“Diet” Foods That Will RUIN Your Diet! (Don’t Eat These!)

The Advertising Community has got us dieters by the strings….

If they label products as “diet” or “lite” products, we buy them to try to be healthier.

The labels are appealing and the promises – “30% less calories” or “no fat” or “5 grams of protein per serving” – sound really good.

Not so fast, my friend!

The problem is, to retain the same flavor as your full calorie/full fat items, the taste still needs to come from somewhere.

It usually shows up in the form of man-made, chemical sweeteners, and SALT. LOTS OF SALT.

Cross These Items Off Your Grocery List

The following are “diet” items that are NOT diet friendly! Cross these off your list and keep them off!

Fitness expert, Joel Marion, would certainly agree that these items are no-no’s now and forever!

These items WILL cause weight gain! Beware:

  • Diet soda
    Diet soda has artificial sweeteners, dyes, other unnatural chemicals, and, new studies show that those artificial sweeteners can be as addicting as cocaine! No thanks!
  • Smoothies
    Smoothies made with real fruit are definitely alright. Smoothies made with fattening sugar, ice cream, flavored yogurts, and artificial flavorings are not. Make these AT HOME so you know what goes into your drink!
  • Salad dressing
    Even lite salad dressing can be packed with sodium and sugar. Check your labels!
  • Artificial sweeteners
    Just like diet sodas, anything with artificial sugars can be as addicting as a drug!
  • Yogurt
    Flavored yogurts are often packed with artificial sweeteners and the flavor is artificial as well. Buy plain, Greek yogurt, which has protein a plenty, and add your own fresh fruit!
  • Baked chips
    Baked chips = sodium. Any chips = sodium. Slice up a sweet potato and toss it in the oven, add a sprinkle of cinnamon or Mrs. Dash and voila, crunchy and health(ier).
  • Granola
    Granola usually has a TON of sugar, especially the kind marketed towards kids.
  • Microwavable meals
    If a siren could go off that would signal the WORST diet failure, this is it! Microwavable meals, snacks, and EVEN the kind designed to be low fat/low cal (we wont name names here) is FULL of sodium. Check the labels and be scared.

Check the labels of the foods you eat. If you’re trading 1 gram of fat for 400 milligrams of sodium, it might not be worth it, in the long run.

Want Faster Results?

Healthy shopping can be really tough, huh?

What Should I Eat Every Day?

If you like the Cabbage Soup Diet because you are told what to eat and when, then I have a powerful suggestion for you!

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5 Day Plan

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You NEED some healthy fats in your diet and you do NOT need a lot of sodium. Educate yourself (and your family) by checking labels and making the smartest choices possible.

Till next time,

I want to cheat my way thin! <– Get started now!


“Diet” Foods That Will RUIN Your Diet! (Don’t Eat These!) — 165 Comments

          • Hi I started this diet but on day one I had boiled egg whites, tuna (in water), and spring mix greens earlier in the day before I prepared the soup. So I did fruit and soup the rest of the day. I woke up cramping and running off…..back and forth to the bathroom all morning. Is this normal???? Day two been eating veggies and soup all day. Read about not getting enough protein and other nutrients so I ate a sandwich (aunt millie’s 35 calorie a slice bread, lean oven roasted turkey breast(low cal) and mustard.). Will keeping on the diet. I’ll. Keep you posted if this helps me. Your advice is good. I appreciate it.

          • If you’re drastically changing what you eat, cramps/being uncomfortable is common. It will subside or if you’re too uncomfortable, discontinue the diet.
            With the added carbs, plus the sugars and ingredients in the mustard, you probably wont lose more than a couple pounds, but fruits and veggies are good nonetheless!

          • Also the recipes call for broth or bullion cubes, salt and pepper. I try to use salt substitutes or a pinch of seasoned salt because my doctor has me on a low sodium diet anyway. I eat less processed foods, drink more water, less sweetened drinks (noneif I can help it), diet soda once in awhile but I do use splenda and water flavoring packets. I am going to stop using them and see what happens. Hope you all have a blessed and healthy lifestyle.

