2 Products To Help Curb Your Appetite

When you’re trying to lose weight, you have to be conscious of every move you make and every morsel you eat.

And, any little tip or trick helps, right?

These two products, proven to help curb your appetite were news to me, so I wanted to share them with you!

Hit The Grocery Store

Peppermint is the first new product you need to pick up!

You can find peppermint oil at a health food store, and experts say even the mere smell of the oil will make you eat even a little bit less.  He recommends either taking a sniff of some oil every couple hours, or – super easy – just chew some peppermint gum throughout the day!

Obviously, this alone wont make you lose weight, but as part of your new, post-Cabbage Soup healthier lifestyle, it will help just a bit.

Make Moves That Count

In addition to eating better, you’re going to have to MOVE to keep from re-gaining the Cabbage Soup pounds you lost!

Add Spice To Your Life

The second product is even easier to find, it is about $3 or less, and I bet many of you already use something like this…

Next time you’re in the store, grab a shaker full of Red Pepper Flakes!

Peppers, and spicy foods in general, release capsaicin which fights fat you already have and helps reduce your appetite.

Red pepper has high levels of capsaicin and it’s also what they make red pepper flakes from, so grab a bottle today!

Please note: hot sauce does contain capsaicin too, but it does also have sugar and other non-natural ingredients.  Try a jalapeno or chilies, too – like hatch chili, so amazing and spicy!! – for a fresh kick of hot, tasty spice.

What is your favorite spicy recipe??  Please share below – I am always looking for new recipes!

To Your Health,


  • Kennethnjoy

    A quick and easy salsa and you can make it as hot as you want. And it’s with fresh veggies. 6 large tomatoes chopped finely. 1 large onion chopped finely. 3/4 cup green chili peppers finely chopped. After chopping the first ingredients place in a colander and drain for 30 minutes. Place ingredients in a large bowl and add 1 tsp of vinegar and 1 tsp of salt. This is only a salsa starter you can add to this to make it your own.

    Also just wanted to let you know I’ve lost 40 pounds. I’m 7 pounds from my goal weight..
    Thank you bunches for getting me going!

  • Alogen

    Wow, I have peppermint growing in my garden and a large bottle of red pepper flakes
    in my cupboard. I’m on the cabbage soup diet for the third time in about three months.
    Every time I’m on it I have success. Thanks so much for all your tips.

    • You’re welcome, and congrats for all your hard work!

      • JJ

        What kind of fruits would you suggest? I had mostly red grapes, strawberries, and frozen raspberries the last time. How about apples , oranges , and what else ? Are frozen fruits and vegetables as good for the diet? I know you are supposed to wait 2 weeks between diets, but I need to get into a dress very soon. Can it hurt you if you onolt wait one week, and what would be the dangers?

        • You may not lose as much the second time around, but really there is no danger. Apples oranges, anything is okay. Really, the only veggies to AVOID are beans, peas, corn.

          • Fortuna

            can I switch the days. lets say switch day 5 with 3?

        • Ani

          this diet is also a form of the General motors diets.. they say if you eat more melons the first day you can lose an additional 3 lbs..like cantaloupe, watermelons..etc.. I know Im late on your reply but maybe next time.

  • Fay_is

    I add 2 red hot pepper to my soup ilove it very hot and spicy. how long can one stay on the soup diet ? Did you get my e-mail about( BREAKFAST IN THE MORNINGS)

    • I think I got back to you, Fay. It’s 7 Days only, then transition to something else, like the Diet Solution which is a sustainable, long term plan!

  • Jennylbrown

    Another great one is spicy tomato soup, 2 pints veg stock, 2 red onions, 2 red peppers, 2 Tins of chopped tomatoes, 3 teaspoons of Tabasco! 30 mins in the pot – blend! I also sprinkle chills flakes on mine:)

    • That sounds good, too! You all make me want to start a recipe page!!

      • Jnlhouck

        A recipe page would be GREAT!

  • Lisa

    On the beef and tomato day, can you eat beef jerky?

    • Hi Lisa, I think you’re the one who emailed me… no go, too much salt 🙂

  • Glenna

    Thanks Catherine,

    I lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks.
    I chew alot of gum and on the weeks I am not doing the cabbage soup I eat small meals throughout the day. I also eat plenty veggies and fruit.


    • lacey

      Glenna, Keep up the good work! Make sure not to do this diet more than 1 time per month or so. If you need suggestions of a long term program, send me an email – catherine@cabbage-soup-diet.com. Take care!

