Rev Up Your Metabolism To Lose Fat Fast!

This Week, To Lose Weight, Eat As Much Soup As You Want

You may be asking yourself – “Doesn’t eating a lot make me GAIN weight?”

No, it doesn’t. It just depends on what you’re eating, and how much of it…This soup is low cal and high fiber, which means by eating a lot of it, you’re actually kick- starting your metabolism, and keeping it going all day long by eating more soup.

This helps you to lose that excess liquid you carry around…and to drop pounds fast.

Like I’ve mentioned before and will mention again, expert nutritionist Isabel De Los Rios is the one responsible for my healthy new body.  I follow her every move!

She recently released an article detailing 5 ways to KEEP your metabolism burning and churning at a HIGH rate, which means you’ll continue to lose weight, even when you’ve finished your Cabbage Soup week.

5 Tips To Follow Now:

  • Eat!  Easy, right?  Small, healthy meals, like a serving of your Cabbage Soup, taken every three to four hours will keep your body satisfied, your blood sugar even, AND help keep you from developing cravings.
  • Eat Protein…especially AFTER you finish your Cabbage Soup, you’ll want to introduce more protein back into your diet. Eating protein, from chicken, from fibrous veggies, from eggs, and other whole foods, will help you to burn more than eating carbs – or especially fat!
  • Build Muscle…building lean muscle (I am not talking body building here) will help you to keep burning fat, even when you’re resting or sleeping! Add in small changes throughout the day – grab more than one grocery bag, pick your child up more – you’ll have buff arms in no time!
  • Drink Water…according to recent research, people who drink 2 glasses of water before breakfast tend to eat less ALL day – this one is a no brainer!
  • Isabel’s “favorite” tip: Do Not Eat Anything WHITE! This is a great rule. Things like bread, pizza, even whole grain items, tend to store in our fat cells and are much harder to burn….Remember, on your Cabbage Soup week, we skipped anything white or bleached for the whole week…and tell me, didn’t you feel great?

I strongly recommend you check out the awesome and free video that Isabel recently released.

She provides great information about healthy fats, giving you a plan for what to do AFTER the Cabbage Soup Week is over.  It’s truly powerful stuff!

I want to see Isabel’s Video! <– Click here to view the free presentation!

Tell me how YOU keep your metabolism burning and churning in the comments below…..maybe we can make an even bigger, better list and I’ll publish it on the site or on Facebook!

Til next time,




Rev Up Your Metabolism To Lose Fat Fast! — 1,055 Comments

  1. im doing well and surprise i really enjoy the soup but i only need to shed about 4 kg am usually about 69 kg and now 72 kg so is easy for me richard

  2. It says to eat green leafy vegies but tough to choke down a salad with no dressing? Is there some type of dressing that can be used and stay within the 7 day regime?

  3. Ive had chillies to my soup and cumin and garlic makes a word difference!!! My baked potato day as your aloud veg i have oven baked peppers,mushrooms,onion and courgette veg kebabs ,, and on my last day ive always added chopped mushrooms & onions dry fried to my brown rice and stuff whole peppers with it and oven bake it,, makes this a easy diet for me! x

  4. Try some lemon juice with a little bit of Mrs. Dash add some fresh basil and cilantro and you will never use dressing on your salad again!

  5. Okay my big question is after the 7 days what do I eat or do for food the next two weeks? Stay away from white is a given but what else?

    I am in a biggest loser type compitition with 8 other men. We have until November to weigh in and the one who lost the most % of weight wins… I am open to any suggestions..


  6. In the morning ill will be on day 3 i think im doin pretty good but i was eating my soup with crackers which i now find out thats a bad idea(nothing white). On day four is skim milk what else can i try i really dont drink milk at all but i am willing to try regular 2% milk is that okay i already know how that taste.

    • Keda,
      An easy rule to remember: if an item is not on your 7 Day plan, you cant have it. No bread of any kind this week! 2% has too much fat in it. Go for a lite soy milk if you dislike skim.

  7. I did the Cabbage Soup Diet for the first time this week and followed it to the letter, because I was looking forward to finally loose some serious weight, but on day 5, when I stepped on the weight scale, I HAD GAINED ONE POUND !! Needless to say that I was very much discouraged and stopped the diet immediately, as I didn’t want to gain another pound before the diet was over… especially with the addition of high calorie items such as steaks..

    Now I have to add that I ate a lot of soup, one complete recipe (about a gallon) every day and a half… And… I used Splenda to sweeten my coffee and tea… That was before I found out that Splenda, which is advertised as a zero calorie and zero carb supplement, is counter productive to the diet plan…

    It would be helpful if there would be a BIG warning against the use of Splenda on your recipe page…

    So my question is: How much of the soup can I eat before it makes me GAIN weight? It says that I can eat as much of the soup as I want… so why did I GAIN weight?

    • Dita,
      Day 5 is actually the worst day to weigh yourself, as you just consumed milk and bananas on Day 4. You probably would’ve lost weight if you had stuck with it. You should aim for 2-3 servings of soup per day, plus the other items allowed. You should make sure you don’t add sweeteners, salt, dressing to salt, oil to cook in, etc. I will look into putting more warnings on the site, thanks. I would suggest you try it again, and drink a lot of water, 8-10 cups per day, which will help with hunger, too.

  8. with the v8 juice i bought the hot and spicy v8 because i love hot sauce with my cabbage and thought it would be okay and it came out great but was that a good idea

    • I was a little surprised the low sodium V8 wasn’t recommended since the V8 is half of the liquid in the soup. I used the regular for my first try of the diet and lost 7 pounds. This time I am using the low sodium and am on day 3. So far, a pound a day. I’m interested to see if I get a better result with the low sodium version.

    • Kat, do they sell Mrs Dash where you live? If you cannot find a soup packet (no noodles, no rice) that you want to use, just add any spices you like. Mrs Dash is great for those of us (me, included) who aren’t originals whizzes in the kitchen! :)

      • Catherine,
        A little surprised that you recommend the soup packets, since they seem to contain a lot of sodium (both Lipton’s and Knorr’s), especially since you warn against using salt in a number of other places.

        • You do need a little bit of salt. One packet over a big pot of soup shouldn’t be a problem :) You can certainly skip it entirely, though. If you’re doing this as a cleanse, you’re right-no!

  9. I went yesterday and got my grocery list and started my soup in the crock pot. I am starting my 7 days today and am hoping I get good results. I was hoping soy milk would be ok rather than skim milk! Motivation starts today!!!

  10. I’m on day-2. The soup tastes great (I used the V-8 option)! I usually don’t have a veggie for breakfast, so today was a challenge. Sliced tomato was the best I could come up with.

      • I blended up a soup serving last night and chilled it to have for breakfast this morning (day 2). It was kind of like a homemade glass of V8 (though and bit thicker) and very delicious!

    • I often have cucumber (which is good for helping to avoid acid reflux if anybody has a hernia!) and a few sticks of celery, not too difficult to eat first thing! Tomato is acid, so not everybody can take it first thing especially!
      I’m on day 6, think I lost about 6 pounds. The soup is quite good, I made it spicy, too spicy at first, had to freeze some, make more and mix the two! I didn’t find it easy to eat a lot of meat. I find that my digestion is much better than usual, through not eating any starches! I have had a lot more energy, don’t feel so tired! I have rice day tomorrow and think I may spend hours having to lie down as it will make me tired! I’m going away tomorrow evening, and am worried about keeping to a good diet, I don’t want to put it all back on, in fact I want to repeat the diet every third week until I have lost quite a few more pounds! Thank you very much for this Catherine Soup, diets don’t usually work for me and this seems to!

      • This really should help catapult you into healthier eating, long term. Good job for noticing what the other foods do to your body!

  11. :) thank you so much for this ! You’re very encouraging, I’d be starting this programme tomorrow I just hope I could stomach the soup :)
    But one thing… do yu have to exercise while on the diet? I tend to get lightheaded quickly i do mostly yoga :)
    thank yu

  12. I am on day 2 so far. I am feeling just fine. Am I suppose to be eating every say 2 hrs so I don’t starve or get hungry? I drink about 5 bottles of 16 oz of water at work everyday. Then I go home and drink maybe 2 more glasses so I know I am getting enough water. Today I made me a cucumber and onion salad. Put some vinegar, pepper, a dash of salt and a bit of olive oil. Was this a good idea? Or no salt what so ever…

  13. I am about to start the cabbage soup diet week, but I really am not able to stomach either bananas or milk of any description. I really can’t do the skim milk/banana day. Can I rather just repeat the previous day’s diet or will that mess up the whole process?

    • Elaine, repeat Day 3 if you want to, but instead of banana, you can do papaya, apricots or kiwi…and instead of milk, you could do soy or another alternative type of milk, or even a serving of a protein rich yogurt, like a Greek one.

  14. Day two is complete. The soup is actually delicious. C.S. I actually skipped the potato and had a broccoli and sauerkraut blend. Was this o.k. Or considered a cheat? Thanks!

  15. Hi I’m a division college athlete that is now on day 5 of the diet. I needed to loose that pesty freshman 15 before starting my track season again and thought this was the fastest and easiest way. so far i have lost 7 lbs but i am not eating the soup very often. mostly only once a day. I work and I am not home very often but I am still loosing the weight. By any chance is this hurting me physically sinse i am loosing the weight without really eating the soup? bc i am still working out (i just have to. no choice) and after/during most of my workouts i feel so drained.

    • Yvonnea, I am sorry you’re not feeling well. I assume that, as an athlete, you regularly consume a decent amount of carbs as fuel – without those this week, AND with doing your same workouts, you will certainly feel drained. You may want to add protein to your soup – some lean chicken – if you ever repeat the diet. Otherwise, you should do it when you’re not working out as much or in season. You should eat the soup 2-3 times per day, especially if you’re training. Vegetables dont have as MUCH protein as meats, but there is some there which will help you feel stronger. Take care!!

  16. I’m a vegan and don’t drink milk, honestly I don’t like plain soy milk and the flavored version has way too much sugar, can I just stick to tea and water and bananas that day?

  17. I’m a vegan and don’t drink milk, honestly I don’t like plain soy milk and the flavored version has way too much sugar, can I just stick to tea and water and bananas that day?

  18. Me and my husband started this diet today. Hoping for the best! I really don’t like veggies! I’ts gonna be tough. Am I allowed only V8 low sodium with my soup on Day 2?

    • Try to limit it! Some versions of the diet say to enjoy it all week, others say only add it to your soup. I say, whatever you like, in moderation :) If you add it to your soup, I wouldnt also drink a lot of it.

  19. I done this diet earlier on in the year and lost a bit over 3 kilos, just doing the diet again, am on day 2 and cruising along ok. In the first time I done it I was sick of the soup by about day 4 so for a change I put it in the blender and was ok. Banana and skim milk day, I don’t drink milk unless it is flavoured so I made smoothies with the bananas and milk, nothing else in it, yummo. I have started back walking as I lost my motivation for several months.

  20. started the diet yesterday fruit day was fine, but what can i have for a veggie breakfast i’m struggling to think any ideas, can i have an egg for breakfast.

  21. what about watermelon for fruit… i didnt see it listed …..also i did not use the low sodium V8 juice.. had i know. will i still loose weight anyways…..i dont really want to go out and buy stuff to make a new batch as I am just on day one. thanks!

