3,500 Calories in One Day? NOOOOO

Catherine here,

You know it’s true – you can easily eat over 3,500 calories at one Thanksgiving meal! And if you have two houses to go to in one day – oh my bring out the elastic waist pants!

That old saying – Stuff the bird and not yourself – is so true! You have to be careful or you will be blowing your weight loss in one day! You’ve worked too hard for that scenario!

Here is the breakdown of the fattening traditional foods:

Mashed Potatoes (1 cup) with (1/2 cup) Gravy: 290 calories: reduce the calories with 2% milk, and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. Use a Tablespoon of gravy or none at all. My favorite Green Bean Casserole (230 calories per cup): to reduce the calories cut out the French fried onion rings and use 2% milk. Stuffing: (360-400 calories per cup): take 1/4 cup instead. Traditional Candied Yams with Marshmallows on top and pecans (205 calories per cup):you can skip the brown sugar and butter to help reduce calories. Homemade rolls or biscuits (average 175 with the butter): eat half a roll and skip the butter or use Smart Balance. Cranberry Sauce store brand canned (420 calories a cup): take a Tablespoon and move on. The main event the Turkey (ditch the skin) 6 ounces of white meat: 230 calories vs 6 ounces of dark meat: 320 calories. So eating the white meat will save you 90 calories and again ditch the skin. Opt for Olives (4 calories each) instead of Stuffed Celery (as much as 136 calories a large stalk – or eat celery plain).
Now for the best part Pecan Pie (1 slice): 500 calories yikes. Pumpkin pie with topping (1 slice): 450 to 500 calories. Skip the topping and crust to save on calories or just eat half a slice.

Topped off with Wine or Beer around the football game and you can rack up about 600 more calories. If you drink bring Skinnygirl wine and low calorie/carb beer. Avoid the cheese and cracker plates and get the plain celery and carrot sticks instead. You have to sacrifice somewhere right?

So you see how easy it is to get one day’s calories in one meal. So enjoy the food, family, and then try a new tradition – go for a long walk!

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The recipe and diet plan are on that website!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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