review of Enjoying Weight Loss, a CD program that helps you stay on track – with the Cabbage Soup OR any long-term plan!! 

-EAT MORE SOUP!  You should never feel hungry this week. The Cabbage Soup Diet is NOT a starvation diet by any means.  Have 3-4 HUGE bowls of soup and if you’re hungry, have more.

-Drink NOTHING but water.  Yes, I know the cranberry juice and V8 are optional, but they do contain calories.  If you don’t want to drink calories, stick to water.

-Headaches happen.  They mostly happen to people who give up their caffeinated beverages for the week.  Yes, give up the soda and the diet Coke, too.  You CAN, however, have black coffee and tea, both of which have very few calories when taken black.  If headaches persist, take some aspirin!

-Take a multi-vitamin.  I promise, you will feel MUCH better if you take that multi-vitamin.

-Make a soup you like!!!  I get SO many comments from people saying they hate the soup. Why make a soup you dislike?  Taste as you cook it and spice it up to your liking!

-DO NOT ADD SALT.  Do not add salt substitutes, do not add seasoned salt. Do not add salt to the soup, do not add salt to your veggies. Don’t add salt to a bowl of soup or to your meat on the meat days. Add whatever other spices you like, but no salt!!

-You CAN substitute things!  If you’re allergic to tomatoes, don’t eat them this week!!  If you hate bananas, don’t eat them this week.  Find substitutes that are appropriate in my FAQ section on the site!

Alright, there is a small smarter list of tips to stay ON track and to lose the most weight possible.  In a few days, I’ll email with more info!

If you have any tips, leave them in the comments!


PS: Is this you??  If failing at diets and NOT staying on track is a constant problem for you, I strongly encourage you to check out my review of Enjoying Weight Lossa CD program that helps you stay on track – with the Cabbage Soup OR any long-term plan!! 


How To NOT FAIL At The Cabbage Soup Diet — 193 Comments

  1. This is week four, after my cabbage soup diet. I have lost five kilos in total, and still spiralling down – slowly but surely. One thing I learnt from the diet was – not to over eat – small portions frequently keeps you going. I don’t like that heavy feeling in my stomach anymore and so find light soups and salads and fruits a good meal substitute after I finished the cabbage soup diet.

    Thank you so much Catherine, for motivating us and keeping us on track.

  2. I did the cabbage soup diet last
    week and lost 11lbs. I actually enjoyed the cabbage soup but do miss having
    salt in it even though I am using more spice now. I enjoyed it so much that
    have decided to do it again this week while working out a healthier diet plan
    for after that. I feel that a big weight loss initially with encourage me to go
    on and maintain a healthy diet. The only substitute that I made was to change
    the beef streaks to chops baked in the oven in tin foil, in their own juices,

    So far haven’t felt hungry but did have a couple of headaches at the end of the
    week but nothing too bad and worth it to see the results.

    Thanks for all your help Catherine, it is much appreciated.

  3. lost 6.8 # after 7 days.
    type 2 diabetic so added multivitamins
    and no side affects. Going back to regular diet (no buffets)
    and gallon water daily.
    Back on diet in 10 days if not lost another 5 #
    Diabetics can’t lose a bunch so being careful.
    clothes fit better, feel great, look great.
    Rings falling off for first time!!


  4. I found that I ADORE boc choi with a little bit of beef. Oh yum! so to die for. Better than that is when you add cabbage to the mix. I put in purple, green, and that leafy cabbage I can never remember what it’s name is too, soooo good! When I eat that each day after the soup diet is over I don’t regain the weight! Also when I made the soup the bouillon cubes made all the difference, yummy!

  5. Hello..i have just started on day one…do i just
    Go by the plan? eat only whats on the list for that
    Day? No yogurt etc? thanks..this us new to me

  6. i am planning to start the soup plan this week.and its my hope that in 7days i will be back to this site with Great news.i currently weigh 210lb and my target is to loose 65 lb.

  7. Its very hard for me to get started and eat that many fruits and veggies in 1 day much less a week. so to get past my veggie /fruit days I blend them all and make a smoothie. all fruits. all veggies. or a mix of both. I stay full and get in my healthy foods.

