15 Quick Tips To Lose Weight Now!

There are so many small changes we can make that will lead to BIG RESULTS!!  Overtime, develop these as habits, and you’ll be losing weight and keeping it off like never before.

If you have any other tips, leave them in the comments!

1. Skip the creamer. For your coffee or tea, swap from a fattening creamer (like half-n-half, or whole milk) to a milk alternative, like soy, coconut, or almond milk. Personally, I use Rice Dream ricemilk in my coffee. You’ll lose GRAMS of fat per day with that simple swap. Wouldn’t you rather eat your calories than drink them?

2. Pair Up – Even if you don’t have a “gym buddy” officially, even planning an evening walk around the block with your neighbor after dinner will get your blood pumping.

3. Use These! Condiments like red pepper flakes, or taking a whiff of a peppermint oil, is going to reduce your appetite on the spot! I wrote about these in a previous blog post – 2 Products To Help Curb Your Appetite.

4. Put It On Ice! According to recent studies, adding some ice to your beverage (which should be water, at least 8 glasses per day) will help to burn fat as your body works to warm you up.

5. Dilute it: If you cannot resist a glass of sugary juice, or you keep it on hand for your kids, just dilute it a bit.  Start with just a splash of water and add more over time.

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6. Dream it, don’t eat it: If you fantasize about something you’re craving, odds are you will feel satisfied without even taking a bite. How easy is that?!

7. Skip the banana: If you start your day with a protein shake with a banana, switch it to some seasonal berries.  Many varieties of berries have even MORE fiber than a banana and plenty of protein, so you’ll stay fuller, longer.

8. Eat Breakfast – Yes, this is on every To Do For Weight Loss list. Why? BECAUSE IT IS SO IMPORTANT AND WORKS SO WELL. Eat something in the morning!!

9. Stop Eating After 7pm: Give your body time to burn off your dinner. Stop eating after 7pm. If you need a snack, grab something crunchy, substantial  filling, AND healthy, like half of an apple.

10. Park further away.  You know those annoying people who stalk customers heading to their cars in parking lots, in order to wait for the closest possible spot? Don’t be that person!!  Park just a litttttle further away and walk into the store. Easy!

11. Use a small plate. Studies show we eat exactly what is on our plate. So, logic says, make the plate smaller!!  Your brain will still think you’re eating a full plate of food, because you are.

12.  Do someone a favor! If you have a neighbor or know someone who could use some physical help – walk the dog, pick weeds from the garden – go ahead and offer to help. You’ll get some exercise, make a new friend, and feel good for volunteering. Wins all around!

13.  Write it down! This isn’t news, exactly, but studies show that documenting every morsel you eat will make you more accountable and will help you eat less, overall.

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14. Remove the skin! Skin on your chicken breast can add 100 calories per serving. AND can be greasy and fatty and yucky. No thanks!

15. Skip bottled dressing! I saved this for last because maybe you’re already doing it! During your Cabbage Soup Week, bottled salad dressing is a NO! There are so many grams of sugar, preservatives, and unnecessary fats and salts – even in ‘lite’ or ‘reduced fat’ dressing.  Make your own – try a splash of olive oil and a squeeze of fresh lemon – and you’ll never want that bottled junk again!

Okay, there are 15 quick changes to make right now.  What small changes have you been making in your routine??  Leave me comments!

To Your Health,


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