But CLEAR Alcohol Is Healthier, Right?

It is pretty common knowledge that non-clear alcohol is usually made with lots and lots of sugar (rum, I mean you)! Most of us know to stay away from it, whether we are dieting or not…

And we don’t even need to talk about how fattening beer is, right?

But, What About Clear Alcohol?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but clear alcohol is not good for our waistlines, either.

During your Cabbage Soup week, you should resist alcohol as much as possible.

Regardless of the color of your booze, it still contains alcohol, and when you drink it, your liver converts the booze into a substance called acetate. Acetate makes it harder to burn calories in general, and almost impossible to burn fat.

Your body will burn off this acetate – and it will stop there. The acetate actually slows down your metabolism… the exact opposite of what you worked so hard to do on your Cabbage Soup Diet week!

People are usually concerned about gaining their weight back after the Soup week – but that won’t happen if you don’t go all out – and that includes curbing your drinking if you want to keep losing weight.

If you’re interested in a program that gives you one full “cheat” day every week, including allowing you to drink alcohol and party, I suggest you check out the Xtreme Fat Loss program by Joel Marion.

There are 5 segments of 5 days, for a total 25 day long program.  Each week, you get ONE cheat day – how easy is that?

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Okay – Fess Up!  Do You Ever Really Just Have ONE Drink?

There are “only” seven calories per gram of a clear alcohol, like vodka. A gram is NOT very much, and I doubt that you (or I) actually weigh the amount of alcohol we consume.

One drink leads to two…two drinks lead to three…

And what about your mixer?

If you don’t drink the alcohol straight than you risk racking up more calories. Even a juice without a lot of sugar, like cranberry, still has plenty of it, and glass after glass adds up!

Wouldn’t a program WITH a cheat day help?? <– Get Info Now!

And what about after you’ve finished drinking?

Odds are you might want a snack, and studies show (as does common sense) that we tend to eat more after we imbibe – sometimes eating up to 30% more than we would have without a drink!

So, while I am certainly not saying never to drink again, I am saying that alcohol IS still alcohol, whether it is clear or not, and if your ultimate goal is weight loss, you might want to think twice before you grab that martini!

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But CLEAR Alcohol Is Healthier, Right? — 298 Comments

  1. I am at the end of day 1. All went well and surprisingly, I was not that hungry. Looking forward to veggies tomorrow.

  2. I ate my fruit yesterday and my veggies today. I had soup 4 times today because I was really hungry and did not want to cheat

    • Michael, I think you are doing really well to not have cheated. Strangely, I have not felt hungry. I try not to think of food and diet and keep myself very busy during the day. I am also encouraged by the fact that after the 2nd day I have lost 1.2kg (2.6 pounds). Today is the banana and skim milk milk part, and actually I am looking forward to it. Keep strong, I am sure we can both do it. Lorna

  3. I am on day one of the cabbage soup diet, so far so good. I had a couple of questions (Cheats or no cheats?)
    1. is chewing sugarless gum a cheat or no cheat?
    2. i enjoy pumpkin seeds. I quit smoking a year and a half ago and those are my substitute. Are they a cheat or no cheat?
    Looking forward to the bake potato tomorrow for dinner!

    • Hey Ross,
      Sorry you didnt see my thread on your other comments or emails. Gum is a cheat, but not a bad one, especially if it stops you from other cheats. Skip the seeds this week, or have a tiny amount of them – salt free, if you must. Gum over seeds! :)

  4. is there any vegetable soup that loose our weight ?? vegetable that we r using regularly…i am 5.5′ and my weight is 74kg..so how much am i overweight??souravm87@gmail.com

    • You can calculate your weight with any BMI calculator to see the normal weight ranges, but that isn’t always accurate. If you’re strong and have lots of muscle, you’ll weigh more since muscle weighs more.
      Try the cabbage soup diet for a week. Even if you regularly eat veggies, the combination of the diet and other allowed foods should result in a weight loss.

  5. I have finished my 7 day cabbage soup diet as from last saturday, and feel great I have lost a total of 12 pounds, my pants feel great around my waist, what a great feeling, but I have a long long way to go…….But I have adjusted my eating habbits……I will keep you inform.
    Thanks and have a great day.

  6. I agree about alcohol! I finished day 7 yesterday! It was marvellous but being a Saturday and even on Wednesday some friends invited me out. I went. I know myself. I was offered wine, beer and said no. I had green tea and roiboos tea from South Africa. On Saturday I went to a show of Pushwagner in Askerland in Norway. He quit drugs and is doing art. He it called the Pushwagner phenomenon. An old friend who can’t walk much, she is 80, I think never dieted or did exercise, so her knees…are… not fine but she looks superb on the face – he weight could be cause of knee trouble even though she is not overly fat now- asked me to coffee. I could not insist on saying no to the place she wanted to go to. I went and there was not a single health food but I had told her i was on a strict diet. I could only get green tea but the restaurant allowed me to have my own fresh watermelon juice which I had made and carried. Wow, I had eaten lots of brown rice end of day.. I forgot to tell you that my complexion is glowing ever so much more! Today my 7 days are over! I am going out. Invited to lunch. I know am not having even a glass of wine. This diet has left me feeling that I can sustain myself without any kicks!

    Just curious. Catherine, you did not invent the cabbage soup diet or did you? You have a facebook page on it which I have just liked!

    Anyone out there to congratulate me? Go like a friend on a facebook page..called
    Philo Ikonya- publications. She has just been asked to submit her poems to Best poem encyclopaedia .

  7. I am on day six and have cheated throughout the diet. I really blew it yesterday and gained back five of the eight pounds I had lost. I have been weighing myself everyday and as I was doing so well, I thought I could continue to cheat. Now I gained back five of the eight pounds I lost since beginning. This diet was great as I didn’t feel hungry but I still craved different types of foods. Do I start over from day one or wait two weeks?

    • If you never really followed it, you can start back any time. Perhaps line up a reward to give yourself if you stay on the program all week. OR, get out a pair of pants that dont fit now, and hang them in your bathroom or on your closet door as motivation!

  8. I have lost 8 pounds and am feeling good! today is my last day on the cabbage soup week,,, what suggestions do you have for the next week?

  9. I have just finished the CSD and lost 8 pounds so I am very happy! It was quite a challenge especially as I had signed up for a daily gym program and I do Pilates at home, but I did it and will do again in a couple of months for a boost. I am heading off on a 3 week vacation so I will have my work cut out if I am to keep this off, we are going to Europe where my favourite wine if from!