    • You wouldn’t have enough calories or energy to do the diet with just the soup you would be starving yourself you want to follow the diet!!!!

    • Mushrooms! the big portabello mushrooms are great grilled and are chewy like meat. They are basically a negative calorie food as you metabolism burns more calories to digest them.

  8. I have done this diet many times, it is kind of a ritual after christmas to kick off the new year. We get all the goodies and leftovers out of the house and stock up on soup ingredients and fruit and veggies. A little tip I learned from my Mom was to add a capful of vinegar to soup instead of salt, you can also use lemon juice if you don’t have vinegar. I also add cumin and ciracha hot sauce to kick up the flavor a bit. Started a pot today. Tomorrow for my veggie day I will make a little stir fry and add portabello mushrooms as they kinda simulate meat when grilled. It also helps if you get yourself a nice water bottle and keep sipping water all day too. If you work like me you might like to stock up on no sugar added fruit cups in the refriderator section or produce section of your grocery store – they are a little
    expensive but much cheaper than food on some diet plans like nutri system or jenny craig.

  9. Started my diet Saturday (2 days ago), yesterday was rough for me as I love sweets and ushually drink a lot of diet soda. Haveing just a veggie and soup day was hard to not give in and have a satsuma orange or something, but I hung in there drinking only water and was really happy I did when I woke up today and weighed myself, down from 153lbs to 148 since Saturday. I do have to say I feel like I have lost a lot of the bloaty feeling I had been experiencing since the holdays, could be the weight loss, no salt, no diet soda? Anyway, today went better being able to have fruit again and I am really looking forward to tomorrow (banana day), and steak day :)

  10. Well it looks like no one else is posting on here, but today is day 5 and I am down another pound! Started at 153 and weighed in at 146 this morning. I have not been working out but am beginning to feel more energized…one thing at a time. The temp is 26 degrees here in Seattle this morning and cold sliced tomatoes don’t really sound too good for breakfast. Today is Steak and tomatoe day and I am excited to have that for dinner. I am on my second pot of soup and it is a lot less appetizing than it was earlier in the week, also not having fruit for the next couple days will be tough on my sweet tooth. I will post again and let you all know how the week ends! I have decided that if I stick with it I will reward myself with a pedicure.

  11. Today is day 3 of my journey. Not sure that I will lose a lot of weight, but in only 60 hours my fasting blood sugar has dropped 20 points. THAT is wonderful. If nothing else comes of this it was worth it.

  12. I just started this diet and am on day 2. On the Beef and Tomato day, do you have to eat raw tomatoes or can it be canned/ cooked? Thank you!!

  13. Hi every1,when I read through the blog and saw cahterine saying it was not gona be easy,I tot not of so much difficulty. Its my 1st day of the program and have been eating fruits and soup the whole day. When I prepared lunch for my kids I tot I wouldn’t survive but I did. I did not cheat. Hope I finish the 7days without cheating.

  14. Hi, I am currently putting a shopping list together, as I am going to start the diet on monday!… don’t know if I’m excited or nervous ;)

    Can someone please give me ideas for beef/tomato day, what kind of beef do you cook (steak/chops?? what?) and do you cook the tomatoes?? can someone please give me some ideas/recipies please, as I want to plan my week in advance, otherwise I know I will get stuck and then just end up throwing a pizza in the oven! lol

    Thank you in advance x

    • Hello Lilly, on the beef/tomato day you can also have chicken or fish (baked/broiled). This will solve the problem. You can have up to 16 ounces.

    • check out whole foods….honestly, this soup is soo easy to make. Just remember to season it (add boullion & spicey v-8 for great flavor), I also add mushrooms, garlic, celery, shredded carrots, red & green pepper. On different days, you can add different things, to change flavor…like a tablespoon of salsa, or a table spoon of skim sour cream on skim milk day (this makes it so good!)