  22. Hi I been on this diet for three days and tomorrow is my banana and milk day. I previously emailed you but don’t know if this is an easier way to ask a question . My question is I only drink soy and I read lite soy is okay , is lite chocolate soy okay or maybe some unsweetened coco powder to the plan one. Milk is kinda hard for me straight up so I was just wondering. Also, as far as bananas go, what’s ur take on boiled plantains? Thanx :)

  23. Wow! I am on day 5 today. This has been easier than I thought it would be. With eating everything I’m supposed to, I really haven’t had any cravings. Even passed up the peanut M&Ms at work yesterday! I haven’t had a chance to get back to the gym this week, but have lost about 6 pounds so far. Is that normal, or should I have lost more? And how soon can I do the diet again, safely? Thank you.

    • Andra, 6 pounds is great! Everyone loses a diff amount, depending on your current weight, how close you stick to the diet, etc. That’s awesome though. Wait at least 2-3 weeks before doing it again, the longer the better.

  24. Hi Carole here, I have been on the diet for 1 day and so far I find it easy because I LOVE the soup and find it find to stomach in the morning. You mention ‘broth’ in a few of the messages, what is ‘broth’ . Regards Carole

    • Carole, the broth is the soup liquid, without the veggies. I just put some in a mug and drink it from fills my belly and makes me ready for a veggie soup, even early in the morning.

  25. On day three, it’s going well so far. Looking forward to day 4, bananas and milk, mmmmm! Only problem, I’m spending the day in Germany, going swimming with a very bossy (but nice) friend who will scoff if I’m eating bananas and milk and expect me to eat lunch with her in a restuarant. If I do that tomorrow, but only eat a salad, some soup, though it won’t be cabbage I’m sure, can I just carry on with day 4 the following day? I can do the whole thing again in 3 weeks properly.

    • Angela, just swap Day 4 and Day 6, and try to have some soup if you have.. Otherwise, when you go out for lunch, you can order meat and veggies, or a salad with meat or something and you’ll have more choices with Day 6.

  26. Am starting the diet on monday just to kick start me again after my hol’s. What do you suggest I eat for breakfast on the Veg days? Also on my day 6 I am going out with the girls which I know I won’t be able to resist the Rose which will obviously effect the weight loss but I will still do the food side of the diet.

    • As long as you know about the vino, okay :) Some diets say a glass of RED is okay during this diet, but I am skeptical about that part, personally! It isnt the worst cheat though, eating a big old cheeseburger and fries would be worse for the diet. For breakfast, try some raw veggies or even just some broth without the veggies, to warm up your belly and get you hungry for later.

  27. I didn’t use any V8 or equivalent in the soup and no stock cubes either. I am more than happy on this diet (although I don’t like the word diet) rather that it is a plan for better and healthier eating in the future and something that will carry on throughout my life.
    I have always been a yo-yo dieter and at the age of 59 am actually obese.
    I know this diet is only for short term weight loss but I am loosing weight quickly, every day, and it is helping me a great deal and motivating me to find exactly what I need to eat on a daily basis to be healthy and get to my target weight.
    My biggest challenge will be, after getting to my target weight, how am I going to keep the weight without putting anything on again, ever.

    • Natalie, I have some suggestions for you! Do you need help choosing the right foods for your body, OR do you need help with portion control and things like that? Good for you for taking care of yourself!

  28. For the cabbage soup diet im actually taking out some of the ingredients from the actual soup like carrots, mushrooms and celery, but using more tomatoes instead. Is that okay or will it affect my weight loss in some way?? Im also adding in 1 red onion

  29. HI, I am about to start the diet in a couple of days-I usually use a few tablespoons of brown rice miso when making cabbage soup, which is actually very low in calories. Is that ok for this diet?

    • Judy, I checked the ingredients, and since salt is so high on the list, you may want to use this in place of a soup packet or something, which usually has some salt, instead of in Addition to other salt ingredients. Also, make sure you add as little as possible, just to get the taste there, and make sure its by the soup batch, not the bowl, that you add it, and you should be okay :) if you notice no loss, make your second batch without the miso.

  30. Hi Catherine
    I will be starting the Diet on Monday. I need to know if I can have blend fruit to make drinks as well as fruits. Also can I blend fruits for breakfast?
    I also suffer with lactose intolerance so is this Diet okay for me.
    Can I also have banana smoothies with the milk?

    • Nope, Paula, not at all. Leave them out if you’re not a fan, and on Day 5, instead of tomatoes, have red pepper or grapefruit. Will one of those work better?

  31. Day 7 says unsweetened fruit juices. is that ONLY cranberry juice or any juice that has no added sugar? I know a lot of juice has sugar, even if it’s natural, so what are my options? If other juice besides cranberry is allowed, could I just eat a little fruit instead?

    • Yes, any juice is fine, and yes, fruit is a better choice over juice. Heck, make your own juice out of fruits you like, thats the best option of them all!

  32. Hi,

    Made soup today, starting tomorrow. Soup sounds fine for breakfast…sounds like a great idea to blend it. I did not use the V8, but added a couple of extra cans of tomatoes, marjoram and a couple of bay leaves. Any problem adding a little lemon juice to the soup at serving time? It’s delicious with or without. My only issue is the milk/banana day. Love bananas, but I don’t do soy or pasteurized milk. I’m thinking it’ll be okay if I let the raw whole milk separate, pour off the cream and repeat. Does that sound okay to you? If not, I can use some homemade yogurt. I’m excited about getting started…thanks!


  33. Thanks for the email to let me know about this forum, great ideas!
    I’m on day 2 and finding it very easy to stick to so far. I’m not even hungry, mind you I’m busy making dill pickles!!
    Banana and skim milk will be a problem as believe it or not I went to 2 local grocery stores and neither had skim milk!!! No problem I’ll just skip it!
    Thanks again!

  34. Hi

    How r u? I’m from south africa and I want to know if I could add knorr Vegetable soup packet mix to the soup.


  35. I’ve just finished my day 4 and before I start to introduce meat I wanted to check whether it makes a diffrerence as to whether I have chicken one day and beef the next. I’m happy to do either and more importantly what will help me lose the most weight.

    • Nicole, I think you should try to stay away from wheat this week…It’s not a horrible substitute, but try to go for rice, if you can.

  36. I am on day 7 today and i didnt lose as much i thouht i would….why do i have to wait 2-3 weeks before i do it again. can i wait 3-4 days??

    • Def. wait at least 2-3 weeks because your body needs a full range of vitamins, minerals, and all around nutrition. The CSD works because, in part, you’re depriving your body of certain things. The diet wont work as well if you repeat it quickly. Also, remember that since this diet works mostly on water weight, if you’re looking to lose a lot, you need swap to something more long term and sustainable, like the Diet Solution or something similar.

  37. On day two of my diet. I’ve done this one before and had great results. I have joined a “biggest loser challenge” and have until December to lose my goal weight of 20 pounds and knew this would be a great start. However, when I started yesterday I forgot about a wedding this weekend and I know I can follow my eating diet for that day but I will be having a few Michelob Ultras and wondering how this will effect the diet. Should I just stop now and start over on Monday or continue and see what happens since I can start the diet over in about 3 weeks?

  38. Hi Cath….
    I and my friend are planning to start the Cabbage Soup diet from next week….we are in Oman at the moment ….I have put on more weight after my delivery time last December… As I also have a lower slip disc problem I cant work out more, I do go for swimming at times but little difficult to b regular with the daily schedules…u can understand that…work+child chores…..Could you suggest something for me which I can balance in my daily life schedule? As I cant afford being weak / restless also due to the amount of energy required in running around….am a bit afraid of dieting due to that…please help …

  39. The first day was a little rough. I stuck to the plan knowing it is only for 7 days. I drank a lot of water, ate a lot of soup, and ate a lot of fruit. Im kinda glad day 2 is veggies instead of fruit, im a little fruited out. I woke up this morning feeling very rested and not as hungry as I usually do in the morning. I stepped on the scale and was amazed to see that I had lost 3.2 pounds. That is the motivation I needd to keep going!! Thanks CSD!

  40. I am currently on Day 3 and find that it is getting easier as I go. Day one was the worst!!! I was so hungry…but today I am feeling alot better and not nearly as hungry as I am normally am. My question is that on Day 7 instead of brown rice can I use whole wheat Couscous? I alreadyhave it in the cuboard and hope that I can use it instead.

  41. Hello I am on day one and I think I must be doing something so wrong. I am not hungry any pointers for tomorrow? I love this soup I know I will make it even when I am not on this diet

    • That’s really ok! I bet you are doing everything perfectly! Make sure you are eating at least 3 servings of the soup per day, even small servings in a mug or something. You want your metabolism to be working all the time, so slurp down some soup! :)

    • That’s really ok! I bet you are doing everything perfectly! Make sure you are eating at least 3 servings of the soup per day, even small servings in a mug or something. You want your metabolism to be working all the time, so slurp down some soup! :)

    • Julie, you can really eat as much as you want! Drink plenty of water, too, because many times our brains confuse the signals from our bodies. Drink at least 6-8 glases of water, and as much soup as you want.

    • Julie, you can really eat as much as you want! Drink plenty of water, too, because many times our brains confuse the signals from our bodies. Drink at least 6-8 glases of water, and as much soup as you want.

    • Hello! I wrote back via email, too. I am really not sure what the problem is..perhaps your body is looking for a food or something you normally give it. You can certainly take something to help you sleep!

  42. I am on Day 4, which is bananas and milk day – am I correct to assume that I am not permitted any other fruit or vegetable today?

  43. I don’t have an oven and so it limits creative ways of making the foods….and so I have used all my will power to continue the diet. Last day…..but I am so bored with the food, just have no appetite.

  44. It is now later in the evening on Day 7 and I have to say I am glad that this is almost over. I have next to no appitite and can not even look at the soup anymore. I weighed myself yesterday and have lost 9 pounds so I think its was worth it, but it is hard. I can understand to why they say to wait 2-3 weeks before doing it again. I am very tired and dont have much ambition. I would recommend this to anyone as a kick start but beware it is not easy and you have to be very diciplined

  45. Hi, I’m on day 2! This is the first diet I’ve ever been on! I think I put too much water on my soup as a freind did the diet once and her soup was thick ! Is this a problem ?

  46. hi cathe!! . I am not loosing weight?? why?? I am on day 3. I hardly lost a pounds only. I am eating it 3 times a day and I am eating peach only coz I dont like to eat veggies and potatoes..
    I go for a jog also… Before starting soup i lost 8 pounds last month.. What to do next? Wana loose it more quickly?

  47. hi cathe!! . I am not loosing weight?? why?? I am on day 3. I hardly lost a pounds only. I am eating it 3 times a day and I am eating peach only coz I dont like to eat veggies and potatoes..
    I go for a jog also… Before starting soup i lost 8 pounds last month.. What to do next? Wana loose it more quickly?

  48. My husband and I started the CSD today. My hubby is not much of a veggie eater other than the starchy ones. He does like green beans, but not fixed fancy or mixed with something he does not like. So….how do I cook the fresh green beans?

    • I am sorry to say, you should stay away from all beans this week. Legumes are off limits because of the starch. Do you have a blender? Maybe blend veggies together and make a juice he can drink realy quickly?

  49. catherine i dont eat tomatoes so i left them out and added light chicken broth the soup is great if i eat this soup as said and the rest of the diet i should drop weight correct i am going to like this diet thank you and anymore suggestions u have will be great as my husband asked me to lose twenty pounds

    • The chicken broth may have some sodium in it, so if you notice you’re not losing, you may need to remake it using just water. Also, I hope you’re losing the weight for yourself, too!! Make sure to only do this diet for a week, then change to something long term. Or, if you do wish to lose that much quickly, I’d suggest checking out Joel Marion’s Xtreme Fat Loss, which promises to lose up to 25 pounds in 25 days. best wishes!

  50. hi Catherine! im not a big fan of V8 juice and tomato based products. is it ok if i use low sodium chicken stock and some indian curry power for flavor instead?
    thank you for your time.