    My questions….how much soup should I be eating each day, is more better? Also on beef day, steaks counts? Unsweetened fruit juice, does ‘no added sugar’ count?

    My tip for anyone doing this, keep busy! And as to the soup I made a puree with half so it was quite nice to have for breakfast and then I mixed this puree with the brown rice on day 7 and added some extra veggies for a CSD risotto!

    Thanks Catherine for this great plan and support and good luck to all those just starting.

  10. I am on day 3 today… not enjoyed fruit and veg cuz i have had no apetite all day… looking forward to bananas and skimmed milk tomorrow..

  11. I lost 7 pounds and its only my 3rd day on the soup diet I hate it but my will power to lose weight is worth it and it gets easeier each day come on sunday!!

  12. today is my second day. Had fuits and soup…no cheating. Observed weight loss already. looking fwd to the end of the week

  13. Im thinking about starting this diet. It sounds pretty hard but I have two weddings next month. I was wondering if it would be ok to make smoothies out of the fruit by just adding ice and milk on the days allowed. If you have any other tips for beginners please let me know :) Thanks

  14. Im thinking about starting this diet. It sounds pretty hard but I have two weddings next month. I was wondering if it would be ok to make smoothies out of the fruit by just adding ice and milk on the days allowed. If you have any other tips for beginners please let me know :) Thanks

  15. Im thinking about starting this diet. It sounds pretty hard but I have two weddings next month. I was wondering if it would be ok to make smoothies out of the fruit by just adding ice and milk on the days allowed. If you have any other tips for beginners please let me know :) Thanks

    • what you have done for reduction of 7 pounds please tell me i will also do it please how it is possible to do please tell me

  16. Hi,well I am finishing the diet today. I’ve been really good and I have lost almost 4 kilos. Truth is I really ate very little but I tried to do a cup of soup a few times a day, My biggest problem was breakfast. Only two fruit days – what can you eat on all other days? Anyway its finished now and I remember reading something about follow up but I don’t know where I read it. Help if you can, would like to lose a couple of more kilos, but truly I’m bery pleased, Thank you

  17. Hello Catherine,
    I have just finished my week of the csd and have lost 5 kilo and i must say i am feeling really delighted with the results.thankyou for all your tips.

  18. Hello Catherine,
    I have just finished my week of the csd and have lost 5 kilo and i must say i am feeling really delighted with the results.thankyou for all your tips.

  19. hi Cath my name is Jabulile this was my first day in this cabbage diet ,but its amazing my chlothes are already loosed and iam very happy ,and i enjoy the programme.

  20. I have completed my full seven days on the Cabbage Soup Diet. On day two I had the worst headache in the world, but realized I was just going through some withdrawl as I hadn’t realized how much Carbs I actually do consume. I skipped the baked potatoe and stuck to the diet throughout the full seven days (YES it was extremely hard especially when everyone would bring donuts and baking to work) I lost a total of 8 pounds and I am thrilled with the results. Thank you Catherine :)

  21. On day 7 today and have lost 3kg. In saying that I still had my morning cuppa and engaged in the odd glass or two of wine. This diet helped me kick start a more healthier eating plan (not that I will ever eat cabbage again). I will now start the diet solutions program and hopefully lose a lot more weight over time. Maybe once I have forgotten what the soup tasted like I may even try it again :) thanks for your help.

  22. Its my third day and I’m already feeling amazing. Just wanted to know how to keep the fat off at the end of the week? Thanks.

    • Hi Samantha,
      tricks that helped me was to keep eating on the healthy side, you can still have the odd treat if you like. You are most likely going to be a bit hungry at the end of the week, so dont over stuff yourself on day 8 (the day after the diet is all done) and walk for 30 mins straight a day, that will also help

    • Thanks, Brandi, those are great suggestions! Samantha, if you’re looking for an awesome long-term plan, check out the Diet Solution by Isabel, my go to nutritionist… Otherwise, Brandi’s right – take walks, watch what you eat, and do treat yourself, on occasion!

  23. I’m on day 3 of my Cabbage soup Diet, I’d the worst headache today.I’vent lost any weight so far. Is that normal? Also, can we add sweetner to coffee, tea or milk?

    • Priya, yes, even though its discouraging, some women dont lose weight until the end. Make sure NOT to weigh yourself on or right after Day 4, since you’re having the bananas and milk that day. Weigh yourself at the end.. Focus on all the good, fresh foods you’re eating too!

    • Priya, yes, even though its discouraging, some women dont lose weight until the end. Make sure NOT to weigh yourself on or right after Day 4, since you’re having the bananas and milk that day. Weigh yourself at the end.. Focus on all the good, fresh foods you’re eating too!

  24. hi catherine i just read in a comment in which u were talking about sodium i want to know if it is bad or not and if baking soda is included thanks!

    • Nadia, sodium, aka salt, is what causes bloating in people, since we retain or hold onto water. There are natural amounts of salt in some veggies and meats, and thats OK, but its the added salt dumped into SO many foods that is bad.

    • Like, you have dinner late because you get home late? OR you have cravings late and tend to snack late?? Let me know more detail, I have solutions for either situation!

  25. Hello. I have a quick question, I am allergic to dairy, what can I substitute for skim milk on day 4? Also can I use a non dairy creamer in my coffee? Thank you, Beata

    • Beata, Use soy, almond, or coconut milk, and use those for your coffee, too. Anything non-diary and on a shelf, like Carnation’s or Coffee Mate, are going to have loads of excess sugar and preservatives to give them a long shelf life, we dont want that, this week especially.

  26. I done this diet in March 2011 and lost 2.8kgs and have just finished it again and lost another 2.8kgs so I am feeling great. Since the start of the year all up I have lost 17.6kgs and need to lose another 5 or 6 and I will be happy. Thanks for the different comments, definetly easier the second time around. Thank god for the blender! Good luck to everyone else out there giving it a go.

  27. Hi Catherine, im just about to start the diet and i was wondering about adding things like soya sauce or tobasco to the veggies and soup on different days to give them some flavour. Is that allowed? I caant find anything about sauces on the website.

    • Nope, not this week. :) Use spice this week to flavor your foods, like a red pepper flake for some hotness, or cut up a chilli or jalapeno. The idea is to eat as plainly and simply as possible this whole week!