  15. I try to do this diet every few months, just as a cleanser and a great way to keep healthy eating habits. My favorite thing is spaghetti squash…I bake on big squash the first night, before I go to bed. I shred it and put it in a tupperware bowl. Starting the second morning, I have fun making up ways to enjoy it. Usually, I make a variation of pretend hash browns, with diced onions & hot sauce or a little ketchup on the side..for breakfast. At lunch, I have the soup over squash, like a noodle soup. I incorporate it over many days, on the beef/chicken day, it serves as pretend pasta for spaghetti or caccitore. I suggest everyone add it to thier plan, so many options. I miss it when Im not on the diet!

  16. Hi I just started on this cabbage soup diet yesterday and I already feel good! However, I think I added too much water to the soup because it is bland. I added spices, but still bland. Any suggestions?

  17. I’m on day 4 and have lost 4lbs in the first 3 days. I’ve been on this diet many times and love it although I can only really get to the end of day 5. Despite this I eat well for the remaining 2 and keep the initial weight loss off. Last night ( end of day 3) I had a very restless sleep with headaches and achey legs. I feel much better this morning and am glad I have stuck it through so far. I dont put onion or leek in my soup just cabbage and carrots etc and add a spoonful of Marmite which helps the flavour. Omitting the onion and leeks mean no offensive wind!!
    Will let you know the final weight loss.

  18. I am on day 5 and have only lost 2lbs. I haven’t cheated and have been following the diet to the letter. not sure as to why I’m not loosing much weight.

  19. this is so stupid……………………effed up shit. i legit followed it completely yet i lost nothjing inface bhy day 3 id gained some weight? why??????????//

  20. I’m just starting this diet, I hope It works! I’ve got a new swimsuit for summer and I want it to fit just right. :)

  21. After you finish your first week can you go on and do it a second week? Is it bad? Also would you gain the weight back when your done with the diet? Or if you just keep eating healthy would you be okay?

  22. Why no salt? I already made the soup prior to reading these tips & I put a good amount of salt in it. Is it going to hinder the weight loss?

    • Salt does not hinder fat loss but it retains water in the body so you are going to be losing less water weight, if you are eating a lot of salt you may actually put on water weight. So it does effect WEIGHT loss. A natural diuretic like dandelion tea or cranberry juice helps flush water weight. Or just don’t add salt.

  23. day one, the soup is great so far. i keep getting hungry and eat a bowl every two hours. looks like i’ll need to make another pot in the morning!

  24. I only added one onion is that going to make the soup not work as well? I’m on day two and having a hard time finding different ways to eat veggies. Any help out there would be great.

  25. I have tried out many diets in my time but failed at most. I then came across this ‘cabbage’ diet and was instantly draw in… I even went as far as growing my own cabbages and currently have a delightful cabbage patch out the back lawn. I have been on this diet for 9weeks now and have recently noticed green spots appearing all over my skin. Someone please help. Should I just stop eating all this cabbage??

  26. Just like to say this diet has been around since
    I was a little girl,@ age 16 I started to be more
    Embarrassed about my weight. I got this exact
    Same diet from my uncle,who at time was a cop
    And this is the diet they use to she’d pounds.
    I did the diet+exercise and lost 15 lbs first week..
    Second week I took a break,ate more healthy thou.
    3rd week did diet again+exercise lost 10lbs.
    4th week I took a break. So total weight loss for
    The month was 25lbs.
    Now I’m 38 yrs old and on my second week again:)
    Next week ill start the 7days again. So far with the
    Following of the plan exactly I have lost 13lbs:)
    This diet does work but some with lower metabolism
    Do need to try some slight exercise for better results.

    • Hi you need to exercise daily but make sure you are getting enough protein and nutrients. If you are off of the CSD then it’s okay to exercise a lot but when on it you don’t want to wear yourself down because you are not getting that many calories. You look great! Filling in for Catherine!!