  • Claire

    Can you use the skimmed milk on day 4 to drink latte?

  • Lprice1961

    If you stay on the plan exactly as required, what is the average weight loss for 1 week. Just in general.

    • Hard to say since every0ne starts at a different weight, changes the recipe, etc, but its usually from 3-10 pounds.

  • Greeneyes20

    I’m on day 2 of the csd… I have a question … I’m a every day drinker I haven’t had any alcohol since I started the diet would a little vodka be ok to drink if it’s not mixed drink?

    • Not this week 🙂 Many grain vodka is made from grain and sugar, we don’t want that this week. Plus, one leads to two, two lead to hunger, and to maybe cheating and so on. Some versions of this diet allow a glass of red wine each night, so that might be OK, but I’ve never seen a version that allowed hard liquor.

  • genevieve

    ive added red pepper flakes,paprika and freshly sliced coliander..this soup’s from heaven!

  • Grayrod1312

    I’m about to start the cabbage soup diet. I’m going out for dinner on saturday, so I’m timing it so I have the right day on saturday. I wanted to ask about Swiss chard. Is it ok. I have a ton of it in my garden.

  • Christine

    I’m on the 5th day with the diet and I’m craving breakfast…. What can you really eat for breakfast whilst on the diet

    • Soup!! I know its weird, but only a few days left! 🙂

    • Tpkay7

      I’m also on day 5 today, hate tomatoes but will make it work. I’m going to make Kenneth’s salsa:)

      • Instead of tomatoes, you can do red pepper. Hope that reached you in time! 🙂

    • MANS


    • Buckleysandra132@gmail.com

      I sprayed the pan with 1 cal olive oil spray and fried plenty of tomatoes and mushrooms, very tasty

  • Lisa Marie

    Is it ok to make the soup without all the veggies? Will it do the same trick? Forgot my peppers n carrots!

    • Leaving out a few veggie is OK, just add more of the others!

      What SOME people ask, which is a NO WAY, is if they can just drink the soup liquid and not eat the veggies. If that is what you’re asking (I dont think it is but I want to cover all bases) than thats not ok 🙂

  • chachachica

    I am on day one. Made my soup yesterday; it is clear that salt is the one missing flavor enhancer, but with all of the veggies I find this soup very flavourful nonetheless (I used the low sodium V8 in the base). I believe a lot of the flavor I was able to create came from sauteing the onions, celery and carrots (making a mirepoix) creating a fond on the bottom of the pot, which was then scaped off the bottom when the cooking liquids were added.

    I opted not to season my soup in the pot; this way I can modify the flavour of the soup each time I heat a new batch (on the stove) and thus add some variety through the use of different herbs and spices.

    In an attempt to appease my urge to eat snacky foods, I have thinnly sliced two apples, spinkled them with cinnamon, and baked them on a baking sheet (single layer) at 350F for 25-30 minutes (then down to 200F for 15 minutes to finish drying them out). Yummy!

    I am looking forward to all of my veggies tomorrow! Thank you for providing such a fantastic resource!

  • sonia

    If I used all the vegetable from cabbage soup and sautee them together instead of making them as soup, will this diet still work. I dont like soup 🙁

    • You need the water/broth that comes from the soup. You can make the soup then blend in a blender so its like a juice though, what do you think of that?

  • An On Going Battle

    Can I put Splenda and cinnamon on apple slices and microwave?

    • If you’re on the Cabbage Soup, no to splenda, yes to cinnamon

  • shaz

    Hi this is my first time on this csd. First day was good as i love my fruits, but finding soup very bland put spices as Iwent long. With constant visit to the bathroom I lost two pounds. Second day woke with dizziness but made myself roasted veg for breakfast so dizzy spells soon passed. Roasted veg gain for lunch and soup, and evening meal baked potato with roasted veg went down a treat. On day three Headaches due to low sugar, but i know it will pass with time. Im looking forward to each day and to see the results by the end of week as I want to fit in a lovely gown for my daughters wedding in Easter.

  • Beppeofnine

    can we eat olives?

    • Since most are stored in a salty brine, I would have to say no 🙁

    • Since most are stored in a salty brine, I would have to say no 🙁

  • Rossigrl84

    I don’t like onions, is it okay to omit the green onions?

  • deppech

    The version I have says you can drink club soda. Is that an allowed substitute instead of the diet soda?