  28. Hi, on day 1 today going well so far.. but wanted to ask about day 4… i don’t like plain milk(ie without flavouring) or bananas.. lol what could you suggest for me? or would it be ok to put a tiny bit of chocolate powder in my milk? Thanks :D

    • Anna, what if you made a banana/milk smoothie? You could mix the two and just drink it really fast! :) If you dont like regular skim milk, have soy, almond, or coconut milk. If you like coconut, you’ll love coconut milk. Go for plain flavor. Instead of bananas, you can have kiwi, papaya, or apricot, and make sure they are fresh, not dried. Will one of those work?

  29. on day 2..no hunger pangs as the soup is delicious..missing bread and missing fruit 2day. looking forward to my baked potato 2nite. not weighing myself until day 7. thanxs for youe encouragment.

  30. About to start my last day of CSD, have lost 2.5kg, delighted, intend to continue work in progress around this diet. Many thanks.

  31. I have been on the diet for 2 weeks now.I find that putting the soup in a blender really works for me.I have lost fifteen pounds-my goal is 50 by Christmas. I really like the soup. And I did have 4 oz. of white zin my first week-with no problems. Wish me luch in getting to my goal.Thanks again Catherine for the support via e-mails.For every pound a person loses-they should get an atta girl or atta boy Linda

    • Linda, you should not stay on the diet for more than 7 days. You will start to notice yourself losing LESS weight as time goes on. You’re not having enough calories or a proper nutritional balance, and soon your body will start to try to hang ON to calories, instead of letting them go. Please stop and find a longer term program, like the Diet Solution or something longer and sustainable!!

  32. Hii i am on day 3. is it ok if we eat subway salads without mayo or any other fattening substance in it…. it includes lettuce, cucumber, olives, capcicum, jalepanos…

    • Marty, that is still something to celebrate! Some people dont lose as much if they dont weigh as much…or if you add salt to soup or anything you eat.. some people also dont retain much water, etc. What the diet should do is help you recognize that you need to eat fruits and veggies on a regular basis, which I hope it did.

  33. what do I do after the 1st week on the Cabbage Diet? What do I eat then?

    I have been suffering with some pain in my kidneys since day 4 on CSD. Is this normal?

  34. My last day on the csd was yesterday – I lost 4 pounds. That is good for me since I don’t have a thyroid because of Thyroid Cancer and my metabolism doesn’t work the same as it use to. The weight loss is a challenge for most while being on specific synthetic meds to keep you going. I tried the csd a year ago and lost 6 pounds the first time and have done it a couple of times since. It took me a year to loose 15 pounds and I have kept it off. I am going to Cuba in December and hope to loose another 15 pounds by then. I will do the csd again in 3 weeks.

    I am a 60 year old woman, healthy and exercise daily. The csd is a great jumpstart to keep me motivated and I really do like the tase of the soup.

    By the way Catherine, I love your site, plan and support – it is very encouraging and helpful.
    Thank you!

  35. I am on the 2nd day of my diet. I lost 2 lbs the first day. I do water aerobics and play golf everyday. I was trying to spruce up the soup some and wondered if I can make it a gumbo with okra and cajun spices. I would also like to add a couple of tablespoons of brown rice. I’d like to try a tortilla soup recipe without the tortilla. Those soups have many but not all of the same ingredients. I of course would use the cabbage as well. I also have vegetable soup base as well as beef and chicken. Can I use those for seasoning? They are less than 10 calories a tsp.

    • Add the okra and the spices…Don’t add the rice until the last day. I am not sure which tortilla recipe you’re using, but any spices (except salt) and any veggies (except beans, corn, peas, and potatos(except day 2)) are okay, so get creative and make a soup you enjoy!





  38. Today was my 7th day of the cabbage soup diet.I feel great and very happy.It was difficult at the beginning but after two days, i feld really lighter wieght wise and that bust up my morals to continue with my diet soup.I will advise every one to have patient and notice the changes that takes place in their bodies, rather than thinking about the hunger and finally the intake of much water before eatting did help me alot, i even feld full before eating most of the time before eating. Thanks to the cabbage soup diet programm to make me feel this way and i will like to do it again.Mean while,i will keep on watching my weight.

  39. What next, i have just completed the 7 days. Should i just carry on eating normal on the 8th day like i use to do or what is the advise thanks

    • You should move to something more long term and sustainable! A personal fave is the Diet Solution because there are really 3 programs in there, you take a quiz to see where you fit, then you proceed with the program based on your “type” from the diet..I like the personalization! :)

  40. I just finished the diet and I feel great. I felt like my energy was up throughout the diet. I used to take Clariton D everyday for allergies. I don’t think it is healthy to be dependent on meds. After weaning myself off, I noticed my energy level was lower and I gained a few pounds. I am two months away from my wedding, and less than a month away from my bachelorette party, and us girls like to look our best in front of our girl friends. This diet helped me quickly shed those few extra pounds I found, and did not want. Thanks Catherine. Your emails throughout the process were very helpful and I have saved them for future reference. :-)

  41. I have just completed the CSD and lost 7 pounds, I’m so proud of myself!!!! I thought the CSD was a little hard because I suffer from migrain headaches. But I’m happy that I did this diet because I am more aware of what I’m eating, so I’m eating better and hopefully this will change my bad eating habits forever.

    • If you did not suffer from the headaches as much during this week, you may want to think about the relationship certain foods might have to your headaches. You can also take meds on this diet, if needed!

  42. Today is day 7, everything went well…I lost about 7.5 lbs and pretty much followed the diet perfectly, except for a few teaspoons of olive oil and soy sauce here and there. Eating so many fruits and vegetables made me feel really good and I hope this will jumpstart a healthier lifestyle and better eating habits. Thanks for this site, it was a huge help!

  43. Lost 5 kilos on csd and feel a lot better.Target weight loss is another 10 kilos.Will now start a regime of high fibre and calorie counting for a month before restarting csd.But do I have to do Day 4? It made me quite ill.I know it’s supposed to stop cravings for sweet things but I never have cravings for sweet things.My longings are for wine and cheese!! Can I substitute another day for Day 4 next time? Thanks for your website and help – brill.
    Linda J

  44. Hi,
    Today is the last day of my diet soup and I am so happy. I lost 4kg, but this soup is really not easy to eat but I have no choice as I desparetly needed to reduce my waist line.

  45. lost 6 pounds so far. On day 7. My friend and I actually like the soup. I used salt free Thai seasoning. Yummy. If you continue to eat the soup regularly will it help maintain the loss?

