Odd Ways To Lose More Weight (Try These Today!)

It’s Not You – It’s The World!

There are always distractions lurking around every corner, so I know I, personally, need any and every little trick there is that will keep me on board, focused, and losing weight.

You probably heard about the “blue plate” idea, it’s been on the news recently.  They say if you eat off a blue plate (or any wacky color that does NOT match your food), than you see the food better, focus on it more, and feel satisfied by eating less.

Don’t use a white plate or green plate, the food blends in and you just eat and eat and eat.  Seriously, how many foods are actually blue?  It’s a good idea!

Here are a few more ideas to trick your belly (and brain):

  • Turn OFF the television!  Just sit and focus on your meal, instead.  Eat quietly, slowly, and chew and enjoy every bite.  You wont go back for seconds this way!
  • Photog your food!  Journaling is so 2011!  Now, the hip and helpful thing to do is to snap a photo of your meal.  They say “a photo is worth 1,000 words” and this is obviously true here, too.
  • Brush your teeth!  Obviously you should do this after every meal (and before bed, and when you wake up), but for most people, a mint or again, even the smell of mint, tells your brain that the meal is over.  This tip is especially helpful for night time snackers!

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    • try some raw veggies or the raw oats/fiber thing. Something healthy, filled with fiber that will help you feel full and satisfied. Drinking a glass of water before you start helps a ton, too.

      • thanks i just need some different fruit to eat i have probs with veg at the best of times
        but i did lost 5 lb in my first two day 16 lb in two weeks but it is getting harded now

  1. I found that if you let your body tell you when you are full, you are not as likely to overeat but if you let your ‘restkess mind’ tell you when you are full – you probably will overeat.

    The body has an intelligence of it’s own, try it!

  2. Call food something else. I have a hard time thinking of food as anything other than yumminess, so instead I refer to food as nutrition. Nutrition just seems so much more… nutritious, which to me means healthy and smart. When I think of food as nutrition I do so much better. =)

  3. I personally am a big fan of the water drinking. When I keep myself full of water I eat so much less at mealtime. Especially if I drink about 12-20 oz 5 min before I eat. By then it’s settled in my stomach and I eat literally 1/2 of what I normally would.

  4. If you chew your food very slow always when you eat, You will get full faster. That is a Weight Watchers trick and it works!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks Doug1943 but one glass is not enough. I personally take three glasses of water as I am serving the food. This helps me to cut down to about a 1/4 of what I’d normally eat. its a great trick to your appetite.

  6. My doctor told m to eat breakfast like a king ,eat lunch like a prince and dinner like a peasant.
    He also told me on meals eat the other way round ,start with desert which should be fruits ,then go to main meal and end with soup :) tips pf eating in a resturant .

  7. I had a general CSD question: I’m at the end of day 1 and I am so so hungry and have been all day long! I’m a generally light eater and am not overweight (I’m at a “healthy” weight and I’d like to adjust to “healthy, but a little trimmer.”) But since starting this, the fruit and soup fill me up for maybe. . .20 minutes? And then my tummy’s growling!
    I’ve eaten about 2 cups of grapes, 3 apples, a cup of strawberries, and nearly half the pot of soup. I really like it, actually, so every time I got hungry today, I had another (1 cup) bowl of soup. Like 6 cups of soup today! Plus my daily 32 oz. water, 3 cups black coffee, and 16 oz. iced green tea with jasmine.
    And I’m still hungry! So my question is: can you eat too much soup too quickly? Or too many veggies/fruits?


    • You should try to drink more water, at least 8-10 glasses at 8oz each, although it sounds like you get plenty of liquids. A cup isnt really enough of a serving, have a big bowl for each meal. You really cant have TOO much.

  8. HI,Thankyou for helping me in controling diet. I brought all vegetables from the market and cooked the soup but when i take first spoon of teh soup i vomtted because it has very bad taste and till yet i m afraid of taking such kind of a diet i think walk is best . so plz tell me another way of losing weight.