  27. I’ve searched several websites and as far as I can tell it does not say you cannot cook the tomatoes, the only stipulation I have come across is that they be fresh. So any sort of canned or pre-seasoned tomatoes are out. The cabbage diet is meant to be followed for ONLY 7 days at a time with at least a two week break in between each cycle. As for gaining weight within the first few days, if you are not drinking enough water you will definitely bloat and retain water weight. This diet will definitely cleanse you AND assist you in loosing weight if done properly. But you MUST drink LOTS of water. You may also take Gas-x or Beano or an anti-gas pill. A good daily multivitamin is also strongly recommended when doing this diet. It will help combat the weakness and headaches. You can have almond milk as a substitute for skim or soy milk if you wish. A word of caution to those putting carrots in their cabbage soup! Carrots were left out of the original cabbage soup diet recipe for their high sugar content. Between two and three lbs of carrots are equal to the sugar in a 20oz coke or a snickers bar

  28. I’ll leave you with one more tip I’ve found extremely helpful. I am not fond of cabbage myself but you cannot leave it out. I found the texture of the soup rather disconcerting. Once it was all cooked I popped the whole batch in my food processor and pureed my heart out! I was able to eat the soup with a happier heart and found that it was much easier to change the flavor of the soup from day to day in this form. Hope this helps!

  29. It might be worth noting that if you don’t losing weight in the first few days do not get discouraged! I didn’t until day 5 and I lost 7lbs after that. Also, I like to make my soup spicy with crushed red pepper and it makes it taste wonderful!

    • You really need to eat the bananas to help you lessen your desire for sweets. If you do not like bananas then you can have papaya, kiwi, or apricots. By Day 4 you will be craving carbs and calories so that is why we recommend not skipping them. Also, you need protein so if you skip meat you really need some substitute.

    • Hi you can substitute papaya, apricots or kiwi instead of bananas. Just pick one of those. You can also select grapefruit or red peppers for tomatoes on Day 5. No other fruit or veggies that day other than what is in the soup. Thanks!

  30. I’m on my 5th day of the CSD! It is SO hard but I feel lighter already. I have a serious dilemma though :( It’s my best friends birthday party tomorrow and I promised I’d have a little drink with her. I already know that alcohol (clear or not) is bad, and it isn’t allowed on this diet. But I need to know, of the drinks I could have, which may be the better option.I’m basically just trying to make the best of a bad situation without ruining my diet altogether! Help! :(

  31. I started the diet yesterday and I am now on day 2. My soup is not tasty but I didn’t choose vegetables that I like. I tried to do the soup exactly as it appears but I should’ve added some more choices. But good news. I did lose 3.6 lbs after day 1. When I get off work I will cook some more veggies and throw them in the soup. I will let you know how that works. So excited!

  32. I just started this diet today and I added about half a teaspoon of salt. Is this ok or do I need to remake my soup? Thanks

  33. I just wanted to give an update. I am happy with this diet. I am on day 5 and I get to have beef yay! I have lost so far a total of 5.7 lbs. Just by following this diet. I have 2 more days. Thanks for this website and your guidelines to help me get a jump start.

  34. Hi! Wow, I started the cabbage soup diet five days ago and boy am I glad that I did! I am starting to feel a lot less bloated and WAAAY more energized! I struggled a little bit the first few days because I am a big meat eater, but I stayed strong and today that pays off! I am about to enjoy a big steak lol. I added a little salt to my soup and my meat but I was told that if you drink A LOT of water then you wont retain any water. Is that true? I have been drinking one gallon per day and I feel a lot less swollen.. Oh and I have decided to wait to way myself until the very end, I dont really want to obsess on the numbers since I have so far to go!
    THANK YOU for all of your help and
    GOOD LUCK to all who are on this weight loss journey!

  35. Hey Ms Catherine my name Lou there are a few questions i would like to ask you.This is my first time trying the cabbage soup diet. The question i would liked answered is, is the cabbage soup diet guaranteed to make you lose weight? I’ve tried so many diets and they were a flop so I’m going to try the cabbage diet wish me luck.

  36. its my second day and dont know how much have i lost.but yesterday i made soup and added salt in it for will i lose weight???
    please reply :)

    • Salt does not hinder fat loss but it retains water in the body so you are going to be losing less water weight, if you are eating a lot of salt you may actually put on water weight. So it does effect WEIGHT loss. I wouldn’t put any more salt into the soup. Use some Mrs. Dash seasonings if you do not like the taste or more green onions and some cilantro and garlic to flavor it up.