  1. as a diabetic i can’t help how addicting diet sodas and artificial sweeteners are they are necessary for a diabetic–salt I do agree with just not the diet sugars–what is a diabetic to use otherwise-a diabetic having to be on a wt loss diet is extremely hard–years ago i used the cabbage diet but did not have to use artificial sugar as i was not diabetic at that time

    • You could use Stevia, which a natural herb sweetener which has zero calories. You can find it at any grocery store, health food store, or Trader Joe’s (my favorite brand of Stevia).

      • tyvm catherine, i haven’t got started yet–having to wait until i get my ss check in sept but i am hoping this will help me from having to ask my doc to either put me in the hosp or a nursing home to take off 20-30 lbs so I can take care of myself–as i am due to wt and strokes totally unable to care for myself and have no one to help me and it is said i make 73.00/month to much to get medicaid–ty ty ty atherine

    • Stevia in the raw is a natural sweetener that will not affect your insulin levels. Just remember, you only need a very little amount to make things sweet.

    • Not meaning to be unsympathetic, but soda, diet or otherwise, is NEVER necessary. I gave up sodas, both regular and diet, several years ago, and don’t miss them. Water is so much healthier – for your body and your wallet. Some of the artificial sweeetners are much healthier than others, like Stevia and erythritol (usually mixed with stevia)


  3. I often use this cabbage soup diet, but I do drink the diet sodas I confess. To limit my salt however, I use ALOT of HOT SPICES in my soup instead of more salt and for the fruit part, I love Watermelon!! It is filling and great without salt!! Instead of the regular baked pot, I ate a sweet potato with a small amount of sea salt instead of butter. I had lost 13 pounds in 3 days!! To keep the weight off, I make a big batch of “anything green” stirfry and keep it in the fridge, so when I have the urge to snack, there it is and much more satisfying than chips!!

    • stephanie, what great advice! I never thought to use a sweet potatoe instead. 13 lbs in 3 days is awesome! I tried to do this diet , I love veggies, but I still found myself cheating. How did you stop the cravings? can you email me at ( justrisa@aol.com)? would really appreciate all the help I get…again, thanks for the tips.

      • Justria, The only thing that can stop you from cheating is you. I started this csd last week to get me focused and motivated. Yes people care if you lose weight but honestly they do not care the way you care. You have to be very strict and jsut do it. I had 2 yrs of hard times, loosing my step mom in 08, my brother in law in 09 my mom, aunt and dad in 10 and my brother in July of this yr. I crawled into what I do best food. I struggled a few days but it is my decision to do this. My husband nor kids really care in the sense of if I loose it I loose it if I dont I dont. I am in control. Get focused you CAN do this. I made my soup fresh jsut baout everyday. Tastes so much better when it is fresh. On Veggie day I sautee’d up some cabbage, onions and zucchini and it was awesome. Make each day creative, do this for YOU and you will do great. i ahve faith in you and believe you can do it. Best of luck hun.

      • Justria, The only thing that can stop you from cheating is you. I started this csd last week to get me focused and motivated. Yes people care if you lose weight but honestly they do not care the way you care. You have to be very strict and jsut do it. I had 2 yrs of hard times, loosing my step mom in 08, my brother in law in 09 my mom, aunt and dad in 10 and my brother in July of this yr. I crawled into what I do best food. I struggled a few days but it is my decision to do this. My husband nor kids really care in the sense of if I loose it I loose it if I dont I dont. I am in control. Get focused you CAN do this. I made my soup fresh jsut baout everyday. Tastes so much better when it is fresh. On Veggie day I sautee’d up some cabbage, onions and zucchini and it was awesome. Make each day creative, do this for YOU and you will do great. i ahve faith in you and believe you can do it. Best of luck hun.

        • Lisa, that is great advice. Really, any diet works as long as you stick to it. If you have a hard time battling cravings, you might want to check out the hypnosis CDs I review on my homepage, you’ll see the link on the bottom.
          Really though, find yourself some inner encouragement. If you have a loved one who is ill, or if you just want to fit into smaller pants, find a goal to work towards. If you need a visual reminder, pull your skinny jeans out and hang them on your bedroom door, something to focus you. And, like Lisa said, if you get bored with the diet, get creative!!