  46. Hi well I really liked the soup, but by the third day, well I cheated big time, but went back on the 4th day, going to do again next week, I know its for one week only, but cheated on the 3rd day, and on the 6th and 7th so really, didn’t do to well at all, gona do better next week I hope, wish me luck because I need it.

  47. Hi Catherine,
    I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this already, but can the diet be shortened to 5 or 6 days at a time, & if so, which days would you omit? Looking to start the diet shortly.
    Great website by the way, & your support makes all the difference :)

  48. I have lost 6 lbs in weigh but have felt dreadful on this diet with very unpleasant side effects. If you are prepared to put up with the ill effects it certainly drops the pounds!!

  49. I am into day 4 and have lost 5 lbs as of this morning. I feel great and have never been hungry! I started at 153 lbs and my target is 135. May not make it to my goal this time around but plan to maintain, and maybe lose a pounds over the next two weeks, and do it again. Thanks for the alcohol tip.

    Appreciate your support!

    • Hi,
      I am also on day 4.
      I weighed myself in the Pub Sunday night and was 17st 9lbs.
      I have to wait until this Sunday to see the results, but already feel realy good.
      This diet is fantastic, and can’t wait until I can do it again.

      Keep up the good work.
      Steve Burvill

  50. Offically finished my CSD as of today!!! Yesterday was my last day and i feel great! I have gone from 124.8 pounds to 116.6 pounds!!! i have lost a total of 8 pounds! i feel wonderful! i fit into my maid of honor dress! YEY.

    The wedding is next weekend, so to make sure i dont put back on the weight i have lost, i am doing a very low cal, carb, and fat vegetarian protien shake (with a banana thrown in) for breakfast, fruit and veggies for am snack, cabbage soup and crackers for lunch, a probiotic yogurt and fruit for pm snack (OR will sub the protien shake minus the banana), then a salmon fillet, and veggie for supper :) i have a large water bottle, which i plan to drink three of a day as well.

    I am also going to do two mini work outs a day (either arms and abs, or butt and legs) along with dancing cardio!

    I am VERY happy with the weight i have lost, and want anyone who is starting to know that it does work, but you NEED to stick to it and do not cheat!

    Happy cabbage souping!

    Cheri MacKenzie

  51. Wow! My Dr. wants me to stay away from alcohol because of my meds. But never really cared to listen to him. I drink at least 4 glasses of wine a week. Thats it! But now you got me thinking….thats it NOTHING !!! What am I doing! I mean besides its important not to mix drinks w/ medication… WOW! Didnt know that explanation on drinks. Now I dont want to touch it anymore. I already have a slow metabalism. Thank you so much!

  52. Today is day 7 for me and so far as of this morning, I have lost almost 10 pounds. I still have the rest of this day left to eat rice and will weigh again tomorrow morning, so I’m hoping to lose at least another pound. I have followed this diet pretty tightly and have not fudge but only once and that was using just a squirt of sweetener in my tea one night. I know some of my weight loss has been due to lack of alcohol. I was a 2 glass a night drinker, sometimes 3, and I allowed myself one diet drink (12 ounces) a day. Sunday night a week ago was the last alcoholic drink I had and I’ve only had water, black coffee, unsweetened cranberry juice, and ice tea to drink all week long. I took your advice and added a lot of herbs and spices to my soup and it was the best tasting stuff even after eating it 7 days straight. I hate to see that pot empty now. Oh well, if I can do it, I know anyone else who is determined to get a fast track on losing weight. So go forth and do great things! Elizabeth

  53. i am very disappointed..I only lost 3 pounds…but it must be because I didnt drink enough water…I did everything I was supposed to do..:(

  54. In 7 days I had lost 11 pounds I just can’t believe it nothing never worked like that for
    me before I wish I could keep it up for more than one week, but the thing is I didn’t take anything else I had no fruit no bake potato just CSD for Breakfast ,Lunch, Snack and
    Souper and nothing after 8 pm. Now I really felt great thank you Catherine for sharing
    your CSD with the World specially with me.

  55. I lost 11 lbs, I feel great!! It was not as hard as I thought it was gonna be, however i did eat more fruit then I probably should have! I made the soup very spicy it had a lot of favor so I didnt get sick of it!

  56. just finishing my CSD tonite..it was a challenging week for sure but worth it..I have lost 5lb and feel so much great..I probably smell of cabbage all over me now..lol. Would like to continue with this diet after my two weeks break. Cant wait. Time to hit the gym as i have started walking 1hr daily..hopefully the winter wont let me hesitate with ma plans!
    Thank you for the tips and great support Catherine!

  57. We have just finished the CSD and yet again it has worked! I had no doubts about it, my new partner had never tried it and yes, we will be going back on to the CSD in a couple of weeks. We do not have a set of scales, we knew we needed to lose weight to fit into our winter trousers and now we can!
    We will get a set of scales for the next time and keep you posted!
    Many thanks
    Zoe xx

  58. in the csd it says you can drink cranberry juice, however in this article about alcohol, you say cranberry juice has a lot of sugar. what should i do, drink it or not drink it? ms b

  59. Hi Cat
    I’m on day 6…you say beef and veggies…can i have a small steak? Need to know before the end of the day so i can pick it up… :) Also, I lost so far only 4 pounds after day 5.. :( thought it would be more, but i guess thats my fault…had a couple of rum and cokes while on the CSD…will stay away from it for the next 2 days on CDS…
    Please let me know about the steak…thanks

  60. hi catherine what can i substitute for the banana day since i have a weight check in my airline the day after that and i read in the other comments that u r not supposed to weigh yourself the day after the banana day.

  61. I just finished the CSD and I lost 6 lbs. I am very impressed. My daughter in law is doing it this
    week. I will definitely do it again. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Thanks. Sheron

  62. I am on day 2, lost 3 lbs overnight (water weight, I am certain) and feel awesome although a little tired after an hour bike ride this morning. I have never done this version of the diet but I am really looking forward to my banana and skim milk day….I am craving a banana, skim milk with vanilla smoothie…hoping this will help jump start my “waist” loss!

  63. hi started my csd today, had many years drinking booze, need to loose 20 kg, i know this will be a good start, id forgotten what fruit tastes like

  64. I am getting ready to start the CSD in another two days. I’d done it about 30 years ago and it was wonderful! I would like to know if it is okay to blend the soup so that it comes out like a very thick broth rather than just “swimming veggies” (i.e. vegetables in water)? Thanks in advance

  65. Ok i did it for 3 days but lost 8 pounds! Omg but i gained 4 pounds back becausr i binged on food aftee because i was so hungry just cant seem to stomach it. I want to do it again but ew anyone have a good spicy recipe that id look forward to eating?

