4 Healthy Foods To Stock Up On!

Catherine here,

If you’re in a rush, resist the urge to hit the drive through line!

Don’t ruin that diet and all your good efforts with making bad choices because you’re busy or because you haven’t gone grocery shopping recently.

There are a few foods you should try to have on hand…and whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can be creative with these items, be full, and still be healthy!

4 Items To Have On Hand

  • Frozen chicken!  Purchasing frozen, skinless chicken breasts in bulk is cost effective and will last a while in the freezer.  Perfect portion control comes easily when you freeze them individually!
  • Frozen Veggies! We all know that eating fresh vegetables in season is the best option, but frozen veggies are worth stocking up on.  Look for veggies flash frozen – they keep the highest amount of nutrients.
  • Eggs! Protein filled, portion safe eggs are great to keep on hand. For a quick snack, hard boil an egg, but make sure to skip that salt.
  • Grains! Brown rice, cous cous, or other lentils, if you prefer, keep well in the cupboard and can be purchased in bulk.  Skip white rice or anything else bleached or with additives.

You can use a combination of these items together, such as eggs with vegetables in the morning in an omelet.  You could pair the chicken with a heaping side of veggies.

Can you think of any good recipes using just the items above and maybe some spices?  Tell me in the comments below or on my Facebook page.

To your health,


  • Elizabeth Tier

    just started diet can you use equal in my tea

    • Catherine

      We prefer you not to because we want this diet to be as healthy and free of unhealthy substitutes. If it doesn’t cause you to crave sugar it might be okay if you absolutely need it!!

  • Ayanni

    My weakness is coffee is there a healthy way to go about drinking it I like cream and sugar, also I’m a huge fan of sweet cakes, ice cream, cookies in the list goes on, is there any healthy snacks ?

    • Catherine

      If you use stevia or skim milk or soy milk just not the whole milk that helps some. Try to cure your cravings for sweets with fruits. Try a banana frozen or blend it with fruit and lowfat milk for a low calorie smoothie.

  • Lj

    You can make fried rice with all those ingredients 🙂 just add some peanut oil and low sodium soy sauce for deliciousness 🙂

    • Catherine

      I like fried rice, too. Have to make sure that I don’t eat too much, though!!

  • pam

    On vegetable day (2) whar can I have for breakfast

    • Catherine

      A salad or soup or coffee. I know 🙁

      • pam

        What about an egg? I just cannot eat a salad for breakfast.

        • Cat…

          You could eat 2 egg whites with some veggies on the veggie days.

          • pam

            Just a note to let you know I added red pepper flakes and cayenne pepper to my soup. 1/2 tsp each. If one likes spicy it is really good. We had very little left after my family finished it.

  • nancy

    on day 7 how much rice can you eat

  • Ruth

    Is it okay to eat okra?

    • Catherine

      Yes it is as long as it’s not deep fried!!

  • wendy73girl

    Question – I took some of the soup and blended it in my Nutribullet – gave it a different flavor that was really good! Is this okay to do?

    • Catherine

      That is absolutely fine!!! Glad you are enjoying it!

      • wendy73girl

        Thank you for the reply