  9. This is something that I am going to do and maybe this will help someone too. I need to loose about 15 pounds and when I put on a long sweater with my jeans I look so big I take it off and won’t go out of the house this way I am so embarrassed. Take a picture of yourself and put it on the refrigerator and when you start to open it maybe you won’t.

  10. If you’re hungry, but don’t want to eat (whether it’s because you’re dieting, it’s late, or maybe you have a colonoscopy the next day)…smelling a grapefruit suppresses hunger, doing a small, short workout will make hunger pains go away, and drinking water!! will do the trick! :) Eating with an article of clothing you wish to fit into (make sure its in sight, and looks really appealing to you) may help you eat less, and stay motivated! (My aunt used to do this, and I used to think she was crazy…I thought she had an imaginary friend at age 40. haha)

  11. Dear Catherine, I am very happy by the Cabbage Soup. I have lost 3.4kg in two weeks diet. I finished first week diet properly. But for the second week I added my favorite vegetables. And I saw my change. I really thank you very much.

  12. When dining out, ask for a second plate. They usually bring a smaller one.
    Divide every item on your plate in half, and transfer half to the second plate.
    Eat from the second plate. Take the first plate with half of your meal home.

  13. my husband wants to try this diet with me BUT he is diabetic. How do we handle breakfast??
    The rest of the day shouldn’t be too much problem.

  14. I am on my second day. Can I have any nuts during this diet? Are there any nuts that are a no no?

    To add falavor to the soup, I added a fresh bunch of Cilantro and some Chipotle Powder. Gave it a great slightly spicy flavor.

  15. When you’re full and keep eating, remind yourself why you’re discipling yourself. Maybe for summer, an event, or maybe for a new lifestyle. Whatever it may be, it works, everytime. You end up feeding that extra food you don’t need to the doggies. Amazing.

  16. Hi Catherine, I just need to know if I don’t like bananas and I couldnt find any kiwi(like it was out of season or something) what can I sub that day with? Also how do I keep my cabbage from turning into mush(it was so mushy like mashed potatoes the first day) and I am going to remake it but how do I keep it from getting mushy before I do try and remake it? Actually any tips from anybody would be helpful

  17. I LOVE THIS DIET!!!! Not hard to follow, covers all the foods I love!!! Been on a little differednt version( I’ve added a little protein and a few healthy carbs). Been on it 4 weeks now and am still going strong. I’ve lost 20 lbs and it’s the easiest loss I’ve ever had! The vegatables and fruits are fresh and at their best now!! I’m trying to apply healthy choices to the already great diet!!!!

  18. once a week treat yourself with something sweet, very small bite that way your body never knows you dieting..it can be a small bite of chocolate cake enjoy it.gchiva87

  19. I did a “modified” cabbage soup diet and have lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks almost effortlessly, much to my amazement! I basically ate the soup for 8 meals a week (4 lunches and 4 dinners). For breakfast I always have had a healthy bowl of oatmeal filled with fruit and I continued that. For other meals I ate sensibly and with reasonable portion sizes. Sometimes, if we were going out to eat, I would eat a bowl of soup before we left and then order a small/light dinner. I also drank lots of liquids which for me was water with a small amount of Crystal light for flavoring which helped me drink much larger portions than plain water. I plan to continue to eat the soup (which I call Maria’s Skinny Soup which sounds MUCH better than CABBAGE soup) for 4 or 6 meals a week and again eat sensibly for other meals.

  20. for day 4, I don’t drink milk… I read on another site that almond milk or yogurt is okay on this day instead of dairy milk, but I trust this site more than the other one lol so I’d like to know what you think

  21. I have been doing this for a little over a week, loving it! Have lost 8 lbs so far. But I was wondering, because I really dislike eating veggies without anything to dip it in.. If I use hummus very lightly, is that ok or should I just keep it at what I’m doing? Just a thought. :)

    • No that is not normal. You usually lose several pounds right away at the beginning. Are you eating lots of soup, too?

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