        • So sorry for all of losses, it is really hard losing one, but when you have so many it knocks the wind out of you. I have had similiar losses, last yr my sister, my best friend. In 2007 my husband, the only things that kept me upright was seeking God and His will for my life and starting a Widows group in my church. I know you are busy if you have children, I have stepdaughter, but to keep the right focus is the key. God Bless You.

    • I like to use fresh green beans (don’t cut them) and bake them in the oven for a short time (still a bit crispy) with a bit of seasoning on them..I substitute them for the fries I am craving..

  4. Love this site. My best friend just lost 13 lbs. in 7 days and now I’m helping him stay on course with all your tips. Going to book store today to see if you have something in print. Thankyou, thankyou!

  5. I am just wondering as I want to do the cabbage soup diet, someone has put on the net that this diet is high in sodium. I could not see where the sodium content was till my mum who is on the diet and lost 7 kgs in a week , had a look at the chicken stock and said it wAs high in sodium. I think it was 1300 mls sodium. Does this matter.


  6. Good advice, especially about the yoghurt.
    I love oatcakes, even if they have a tiny bit of sugar. One is enough; I’m not left longing for another. That’s the secret!

  7. hi,ive been on the cabbage soup diet on/off for over 2 months now and i havent lost any weight:( what should i do?i have a bulky hips n belly fat.

  8. Is it ok if I add a little bit of chicken broth (like 1/2 cup) and 1 cup of low sodium vegetable broth to the cabbage soup? The rest of it is still mostly water but it was hard to basically just eat water and all veggies.

  9. Started yesterday and I’ve lost 4 pounds – is that right??? All I ate was 2 bowls of cabbage soup, 2 bowls of fruit (cantelope, grapes, pear, peaches). About 15 additional grapes and 1 pear. Today all veggie day…Will do the sweet potato with a tiny bit of butter, since I have some already…

  10. Today i am going to start my diet plan!I am always eat at late night..can this diet work for me..Please reply me……..

    • I am not sure at all. I am not a doctor. Give your personal doctor a quick call to see if he or she recommends this program. Since it is a fairly extreme program, if you have any health conditions, you’re better off not doing this until you consult w/ a doc.

    • I am not sure at all. I am not a doctor. Give your personal doctor a quick call to see if he or she recommends this program. Since it is a fairly extreme program, if you have any health conditions, you’re better off not doing this until you consult w/ a doc.

  11. I began the CSD today, so easy! I don’t need to lose much weight, a couple of kg and that’s it. But what I have found whilst researching this diet is its rounded approach to healthy eating.
    I do steer clear of all things artificail, but we all have days where we fall off the wagon.
    This is a great diet to kick start a healthier lifestlye.

    • Not sure..Give me more info on what you’ve been having.

      basically, you should be eating the soup at LEAST 3x per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and drinking 8-10 glasses of water. You should not have any salt whatsoever.

  12. Just 3 questions please: first, the recipe doesn’t mention liquidising the soup but I’m assuming that’s ok to do? Also, the family hate skimmed milk, so can I use semi-skimmed (on day 4?). Finally, I don’t eat red meat so is it ok to have fish on day 5 and chicken on day 6 instead of beef?
    Thank you for all your support!

  13. Hi, Catherine
    i m planning to start my cabbage soup diet from next week, but i have some queries about the ingredients.
    you have mentioned that the soup should contain 6 large onions and half a cabbage .
    i think six onions is a little too much for a person to consume in one day.

  14. i started today and i blended the tomato with bout 2 small onions…and 2 Chile chipotles… don’t worry i checked the sodium..i also added water and one bouillon cube…i put that first in a headed pot, which added up to 2 cups… then added 6 cups of water..i jjust added 3 carrots, bunch of celery and cabbage..oh, and garlic head, some onion and cilantro for flavor…was this OK to do?

  15. Is it okay to have salted butter on the baked potato day? Also are green olives too high in sodium to have as one of the veggie choices?

  16. Is it okay to have salted butter on the baked potato day? Also are green olives too high in sodium to have as one of the veggie choices?

