14 Pounds Gone – Catherine’s Way!

14 Pounds Gone …..Soup, Moderation, Mindful Eating

Catherine here,
Yes, I’m really talking about myself. I’ve lost 14 pounds since my March blog on Hearts of Palm linguine along with cabbage soup and moderation.

If you are not familiar with my blogs I suggest you check them out at my website and click on the blog section at the top of the page. It has helpful hints for low calorie snack ideas and how to really stay full without starving!

After I did the Cabbage Soup Plan I restricted my calories to about 1,200 to 1,500 per day. My foods were low calorie but were large amounts as I like to stay full. So I bought the grocery store’s brand of Hearts of Palm and cut them up adding celery, tuna, onion, olives and some parmesan cheese to make a huge salad that looked really high in calories but wasn’t at all! I also ate a lot of scrambled eggs with turkey sausage and mushrooms. Cabbage soup and almonds were my snack buddies.

As the pounds started melting off my summer wardrobe from two years ago began to fit again!
If you want to learn more about the Cabbage Soup 7 Day plan you can check out the Cabbage Soup Diet and recipe by Clicking Here.

After the diet, remember to eat lean protein, whole grains, green veggies, fruits and healthy fats every day not just once in awhile. You have to retrain your mind and body into a healthy lifestyle.
To Your Health,


PS: If you’d like to flavor up your cabbage soup , check out my two seasoning packs. Two great flavors to pick from! Regular and Tomato Basil!!