3 Healthy Grains To Try Now

Catherine here,

Carbs, like wheat and grains, often get a bad reputation for making you put on weight.

But guess what?

It isn’t the grain itself – it’s everything else.

Think about store-bought bread, like sandwich bread, sold in a loaf.  How long does it stay on the shelf? A few weeks, probably.  And then you buy it and take it home, and it’s still good for a couple weeks.


Major food companies add all types of NOT natural and NOT healthy ingredients to make things last longer on the shelves and to make them taste better. 

Did you know that loaf of bread has sugar? And salt? 

No, thank you!

THAT is the kind of fatty, not good for you, carbs that people mean when they say carbs lead to weight gain…it’s really the sugar, salt, and other artificial ingredients that make you gain weight.

So, what can we do about it?

Eat These Three Grains!

Good grains are those that are high in fiber, which helps you to feel full and avoid over-eating.  The good ones also contain B vitamins, and antioxidants.  Eat them in small quantities and you’ll feel good AND still lose weight!


Barley has an incredibly high fiber content and is now known to help lower bad cholesterol.  Eat it as a side in place of rice!


Bulgur Wheat, as you may have seen it written before, tastes nutty and is high in fiber like barley.  You can find it in an organic form inexpensively at a health food store.  It is incredibly low in fat but filling, so it’s great for lunch or dinner dishes.


You may not have heard of teff yet, but you should! Teff is gluten-free!!!!! Yes! A GRAIN that is high in fiber and gluten friendly!  Love it! Teff has a lot of fiber – but it also has as much calcium as spinach, which is very helpful!


Quinoa is a bonus addition because it isn’t a true ‘grain’ like the others.  However, I wanted to add it here because it has similar properties to the others, tastes great, and can take the place of rice or any of the whole grains listed above.

To your health,


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