  66. Have just finished my first ever week of CSD. It was hard at first, had quite a bad headache. It did settle down though and I amazed myself that I found I became used to it and wasn’t thinking about food all the time. A miracle! I know it’s early days but I feel so positive, my clothes are already feeling baggy and I still want to continue eating this wholesome food in general. Hooray for CSD! Thank you

  67. Day , excited, Day 2 no sweat,Day 3 just peek at the scales, dissappointment, Day 4 OMG I lost 10 pounds, stuck to this diet like glue, day 5, I have to admit I cheated with nuts, dried cranberries, same wight, today is day 6 ,,, and believe me , no more cheating. I plan to go diet free, for 3-5 days, after i have completed day 7, then start again. My husband has been trying this soup, loves it, and lost 4 pounds, not even trying…hmmmmOn my 1st day off, I have fresh pinapple and trail mix, the better kind, and gain cereal….

    real exciting huh Good luck all , it works.


  68. I did the cabbage soup diet… It was not easy and i cheated. On days when i was fed up of constant soup. i’d have a bowl of ceral and milk (think I did that 3 times) and one morning I woke up at 4 to cook. I had one nice bowl of soup and I rewarded myself with apple fruit sticks.. I lost 6 pounds. I am proud of it. I started with 115, now i weigh 109 and I am ft tall..I simply did not have any crazy fatty food…
    Some ppl will wonder why i want to lose weigh, in fact i want to lose belly fat.

    I have been craving fried fish (i mean deep fry) if i have it with vegetables, some rice, or boileld plantain and so on; is it considered as fatty food.

    Good luck to the cabbage dieters…

    I added some noodles to the soup as well… Though the 7 days are over, i still have some soup.. but it;s like i said earlier i stilled spoilled myself but moderately.

  69. I am about to kick of the csd starting tomorrow i have even got a friend to do it with me so we can encourage each other looking foreward to feeling better next week and some weight loss…..thankyou for this site will keep you posted.#

  70. i am on my 4th day,am struggling a bit,had 2 bannans,2 black coffees,and a bottle of water
    not sure i can face any more soup,help

    • You can add some different spices, you can blend it in the blender and drink it as a juice, too. Even have some in a mug, the smaller portion might trick you into thinking its not that bad

  71. I am on Day 4 of the Cabbage Soup diet. I LOVE the soup! In fact, I had to make my second batch today. I have to say that on Day 2 I already felt less heavy in the stomach, although this diet sure does create a lot of gas (fortunately not of the nasty variety though!). Do I have to eat all the meat suggested for Day 5? Is it imperative that I eat any? Thanks for the daily tips. The alcohol one today was very interesting as I’m quite sure that is where a lot of my weight has come from in the past couple years, even though I am very careful with the mixer I use.

    • If you dont eat meat, that is OK, but make sure to get something with protein. Vegetarians can eat black beans, shitake mushrooms, avocado, tofu, etc, so make sure you do have a protein source!

      • Thank you so much for sharing this. That is what I was looking for, I’m on day four of the csd and I am a vegetarian. So I was looking for something I can substitute the meat parts of the diet with that is still considered part of the diet. I’ve already lost 8lbs in four days and am looking forward to see what will be the total at the end of the 7 days. Great diet and easy to stick to.

  72. Today is my first day on the csd… I’m eating the soup and ALL the fruit in my house (no bananas) but I still have a empty feeling in my tummy why is that?

  73. I add some olive oil to my soup, I supplement with at least one low-carb shake a day, I take a multi-vit/min each night before bed and I’ve had a few sugar-free drinks containing Vodka. Today is day 5 and I’m down 11 pounds. Fact!!

    Going to do a modified version of the CSD after my 7th day. Add extra protein, some bran, Tuna/Chicken. I think with some additional protein/fiber, along with vitamins and an occasional protein shake, this might be a longer term diet. I intend to find out.

    Good Luck!!!

  74. Today is my last day and I have lost 7 pounds! Thank you Catherine, for this amazing diet. It’s the best diet I’ve ever been on. 7 days is not a long time plus it has opened my eyes to making better choices for meals. See you in 2 weeks, when I restart.

  75. Hi,
    I lost 10 lbs in the week. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. Now that I’m off I’m concentrating on veggies, fiber and high protein food. Stay away from sugar and white!

  76. Hi I’m on day 6 of my CSD n I love it. I’ve lost 8 lbs so far n I can tell the difference with my clothes that I wear. I noticed my stomach shrinking on day 2 n I almost panicked. Stomach is getting flatter everyday. I’ve come to the decision I am gonna slow down on my meat intake. I don’t eat many veggies but with ur recipe I have been. Thanx for all the info n I will do this again.

  77. Today is my last day on the diet and I’ve lost 7lbs!
    I feel great and I want to keep the healthy eating going even
    After I’m done. I will definitely do this again I feel fantastic!

  78. Yesterday was my last day on the CSD diet. I weighed this morning – I’m down 13 pounds!! I’m absolutely stoked! As previously mentioned I intend to spend another week with a modified version of the CSD that includes a daily multi-vit/min, additional clean protein and high-fiber goods. Of course, it will include some good ‘ol cabbage soup! Wish me luck!!

  79. I lost 7 lbs on the diet. I had red wine every night so I would have lost more if not for having the wine. I am on week two this is beef day. I enjoy the soup so it is not hard to stay on the diet. I don’t get hungry on this diet so that makes it easier to stay on it. I will try it again and not have the wine. I hope to loose 30 lbs. Good luck every one.

    • You should not do the diet for longer than 7 days. After the 7 days, you should take a 2-3 week break at least. If you stay on the diet, because of the very reduced calories, youll stop losing weight. Take a break! And yes, no wine next time.

  80. I am beginning Day 6 today but have already dropped 9 lbs. It has not been difficult at all. I did make my soup with the spicy, low sodium V8 and it is fabulous. I’m so excited to see how I do after the full 7 days!

  81. I’m starting the CSD on the 26 December and really looking forward to it. One question that I have is that I don’t want to lose over 5 lbs. I can just do the diet for 4-5 days or until the 5lbs drop (that is if I hit that mark) and stop. The reason I only want to drop 5 lbs is that I am not that big but I have a slight amount of?belly fat that I can normally hide daily in average clothes but in a 2 piece bathing suit it shows.