    • Like Kathiw said above you could do big portabello mushrooms grilled or tofu or beans, chickpeas, lentils of any kind or avocado. If you do the egg whites limit yourself to 4 eggs per day.

    • Yes you can. It tastes the same to me and from other people’s comments on the internet it tasted the same to them. Seems the only difference is the color although some say the red is better for you but I think they are both good for you and the diet! Thanks and good luck!

  37. Just started the diet today. Not hungry at all and have drunk plenty of water along with the soup and fruit but I have a terrible headache. Tablets not even touching it. Any advice please?

  38. I started this diet 5 days ago and so far i have lost 6.5 lbs. Have not cheated and really i believe it is a great way to jump start to a new way of eating. staying away from artificial sugar and gluten really helps! i know how to eat healthy but sometimes you get off track and need a boost. Get my new treadmill tomorrow and will start walking off more weight! Here is to cabbage soup and healthy mind and body!!!! ;-)

  39. I made the cabbage soup with regular chicken broth and just a little water added and seasoned canned tomatoes, I even added an extra large can of crushed tomatoes with basil, all which have a fair amount of salt, I have lost 4 pounds already and just starting on day 2 and I ate a TON of that soup yesterday!

  40. Hi i am following this diet and i am on the second day of diet can drink green tea without any sweetner. if i can then how many times a day pls help me

  41. I think the soup would be better with tomato puree added, giving it a more red base rather than just the beef broth. I didn’t put in V8 juice, so would that be okay to add in? Would it cause me to not lose as much weight?

  42. I am on day four and only lost 2 pounds. I have been eating to the plan plus having 2-3 bowls of soup a day. I am on day four with the bananas and almond milk and plan to eat 3 more bowls of soup today. I wonder why I am not losing the weight or is it too early to know?

    • Everyone is different but usually the biggest weight loss is at the beginning. Maybe try eating smaller bowls of soup. Are you drinking water to flush your system?

  43. So I have been on the CSD for 4 days now. I am weighing in every day. My challenge is to actually eat it as I was so done with the soup by day 2!! So the suggestion to just drink the broth was great!!! I do that and pick through to eat the carrot and mushroom. We used Cumin, Red pepper, Garlic, Black Pepper, & Chili powder to season. Day one -Nothing lost, Day 2-Nothing lost, Day 3- Nothing Lost, Day 4- 4 lbs lost!. It is important to note that I have High blood pressure and already take a diuretic to get rid of water, so I am thinking the lbs are most likely not a reduction in water weight! He did not weigh in daily but day 4 is 4 lbs down as well! My cheats have been a cheese slice on days 1 and 2 because I was “about to die” , but now I am not feeling hungry at all! I have to force it on. Also since I work out with a personal trainer 3 days/week, I eat half of an Atkins bar before my workout and drink my Protein after workout shake, then continue the diet as normal.

  44. I’m on Day 2 and I’ve gained 2kg (4.4lbs) since I started.. Is this just water weight? I haven’t used lots of salt.. Just reduced slat bouillon in the soup and nothing else. Should I go back to a calorie controlled diet or carry on with the programme?

    • Hi Vonny,
      Sorry no flour allowed on this diet. On day 4 it’s strictly soup, bananas and skim or soy milk. thanks!

  45. Day 3 of the diet. I’ve lost 8.6 lbs so far. I do without for an 1.5 hrs so this im sure has contributed. In very surprised that’s almost 3 lbs a day. Hopefully it will continue to drop 2 or 3 lbs each day.

  46. Catherine, what is best to eat one you complete the 7 days to keep weight from coming back on? I’d like to do this plan (assuming I’m successful) every two weeks until I reach goal, but I don’t want to be losing the same 10 pounds over and over again. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  47. I’m on Day 5. I’m down 2lbs. It hasn’t been worth it. I’ve followed this plan to a T. Not a single cheat. I’m a daily alcohol drinker. I stopped drinking for this. That’s huge. The food is bland. I’m cranky. I’ve been walking 45 minutes a day.