    • Yes to the curry, no to the stock. Use just water if you skip the V8, even the low sodium stock still has too much sodium for this week. On Day 5, instead of tomatoes, you can have red pepper or grapefruit.

  51. Hi . Want say thanks for all the good ideas . Today is day 1 on csd. Doing ok not hungry today. But was wondering I don’t like bell peppers of any color so I add jalapeño pepper instead . Is that ok ?

  52. Today is my 3rd day so i ate 200gr of pineapple. But i have just found out that you said we should avoid it. *sigh* Silly me!!

  53. I will start the CSD in some few days,I would like to know the convertion of pounds to kgs.Also I want to know exactly how each day’s plan is because in the CSD crocery list I see a number of things,so I would like to know how I eat those,do I eat them everyday supplementing the soup or what?

    • Really the idea is to eliminate sodium altogether. You do need to change old habits to make this work, and getting rid of salt is really rule #1. If you’re in the US, go for Mrs Dash spices if you can find those, they are salt free. ANY other spice except salt is allowed, so there’s got to be a way foryou to make a tasty, salt free soup.

  54. Nearly the end of day 1 & my soup is good, probably could be better but maybe next time. Have been eating lots of fruit & sussing out how tomorrow is going to work as I will be back at work. Think I will take my steamer & have steamed veges. Hope swede is ok (its a little like a turnip but a lot less dense). Looking forward to week end & few kilos down. Hang in there everybody.

  55. PS, I am all the way over here in New Zealand (yes, world cup NZ) so have had to work round some of your ingredients such as the Mrs Dash. Used garlic, gnger, pepper & curray powder instead. Soup is spicy but I know spicy is surposed to be good for you so heres hoping. Am off to do some exercise now & hope it all helps. I would dearly like to loose 5 kgs this week, yes a big ask but as mentiond, set your goals a bit high & work hard towards them. Will let you know how things go.

  56. I cannot say that I am particularly happy about having to do this diet, but know that I need to. Its the only diet that helps my husband loose weight and I need to be supportive and lets face it…I also need to shed the extra kilo’s.
    The only thing is that I get so grumpy on a diet where I am restricted.
    This is day ONE for us and I will give it my best shot and see how things go. So far so good… hold thumbs peoples….here we goes……

  57. This diet has been great Banana day was hard . But my partner and i have managed it and i want to continue .Not the whole diet again but be aware of what we are eating .Have soup for stand by on our be careful days ,watch what we are eating etc. I dont feel as bloated and my legs feels less swollen . I feel cleansed inside and ready to loose my last 10lb

    • You can have your fruits and veggies however you want them – raw, in salad form, grilled on skewers, whatever. You cannot have salad dressing though. If you want a “dressing” of sorts, use some soup broth (that’s what I do) or a few drops of lemon juice and olive oil.

  58. Its day 1 for me and am very exited to try this. Last week I started a diet that consisted of fresh vegies lots of berries and the ONLY meat would be fish. I intend on loosing 60 to 65 lb within 3 mo. But when I say your program I made the disition to start here. Your right, this a great way to kik start a diet. When I made the soap, I didnt add any can tomatos(NO CAN ANYTHING) to may preservitives I think. I did add Mrs. Dash for flavor and a little lemon. I really dont want to drink the V8 although I do love its flavor. ALL NATURAL….. Is this a good way to go?

    • 60 pounds of loss in 3 months is very fast and probably unhealthy. There is nothing wrong with going slowly and learning new healthy habits. The objective is to be healthly long term, not just today. You do not have to have V8 if you dont like it. Add it to your soup or have a small glass on veggie days only, if you do like it.

  59. hi i am losing weight very well right now (just started eating plan and speed walking) I am on day 7 and have lost 7 pounds. I am thinking of waiting until i hit a plateau before i do the CSD… I eat very healthy, power foods and make sure that my BMR and my calories are followed…what do think?

    Julie G.

    • Julie, the diet is best used as a cleanse. It helps you realize (for most of us) how little fruits and veggies we eat, and how much processed, fast foods. You don’t need to wait, but you certainly can. Since you eat healthy already, doing the diet as a cleanse means be extra strict – no dressings, no butter, etc.

  60. I have completed the 7 day cabbage soup diet , plan to do it once a month till I reach my goal, really enjoyed the challenge, it has disaplined me very well, am now enjoying a well balanced diet, fingers crossed I shall reach my goal – Thank you for the advice and support.

  61. I am on the second day of the csd and have eaten a lot of salt to flavor my soup, not sure how much, and vinegar, about 5 tbls total. I read on other sights that vinegar was good for you and allowed on the diet. do you know How badly this could have effected my diet? i really do not want to start over. Thank you.

    Also doesn’t cooking vegetables process them more in turn loosing some of their digestive fat burning properties like the soup does? I know its more beneficial to eat the raw form but the vegetables in the soup are cooked very well.

    • Lizzie, some versions of this diet allow vinegar, some do not. It does have a reduction of sugar, which you do not want if you’re doing the diet as a cleanse, otherwise it should be OK. If you dont notice much loss at first, re-make your soup without it (you’ll prob need a second pot anyway). It is more beneficial to eat them raw, but the soup is healthy as well./

  62. I started the csd today & am excited! I usually drink a cup of green tea with nothing but tea. Will drinking the tea once a day mess up the diet? Thank u & good luck
    everyone :)

  63. This is my first day. Am diabetic with a host of other medical problems and was told to lose the weight or suffer the consequences. I love this diet because I absolutely love vegetables, and fruits. My soup has more vegetables in it than water. Should it be souper? Seems to stay longer with me with more veggies than soup/stock. Also need to know what fruits are better for diabetics to eat. Do you have a list of low cal/low carb fruits?

    Hope I am doing everything right, because plan on starting my sons on it when I finish. How long do I have to wait to restart the diet? Getting old and forgetful too – sorry.


    • Carol, I am not a doctor, so I want to say: most diabetics cannot do this diet, since it has so many restrictions. If you have a good Doctor, you may want to run this by him or her and make sure it is OK.

  64. I have trying so many things in a day, and have been experiencing or better experimenting so many things just get done with belly fat, but of no use… so am i not sure if this cabbage diet will help me.. What if i ask you what are the fifteen things that i should avoid in everyday routine, and fifteen must take things in a week which could help me shedding off the belly fat !! Looking forward to hear from you

  65. How much skim milk can I have on day 1-3 that are not skim milk days.
    I am a coffee adict which kind is ok. IS instant flavoured o.k.

  66. Hi Cathy.

    thanks for this awesome diet. i started t on Saturday but till date i havent had any cabbage soup. i know it’s the cabbage soup diet, but i really hate soup. should i jut make the soup ans stomach it for this week or can i skip it:):):):):):):)

    please say yes:)

    • You have to eat the soup, otherwise, you will not lose the weight. Sorry to say it. If you like vegetable juice, put your soup in the blender and make it like a juice, even drink it cold if you want, but you have to consume the soup.

  67. how many bowls of soup do you recommend we should eat daily? i’m on day two and have already found myself not very hungry.

  68. Thank you so much for your email with the very informative diet plan. I would be

    starting my plan from saturday 1st october as I have a dinner party on thursday/ friday.

    So kindly start sending me the day to day tips from 1st.

    I would surely keep you updated about my progress once I start.

    Kind regards.


  69. Hi all :-) I am in the UK & have started the diet today! Trying to keep positive but I do feel deprived, although know I have to sacrifice those foods to lose the weight! Looking forward to day 2 tomorrow. Hope I can lose up to the 10lb, I’m exercising too so hopefully I will do well!! I do add too much salt to my soup but will try to limit that after readif these posts. Am doing this alone & it is hard so far with a husband & 2 kids that are still eating normally!! Good luck to everyone & I will let you know how I get on!! P.S is it ok to cook mushrooms & tomoatoes for breakfast on day 2 morning? X

  70. Hello, I have done this diet two times in the past with great results. I am doing it again and I am in my second day now. Four years ago I did it for the first time and I lost 18 lbs since I combined it with running in the thread mill. The second time I lost 15, and my goal this third time is to loose at least 12 lb in conjunction with biking 1 hour a day.

    The diet really works and it is not expensive. The only drawback I have found is that by the end of the seven day I hate cabbage soup :)


    • hey Sergio,you are in a way having the same regimen as i am,when biking however,do you take up hill patches from the first day or do you maneuver the flats first? I find running a bit boring and waking up in the morning for it is not as easy..let me know?

    • I came up with a solution to avoid hating the soup. When I made the big batch, I barely spiced it at all; left it real bland. Now, every time I have a serving, I spice it differently. I’ve made it just like a vegetable soup, an Italian soup, and last night I turned it into chili with chili powder and cumin. It’s working for me. I’m not bored with the soup at all.

  71. why is it that i m in day 3 and only lost 0.5kg. i am following diet exactly without any mistakes. i also drink at least 2litres water everyday it is a routine for me. what is wrong ??

    • Elaine, Make sure you dont weigh yourself during or right after Day 4. Once you eat the bananas, your weight wont be as low on Day 4. For some, the weight doesnt come off until the end of the week. Make sure you’re not drinking soda, make sure you’re not adding sugar, salt, salad dressings, etc, to anything either.

    • Hello!
      Sometimes in the US, soup packets come with spices AND with something like noodles, or rice. We don’t want the noodles or the rice, so I specify that you find a “spice only” packet. So, for you, either find a packet of spices, or simply add whichever spices you like. Anything is OK, except salt!~

  72. I am 90kg. I am a teacher at a secondary school and I Usually go for a 25 minutes jog (3.5km). Does the CSD give enough energy for the daily activities and the jog.

  73. Can I start CSD with the fat burning pills! Currently i am taking Dr. Ryan’s fat burning pills and I am wondering whether to stop the pills and start CSD or continue both? Let me know…thanks

    • You should be OK, although this is such a low cal diet already. If you find yourself dizzy or very weak, stop either the pills or this diet. Read the instructions with the pills, also, to make sure you shouldnt be eating certain foods or having certain calorie requirements.

  74. Hi!
    I am starting this diet on Monday and I can’t wait. I love fruits and vegetables. The only downfall is that I drink lots of pepsi and coffee with flavored creamer. I like peppermint tea and green tea hot and without sugar. Would those be ok to drink? Also there are alot of recipes for the soup out there so which one is the best to follow? Please let me know.Thank You!

  75. Ihave not yet started on the diet. I just got to know about it and Intend todo my shopping tomorrow so that I begin the day after that.

  76. My husband and I are starting the diet today, but we are going to do day 2 as day 1 and day 1 as day 2 because we have prior commitments to go to dinner with a friend for their birthday and thought we’d have a better chance of ordering a veggie only salad and a baked potato, rather than trying to order a fruit plate. Does it make a difference on the diet if you need to swap days around?

  77. If I’m keep my metabolism in check by having a serving of soup about every 3-4 hours, at what point do I have proteins, with or between soups?

  78. Hi Cath, I started the diet on Wed., but had SUCH a headache that I had to leave work a bit early and came home and ate crackers and ginger ale (ail that day!). Anytime I fast or try to severely limit food, I have these headaches. Is this common? I am vegetarian so I should LOVE this…I have made a big pot of soup but am afraid to start again. HELP!!!

    • Do you normally drink coffee or tea? If so, and you stop this week, that could be it. You could also be missing some protein. You can drink coffee and tea, but just with skim milk and no sugar. If you’re feeling weak, and since you’re a vegetarian, you could add some beans to your soup, black beans or something rich in protein. Normally, you shouldnt do that to lose the most weight, but if you’re not feeling well, that will give you some protein and strength.

  79. Well I’m starting tomorrow. I’m making the soup right now and it looks so good that even my kids keep trying to eat it lol.

