4 Weight Loss Myths: Learn The Truth Now!


It is SO hard to keep up to date with the latest and greatest weight loss 

information!  Am I right or what?!

Every day it’s like: Eat this, not that. Okay,

So, here are 4 “myths” that I keep reading about.  I want to set the record straight right now and I’ll update this if I learn anything new.  Of course, comment below if you have anything to add!now eat that and don’t eat this. This is now bad for you. Have that. And on and on…

The 4 myths:

  • Will you gain weight if you eat after 8pm?
  • Does red meat make you gain weight?
  • Are all calories equal?
  • Should I wait until I am FEELING hungry (rumbling tummy) to eat?

Let’s talk about each one.

First: Will you gain weight if you eat after 8pm?  

NO.  Well, it depends on what you eat and how much.  Let’s say you get home from work after 8pm and you haven’t eaten dinner yet.  Should you skip it? No.  Should you eat McDonalds? No.  You should aim for some fresh fruit or veggies and a small serving of lean protein. That will satisfy you, keep your blood sugar stable, and allow you to still fall asleep.

Second: Does red meat make you gain weight? 

NO.  There are plenty of lean cuts of beef that you can have and still lose weight.  However, one key thing is to make sure to cut off the fat! (I mentioned this in my last post. Trimming just a tiny bit of fat off can cut between 6-10 GRAMS of fat per serving! Wow!) Also, choose a lean cut.  Some steak cuts are “marbeled” with fat and meat and those, obviously, are the fattier types of cuts to avoid.

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Third: Are all calories equal?

NO!  In fact, heck no!  This is something I’ve also covered in the past, but I want to

mention again because it is so important.  Eating 100 calories of broccoli is NOT the same as eating 100 calories of cake.  See more here: Calorie Counting Alone Doesn’t Cut It!

Fourth: Should I wait until I am FEELING hungry (rumbling tummy) to eat?

No! You should try to eat at least 3-5 small meals per day.  MY Brilliant readers already know this from doing the Cabbage Soup Diet, right?  Eat small, healthy, frequent meals to keep your metabolism churning and burning!  If you need a quick snack, make yourself some soup or have one of these Guilt-Free Snacks For Adults!

Those are 4 things that I read over and over and over and over again…and read the same wrong comments over and over again!

Glad to set this record straight!

What other myths have you heard?  Leave comments below!

Till next time,