  17. I’m starting my CSD today! I made the soup last night, I used half water & half low sodium V8 juice with a packet of Lipton spices. Is this going to be ok? It taste really good, but I just want to make sure I didn’t mess anything up!

  18. hi , i just had it once yest night and I suffered with gas and pain in the chest the entire night…..Cabbage can create gas …..so now how will I do this for 7 days?

  19. I started the diet yesterday. I wanted to know if its okay to not have the cabbage soup for breakfast instead have the fruit or veggie whatever the other thing you are allowed to eat that day instead. I dont know if I can see myself eating that for breakfast as well. Should I be eating it for breakfast even if I’m not starving? Today I’ve eaten fruit and had the soup for lunch and i’ve already consumed more than 8 cups of water and I dont feel hungry. Is this okay?

    • You should be eating as much soup as possible, at least 3 servings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you can even manage a mug full of soup each time, that’s better. Def have your water, your multivitamin, your soup, and the others, but soup and water first

  20. Hello I’ve just started the CSD yesturday wondering how long does it take before you start seeing a difference.

  21. started this diet Monday and really looking forward to meat tomorrow , im doing alright on it but hating no having no energy as i always go to the gym and boxing and im really looking drawn in the face :/ oh well im on day 4 now not long to go yay

  22. Today was my first day on the CSD. Eating Soup first thing in the morning is challenging but I managed. I did add low sodium veg/chk broth (my mistake). Now I’m concerned about how that will affect my weight loss/detox. For my next batch I will only use water and low sodium V8.
    I did have a few moments where I got cravings and I had to walk away from the kitchen when my kids were eating their food because the food on their plates way watching me. LOL. All in all I am trying to keep positive and motivated. I am so glad I found you and your site. Thx and wish me luck

    • Just keep moving forward. Walk away form the kitchen while your kids eat…just remember…you and your family are worth sticking with the plan!
      You can do this!

  23. I am only able to stomach the cabbage soup once sometimes twice a day, it’s usually a 2 cup serving. But I cooked up a cabbage/onion “stir-fry” (no salt or fat added, just herbs and spices) I am following everything else to a T. Will this make a huge differance? I am on Day 3 now.

  24. If I dont eat the rasberries whats the worst that can happen and is it okay if I have balsamic vinaigrette on my ”leafy” veggies?

  25. Hi, this is Julie.

    This is day 3 for me. If I can make it through the 7th day, could I do this once/month? I am concerned that what I am losing is water .I have lost 5# and I don’t know how this is possible.
    I have been losing steadily for 10 1/2 months (42#) by just eating what I know I should (and also cheating when I feel too deprived), but I hit the skids recently and gained 8 back in 2 or 3 weeks. I knew I had to do something to get it back off quickly to get my confidence back or I’d fall off the wagon for good. People tell me how good I am looking, which is so helpful, but I have about 35# to go, and sometimes…that scale…I could throw it into a black hole!!! I know I shouldn’t step on it all the time, but if I don’t see progress I get down on myself.

    My friend of close to 40 years told me to try this diet because she knew how desperate I was to find something quick. She’s never had a weight issue, but she does like to look good!

    So thank you for making this available, online, and free of charge!

  26. I have cravings at night to eat all the time it wont go away i eat vegies lean meats and fruits all the time no bad stuff. i dont know what else to do.

  27. I will be staring my diet today and I wanted to. Know how muvh weight to u really lose? ?plus exercise I only want to lose 20 pounds and tightin up everything if u have done this. Diet please let me know how much u lost the first week so I don’t exspect to loose 10 and onlt loose 5

  28. Today was my first day on the csd. I did have some cravings but I ate more soup and drank lots of water ( i hope thats ok). I have been reading so many success stories and it just motivates me even more. I was diagnosed with Lupus right after I had my daughter. The flare up I had caused me to be on lot and lots of meds including a high dosage of steroids. Within 2 months of taking the steroids I gained 90lbs!!! I was never bigger than 155 so this kind of put me in a state of shock! My mother had kidney failure and 2 transplants because of lupus and my grandmother and grandfather died from it. So Fast forward to now four years later. Ive been in remission for over 1 year. I’ve been working out, and trying different types of diets. Ive been reading up on the csd for awhile now and i’ve heard nothing but positive reviews from friends and reading reviews and blogs online. My doctor gave me the okay to do it so I am anxious to see the result and to hopefully completely change my eating habits. I want to feel better for me and not any one else. I don’t like to sound selfish but ultimately it is about me and my wellbeing. I have a beautiful daughter and I want to see her grow.