  80. I love regular round white onions when I make soup . I know this soup calls for spring onions, which I love to. Can I add white round onions to the soup? It will give it more flavor and I think make it better. Will that alter it in any way.!

    Also, on some days I drink about 5 cups of coffee. Does caffiene slow down weight loss on the soup diet.


    • Marcy, any color onions are great. The green are less oniony smelling, which works well with the soup and mixing the flavors, but onions have loads of antioxidants, so the more the better, really.

  81. Hi Catherine,
    I have been struggling to lose weight for over a year now due to an under active thyroid, i am aiming to start the csd tomorrow, will i have difficulty in losing as much weight in 7 days because of my condition?


  82. Hi,….i must say i’ve tried the cabbage soupe but still i dont know maybe i did it the wrong way,but i did n’t lose Weigth ,and i realt need to lose a few kilo,i’m 1m69 and i’m 90kg!……….PLEASE HELP.m

  83. I started the cabbage soup diet today. I was wondering on the days I have fruit if fruit smoothies is included in that? And what about sugar free chewing gum, and hot sauce, I love hotsauce.

    • A smoothie, with yogurt and sugar, no. But make a juice yourself and that is fine! Hot sauce is a no, there is sugar, sodium and all kinds of stuff that isn’t natural. Add jalapenos or chili powder flakes instead. Sugar free gum is OK, if it stops other cheating, but try to limit to a piece or two per day.

  84. It says I could lose up to 10lbs or about 4.5kgs. Does my starting weight affect how much total weight I could lose if I follow the diet plan. I’m about 59kgs and finding it hard to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

  85. I’m now on day 6 and been feeling a little weak but nothing bad enough to stop me working. I’m also a vegetarian so yesterday & today are a bit of a challenge to get some protein in. I’ve lost 2 kgs so far & feel much better about my weight. I’ve done the CSD before & know it works!!!

  86. Hey Catherine! I am on day 2 and so far so good! Even as a kid I loved cabbage soup so this is a good one for me. I am in a wedding this weekend so I wanted a jump start. Anyway, every Tuesday I do a very aggressive spin class (45 mins long). Will I be OK doing this workout? I am afraid I will faint or get sick. Would you recommend spinning or should I scale back my workouts this week? Thanks!

    • Spinning is pretty intense. If it falls on a protein day, I would think you’d be OK because you’ll have more energy then, and that’s Days 5 and 6. Otherwise, you may want to sit it out, or perhaps do half or something if its OK to join it/drop out in the middle of it.

  87. Thanks for the support, I’m now and day 3 and feeling great. I will not lie and say it has been easy, I found day 1 the hardest thus far. Looking forward to my yummy lunch, soup with added chilli sliced zucchini & egg plant baked in the oven with a fruit selection to get me through the afternoon. Tonight I’m getting giant mushrooms and grilling them on the barbie with a soup to start. Day 4 will be interesting! Even though it is just a banana, milk and soup day can I still chew on celery when ever I want?

  88. I am on day 2 of the cabbage soup diet…so far love it! I just wanted to make sure it is ok to chew sugar free gum! Is it? Thanks!!

  89. I’m starting the diet tomorrow and am really excited! Problem is…I’m lactose intolerant and allergic to bananas! Would it be ok to do apples instead of bananas and forgo the milk???

  90. My wife & I are doing this diet for the first time & we are wondering about Day 2 for Breakfast. I assume, the only thing for breakfast we eat should be veggies, correct?

  91. I am starting mine tomorow im not looking forword to as iv herd its very hard but im looking forword to the results, and i will defo be on to keep all updated, i just want to ask what CSD? Also what diet would be recomended after the wk as iv looked at loads and my head is done in, GOOD LUCK to evry1 who is on it my positive thinking has already begun :) x

  92. i had three chocolate bourbans today :-/ on my first day but have stuck to it well the rest of the time… will this have a dramtic affect on my results ?

  93. So far, I have not had any cravings all day, I did have to make a B-line to the potty this morning while out shopping. LOL. but I feel “lighter” and less toxic. my brain feels clearer. I have been on this diet before. I love this new and improved version. I went out and bought my weeks worth of veggies and fruits. My bill was on $22.oo. Wow. I do have a question though, what about juicing your veggies or fruits?

  94. Help on day 2 and STARVING not luvin the soup but i think i mite of put a bit 2 much curry powder in and it has a strong taste, im not giving in tho im going to remake the soup today without it, also wanted to ask on day 2 u can have a baked potato what can i have on it?

  95. Starting mine Monday morning to start a fresh week and with many good outcomes at the end of the week. I’ll keep you posted on how I did.

  96. I started this yesterday and I was fine all day, but at the end of the night I was very hungry. And I didn’t want anymore of the soup…..I haven’t eaten anything yet today, I think I need to maybe make my soap spicier because just the smell of it last night kinda made me go YUK!

  97. Hi I’m on day four n had skim steam milk coffee n added 1 pkt of brown sugar. I’m a coffee drinker n haven’t had any. Will that mess up my four days of torture. :)

  98. I’m on day three and in 2 days I’ve already lost 3lbs. I’m doing a lot of exercise in the gym- running on treadmill, weights, swimming, etc, so to be on the safe side I’m having high fibre carbs up to 6pm, like wholemeal bread, oat biscuits, humous. Only soup after 6pm. Still working- 3lbs off in 2 days is a very happy result!!!

  99. Hi there.I am at the end of my day 2 diet and feeling great!My husband and I started it yesterday…although today it was a bit hard coz I love fruits much more then the veg:P
    Anyway,I have not weighed myself since yesterday and am not planning to weigh myself till the end,is that alright?I am working as a dr in a hospital so am not getting much time to do an exercise,do u still think I will be able to loose some weight??I did have 3 cups of tea today but I added sweetener twice and sugar once,is that horrible?I couldn’t have soup more then once a day but when i had it,it had it till I felt really FULL n i loved its taste n so did my husband:)Thanks for that! Does having soup just once a day effect the results too much??
    I am so much looking forward to the day when I can have grilled chicken:P I love chicken:)))
    I will update you accordingly regarding my feelings and any comments,if I get some:)))

  100. I am about 45 lbs overweight and have already lost 25 lbs over the last two years. I generally eat well, but obviously have big slipups often. I feel like I’ve had a fair bit of processed food lately and really want to do this to feel cleansed, but I would also like to break through this (self-induced) plateau I’ve been in. Since I typically eat healthy foods, will I still lose weight on this diet? I already drink plenty of water every day, will I have much water weight to lose? Am I only going to be disappointed in my results? (Today is Day 1)

    • I’m not sure of your body type or exact diet, so I dont know how much you’ll lose. If you’ve been eating lots of processed stuff and do this diet, you WILL lose weight and feel cleansed. For maximum results, do not add butter or oil to anything. Eat your veggies raw and do not add dressings. Dont even add butter to your potato on Day 2, and have no salt. You WILL see results.

  101. I started my cabbage soup diet today!!! I am not hungry and following all the rules and drinking alot of water. I started a weight loss challenge that our local newspaper started at the end of August. I have lost so far 17 pounds on my own and now I am doing this diet to keep the momentum. Being 50 and already went through menopause losing weight is tough. But my weight loss so far had given me so much energy. If I need something from our local grocery store, I walk (it is 5 blocks away). But I carry all my groceries home! Good luck to everyone.

  102. On day four… day for is so much better than day 1 and 2. I had serous carb withdrawal!

    Two questions:
    Is pam ok? I used it sauté my veggies.
    How much tofu can I have on days 5 and 6 as a meat substitute? Also can I have veggie dogs etc (St.Ives)?

    Ok have another question – is eggplant ok?

  103. help im on day 3 of the csd and im nauteous and dont know if i can eat anymore cabbage soup..i think i made it too spicy…but i lost 3lbs and want to stick it out any suggestions….

  104. I started the cabbage soup diet today and I must say its not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Its a little plan but I added more cayenne pepper for the spice and I am going to try and go strong for 7 days to lose 10 pounds.. Motivated.. I will let you if I drop all 10 pounds… :)

  105. Good afternoon all those CSD starters! I heard about this diet about a year ago but never really put any thought into setting a date for me to start. I have decided to bite the bullet and make the soup on Sunday so I may start on Monday. Yes Monday is the day I will begin and I will continue to repeat this so nothing will prevent me from stopping..

  106. Hello hello!
    Am starting my diet rel soon,am still busy with lots to do and i don’t have time to settle down to it until November.I had a lot of biscuits today though since my breakfast was not as heavy.Is it okay to skip dinner? In the mean time i’d like to increase my Basic Metabolic Rate without building muscle,how can i do that?
    Thanks for the inspiration Catherine,it’ll come a long way in helping me cleanse.

  107. I am on my 2nd day only and have come to realize that I am ADDICTED to sweets! I was craving sugar all day long… So at about 4pm, I had peanut butter and agave on whole wheat. Although not bad for me NOT a part of CSD. Dang it! I was so mad at myself. Ok, so.. now where do I go from here? Just finish up with day 2 or start all over again. I believe the point is to get the sugar cravings gone and that didn’t work today. Any suggestions?

    • You can stop those addictions..they only exist when you give into them! You should probably start over. Check out my review of the Enjoying Weight Loss hypnosis program also, if you want to cut cravings for good.

  108. Hi I’m on Day 2 of the CSD. Feeling OK so far. I’m going on holiday to Florida next week. So am hoping to have lost 10lbs by then. Will let you know

    • Sharon, that’s the high end of the normal loss for this week. If you’re committed to that number, here are a few tips:
      -NO butter on the potato or even to cook with
      -ONLY drink water (no cranberry, no v8 except in the soup, and even thats optional)
      -Dont add a bullion cube or anything salty to your soup
      -Eat your other items, the fruits, and veggies, raw if possible and with NO dressing or oil or anything like that.
      Best wishes!

      • Hi Im on day 5, and i feel good and everything but I still havent lost any weight? Is this something I Shoul bee worried about? Or Will I see results at the end of the week? I have followed the diet correctly…

  109. Hi Catherine – I made the soup last night , it taste fantastic , I can live on it !! I also had the fruit ,
    and the water , walking for 60 min , I feel very good and exited , Thank you ! Nerina .

  110. I started my diet today and so far, I’ve had two bowls of soup and some fruit. It isn’t a dream come true to eat only the soup and fruits (because my favorite fruit is banana!) but I feel extremely bloated and I am hoping a few days of this will make me feel much better. I used low sodium versions of all of the canned products that went into the soup (the tomatoes and mushrooms) and I used water instead of the V8 juice. The result is a very bland soup, but I know it will pay off. Wish me luck! I have the rest of the week ahead of me.

  111. hi my name is tavia.. i havnt start the diet yet bt i will start in the next week and i hope i can do it.i av read some positive comments and from tha i know i can do this infact i really need to do this….chere me on plz

  112. Dear Catherine,

    Thank you for all the advice! It is my third day, and I must admitt: it is not that I’m hungry, just a bit bored by “wet” food! One question: is it ok to drink light soy milk instead of skim milk? Thanks and good luck to all the dieters! Regards from Croatia

  113. This is Gwendelyn Angela (Aruba) and I will be starting this diet on Tuesday, November 1st, I really hope to lose 10 pounds, but actually need to lose 20.

