New Palmini Linguine

Playing Around with New Palmini Linguine
Palmini in Your Cabbage Soup, Salad, Entree

Catherine here,

One of my faithful readers and cabbage soup seasonings user sent me an email about her new substitute for linguine cravings. You may have heard of it if you watch “Shark Tank”. It’s called Palmini and it’s Hearts of Palm linguine. It’s made out of a natural plant that grows in South America.

I immediately bought a large can of it and I admit it’s expensive but I was not disappointed. I ordered it through Amazon and understand that Whole Foods will be carrying it in the springtime.

I divided the 1 lb. can into six servings. Each serving is 15 calories with 3g carb and 2g protein. It is gluten free and contains zero sugar. It looks just like spaghetti but it’s up to you to season it to your liking. I did some fun experimenting and it was all low calorie!

1) Added a serving to my Cabbage Soup with Tomato Basil Seasoning and it was delicious.
2) On the 7 Day Plan you can eat it on the vegetable days and make your own tomato sauce for it. Puree some basil, fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic and green pepper and simmer. Once ingredients are soft you can put on top of your linguine and feel like you have just blown the diet when you haven’t at all!
3) When not on the 7 Day Plan you can eat the vegetable linguine with a low calorie sauce and a bit of parmesan and you will still be eating healthy!!
4) Lastly I heated up some cabbage soup for dinner and had the warmed linguine with some fresh cooked shrimp -seasoned with lemon, garlic and parsley – and it was delicious. A teaspoon of parmesan still makes it another low calorie choice for you so you do not feel deprived!

If you still need to shed a few pounds before you slip into your white pants or Easter dress remember the Cabbage Soup Diet is a fast 7-day plan to help you jumpstart your weight loss goals. You can lose anywhere from 4 to 10 pounds – everyone has different results.
To Your Health and a great spring!


PS: If you’d like to spice up your soup and make it taste great, click here to checkout my two seasoning packs. The Tomato Basil is spicier for those that like a bolder taste and just a pinch of it on the Palmini makes you feel like you are cheating on your diet!!!