  29. what is the normal amount of sodium a person is suppose to have? It seems there’s some in everything. Will update my progress as I continue on my journey to a healthier, happier life. Thanks again

  30. i am going start cabbage diet plan, i want to ask, in 7 days plan , what will i have eat besides cabbage soup, kindly tell me,

  31. I’m six days on the diet I need to get my blood pressure and diabeties under control, I am a widower and only know how to fry stuff, so I made me a big pot of soup and that all I have eaten, I really love it, but I need to have a little different stuff to eat, but don’t know what?I’m walking 30 minutes every a/m and I go danceing 3 nights a week so I’m very active, but I need some sort of daily menu, without sugar in it……thank you……….God bless all of you guys……………

    • I’d recommend picking up a cookbook that features healthy food! I’m a college student, and I’ve not cooked too much on my own, but there are several out there, and the directions are not at all difficult to follow, as long as you have an idea of what you’re doing (or google ;D)

  32. Hi, i am on day 4 and i have lost 5 pounds. yippy. Tomorrow is my meat and tomatoes day. is there something else i can have besides tomatoes? thanks Ruth

  33. i have started it three days back and my friends notice a small amount of weight reduce in meee thank youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Wow I am just amazed with this diet! I started it on Monday, and today is only Thursday and I have lost 9 lbs. so far!! I have not cheated at all, and I have made sure to eat at least 3 big bowls of soup per day, plus LOTS OF WATER, and I have also made sure I do at least 25 minutes of cardio a night (Just dance 4). If this diet is followed to the T, you definitely will see results quick, and what a huge motivator that is! Happy cleansing Everyone!!

  35. plz let me know can we use sweetcorns and baked beans in tomato sauce(available in cans)also gains weight …………..especially belly fat?
    plz tell me will this cabbage soup also reduce belly thigh nd hips fat………plz reply

  36. I will be starting this diet as I have 60# I would like to lose and was wondering what to use in place of potato chips when I saw the comments about kale chips and sweet potato chips. Back to the store I go.

  37. Hi! I just wanted to add a few comments if that is okay. I am finally on day 5!! I start my morning with a warm glass of water with juice from a quarter of a lemon. Also finding that 100% Cranberry juice can be hard, yet worth the search. I live in Northern MB Canada and sometimes we have a difficult time even finding cabbage – if you can believe it!! We have a safeway here and I found a few years ago R. W. Knudsen “Just Cranberry”. It is 100% cranberry juice. So that is also a part of my daily routine. ( also useful for bladder detox )

    I do blend a large bowl of cabbage soup and then 1/2 it and add more unblended soup to make it different. I used Cayenne Pepper, onion powder, basil, and garlic powder as spices in my soup.

    I also use NO SALT ADDED – chicken broth and NO SALT ADDED cans of tomatoes.

    I was a tad confused about the soup mix – then discovered a comment by another site, about using soup mix without the noodles…ok – so I found a package of chicken noodle soup and took out all the noodles so all I had left was the soup base. Would that be correct? If so, then the next time I make the soup, I will be looking for a Sodium reduced version of soup base..

    The issue of no added salt is not hard for me as we have adopted this practice into our family since the kids were just babes. No salt shakers get put on to our table.

    There are many product in the market that are now sodium reduced so it makes it easy to do..

    My last comment for today, would be to let you know that I have lost 6 pounds and I am on day 5. I can feel the change in my body already. Thank you for your e-book and your facebook page.

  38. my mom used veggie broth in our soup and water. I just read that we weren’t supposed to use broth???? will this affect my results??? I do go to the gym everyday.

  39. Hi I just started today. I had soup only and still fine without the fruits after lunch. Will it be okay if i just have soup only without other foods recommended.

