10 Foods To Make You Happier!

smilews4Did you know laughing burns calories??

It’s true – studies show chuckling burns 1.3 calories per minute – so if you laugh with your friends or significant other during a 90 plus minute movie, you can shed more than a few calories and not even realize it!

Laughing and, in general, being happy will lead you to be more outgoing and active, and to enjoy life more.

Some foods will make you feel horrible – like fast food, which gives you a fleeting moment of being satisfied until the blood sugars get out of whack and you come crashing down, feeling horrible (and probably hungry again, too).

Other foods do the opposite – and those are the foods to reach for.

The foods below provide a variety of benefits, ranging from magnesium to regulating blood sugar.  I will spare you the scientific explanations, but I suggest you add these to your shopping list soon!

10 Foods To Make You Happier!

  • -Mussels
  • -Salmon
  • -Organic Eggs
  • -Grass Fed Lamb or Beef
  • -Cherry Tomatoes
  • -Swiss Chard
  • -Asparagus
  • -Dark Chocolate
  • -Greek Yogurt
  • -Honey

Did you notice, with only a few exceptions, that all of these items are on the Cabbage Soup Diet list?

One benefit of the Cabbage Soup Diet, and clean eating in general, is an overall happier disposition with increased energy levels to boot…and of course, more calories burned!!