  82. day#5
    I have lost 6lbs. and hoping for the 10lb. loss soon.
    Day # 2 Was my first time having a sweet potato for breakfast . I added cinnamon.
    Also on that day I added fresh basil to change the soup flavor. I had so much energy that day and my veggies included beets, squash and aspargus. My beets were marinated in vinegar and stevia.
    Day # 3 I added orengo to the soup. I ate lots of spinach salad.
    Day # 4 2 sliced Bananas tossed with cinnamon for breakfast was not bad. Smoothies got me thru
    the other requirements with apricots for dinner. Made up 2nd batch of soup.

  83. Hi, I just lost 3lbs so upset, i did follow but maybe the fact that I have thyroid problem isnt helping me at all…
    I dont want a give up and will try an extra week starting today

  84. I finished my 7 day diet and actually wanted more soup rather than “rubbish” stuff of which I had and my body felt terrible. So guess what? Im back on the cabbage soup diet. Works for me and I feel great..

    • Yay, Tracey! That is awesome. Anyone who ever said cravings dont go away should read this comment!!
      However, I must say, if you dont take a break from it, your body will sort of get bothered by the lack of calories and may hold ONTO the weight. If thats the case, add some lean protein to your soup to maintain instead of trying to lose more. Good protein sources are some lean chicken or just toss black beans into your soup!

  85. Is it wise to start the diet when you are on your menstrual cycle. I want to start on Tuesday, but will have my period during the diet. Good idea or not?

  86. I actually enjoyed the soup and found that the diet was not hard to follow. I didn’t cheat at ALL but only lost 5 pounds. I was very disappointed by this news. I guess 5 pounds is better that nothing but i was hoping for more.

  87. Hi
    Im finishing my day 1. Everything is good, as I love soups anyway, the only problem is, I do feel very bloated and like a balloon full of gas, and too full altogether. Did I had too much soup? What might help with gas? Thanks and good luck everybody;)

    • You probably didnt have enough water! You should be (sorry if this is personal) going to the bathroom quite often on this diet. Aim for 8-10 glasses of water or more! You can take any over the counter meds for the gas and itll get bettter as time goes on.

  88. I was able to finish the full 7 days with no cheating and when I hopped on the scale this morning (day 8) I was down 12.5lbs! It was exactly the motivation and kick start I needed to start living a healthier lifestyle and lose the weight I’ve been battling with my whole life. Eating only fruits and veggies isn’t as bad as I thought and food tastes SO much better when you’re actually hungry. Lol. Thanks for your awesome site/web book Catherine!

  89. Lost 7lbs on CSD but have gained 4lbs back in 2 days. Ate bran flakes w skim milk
    also still eating fruit & veggies.Also drinking lots of cranberry juice mixed w water. What
    else can I do?

  90. Today is the last day for me. I have lost 5.3lbs and I know this will be a great jump start for my weight watchers plan which always helps me drop the lbs. I did feel really gassy and bloated like the third day but if you can get through that you will be fine. And I must admit this whole week I have been able to sleep like a baby :-)

  91. I am on day 7 and have lost 7 pounds!!!! I feel fabulous and have a lot more energy than before!! I am going to stay on this program for another week and good for continued success!!! Thanks for the great feeling!!

  92. Today is Day2 ! Am doing fine so far but I am used to a healthy breakfast in the morning and now am finding it so hard to kick start my day, what does CSD recommends in the morning?For e.g I had carrots sticks this morning but by 11am am so sleepy!!!! Help!

  93. I finished day seven of the CSD and I am happy to report I lost 9.5 pounds but more importantly lost inches off my waist and thighs!! I have more energy! Thanks for your tips, they were very helpful! A tip of my own: take Beano before your first bite and it helps to not be so bloated!

  94. Last day of the diet today! My husband and I do this diet at the beginning of every year. This year I’ve lost 6 pounds, which I’m thrilled with! I often only lose 2 or 3. I’m in the healthy weight range for my height, so I didn’t need a big loss, I just love the way it gets me thinking about healthier options and craving more vegetables.

    What I’ve noticed over the years is that I get extremely creative during this diet, which has been explained by a friend as a by-product of restricting calories. On the banana day I’m SUPER high energy, obviously from all of the sugar.

    This diet is super easy for me to follow. I used an organic vegetable juice in place of V8, and also used Pomi tomatoes (expensive, but worth it). I omitted the onion soup mix (too much sodium and MSG!) and added a yellow onion and garlic, and about 1 tablespoon of oregano. On the vegetable only days, I put the soup in the blender and make it into a juice for breakfast (nothing added). We spice up the soup with a variety of spices. I make Emeril’s Creole and Southwest seasonings (reducing the salt); or add cumin, chili powder and lime juice; or add cilantro and lime juice; or add Italian seasoning. It’s so versatile, and it never feels as if we’re eating the same soup day in and day out.

    Love this!!


  96. Hi Catherine-
    I am on day 4 today and 4 banana’s down -I feel amazing!! I have not weighed myself as yet until day8 on Monday…Days 1-3 was extremely difficult and i felt bloated and gasssy(lol)…and in South Africa it is summer and the heat also keeps me awake at night!

    I believe i look amazing already because i got so many compliments from my colleagues the whole day today…A good friend recommended the diet to me and I dont think I will ever use another diet in my life…I am just a bad eater because i eat too little and when i do eat I eat junk food which my body stores as fat!! I have never stuffed myself so much with good food before!!! Note to self: i will use the smaller onions next time!!! Yuck!

    Thank you for the amazing research on your site- and the followup emails helped a ton more!!

    Kind Regards

      • Hi Cathy, My name is Palesa Today is my fourth day also. i have lost 3 and a half pound already. Since i ahve started, my collegues ask me the whole day how is the diet and when i told them yesterday that i have lost 3 pounds already on the 3rd day, they looked at my as if i am nuts as they are on one of those shakes for a week now and they only lost a pound and the onther one say that she lost nothing. They looked at me with disbelieve.Thank u so much Cathy. i ahve eaten 2 bananas already and my soup for breakfast no milk as yet. It is just the gas that i have but will drink herbal tea tonight for constipation. Loking forward to my 5th day!!

  97. Hi catherine, i still have two days to go. I started on Monday this is my fifth day and im doing great. I weigh on the second day and i lost 2 pounds already, i cant wait to weigh again to see how much i lost over the full week. I must say it was not difficult for me i manage the diet just fine. Need a meal plan to work with after my diet as ended so i keep shedding those pounds.