  40. Is this diet safe to use when you regular exercise. I workout 5 days a week an if possible this diet could contribute a lot to my weight loss programme. But will I be getting the nutrients needed to maintain a healthy workout?

  41. I found this csd the other day. I was 85kg when I weighed myself on Monday and when I weighed this morning I am sitting on 83kg. I am so thrilled. I initially wanted to do it for 3 days only but I’ve decided to go all the way.

  42. you gave a list of foods we can eat eat other days.. when can I start eating those foods and how much of them can I eat

  43. Thank you for providing this free diet .. I started it today. I usually take either weetabix or Special K for breakfast as I am on intensive exercise regime. Will this affect diet? I also used aubergine, spinach, onion, Brussel sprouts, carrots and tomatoes with very little cabbage as I didn’t have much available.. Will these do for this week till I can stock up next week? Thank you for your response.

  44. I wanted to start the CSD, but I am a vegetarian. I gained all my weight from being pregnant and never lost it (thanks, genetics!) Can I substitute tofu for meat?

  45. I have just made my soup and am starting in the morning!!! I just would like to know if it is ok to have lemon wedges in my water? I have a hard time drinking plain water but find the lemon so refreshing in there.

  46. hi everyone, my name is Papita i am from SA, i want to lose 10 kg’s as i am now on 75kg’s. i hope this diet works, i made my soup last night and will just refrigerate it for the 7 days, and warm it up if i want to eat. is that okay, or should i make it daily??

  47. I added Knorr Chicken Cubes to my soup & just shredded cabbage into the broth. I tried making the recipe as the one listed but just could not stomach it & almost vomited. Will this have the same effect?

    • I would suggest googling other vegetable soup diets! This one is obviously not a good choice for you as you need to like cabbage!!!

  48. I cheated big time today it was my 3rd day I got temp n body aches so bad my mum forcefully made me eat a traditional dish chicken rice on dinner I ate to my content to help me gain energy back n cud have med should I continue my diet or just cease it here ? Plz helpppppp

    • Hi, sounds like you should cease it from here as it’s not normal to get really bad muscle aches or temperature problems. Count calories instead and exercise!!

      • Hi Cathy em much better now lost 4lbs n day 4 made me energetic as well I wanna ask if I cud have guava or cantaloupe instead of tomatoes on day 5 as watermelon is no more available here now its season is over here

          • Cathy sorry to bother u again n again but just wanna ask I noticed two lbs gain today after finishing my day 5 help any quick tip( I started my periods as well today ) also feeling so full after having a chicken steak in dinner . I also had cantaloupe instead of tomatoes n two bowls of soup

          • Sounds like you’ve got some extra water weight going on. The fruit has more water content than the acidic tomatoes and with your period it is just nature. Don’t give up keep going it should balance out.

  49. On my 2nd day of the CSD…I purchased Walden Farms salad dressing which is “zero everything” or so they say. Is this OK to use? Thanks for your help! Michael

    • Hi Michael,

      The only problem I see with the dressing is that some have soy or blue cheese in it. If you got the Balsamic Vinaigrette

      it is probably the best one to go with. A drop here or there isn’t going to make you gain weight it’s only if you use a LOT. It sounds like pretty good dressing. Where did you buy it at?

      • Hello Cat! Thanks for your reply. I did in fact buy the Balsamic Vinaigrette. I live in Orlando and shop at Publix and I buy it from there. I have purchased directly through Walden Farms. I just noticed that there is salt (sodium 260mg) but no sugar and it’s fat free. I’ll only use a very small amount just to be safe. I’m looking forward to my baked potato tonight!!
        Thanks again!!

          • Today is day 3 for me and I’ve lost 7lbs. Does that sound right? Walden Farms has all kinds of sauces to choose from including chocolate!! I’m not sure how that would be but it’s not bad for what it is…and it says “zero sugar, zero carbs”…Good Luck!!

          • Wow that is great! You are losing more than the average amount so awesome!! The chocolate sounds dangerous! Keep going!!

          • Thanks Cat!! I’m down 2 more pounds this morning. Today is day #4 and since I LOVE milk, I’m very excited!!! Thanks again for your support!!

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