  114. Hi again. Weighed this morning and have lost 7 lbs on Day 6. Feel fabulous. It hasn’t been too hard at all. Had to leave out the Tomato Juice after Day 4, as I couldn’t stomach it any more. Have been using Broccoli, Cauliflower, Celery, and Cabbage for my soup. Hoping to crack 10 lbs on Tuesday Morning. Wish me luck Sharon (UK)

  115. Hi to everyone my name is Angelica today i started the first day of CSD naw i have 83 Kg and i want to get bak to 58 Kg as before.I am very curious to see if is true to lose as mach as they say.I cand exsersaise becose i have problem with lower back after the accident.The resen i want to lose weight is becose is very hard on my back and hurt me more beadley.Thank you everyone to be with me and help me.And i thank to Catherine halping people with oll her heart.

  116. I’m starting on Monday. I made the soup tonight. I’m a little worried because I have classes M-W and don’t want to get embarrassed or have to go to the b-room too often.

  117. i did ths diet and loose aeound 3 kgs … but know m confused how to maintain my weight .. beside that i have a feeling that my metabolism becomes very slow after this diet…

  118. hi Catherine
    I’m on my day 4 (soup, bananas and skim milk). I got pasted the first two days, and on the third day while i was making another batch of soup, i had a rum and coke (opps…i know…no liquor)…weighted myself this morning and lost 2 pounds :( but i got another 4 days to go counting today’s 4th day. My only problem is all this gas i’ve been having and its starting to become painful…is there anything i can take for it?

  119. Hi there, I tried this diet about 3 years ago over a period of two months, one week on, one week off and lost 15 kilos. It’s great. I have put some of the weight back on and am now starting the CSD again, onto my 3rd day. Last time I combined it with walking and swimming and am still trying to motivate myself to get back into this pattern again. Another thing I did, was start on a Tuesday so I could have my meat dishes in the weekend and the good about it, you always know what your going to have the next day. I think it is worth it and if you can persevere and get yourself into a routine, the end result will be ‘magic!’

  120. I have started on the cabbage soup diet today. Please pray for me that I do not cheat for the seven days. I need to shed plenty of weight as I am now a size 46 and I do not appreciate myself, and this even caused me to have a low self-esteem about myself. I do not want to loose and gain again. Please Cathy let those comments on diet tips come into my inbox. Thank you

  121. I need to drop ten pounds before November 11, 2011…my wedding day. :) I started the diet yesterday and so far, so good. I never thought I’d drink so much water in my life! The soup is actually really good. I’m very optimistic. I stepped on the scale this morning and I’m down three pounds since yesterday morning.

  122. I made my soup last night, and began the CSD today. I feel full only because I have had so much water. I have eaten only fruit and a bowl of the soup so far today. I will have another bowl and more fruit later. I weighed myself this morning, but will not weigh again until next Wednesday morning. Wish me luck, and I wish everyone who is attempting this diet good luck and happy weight loss.

  123. Dear Catherine,
    I have tried this diet a few year ago, did lose about a few ounds, but subsequently my fribriod started bothering me, eventually I had a hysteomy done, did loose lots of weight but after five years, was careless when i lost the weight, i started gaining back my weight,I thought It was the surgery because I was ont on hermone replacement due to the fact thAT THERE THERE ARE SIDE EFFECTS. Now I am 197 lbs h-5ft-3ins, I know what my BMI should be, however I was on the Herbal diet which did help me very little. why I did not go on the cabbage souo its because I am working and its a liitle difficult to keep drinking the soup whole. what do you advice, so I take a week leave of absence or what else to do. Oh I checked in with my doctor and realised tnat my bad colestrol is 300. please advice mePlesae,please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    greatful for an early response.

    • You should prob ask your Doctor about this diet as well, since there are other issues at hand as well. If you go on the Cabbage Soup and dislike eating the soup with the veggies, simply blend it in a blender

  124. Now going to make my soup! Can’t wait to start.Yay! I have a knee injury that has kept me down and made me gain weight :-( I really hope this works!

    • Me too! My knee injury has helped me gain way too much work. I think losing 10lbs will definitely help me to be able to walk a bit better and faster for continued weight loss. Good luck to you.

  125. Hi there I’m starting my cabbage soup tomorrow , I’m wondering what do I do after the one week diet
    And how much roughly do people loose on the first week doing that soup diet
    I’ll wait to hear from you thank you .

  126. Isabel i’ve watched your video your and I’m interested of buying the program , but I’m wondering your recipies and ingredient will be in us English as I’m in Australia so will I be able to find all here down under in Australia . Let me know thx .

    • You should NOT feel hungry this week. If you are, drink a glass of water and eat some soup. You should eat 2-3 servings or more every day…dont be afraid to eat plenty more if you want to!! FILL yourself up!

  127. I am looking to lose my last 10 and need a boost. I think I am in a rut but I am very close now. I have lost 90 pounds in the last 2 years and would like to get down to my ideal body weight which is 130 according to my doc. Which would also put my at a total weight loss of -that’s right- 100lbs :) I actually have one of those shocking before and after stories. I have not used any sort of weight loss supplement or starved myself by any means. Just adjusting my portion sizes and exercising about 5 days a week. Wish me luck! :)

    • Nicole, congrats!!! If you want this diet to work most effectively, make sure to not have any extras. There is an expression, “to eat cleanly” and thats what you want to do. Do not add salad dressing, oils, butter to your potato or anything like that. This diet doesnt always work on those “last 10 pounds” because it mostly targets water weight, so make sure, for best results, to not add any extras at all. Have 2-3 bowls of soup per day and drink nothing but water-skip the V8 and cranberry.

  128. Oh my God! I am on day 4 now! I am so proud of myself! When I woke up the morning of day three, my waist had returned!!! I can’t believe it! I don’t know if I had been carrying around a lot of water weight or what but I was amazed! I always hear and see testimonials about diets working and for some reason, it never works for me. I am truly in shock and I cannot wait to wake up on day 8 and see what happens!

    The only problem I have is that after I eat, 15 minutes later I feel like I’m starving again. Does this mean my metabolism has sped up?

    Thank you!

      • hey Catherine! how are you, i started your CDS, i m at 3rd day but i didnt find any difference, as i am reading comments on this site, that even on 2nd day everyone is losing round about 1.8kgs, i dont know what i am doing wrong, that not losing. can you plz help me, i am taking soup twice in morning i take oatmeal only as a breakfast. drink 6 to 8 glasses water. i really want to lose wait. plz help me.

  129. Ok i had two pieces of rye toast with buttee on my first day but i bowl of soup and an apple today did well but i had a salad wth shrimp n avacodo damn mme should i start ovet?

  130. On day 5 & 6, can I have chicken n beef or it has to be one or the other? I’m on day 3 & I’m planning ahead. Thanks for your help.

  131. ok one my first day i had apple pear kiwi and ate one bowl oof soup today my second day i ate salad which had icebergs cucumber and tomatoes …. i added 3 tbsp of americana ketchup in soup : is it allowed ?soup turn to be tasty though
    plus i wanan know how much hrs should i sleep coz i sleep 8 hrs these days and my workout during cabbage soup diet is 100 crunches 2 mins rusuan twist 5 mins cardio excersice plus tummy vibration and side bents .. i wanna lose weight around my waist plus my height is 5 10 and iam 79 kg .. hw much can i lose in one week

  132. hallo Catherine, thankyou very much for the help you gave me on how to loose some pounds. It is a good diet but I have not yet started. I m starting soon & I will let you know when.

  133. Hello Catherine, Today i started the first day of the cabbage diet. The soup is actually very tasty. :0) I feel great today because of the decisions that I have made to start this. I look forward to see what’s going to happen. I have been going to the gym for the last 5 weeks and haven’t lost any weight, just about an inch or two only. I figure that by starting this, it will kickstart my system so that I make make healthy changes and it will make my workouts more productive.

    • Yes ma’am, this will certainly help. Don’t work out TOO hard, because you’re not eating carbs or anything to give you extra energy to burn. Listen to your body this week! Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water too.

  134. Im on day 6 and have lost 8 lbs. The best part is It made me get out of my bad eating habits I fell into after a surgery. When I layed there and couldnt go to the gym or be active as I always am. I put on 16 and now have lost 8. I got the ok to go to the gym. So Im off! Good luck to all.
    I think the hardest day was day 2. All vegies and soup. No energy at all…

  135. Hello Catherine, I will be starting my diet Monday, since tomorrow is my birthday and I know someone will get me some cake,lol. I will keep you updated..:)

  136. always consume a healthy high quality protein source immediately after exercise to keep the calorie burning and increased metabolism going for hours!

  137. hi catherine i might start the diet tomorrow but i might be pregnant showld i still do it or should i wait unttil im sure? i dont know if its safe if im pregnant thenk you

  138. Hi, I’ve done this diet many times over the years…I ALWAYS lose weight. Here’s what I do with the soup …I put in lots of cabbage, of course, and the other regular items and seasonings, but I also add the folowing FRESH veggies: collards, brocolli, string beans, spinach, turnup greens, okra, beets, cauliflower, squash, and asparagus. I put in lots of lipton soup mix (three kinds) and fat free beef broth. Sometimes this get a little chucky in the soup f(for me), so I put it in a blender and make a puree out of it. It’s a whole lot easier to eat (just swallow) and it even taste better!!
    This has been working for me, Catherine, but am I screwing up this diet by doing these things. P.S. I’m on day 7 today!!! I’m done!!!! hooray!

    • Coffee is OK all week. Drinking it black is best, but adding some skim milk is OK. Dont add sugar :) For breakfast, have some fresh fruit or veggies, some soup, or make a breakfast juice from some veggies.

  139. Hi I have a question. I am on day two and wondering of there is a limit on howmuch potato I can have? Also, another question: I usually have vitamin c orange flavored “emergen-c packets” can I continue to have them? Thanks!

  140. Hi Cathy,am on day 2, realized some changes and i noticed i pee alot my best moments so far is when i ate fruits and baked potato .pray i make it to the end cuz its not easy

      • No worries! For some (especially women) it can take a few days for loss to show up. A woman’s cycle can also interrupt the loss, with the loss showing at the end of the cycle. If you’re feeling great, keep going and be excited for a nice reveal at the end of the week. Also make sure you’re drinking enough water, at least 8 glasses per day.
        For best results, do NOT weigh yourself on Days 4 or 5 b/c the of the bananas.

  141. I plan to start mine on Monday Morning. I have already lost 42lbs but my weight wont move any more so I am hoping this will kick start it all again, i would like a total of 70lbs by Christmas Eve. As I am in England we don’t have Lipton Soup mix, is there anything else i can use in its place??
    Good luck to everyone who is doing the CSD !!! :-)

    • Wow, great job so far! This should help. For BEST results, think of this as a cleanse and not just a diet, so no extras at all, like butter on your potato and no oil to cook with. Eat as many fruits and veggies raw as you can. Drink only water and omit the V8 and cranberry also.
      As far as the soup mix goes, any mix that is a)spices only, b)contains little to no added salt, and c) does NOT contain rice, noodles, or anything carby thing like that. :)

  142. I did this diet about 16 years ago & lost 25 lbs over a month of one week on & one week off. It was truly wonderful. The recipe that I have calls for 6 onions & a bunch of scallions. There is much more onion in it than your recipe. Will this make any difference? Also, I found that it was much easier to eat if I used a hand blender in the cooked soup. I enjoyed it so much more.

    • Susan, Add as much or as few onions as you like. They have excellent antioxidant properties but don’t exactly aid in direct weight loss, so only add as much as you like to taste. You can also blend it, thats no problem at all. Best wishes for success this round as well!

  143. I have already started with your died and i m looking forward to see my weight on the scale at the end of the week. Is the same to be followed the next week or is there a change ? Please answer.

  144. I’m so excited to start the CSD but I am not able to start until after Thanksgiving! Theres no way I can pass up on all that good food!