  98. I will start my sixth day today. I feel great. I followed the CSD and I’m sure I’ve lost the weight. I don’t own a scale but I can see and feel the weight loss. Initially I planned to use the CSD as just a jumpstart sort of the thing but because I see the results, I will continue my weight loss journey.

  99. my wife and I are on our last day today. We have both lost more than 6 pounds. Because we both did it , it made the effort more achievable. Thanks for your daily support.

  100. Last day of the diet.. and I already lost almost 10lbs and i had to cheat a little on saturday because it was my friends birthday.. i do feel great and this jumpstart really has me excited to continue eating healthy!

  101. I could not start my diet last week. I started today the 16th of Jan. Ihave all the fruits and veggies that my little hearts desires. The soup is really good, and i am going to make it at least every two weeks.
    Thank you for the advise, aways checking my e-mail to read your advise.
    Vicky Tessier

  102. i finished the csd 2 days ago, and i lost 7lb. It was very easy at the start but I was starting to cave on the last day! Im glad it was only for a week. im now on a calorie controlled diet to loss the rest. lovely little boost to get the diet started! maybe I will do the csd again in a month or two to have another lovely boost!


  104. I finished CSD Saturday and lost 6 lbs, very happy with that, knowing it was probably all water weight, that’s ok, I now am back to good eating habits again! Amazing how much better my clothes fit! I did get creative with a large fry/saute pan, by slicing fresh zucchini, mushrooms, broccoli, and cauliflower, and adding just a dab of chicken bullion to this creation,,,,it was so good! Love my veggies again! Lost another 1.5 lbs in the last few days, still have some left over soup and have at least on serving of that a day!!

  105. i have only had the cabbage soup 3 times a day for 7 days with water and tea i did put lots of chilli in the soup. my bum is sour lol . down from 18.6 to 17.4,, thats over a stone. i also introduced 3 other friends to this and they have lost about 6 pound each. one weighs 25 stone she has been with weight watchers for 6 months and only looses 1-2 pound a week,
    but this week she had lost 6 pound, she did eat tones of my cabbage soup mix which she said stopped her eating bad things, none of them stuck to your instructions rigidly if they had they would have achieved better results. i intend to cary on with this food but add meat and potato ???? what do you think???

  106. Hi! I just finished my 7th day of CSD and I am not going to lie, it was super hard but I really focused on my goal and got back to my Pre-pregnancy weight!! So excited:)

    I understand that I fall into bad eating habits mostly because my fiancé loves mexican food and so do I haha! No more!

    Now that I have a baby I don’t drink as much so I should be okay there.

    Thanks cabbage soup diet, I lost over 10lbs and I am so happy with my results.

    Onward and upward! :-)

  107. first 2 days were hard for me but i managed to get through to day 7 and have lost 13lb.I,m going to repeat this in the 2 week before i start again…..

  108. Day 6 of the CSD and down 10lbs!!! I couldn’t be more excited! I was super busy this week at work and so hungry by the time I was able to eat lunch I didn’t care at that point what it was! I would like to know a little more about what will keep the diet on track but let bland veggies taste better. Balsamic vinegar? EVOO? Lemon juice? I have not been calling this a “diet” due to its short-term commitment, but rather a “cleanse and semi-detox” to kick start my metabolism and get me ready for a lifetime of healthy eating. I went out with some friends to a bar and grill after work. I didn’t cheat but had to get out of there ASAP before I ate the neighboring diners appetizer platter! Don’t do it! Stay at home for a week, it will be worth it! *nyla

  109. My wife and I just completed day 7 of CSD. She lost 9 pounds and I lost 11. We are very pleased with our results. I did wonder about a few things. On day 5, we browned groud beef and mixed it with our soup. I wondered if lean ground beef was still too fatty? We also mixed brown rice with our soup on day 7 for a change of pace. The mixing of the soup is my question. Is that an alright option to change things up to be able to eat all of the soup that you need to? Thanks alot for this forum. It really helped having something to look at during the week for support.

  110. 6 pounds down after the complete week of the cabbage soup diet…feel pretty good. How long can you survive healthy on the diet? I really like the soup <3

  111. Hi Catherine, my husband and I both are trying the CSD. We are on day three , we’ve been following it exactly as you say. So far It’s been pretty easy to stay with it…I love soup, and this one’s actually not bad! I feel I have more energy and seem to be sleeping better. I can’t wait until day 7 to see the end results….how much water should I be consuming each day?
    Will the water intake help me lose more?? I am hoping for at least 10lbs…

    Thanks so much for all the tips and support!!


  112. On day 2 of diet and I have never been so excited to eat a baked potato! This diet is a definite challenge, however, I accept! I am already a little burned out on the soup but I am down 4 pounds on the second day (sure just water weight, but that’s cool). I am worried about my weekend – it’s the only time my significant other and I have due to our work schedules and we usually hang out, shoot pool and have some drinks and munchies….wish me luck!!

    Thank you for sharing this diet and hopefully I will get some killer results … will update on Day 7!

  113. I finished on Monday and I lost 13lds. I stuck to it – the taco supreme on thursday when it took me 3hours to get home and I had nothing to eat with me. I have to much energy to go back to my regular eating habits; I will modify what I did this week.

  114. I finished on Monday and I lost 13lds. I stuck to it – the taco supreme on thursday when it took me 3hours to get home and I had nothing to eat with me. I have to much energy to go back to my regular eating habits; I will modify what I did this week.

  115. Day two… Cant wait to have my baked potato but sticking to the diet to the T… Finding the water bit the hardest as I don’t really like cold drinks and hate water… Good luck to all using the cabbage soup diet. Lets hope it has good results for all…

  116. This is day 7 of the diet for me. Yesterday I was pretty weak, wanted to run on the treadmill, but was feeling too weak. Will start today, I do feel better. Lost 9 pounds as of this morning, very happy with that. Great jumpstart to my diet and eating healthy. I needed to get motivated and this really worked! I really enjoy the soup, I added cayenne pepper and black pepper for some zing and boy was it yummy! Looking forward to my rice and veggies today!

