3 Tips For Perfect, Instant Portion Control


Over-eating, or eating too much, is a major reason we gain weight.  But sometimes it is hard to tell if we are eating too much.

Here are three instant, easy, free tips to control your eating!

Tip #1: Use A Smaller Plate!

If you want to see a big full plate to feel like you had a big, filling meal, load that plate up – but use a smaller size!  Most of us have 12 inch plates, and I’ve seen plenty of friend’s homes with gigantic dishes that were the ‘every day’ meal plates.  Using even just a 10 inch plate instead will trick the eye, trick the belly, and you’ll still be full – automatically consuming less!

Tip #2: Use Smaller Bowls!

Same idea at work here, too.  This is an especially helpful tip for those of us who love sweets. I admit it. I like ice cream. And I could eat a gigantic bowl of it. Instead, I use a tiny bowl (or even a mug) and put my treat in there.  I am still satisfied, but I am eating less. (And, one other tip: never, ever eat it out of the carton because then you cannot keep track of what you’ve consumed.)

Tip #3: Divide The Plate!

About ½ of your plate should be filled with veggies.  I do not mean beans or other legumes, I mean spinach or cabbage or a varied salad, or something like that. Green veggies. The other half of the plate should be divided into two: one for your protein (meat, fish, etc) and one for your starches (pastas, rice, etc). Once you see it layed out, you’ll know what it should look like.  You may even HAVE some divided up plates for your kids, and there is no reason you shouldn’t use them, too! (Your kids will love it – and you’ll be teaching them healthy eating, too).

There are plenty more tips to help us eat correctly – and in correct amounts – but the tips above are quick, easy, cheap AND THEY WORK.

Do you have any other quick tips for portion control?

To your health,

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  • Amy

    Do I need to worry about portion control on this diet? It is it ok to completely stuff myself with the soup, fruit and veggies?

    • Dre

      Amy, I read that we do not have to worry about portion control on this diet. We should always feel full. The diet will not work if you starve yourself. 🙂