  • Valfroggatt

    what can i eat for breakfast on vegetable day

  • Sandra

    After the banana day, I had a real problem with constipation. What can I do the next time I do my week? Stopped up in AL?

  • Reading_is_the_best

    Hi, i got a few questions that i need to know the answer for
    1.) could you eat any type of sugar free gum or just peppermint?
    2.) Could you eat tomato soup on the tomato and beef day?
    3.) How could you lose the most weight on the C.S.D?
    4.) final question here, do you have any quick, easy and healthy recipes i could try during the CSD or when the week is over?
    Any answers will be helpful. thank you.

    • 1) No gum, for best results.
      2) No. Only have your Cabbage Soup
      3) Follow the plan to the T, don’t cheat, and dont add salt. Dont drink anything besides water, black tea or coffee (and skim milk on Day 4 only)

  • CB

    OK I want to try this diet, but I have a HUGE obstacle. I can’t stand COOKED cabbage. I will eat it in a salad, but can’t stand it cooked, and the smell……EEEEK…….Any suggestions???

    • margaret

      use a blender

  • Carolkiiru

    Hi Catherine for the soup do i ea also the cabbages and all the vegies?

  • Suli_valesente

    Catherine, I have two questions:
    1. why do you recommend bouillion on the recipe? I thought they are high in salt/sodium?
    2. where is the water in the recipe? I thought in order to loose all the water in our body to loose weight, we need to drink plenty of water, am I right?
    Thank you in advance for your response!

    • One cube in your entire soup wont hurt your results, and we do need some sodium daily. You should only be drinking water, 8-10 big glasses per day

  • Steven

    What a great diet on my 3rd day and already lost 4 3/4 pounds been doing light modrate exercise aswell to keep my mind busy as i have cravings but otherwise going ok

  • Amymarie 3b

    Catherine, I would like the soup so much more if it had more cabbage in it. Would it be okay to add more cabbage to the soup? Thank you so much for this site, it is such a big help!

  • jcosten

    I might have listened to Rob and his better half but he just went on and on nedver getting to the point so clicked him off!!

  • I only lost 4 pounds on the cabbage soup diet and followed it to the tee. My husband is on a diet his doctor gave him and lost 17 lbs in one week. Why are you trying to sell a lot of additional products?

    • I suggest other products I have tried to help people get to their long term goals. The Cabbage Soup Diet is only a one week diet, and 4 pounds is a great start to a more long-term program, like the ones I’ve suggested

    • I suggest other products I have tried to help people get to their long term goals. The Cabbage Soup Diet is only a one week diet, and 4 pounds is a great start to a more long-term program, like the ones I’ve suggested

    • Towanna200

      what diet did your husband do and please give me the detail thx.

  • esterlina bauttista

    so nice about it hoping it will be effective to me now that I’m trying to reduce my weight.

  • wantstoloose

    ok to everybody starting this diet let me just tell you…1ST you will think it is amazing because the soup really isnt that bad and you can eat all you want but (theres always a but) after 2-3 days of soup you are going t0 be sick of it 2nd all you do is fart and let me tell you they stink BAD. 3rd the banana day is the worst all you can eat is that damn soup and bananas, 4TH you will loose weight if you stick to it but s soon as its over the weight creeps back up faster than it dissapeared. I recomend this diet to anybody that needs to loose weight for a special occasion like a wedding a vacation to the beach or even a special night out cause once that special occasion is over you will notice the weight came right back…good luck to everybody and sorry for being so honest but that is just how it gos.

    • I am sorry you had a bad go with it! I’ve done this diet pretty much monthly for years and haven’t ever had bad gas, it is all different for everyone.

      On the banana day, you could have bananas, and if you need a break, you could also eat papaya, kiwi, and apricot, and you should have milk as well. Most people make a banana/milk smoothie to get it down quicker.

      You’re right, if you go back to your regular diet, you will gain the weight back. This is a one week cleanse best for an event or celebration, I agree!!

  • Ogarza

    SALSA: 6 med. tomatoes, 4 serrano peppers, 1/2 onion and 2 loves garlic.
    Broil all four with a Olive oil on oven when roasted blend in blender then put in sauce pan, sea salt to taste cook over med to low heat until reduce by 1/2. You can also grill over fire and follow the same.

  • TDA

    Is there an alternative to the banana day? What if this is omitted and only eat the soup and fruit?

  • Jon

    The key here is CHILI pepper. “Red” pepper may be the relatively unspicy “Bell” pepper, which has no capsaicin. Capsaicin is what generates heat and it has a variety of effects, but the important one in this context is that it moderates appetite.