    • i have just start mine today and badly i just realized it’s gonna be thanksgiving soon, i might have to skip thanksgiving and celebrate it on the next two day where the diet plan end…i’m proud of myself, today at a party i actually got through it with all the good food in front of me…usually i can’t do that but since this is just for one week i’ll get my best shot

  145. about the beef and chicken, what kind of seasoning is it allowed or how should i season it?
    also about the soup i don’t really like it watery may i add a little corn starch to thicken it? please answer i need to know before i get to that day

    • Add less water and more veggies instead of the starch. You can even blend the soup in the blender into a juice like consistency, if you’d like. You can have whatever seasons you like except salt! :)

  146. hello cathy i m hoping to start my cbd on tuesday since i wasnt able to get celery from the supermarket so im wondering if its okay to proceed with the diet without celery? the other thing is about lipton soup,i have bought minestrone and chilli beef soup stock is it ok to use ?

    • You can skip the celery.

      Do NOT use that storebought soup. There is salt, preservatives, all kinds of things in there we dont want. You soup should be: vegetables, water, spice. That is all. The diet will NOT work if you add the stock or storebought soups.

  147. Today is my 6th day on the CSD. The 1st 2days were a struggle – chocolate cravings, feeling hungry all the time no matter how much soup I eat . Thank God I hang in there because, on top of shedding a few kilos, I feel energised and I no longer crave chocolate. I’m so motivated to keep going until I reach my target weight. I’m definately not stopping after day 7….will start day 1 straighaway!!! Why should I take a break and loose the momentum??
    My skin is also glowing…..

    • If you dont get a break, your body risks going into starvation mode because of the few calories you’re putting in it. When that happens, you’ll stop losing weight and instead gain it. Take a 2-3 week break for best results.

  148. hi catherine thanks for the recipes i need to lose abot 20lbs i tried so many diets but never stick to it. am going to meet my husband after 1yrs i need to look my best and this diet sounds good so am going to try it next week i know i need great willpower for it. i wondering can i still drink my green tea and i don’t eat beef can i replace the beef with salmon or chicken thanks a millions

  149. Zola

    Hi there,

    I am on 3rd day of diet today and already lost 2 pounds. Actually I cheated yesterday because of girls night out. I drunk 2 glasses of cranberry juice with sweet. I also taken 2 glasses of seabacktorn juice on my first day. Its very cold winter in my country now and we used to drink that kind of hot / cranberry and seabacktorn / drinks and i can’t avoid it. Should i start again or continue. And one more question ? I am taking / / that vitamin and is it okay. You recommended to take a vitamin. I don’t know is that which you mean……..

  150. I am on day two, I lost 1ib, my goal weight is 9st 7Ib… I am currently 10Ib 3oz I woke up with a heavy head, and I am having raw carrot for breakfast, and then I have to make another pot of cabbage soup, as me and hubby ate the whole pot yesterday, he has lost 2Ib, so far so good…. will get back to you soon with more results.. although yesterday I did sneak a small bit of chocolate off my son, as I was craving…

  151. Good day Catherine, i am due for a wedding in 7 days and i want to shed some weight. would this help? What ingredients do i use? thanks

  152. Hi Catherine, I started the CSD today and I already feel different just by going to restroom so much to release the fluid. Of course we go to the restroom on different occassions it’s just that you get a different release feeling now from the soup,fruit and water. I’m excited about the weight coming off because health wise I really need to lose weight due to having a stroke just a month ago from my bloodpressure raising out of the roof and cholesterol on the high side,so I have a lot to look forward to.

  153. hi catherine sorry for all the questions just want to know can i drink lemon water on the diet no added sugar or sweetener. do you drink soup on day 3 and 6 and can you drink soup whenever you are hungry.

    • You drink the soup every single day, and have it whenever you’re hungry. Eat at least 2-3 servings per day or more. You can have lemon water all the time, but make sure its from a real lemon, not the store bought juice

  154. I started the CSD on Saturday I am very excited , I experience a slight headache. Today is day 2…I am taking one day at a time…

  155. Today is day 2 for me. My potato is in the oven! Is it ok that it’s a sweet potato? I made a dish just now. AMAZING!! After the week i’ll be making this over and over as a side dish with grilled fish or chicken. I sauteed small chopped pumpkin with onions, tomatoes, sweet pepper and spinach…in a little unsalted butter. It tastes AMAZING! Is it ok if some days i eat the soup only once a day? It’s pretty bland. (smile). I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I plan to juice fruits and veggies throughout the day along with the soup and maybe this spinach again. I also had roasted veggies. I’m actually enjoying today. Who would have thought?! Thanks so much Catherine!

    • For BEST results, have the soup 2-3 times per day, the soups the key to the weight loss. I know it can be boring though :) You can even blend it in the blender to suck it down and drink it faster. Try to limit the pumpkin to 1 small serving per day as it is starchy. Enjoy!!

  156. hi catherine you said if want to lose weight more avoid butter on baked potato so can i avoid the baked potato thank you and can you eat cucumber on vegetables day

  157. Hi Catherine. Yesterday was day 3 for me. It went well all day. I had veggie/fruit juices i juiced on my own with fresh fruits and veggies and had my soup. However, i could’nt resist. My daughter had some peanuts and i had a few. I’m sorry now because i realize it’s salty!! Well it wasn’t that much so hopefully i’ll be fine. I plan to just not cheat at all for the remaining days. I shouldn’t need to because the days left have great stuff!!! Like yesterday i had to hunt down bananas! I was i a panic for a while. Checked three stores before i f inally got some. Bananas go really quickly here. Can i really have as much beef and brown rice as i want for two of my remaining days??????????

    • On Day 5, you should have only meat, tomatoes, and soup. Aim for 10-20oz of meat. On Day 6, have any green veggies, soup, and meat. On Day 7, thats the Only day you can have rice, and yes, eat as much as you want. Day 7 is only rice, soup, and green veggies, no meat.

  158. hi catherine today was my second day but i didn’t eat the vegetables at the same time with the soup i had them at a totally different time is that ok . can i skip the baked potato

    • The only dairy day is 4, and you should have skim milk – if you absolutely cannot drink milk, plain yogurt is OK then. You must have something like milk or yogurt on Day 4. The idea is to give you good nutrition, not to starve yourself. You can have 10-20 oz of meat.

  159. This is my third day lost already 4 pounds very happy with that tomorrow will be two pound less when I wake up. I love my soup it taste good I blended and make it smooth it’s delicious.

  160. I love this diet. I have tried almost every fad diet under the sun and this one
    At least is simple; a no brained. Day 2had the perk of the potatoe,yum!
    I say there is variety each day has it’s perks; something to look forward to.
    I have been surprised,no gassiness. Usually, all these veggies and wow. Not so
    this time. With cabbage,broccoli, onions. Starting day 3 co-workers on it too.
    That is another bonus. Can tell something good is happening, can’t wait for the
    final results next Monday. Catherine thnx for the tidbits & trix. They are helpful!

  161. hi Catherine. I’m startin the diet next week and wat i want 2 know is can I do the diet without eatin the meats in day 4 and 5?

  162. Starting my diet today. I don’t have any buddies but I’m hoping I’ll have the willpower to get through this on my own. Really hoping I can get into my dress for Christmas day.

      • Thanks Catherine. I have to say yesterday was a very tough day for me. Its quite difficult as a single mum to cook food for children and I soooo wanted to give up. But I kept touching my flabby tummy and pushed myself to stick to the fruit. Today is a much better day, as I prefer vegetables to fruit. So can’t wait for the baked potato this evening. I held off on the spices when I made the cabbage soup, and every time I have a bowl, I add different spices or herbs in order to vary the taste each time.

  163. can i eat wholegrain brown rice on day 7. catherine am having red peppers instead of tomatoes on day 5 how many peppers am i allowed thank you

  164. hi catherine yesterday was my day 6 i had 3 fillet chicken and 3 red peppers and 2 tomatoes and loads of green teas and water is that enough and i had 3 bowls of soups.

  165. hi catherine today is my last day wish me good luck i want to say thank you for helping me i haven’t weight myself yet i’ll tell you tomorrow bye.

  166. hi catherine I cant wait to start this week!!! I believe the results will be awesome!!) I am very focus so in about a week I will post my results.

  167. my name is shelly and about 11mths ago i weighed in at 220pds, i was really frustrated with my weight, i couldnt get nice clothes to wear, my feet would hurt so much when i woke up on mornings i always felt tired and then one day i went out with my friends and we took a photo and about two weeks later my friend showed me the photos and it was then i said to myself i had to do something fast and so i decided to go online and look for something inexpensive and something i can actually deal with and so i saw the cabbage soup diet recipe and tried it and followed it and i still cheated in between and lost an amazing 9pds in my first week when i saw that big result in the week i comitted myself to it every other week and i lost an amazing 42pds altogether and im still continuing cause i really want to weigh in at 140pds thats my goal. I feel amazing when i walk into a room heads turn people look at me in a different way,finally i’m able to where nice sexy clothes and my husband is enjoying his new wife. i just want to say how greatfull i am for this diet it has changed my life in every way. anyone who is in doubt about it i would say go for it cause its worth it! it changed my life and it can do the same for you!

  168. hi catherine today is my day 7 on the diet i had a bowl of fruits this morning i forgot i thought it was allowed today but when i checked it wasn’t. will it affect the diet totally do i’ve to start all over again.

  169. Hi Catherine, I am ready and anxious to get started. We have a Japanese persimmon tree. Is it alright to eat this fruit on my fruit day? Would I be able to substitute it for bananas?


  170. this is a great way because u dont starve ,u can feel the difference in a day or two and soup keeps u going .i have done it before and now i am doing it again to lose more for a special wedding

  171. Im starting my cabbage soupdiet today with my husband although im not fat really but to help my husband to lose weight since his overweight . thanks for sharing this amazing diet plan. and im so excited to see the result …….thank you soo much…

  172. I am on day 2 so far and loving it. Can’t wait to have my baked potato tonight. I am also working out at the YMCA 6 days a week. Mondays – Body Condition class, Tues is Cycling and Body Flow class, Wed is weights and treadmill, Thurs is different machines and treadmill, Fri is Body Condition class and Sat is TRX (suspending straps training) class.
    I’m looking forward to good results on Monday.

  173. What about almonds?I am so hungry that I have been eating alot more nuts.Is this bad and will it slow down the weight loss?

    • If you need help with cravings, which you create for yourself, I would check out my review of Enjoying Weight Loss, a medical hypnosis program. Hypnosis might sound weird, but its awesome.
      Otherwise, just use your mental strength. It’s only 7 days – you CAN do this!

  174. I am on day 3, and feel good. However I did not weigh myself before starting, so I will have to go by how my clothes fit. I did make a big boo-boo though, and only read it after the soup was made and I had eaten some. No edamames! I through a handful in the soup!! grrr. Hope for the best. :)

  175. Started the diet yesterday, I eat healthy anyway and am active but have a weakness for a glass of wine in the evenings, cheese and salted nuts. Having an under active thyroid has seen the weight creep up over the 10 years since having my twins. I think the main problem has been portion sizes, keeping up with 6 ft 4 hubby who can eat anything and 2 tall slim kids. That and lacking ‘wont’ power. Brought a new set of scales yesterday so I can chart my progress – 2 kg gone overnight on day 1. Have added a kelp tablet to help the thyroid and am loving the soup – its a spicy version with lots of cayenne pepper. Going to dig gardens today to get things moving.

  176. I’m at the end of day 1, gosh I can’t stop thinking about chocolate, I told myself I’d take it one day at a time but I’m almost taking it by the hour not to let my cravings get the best of me. I really hope I’ll manage it and am grateful for these tips and tidbits and extra information, Christmas is coming and I haven’t seen my whole family for 2 years and I’ve gained weight, I was on a good track 2 months ago getting started and starting to see some changes and feeling super motivated (both eating and training, and even jogging) but my knee had been hurting for a long time and when I finally went to the doctor I needed surgery and well no pounds or cm went off but at least I haven’t gained anything more.. but I am alarmingly close to a very scary number on my weight scale and am afraid Christmas will make me go over it so I MUST keep on track and getting quick results will definitely help!