    After only 2lbs I held out hope that when I put on my jeans today they’d be looser. Like maybe I lost inches instead of weight. Nope. Still tight and uncomfortable. I’m 146lbs at 5’2″. I’m not obese but it should’ve been easy to drop at least 5lbs by now based on the feedback of the majority of this forum.

    • hi, I don’t know why you didn’t lose more than 2 pounds as most people lose 4 to 5 pounds the first couple of days. I’m wondering if you are retaining water perhaps. Sorry it didn’t work for you! At least you ate healthier!

  48. Is it possible to eat too much of the daily foods? For example I ate A LOT of fruit today, and fruit has calories, so is that bad?

    • Hi Jessica, As long as you ate fruits that are light like watermelon, strawberries, mangoes, melons (no bananas) you should be fine. You shouldn’t be retaining liquids that is for sure!!

  49. I hate bananas and im not a fan of milk. But day 4 today I blended my small bananas with my milk a teaspoon of coffee and ice and had a rather luxurious iced frappe type drink. I hope blending is ok.

  50. Day1, I had 4 bowl of soup, 30 strawberry one apple half of watermelon one orange.
    40 minutes walk. I was soon full all day.
    Lost 1.5 lb

  51. I started from 124.8lb, yesterday I was 123.3, today I’m 122.5.
    Day2 yesterday I had 5 bowl of soup, 3 cups broccoli, 1cup asparagus. Not as hungry as day one but it was harder without fruits. I got headache around 8pm till going to bed. Woke up refreshed, feeling pretty good. Yesterday I walked one hour on treadmill. So far so good!

  52. 4th day morning weight 122.6 lb, so no weight loss yesterday. I had 6 bowl soup, 10 strawberry, one orange ,3 cups water melon, two cups melon, 2 cups asparagus.
    Had a slight head ache around 7 pm but not as bad as day before. I will try to not have as many soup today may be 3 bowl should do it. I plan to make banana shake drink with skim milk. Oh and I did 45 minutes treadmill walk yesterday. I did not have much appetite in the morning yesterday till around 10 am. Despite no weight loss this morning I’m still excited about this diet!

  53. 4th day, had 6bowls soup, 3banana,7cups skim milk. One hour walk on treadmill.
    No head aches today! I wonder if I’m having too much soups?
    Tomorrow is my beef tomato day. I think I’m just going to cut up beef and boil with cabbage soup, is that ok? Can’t wait to see my weight tomorrow.

  54. Started with 124.8lb, 5th day morning weight is 121.6lb. I am very pleased!
    I was worried I had too many bowls of soup but it is working!

  55. 5th day, 6bowls soup, 8 oz beef, 5 tomatoes. 1 cup cirantro,3 green onions , 3 table spoons lemon juice and one clove garlic for salsa.
    Went well, I just can’t stop eating soups. I eat through out the day. I felt a little tired and weak today. But still going very well. Can’t wait till the weigh in tomorrow morning?

  56. 6th day morning weight is 121.2lb. So not much loss since yesterday morning but I followed diet and I’m ok with it. So far 3.6 lb total loss .

  57. 6th say, had 4oz steak , 6oz chicken breast, 2 head of romain lettuce, half of tomato, one bowl of cabbage soup. I am not sure substituting beef for chicken is allowed but I had to eat out, so that’s what I chose, no dressing for romain lettuce.
    One more day to go! Went to shop for all the kind veggie and fruits today to prepare myself after the 7 th day, so I won’t be tempted. I feel much better eating clean and no carbs. I plan to continue with clean eating after the diet, no sugar craving yet,after this diet I can probably satisfy my craving with fruits.

  58. Last night around midnight, I got real hungry ended up eating 2 bowls of soup.
    This is my 7 th moning weighed in 120.4. Great! I thought late night soup binge might hinder me so I was surprised to see this weight loss. Total weight loss of 4.4 lb. which is pretty amazing considering one more day to go.