  • sofia

    thx for all the help i look better then ever i am going to keep it up

  • Neena

    The cabbage soup diet does work, partially because if you stick to it, you will not want to just go back to what you did all along, you’ll want to make changes. The magic in the cabbage soup diet is that after doing it faithfully for a week, and losing weight (which is guaranteed), you MUST see the need to change your eating habits. If this doesn’t happen, you missed the magic!!

  • Rosalind

    I just finish my 7th day I lost 12 lb this time around thankful for the 12 but the first time I did the CSD I lost 27 lb that was because I went from about 4000 cal a day down to little of nothing but the main thing is to keep going and to keepp it OFF thanks Catherine you the best

  • Rusty

    I have done the diet three times over a course of two years. It works just a little hard getting thru the first four days. It is a great diet to boost your confidence and motivate you after the diet to start eating healthier and exercising. You will loose weight.

  • Luci Liu

    Day 4 and only 2 1/2 pounds gone. Hoping for more to go. I added roasted green chile to my soup. Yummy!

  • Audrey Lubin

    What about kian pepper is that same as the pepper Flakes?

    • Yes, any sort of red pepper flake will have that same capcaisin.

  • MJ

    I have found that I am no longer capable of being a vegetarian nor vegan. After day 3 I was so faint and sick feeling I almost passed out! When I added the allotted meat I felt fine again. Weird huh? I would suggest anyone going to do this diet should amp up their fruit and veggie consumption well before they start this diet. I had always thought I was eating enough of them anyway but it is a major shock to the system to eat ONLY veg. That last nigh before the meat addition was so horrible for me I though I was going to vomit all night until morning, I was just that sick. So be careful! Let your body get ready first. Incidentally my new favorite recipe of all time is Bok Choy with ground beef! Mmmmmmmmmm! I could eat that every day! Mix with cabbage/ green and purple/ and you get the most delicious food ever.
    Oh and for me any pepper will help me loose my appetite because it tastes so dang awful! LOL so I guess it would work for me too!

  • pinar

    Hi i am going to be starting this diet tomarrow and i know it’s up to 7 days ..but after that do i still keep going witht he same stuff i need help its my first time trying this out

  • Ann

    I’m on Day 7 now and would like to know how much brown rice to have during the day. Thanks, Catherine- great diet !

  • Stali

    On the veg days I like to eat my steamed broccoli with garlic, chilli and ginger. I fry them in a DROP of olive or avocado oil, just so they don’t taste so raw. YUM.

  • Doreen

    A quick spicy tomato sauce. 1/2cip onion, 2large garlic cloves minced, 2tablespoons of evvo sauté and add 1tsp dried basil, 1tsp. Of dried oregano 1tsp of sugar substitute , 1and 1/2 tsp crushed red pepper sauté one minute add 1tablespoon tomato paste and stir in add 2 28 oz cans of whole San Marrano tomtoes and simmer 30 minutes with potato masher cruch the tomatoes and simmer 20 minutes. Enjoy

  • feri

    OMG!! My co-work has been doing this diet and keep telling me to do it to. But, he keep farts and it really stink BAD!!! I told him and he said: he cannot control it!! So, no one can be around him and if so, then you have to wear one of those gas mask (nuclear)!! 🙁
    On the other hand, he lost weight!

  • Carrie

    Can I substitute almond milk for skim milk?

  • Sindi

    catherine I need a diet plan that I can follow after cabbage soup because i get confuse like what to eat in the morning, afternoon and supper. please help me.

  • Little1105

    I am sure this has been asked b4 but I can’t find it. On day 4…..is a skim latte ok? I figured it is just strong black coffee and skim milk which are both allowed. Thoughts?

  • Little1105

    I am sure this has been asked b4 but I can’t find it. On day 4…..is a skim latte ok? I figured it is just strong black coffee and skim milk which are both allowed. Thoughts?

    • Catherine

      If it is just black coffee and skim milk that would be fine!

  • april

    I’m day 1 & it’s embarrassing…I’m farting so badly & they are vile. Actually Contin plating giving up if day 2 isn’t any better. Anyone else had this problem?
    Also can you swap the days around or have you got to stick to the day religiously? Eg. Swap day 2 for day 4?X

    • Shelley

      Cabbage is known to cause gas. You can try some gas relief products or you might have to quit the diet if it is too uncomfortable for you. You should stick to the order of the menu. Thanks!