      • thanks:) Day 4 now and I hardly had any cravings, didn’t even think about chocolate.. but I can’t wait for my steak day so today all I thought to myself was “eat your bananas and you’ll reward yourself with a nice steak tomorrow” :)

  177. Hello,
    This is the third time I have been on the CSD. It is the first time I have attempted it with all this additional and pertinent information. Thank you so much… I began today and invited family over to have a bowl of soup for lunch. I prepared veggie trays and hummus as appetizers for them and for dessert a huge fresh fruit bowl , with yogurt on the side , for my guests.
    Thank you for the valuable literature and follow-up…

  178. Just started the CSD today and it has been a challenge, but I keep telling myself I will feel great by the end of the week. I found myself getting so hungry no matter how much soup or fruit I ate. I know tomorrow is full of veggies which I think will be a bit better for me I hope lol but are there any tips on feeling a little bit more satisfied? On the upside I did have more energy than I have been having especially around 4pm which was a nice surprise. Any tips would be great!

    • Are you drinking enough water? Many times we confuse hunger and thirst. Try drinking a big glass of water before each meal. And eat more soup. They say the more you eat, the more weight you’ll lose.

          • I did this diet for a whole month. Lost 30 pounds. Been 30 pounds lighter ever since. I’ve actually managed to lose 10 more pounds since then. But let me tell you, the month was COMPLETE HELL. I came to the point where I’d rather not eat the whole day than eat the soup. The mere smell of the soup wanted to make me throw up by the end. I’ve tried the diet again but I am just too disgusted by the soup now. Trick to not gain it all back: start eating more SLOWLY and excercise while doing it to maintain you weight. When you eat as much as you ate before, excersice continuously for one more (or until you stop gaining weight) week until your metabolism is stable again. Just don’t eat too much :p Good luck

          • Hi Anon,
            Wow that is fantastic weight loss. A lot of people complain about the soup and I know I’ve struggled with it, too. We are actually working with a spice company right now to create a flavorful blend to make the soup more appealing and less bland! We should be releasing it in a month or two and are very excited about it. Congrats again!

  179. hi there i have a question im on day 3 of the CSD and i weighed myself this morning and i havent lost a pound feeling kinda discouraged, was wondering at what point the weight is suppose to start coming off (im following the diet to the T havent cheated at all)

  180. I’d like to know if those on the diet are allowed a breakfast of sorts, I normally take Alpen which is nuts and berries etc.

    Someone do please write and inform me as there is no mention of a breakfast in the program.

    • You should have soup as early as possible! Only eat the items mentioned on the 7 Day plan, which is soup daily plus some extras which change each day. You can make a fruit smoothie on the fruit days, maybe veggie juices on the other, and have soup!

  181. Hi Catherine my name is K8. My friend Carol has introduced me to the cdp, and I will be starting in 2 days not so much because I want to loose weight but because I want to feel better and more alive. I look forward to letting you know how that goes. Hope this finds you well. Thank you for your help

  182. Hi Catherine – I was hoping to start my diet tomorrow – but didn’t get a chance to get out and get my “stuff” – so will let you know when I start …. I really want to lose some weight before Christmas!

  183. Hi I started today its great I love soup and eat a lot of it i,m so full with this soup great. when will i see results thank u

  184. Hello Catherine I have cooked the soup today in evening before going to bed, so i will have soup ready for tomorrow, so tomorrow is my first day and i so really hope it works,,, i have tried so many other diets and i quit them all, fell into stressful situation and i began gaining, and i got less and less friends, so i have been at my brothers wedding a week ago and i felt so fat and ugly and no friends,,, i saw one of my cousins wife she become so skinny and i asked her mom what she did to loose weight, and she didn’t really want to tell me she just said she ate some kind of cabbage soup, so i was like OK whatever i will find out anyways so i began my search and found your book i downloaded it and its like it brought me back to life, i so hope it works for me,,, thank you so much for keeping in touch with me. it really is a big help.

    • Hello Tmusatova, i’m happy to hear that you are feeling ready to go. If you follow the diet really well, you’ll definitely make it. I lost over 60 pounds by changing the way i eat and lots of exercise. I use the cabbage soup diet whenever i want to lose extra weight for an event or after overeating.

  185. On Day 3 now! I have to admit I have had the odd cookie but on the whole it seems to be going ok! Just keeping the soup pot topped up with fresh veg and water all day everyday, it now tastes amazing!

  186. Well I am 48, Male 235 Lbs, 6’2″, wants to loose at least 40 Lbs. I started it today. I will be doing more walking tomorrow. eating soup during the day, and drink at least 4 -6 glasses of water. Following 7 days I will be eating fruits and veggies for a week. I will also be following master cleanse lemonade for 10 days. Then I will restart the Cabbage soup diet again. I want to see the results so I can become a public figure to guarantee that these solutions work!

      • Thank you for your reply. Can I eat almonds in the morning and La Yogurt Probiotic Yogurt as a snack while I am on this diet. I will not do the master cleanse then as you suggested.

        Today is my soup and fruits day. I will be doing more walking during the day and going to the gym in the evening after work.

        What is the role of Cayenne pepper? Is Smooth Move a good laxative tea to drink before going to bed? Can I do this diet for more than 7 days since my goal is to loose 40 lbs. What would be your advise for me to plan myself to loose 40 Lbs?

        • You cannot eat almonds or yogurt. If you need a snack, have more soup. You should only eat the items listed in the 7 day plan. Use cayanne as a spice for anything, heat helps the metabolism and aids in digestion. I havent heard of that laxative and you may not need it. You cannot do this for longer than 7 days. I’d suggest something more like term, like Isabel De Los Rios’ Diet Solution or even try the Xtreme Fat Loss which is a 25 day, 25 pound loss program.

  187. I just got the ebook, but since it is 5the days until Christmas and we are going to be out of town for a week, I know I will never be able to stick to this until I get home. I do have a question though. You say no artificial sweeteners, but what about pure stevia extract? It is all natural in liquid form, or is the point to ingest anything that is sweet even if it is zero calorie and all natural? I just thought I would ask, since stevia wasn’t mentioned. When I start this I want to do everything right!

  188. Hi, I started the diet yesterday. It was difficult but today is much better. I cannot wait until the 8th day to weigh so that I can see how much weight I have lost.

  189. I have gained a ton of weight over the past few years due to medical issues, compounded by an ankle injury that kept me off my feet for a while. I started the CSD yesterday-weighed in yesterday morning after my shower, and again this morning…5 pounds down already!!! I know it’s water weight, but I am SO looking forward to seeing what happens. I have a total of 80 pounds to lose-this is a great way to jump start my metabolism, and give me the incentive to KEEP GOING! I think I can…I think I can…I think I can…

  190. Hi Catherine

    I came out of hospital a year ago and lost a tremendous amout of weight, not on your diet but for medical reasons, slowly built my weight up again to what I should be (which is Great) but now have to keep it in line. Love your diet have tried it before and it so works. Thank you. Tracey

  191. Hi Catherine … I wanna ask u something about diet….
    I just start using the soup and on 3rth day i got sick, and i eat just fruit, drink tea and water … I cudnt eat the sup cos every other food make me trow up :((( so what should i do …2 start all over again or to continue from the 3rth day ?

    thx u and happy holidays

    • You can skip the potato. Instead of beef, have chicken or another lean protein. THAT you cannot skip, you neeeeeeed protein on 5 and 6. If you dont want to eat meat, even have some black beans in your soup. Must-have-protein!

  192. Today was day 1. I didn’t pack enough soup for the day at work, for sure! I packed lots of fruits and ate a fair portion of soup for lunch but my 45-minute commute home was difficult ~ felt sleepy and so hungry. I love this soup though ~ it’s my second run in two years and I hope to see the same quick last 5 pounds gone as last time.

  193. My job intails walking floors and climbing stairs. NOW i have gone onto the Cabbage coup diet actually for detox. . It worked for me once before and like the first day i feel a difference.

  194. I know this CSD works i went on it a few years ago and my first week i lost a total of 17 and half pounds i am going back on it wednesday,, i also turn on my R N at work she has tried every thing ,, cant seem to lose any thing.

  195. I started the diet yesterday and today I was curious so I weighed I had lost 3 pounds YEA!!!! That made me want to stay on the diet today > I am going to eat my potatoe now YUM Greatest Diet Ever I had been on it before and lost over 100 lbs. I love this diet it is fool proof

  196. this diet sounds great i just lost 40 lbs on hcg now i need something new. on your potato can you have any butter or just seasonings?????

  197. I will be starting the CBS tomorrow (01/02/12) and I’m very excited. I am going on holidays in February and want to lose some weight before I go. Today I also started my tread mill and did speed walking for 20 minutes. Felt really good. I looking forward to the end result.

    What dressing can I use on my salad’s?


  198. I just finished day one & I was wondering if the days need to be done in order or if i can, for example, swap day 3 and day 4???
    thanks, Meghan

  199. I started yesterday and it felt great (although difficult) to start removing all the yukky horrible stuff that I’d eaten over Christmas. Feeling really positive today and I must say I’ve never looked forward to a baked potato do much!! I’m using this as a kick start back to healthy eating which prior to Christmas I had already lost 2 stone 8lbs (6 gained over 3 weeks of the far too festive season!) back to the gym tonight but already starting to feel great!!

  200. I was checking out the allowed beverages and saw mint and water melon mentioned as ways to make water more exciting…also, cucumber infused water is delicious, fresh orange slices, basil and lemon, too!

  201. I had this diet three years ago and it worked very well. Last fall I tried it again but second day of the diet I had shaky feeling like same as your blood sugar drop down. Do you know anything what happened to me and what did I do wrong. I need to get on this diet again, please help me.

  202. I am starting the diet today. Looking forward to it. I will keep you informed. Thank you for all the great information.

  203. Hi, I started CSD today. I am just wondering how much soup can I drink a day. I followed the recipe & I got a pot full of soup. For how many days will this soup last.

  204. Also started on Cabbage soup diet on January 2nd and feeling much better already. All the food after the Holidays made feel so saturated … Now all I have to do is go through the weekend without cheating!

  205. Started it this morning! I only have 8 pounds that I want to loose. I lost 20 pounds and have gained 8 back. Winter is so hard to exercise so of course alittle junk food and your hooked on that crap again. I need to get motivated to get back at it so going to really try this. I already eat lots of vegs, I did the low carb diet to loose the 20. But of course have been eating things that I should not and not walking everyday since it is really cold out now. Thanks for this info and will keep you posted as the weight hopefully comes off.

  206. Hi Catherine, I on day 3 of flu and am feeling a bit better but my hubby says I should wait until the weekend, at least, before I start the CSD. Do you think I should or would it be okay to start now?

    • You could make the soup and have some when you’re still sick, soup does always help BUT you’d want to add some protein to it for now, since you need your strength… But I agree with the hubs, wait till you feel better to go full throttle! :)

  207. Ok, so it’s Day 2 and I went to the movie theatre with my kids and ate alot of popcorn with butter. Don’t feel very good and don’t feel like eating a potatoe. OK, so, I screwed up on day 2. What do I do? Go back to day 1? Repeat day 2? or go on to day 3?

  208. Hi Catherine, thanks for the email. I am on my day 4 and it is going well. This is my third time to do this program… The first time I did it I had lost 6kg… then i gained latter again because i was not that disciplined with my diet… my plan now is to do it every 3 months regularly and everytime that I have gained too much weight.