  117. YAY!! I made it I finished my cabbage soup diet today which is the 7th day I went ahead and weigh myself I couldn’t resist on getting on my scale lol and lost a total of 10 pnds. The first 3 days I did feel light headed and wanting to throw up so I would take little sips of unsweeted black tea because I just can’t drink water, and I would feel much better especially adding crush ice on it, so I would drink unsweeted cranberry juice and black tea for a whole week, and substitute red meat with turkey and I would add turkey on my 5th day to the soup to add some flavor and Catherine said to have meats on this day, so then I would do 10 minutes of exercise in the mornings and in the evenings I would do 20 minutes more by walking or getting on my stationary bike or Gazelle glider. I am still consider obese until I loose about 80 pounds, so my weight before the soup 236 and after 226 and I’m 5’5 and 33 yrs old. I will definitely come back to this diet one week from now. Good luck to everyone who is doing this because you do need will power and encouragement and you can do this, just keep yourself occupied and away from the kids lol jk.

  118. Today is day 7, and I am down 7-1/2lbs as of this morning. I have cheated with 1 to two very light vodka with club soda’s on 5 of the 7 day. Day 6 was the only day that I experienced cravings for something sweet (such as a piece of fruit) Other than the light alcohol, I have not really been tempted to cheat with another food item.
    I feel that the discipline of this one week plan has shown me that I can continue with a more healthful eating plan to continue my weight loss goal.

  119. Have lost 3.6 kg in 6 days and feel great,got my daughter and son-in -law onto it as well.My daughter has lost 3 kg in 5 days and my son-in-law( who hates cabbage and is a very big man) has lost 5.4kg in 5 days ( and he said he would starve with no steak and potatoes and could not lose weight lol). We are all converts,
    Thank you…….no stopping us now :)

  120. I lost 3.3 kg on the plan and feel great. I did have skimmed milk with my tea each day, and don’t eat meat so had low fat soya on one beef day and poached salnom the other. I don’t crave sweet things and am { hopefully} focused on losing more. Thank you for the informative and encouraging emails. Mary

  121. I am on my fourth day today and so far I have lost 2kg, I am so happy and I feel so light in my body. my current weight is 85 and I would like to shed 10kg.

  122. i just coped the soup recipe and are going to try it,, ive not started it yet, but keep getting emails after certain days,,i need it fromd ay one,,,, lol i start the soup this monday the 30 of jan, thanks alot janis

  123. i just coped the soup recipe and are going to try it,, ive not started it yet, but keep getting emails after certain days,,i need it fromd ay one,,,, lol i start the soup this monday the 30 of jan, thanks alot janis

  124. Merileen Thanks for the diet, it brought my bloodsugar down a great deal. I used 1% milk and it still worked.I did chicken and fish because I don’t eat red meat . So thanks for the diet and the pounds I was able to shed 7.5 lbs

    • This it true…about the blood sugar. My blood sugar level has been high for a while and it was down after the 3rd day of diet!

  125. i finished my cabbage soup last week, and i feel amaizing. now am eating health food small portion and i work out . thanks for the tips really helped.

  126. i finished my cabbage soup last week, and i feel amaizing. now am eating health food small portion and i work out . thanks for the tips really helped.

  127. I’m on day 5 and I’ve only lost 1.5 lbs. I haven’t cheated at all. I’m keeping at it and hoping I lose at least one more pound, but in general I’m pretty disappointed. I’m only a few pounds over the upper limit of healthy body weight for my height and I was already on a 1200 calorie a day diet so I’m sure that impacted it.

    • Yes, if you already eat well, this diet doesnt do much. It works best for people who are very heavy and need a kick start.

      If you want better results, do it as a “cleanse” and drink nothing but water, have your soup 3-4 times per day and little of the other things. Dont have coffee or V8 or cranberry. Do NOT add oil or butter to anything. Eat frutis and veggies raw whenever possible. Dont chew gum, either. Those little changes should help, too.

  128. I also finished my 7 days diet, lost indeed about 8 lbs :). I want to thank you once again for helping me out with your e-book and advice on the email. BUT…please tell us -I saw that many others, as me are interested in keeping their weight after this diet- what can we eat? can you give us one example of menu for 1 day?
    thanks again! and keep up with your great work :)

  129. Thanks for all the wonderful advice. I have just finished the cabbage soup diet and have registered a loss of 8 pounds on the scale! My stomach feels wonderful at the moment, I am not craving sweets.
    I am looking forward nto healthy sensible eating after this. I pray for the will power to do this.

  130. Hey all I just finished the Cabbage Soup Diet and I lost eight pounds. I thought it was going to be harder but my hardest day was day 5. But I did it and lost 9 pounds. Yay for me, but my thought too is now what can anyone help me?

  131. Today is day 3 of my CSD and its been the most difficult 3 days so far with everyone eating all these yummy foods around me but I have done my best to resist it,I have yet to weigh myself because I want to be surprised when I see how much I lost…but I’m curious to know from those who lost more then 10 pounds.. was it just the diet you did or did you also work out as well?? what can I do to make sure by the 7th day I will lose some weight??

  132. Hi. Started my CBS diet today. Just wanted to know are you allowed to drink tea in the morning? I don’t have sugar and use skimmed milk.

  133. thanks for that i love my vodka and malibu with a splash of diet lemon aid when i did my first week of the cabbage diet i had none at all and since then i have only had a couple of drinks in a month just dont fancey it dont no if im getting boring now ???????

  134. thanks for that i love my vodka and malibu with a splash of diet lemon aid when i did my first week of the cabbage diet i had none at all and since then i have only had a couple of drinks in a month just dont fancey it dont no if im getting boring now ???????

  135. Hi catherine,

    I am on the 7 day diet, and standing on my 4th day, feeling great and fresh. I just wanted to ask, I know I would need to give 1-2 week’s gap after ending my 7 days and starting the diet again.
    But what I wanted to ask is, what to eat AFTER my 7 days are complete? can I go back to my normal diet? Can I eat boiled rice (water drained), wheat and bran bread?
    Waiting for your reply anxiously!

  136. thank you for your tips! about alcohol.now i know why am gaining weight again after i’m drink hard wine. now am going back to square one for my diet plan.from 46 kg to 54 kg i feel sad!

  137. i am on day 2 of the diet .. i have not wieghed yet but feel really good … i decided to blend my soup up so i can swigg it back throughout the day (hate bits) also i made a error and put soup mix instead of onion soup pwedered mix ooops … so its very lumpy and yuk … i just blend it down to watery puraaee and swigg it back … cant wait to see my results

  138. Can I replace the skim milk with lite coconut milk on milk day, and the brown rice with Einkorn berries on rice day? Also, I love cantaloupe and watermelon, can I eat as much of those fruit on fruit days as I like? Sorry for having so many questions.

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