  59. Last day today, had 5 bowls of soup, 5 cups watermelon, 7 strawberries, 2 cups raspberry, 3 cups asparagus, 4 cups zucchini. Felt light headed and dizzy this morning. But over all feeling good. Wow it was so easy to do this diet for 7 days!
    Looking forward to weigh in tomorrow morning. I recommend this diet for anyone who need kick start healthy eating habit or weight loss.

  60. Diet is over! 119.8 lb today. I lost 5lb in 7 days and I was always full! I walked on tread mill for 6 days and 30 minutes on one day. Over allit got me in good habit.
    Thank you so much! It was a great experience and I am so happy.

  61. This is the morning of day 4. I haven’t cheated & have lost just 4 lbs. Can/should I add another fruit/veggie/soup day today (day 3 intake) instead of doing the banana & skim milk today….?, & do the banana day tomorrow (day 5)? I feel fine & have played 5 hours of good tennis in the first 3 days of the diet.

    • Hi, yes you can do that if you want to. The banana day is supposed to help you lose your craving for sweets but if you would rather do another veggie/fruit/soup day that would be fine. That’s great that you are also getting exercise in as that will help with the weight loss as well.

      • Awesome !! That’s what I’ll do. I don’t have any sweet cravings so I’ll squeeze in another Day 3 diet today !! Sure appreciate the response !!

  62. UPDATE: 10days ago I did cabbage diet and lost 5lb,since then I have been eating half clean diet and half normal food due to the guest staying with us last 7days and eating out at restaurant. Still, I lost one more pound since the cabbage diet and haven’t gained back any pounds! So cabbage diet is not just the water loss diet nor fad diet, it really works!

    • So glad for you and I agree it helps you to eat healthier and to make smarter choices because you actually feel better when eating more veggies and fruits and eliminate a lot of the processed foods! So proud of you!!

  63. OK, I am starting this diet on Monday… I have a few questions. As far as seasoning goes are POWDERS more favorable than say Seasoning salt, garlic salt, etc. I saw somewhere it said string beans in a slow cooker were good. Now my question is, I like smoked turkey meat, is that OK? I just want to make sure that i can follow it to the T (while enjoying what i am eating if possible). PLEASE HELP ME

    • Hi LeQuinda,
      You will want to stay away from any seasoning with salt. Do not eat anything smoked as it will have heavy salts in it. Powders are fine just always check the salt content of any spice you use. I use Mrs. Dash no salt seasonings a lot. Thanks!

  64. Very silly question…is the cabbage the “magic” ingredient or can this soup be made without the cabbage and tons of veggies?

  65. I’m doing this diet in hopes to lose about five pounds before a friends wedding in a couple weeks. I’ve read a couple people saying they’ve only lost 2 pounds during the diet. Today is my first day and I’m wondering if I should add in a diuretic to help release some of the water? I’ve been using the bathroom many times an hour but don’t want to risk holding too much water.

    • I wouldn’t use a diuretic unless you weren’t going to the bathroom. You don’t want to to anything to harm your system.

  66. I’m on day one and I’m absolutely starving.. I can’t eat any more soup – I am going to be sick :( My head is thumping and I feel very out of sorts.. I’m sure this isn’t doing me any favours!

    • Then I would suggest eating some protein or else quitting the diet. It may not be for you and it’s not supposed to make you sick. You might have to try another diet plan.

  67. I started the diet today..are u allowed to eat as much soup as u want or is there a limit on it? I made my soup with water as well as low sodium v8 juice..all the veggies it calls for and it’s delicious..but after the 7 days are up..wat r u supposed to eat to maintain the weight loss?? Jus a bunch of fruits and veggies?

  68. On day 7! and feel it has worked really well.-6lb off! Have put some brown rice in my soup today and resorted to carrot sticks for breakfast on non fruit days but it has not been easy

    • Well it is a cabbage soup diet but if you don’t like cabbage and prefer to use broccoli it will still help you to lose weight. Let me know how it goes!

  69. I start this diet next week – on fruit days are strawberries and raspberries ok? Also on beef day – is this steak without the fat? Thanks

    • If you wish you can substitute broiled fish for one of the beef days and chicken for the other. Thanks and good luck!

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