  209. I’m now on my 4th day and I’ve lost 1.8 kgs already, felt so bloated and heavy after the festive season. This diet is amazing, I also work out 40 mins a day.

  210. My Boyfriend and I are on day 3. We have done really well so far! Just nervous about the weekend we both work at an Italian restaurant and I am going to a concert tonight. We feel good just really crave bread!

  211. I am on my 3rd day with my cabbage diet, so far I am doing great have lost 7 lbs. Thank you for your help, this is my third time to do this diet over the last 20 years, but even though the soup taste gets old, it is the best way I know of to get the jump start on loosing weight.

  212. Me n Wife on Day 4 today – looking forward to meat at weekend – has been hard but weight has shifted already – hope we get through the weekend – Crave bread

  213. I am starting the diet Monday going to buy all the good veggies this weekend. Can this diet be done on a 2 week cycle (on 1 off it for 2 then back on it )

    • Kimie, once per month is probably the most you should do it. Otherwise, with such a low and restricted calorie diet, your body will start clinging to and holding onto those calories instead of letting them go.

  214. Going to start this tomorrow but have two questions, can baked potato be a sweet potato or is it suppose to be white? Can I use stevia in my tea?
    Thanks Gail S

  215. Im starting it on Monday! Looking forward to doing it. Im not scared at all as i love veggies and fruit. I just hope to lose the pounds put on over Christmas and New Year. :D And to all who are doing it already, good luck with your results! :)


  216. I started 3 days ago. On the second day I had the most horrendous headache all day. Tylenol would not shift it. Then I had the baked potato (Man! wasn’t that a treat) and my headache went away. I guess I must have had a sugar/salt/alcohol withdrawal headache or something

  217. Thanks a ton,your information will help me in reducing my weight and burn fats.Thanks for the motivation…………

  218. I have to get this holiday “junk” out of my system. Doing the CSD starting Monday. Shopping and making the soup today. Ready to feel lighter!

  219. Thanks a lot for this diet, I am sooo looking forward to it but I can’t start until Sunday as I have a pre-planned lunch on Saturday. Will keep you posted.

  220. I’ve started the diet today and my daughter is joining me so we can keep each other on track. I’m looking forward healthy eating again as over the Christmas period we did indulge, this should give me the kick start we need.

  221. ive started the diet yesterday and already find it amazing ive lost 3pound since yesterday morning, iam so pleased iam also doing a lot of walking, rounds up to about 2hrs a day pushing a double buggy with the school run, love it

  222. I start this diet tomorrow. I’ve never done the CSD before but im hooing it will kickstart my metabolism for a change in 2012 : )

  223. Hi Catherine I started the diet yesterday, to tell you the truth I only had fruits yesterday cause I had just found out about the CSD, I started having the soup today. i followed day 2′s plan. does that still count? i am so looking forward to day 8

  224. what i do is to exercise i have joined curves and so a dancersize routine 2 times a week. this keeps my energy level up and i feel more energized.

  225. I had a life of eating well and working out and remained quite thin then a messy marriage and divorce threw my healthy habits off balance and I gained almost 50 pounds. I couldn’t get my healthy habits back feeling depressed and out of control, lethargic and ashamed because I mean its not as if I didn’t know what to do right? And then I found your diet. I am so grateful! Thank you! This has been just the routine I needed to get back on track. I feel so much better just after days of the diet and it has detoxified my body, cleaned up my taste for unhealthy foods and given me the boost I needed to take control again. I am not worried about the long haul of losing all the weight as I know it will eventually all come off. I just needed a boost. This diet is healthy, you don’t starve and its clean. I haven’t started on the gym just yet, maybe tomorrow but I have a lot more energy and feel in control, as if I’ve got my groove back. Thank you so much Catherine for being generous enough to share your diet and experience so freely with others.

    • Lucy, you’ve described my life to a T. i hope i get the same results as you did once i do the diet, and hope to get to my normal life again of proper eating, exercise, and 50 lbs lighter. good luck on your venture to success. i feel like we are sisters, as i’m sure we have so many more siblings out there with the same exact story. helps to know we’re not alone. thank you, to you for sharing, and to Catherine for wanting to help others without necessary praying on their downfalls in order to make money.

  226. thanx alot for the information and recipe,i have not yet started the csd yet,i will hopfully on monday and let you know how it goes.

  227. im on day 4 lost 7 lbs already kinda getting tired of the soup even tho its really good ,batch im making now i changed the ingredients a little , still making it all veggie but changed to already cut up frozen veggies alot less work and can get a variety of veggies that way kinda trying to take the boredom out of it not using any corn or peas tho this is helping my diabetic numbers also great!!

  228. Today is my third day and i feel great!! But uptill now there is no difference in my weight. I hope there will be a big difference after i complete the 7-day cabbage diet!! I hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  229. This is my second day and I am energized! Don’t know if it’s as much the diet as it is that I know I’m finally making some changes. My hubby is a quadriplegic and although he works full time and we have great friends and such, we do end up spending a lot of time at home in the evenings. I’ve developed a steady habit of wine each evening to go with a few cigarettes (I’ve been a closet smoker for probably 10 years.) Well, since I can’t have my wine, which makes me want another cig, I’ve prayed about it and know this is the time to re-arrange my habits/priorities. I did not smoke before work this morning, and I feel fabulous. I’m very excited about 2012. Thank you for sharing the diet and your secrets. By the way, I think I’ll continue to have the soup for a daily meal exchange after I’m finished with the seven days. It actually isn’t bad, I seasoned with cayenne, parsley, garlic powder, and beef/onion dry soup mix.

  230. Currently on day 5! Going really well. Day 4 was great. I blended the soup and added some skim milk & chipolte to it. It was like a whole new soup!! I do miss cheese though :)

  231. Today is my first day on this diet and I am having a hard time eating this soup. I was able to eat 1/2 bowl of soup but I am not sure if I can do this. I don’t think I can stomach it. Each mouth full I eat I feel like I am going to throw up. I like raw vegetables, I dislike cooked vegetables. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  232. I started the diet Mon 1/9/12 and as of 11:30 a.m. yesterday I’ve lost 3 lbs! Days 1 & 2 were the hardest, but now I’m @ day 5 and I feel Great! This diet was definately the right choice to help me get back on track w/ healthy eating & exercise! I plan on doing this once a month til I reach my goal weight, and afterwards once every 3 mo just to cleanes my system. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this info! I’ve posted the link on my Facebook page & have several friends planning on doing the diet.

  233. i just saying if i way 200 pounds and i want to loose 30lbs.Will one week of this work for me and how long should i stay on it.

  234. i am not able to start until after next week end…. have to go out of town and it would be impossible to eat the soup all day soooo I will be starting next week… I am kind of excited and nervious all the same. I just need a kick start to get me back on track

  235. Day 7 and I have failed!! I’ve been so good for the 6 day, why did I do it?!! Got tempted by a homemade pasty 0:( . So close and it’s gone down the pan!!

  236. Will start the diet by next month once i’ve started my son on bottle feeds. Hope to get great results. Will keep you posted!

  237. Hello!I am very happy after first day of this diet.I am only more concern how do I start every morning,eating what?coffe or tea,o,key but ?what else,don’t telle me that I can start by cabbage soup?do I?


  238. im starting 2morrow. am excited. and not sure what i got myself into. ive been off sugar for about 3 weeks, so maybe this wont be too hard. im going to miss my americano’s. making the soups now!

  239. Weigh-in day! Stuck to my diet as much as I could quite proud of myself actually cause it can be easy to slip! So my total weight loss for last weeks diet is 7 1/2 lbs (I did hope for more) but I’m quite happy with that!! xxxx

  240. I lost 5 pounds on my 4th day, but after 7th day all you can eat rice I gained back. So for seven day I lost only 2 pounds. Can I start this diet again?

  241. I’ve not yet started the csd bt have already bought the ingredients to make it…I prolly wont start it til closer 2 the end of this wk bt am very excited to do so…i will def. Let u no how it works 4 me bt if I want 2 keep on the diet for a wk more would it b ok 2 do so if I add protien to the soup? Thx a bunch…..kishia

  242. Hello fellow CSD’s. I have started my first day and as u all know its not easy but I am determined to finish it. Good luck CSD’s!

    • i just finished day 2. hang in there. i had a head ache most of the day. i think it was hunger and it went away after i had my potato at dinner. just eat your soup every 3 hours.

  243. I’m on day four and I feel great, lot’s of energy. Putting the soup in the blender and drinking it was a great idea it taste great. I just had to heat it up as I couldn’t drink it cold. I haven’t cheated and I hope at the end of the week I see good results in my weight as good as I feel if not I’ll try it again in two weeks. What a pick me upper. Thank you

  244. i hve lost four pounds in the first week of my cabbage soup and i feel great. i am now on my second week and feeling great, will keep u updated each week. thanks spicy

  245. just made it through day 2. super head ache today. aaaagh. but it went away after the potato. was wondering; on day 4 when i’m supposed to have the skim milk; can it be soy or almond? cause im lactose intolerant. so that much milk might bother me.

  246. am worried that the beef on day 5 and 6 will constipate me. is there a reason beef is the first choice for meat? as opposed to chicken and fish? could we mix (have beef for bk; chicken for lunch; fish for dinner??

  247. I lost 97 lbs. on my own, no diets, no gyms, in fact not even much actual ‘exercise’… I just revamped how, what & when I eat, and, I do not sit for more than a half hour without getting up and moving — doesn’t have to be strenuous or long, as little as 5 minutes in a spurt. BUT, even tho’ this worked fabulously for me for a year+, I have reached a plateau. Still 25 lbs overweight, I need to try something new – and am hoping the cabbage soup diet will do the trick! Any suggestions on getting off this plateau will be greatly appreciated :) Thanks!


  249. I have started on Monday,today is thusday and already feel great. I go to gym every day and come home and have my soup & veggies and have a lots of energy. My wife is getting jealous of me.

  250. Uh oh. Day 2, I just ‘cheated’ with a spoon full of cottage cheese on my leafy green & tomato salad. Cottage cheese is white! Is this a call for ‘start overs?’

  251. I started the diet yesterday at 72.5 kg and this morning I weigh 71.4 kg, so that has encouraged me!
    I did this diet last year and went from 78kg to 73kg and then reduced further but post Christmas and having a back injury I felt the weight creeping back on. This sheet is really useful and keeps me focused, Thank you

  252. Hi, I started the CSD yesterday and immediately lost loads of water – possibly because I’m drinking so much water – but I feel so much better for it already. Wasn’t looking forward to Day 2 as I didn’t fancy veggies for breadfast! I tried carrot sticks, celery, red pepper and a green salad along with my soup and I actually felt really full :0) I’m really looking forward to my Jacket Potato for evening meal!!

  253. Started diet today, soup is yummy but I’m worried about day 4, I hate Bananas and Papayas, this day is supposed to lesson my desire for sweets, will it matter if I just eat soup, drink soya milk and eat other fruits? I really could not eat a banana.

  254. My soup is simmering on the stove as I write this so my first serving will be dinner. I’ve had 3 mandarin oranges and a few dried figs for breakfast and a great apple and fennel juice for lunch. Plenty of water and I shopped the Farmer’s Market for organic fruits and veggies this morning and carried maybe 10# back to the car. Everything on hand is suitable for this week’s meal plan!

    My mini stepper and 2 dog walks a day should keep things rolling.

    74 and looking at another 20 years after I lose 60# this year.

  255. I’m starting the diet tomorrow. Also plan on spinning every day. Hoping to lose at least 7lbs. Will send you an update very soon. Shiam,