5 Awesome Foods You’re NOT Eating (But Should Be!)

Let’s get out the grocery lists!

In the past, I’ve blogged about items labeled “diet” or “lite” and how many of those items are actually NOT healthier for us.

Well, just the opposite is true.  There are certain foods that we may overlook and these are some of the healthiest (AND INEXPENSIVE) foods available!

If you need constant help with picking the right food choices for YOUR body, you need to listen to my girl, Isabel De Los Rios!  Her video will let you know what “healthy fats” you should be eating, and also, which items to stay far, faaaaaaar away from!

Watch Isabel’s Video HERE!


Beans come in many, many varieties, and can be found world-wide.  They are usually less expensive than meats but have a lot of the same nutritional properties, such as complex carbs, and iron.  Look for DRY beans instead of canned, because “canning” equals salt.


Yes, it is a seasonal fruit, but when it is in season, GAME ON!  Watermelon has vitamins C, A, and lycopene.  It does have a definable about of sugar, but it also contains so much water and is very low in calories.

—-Canned Tomatoes!

Some places called them “tinned” tomatoes, but regardless, tomatoes are really good for you.  They do not add nearly as much sodium as other canned veggies, and actually, with tomatoes, using them to cook with helps to release the lycopene, which helps to prevent certain types of cancers, especially in men.

—-Greek Yogurt! 

Please note: the food that is good for you is the all natural, low fat, plain flavor, low sugar kind.  It is NOT fruit-on-the-bottom, whole milk made, flavored kind. THAT should be considered a dessert, not a diet food. Greek Yogurt, however, has cultures that aid digestion, and has twice the protein of regular (dessert-like) yogurts.  Mix it with real, fresh fruit in a smoothie!

—-Sweet Potatoes! 

Put down the baked and pick up the sweet!  Sweet potatoes are (obviously) sweeter, and even just swapping these for regular potatoes, you’ll use less – or even no – butter at all!  Add a dash of cinnamon (heart healthy spice!) and they are perfect.  Sweet potatoes do have a significant amount of carbs and calories, BUT they also have vitamin C, fiber, potassium, etc.  Don’t get tricked by the calorie count – they are truly SO good for you!

The Full Menu!

Don’t forget, if you need some serious, consistent help about picking the right foods, just ask Isabel!  Click HERE to watch her free video on “good” and bad fats and make sure you have a pen and paper ready for this info!

Okay, there are 5 amazing products you need to pick up now!  Let me know what you think and please add YOUR suggestions in the comments!

  • Linda Mary Edwards

    I was directed to video from your web site and sent off a payment for a book and video but although the money has gone out of my bank,account, I have not received these goods. Can you help? LInda Mary Edwards

  • donna

    I need help with the spicy soup mix. What do i need to get

  • doos

    why do you recommend canned tomatoes and not fresh tomatoes? Is it just because it’s not readily available?

    • amor825

      Maybe because cooking the tomatoes for a long time releases the lycopene, and most of us don’t have a lot of time.

  • Alessandra

    My husband and I just completed a full week on the Cabbage Diet! He was skeptical (I had used the diet years ago with success) at first but when I read the list of foods we could eat, he was impressed. We are very congnizant of the need to detox as well. We followed the diet together — he lost 10 lbs and I lost 8 lbs and are now planning the next phase so we can do another “diet” week in two weeks. He wants to lose 20 lbs by the end of May and my goal is 15 lbs. While we each experienced our own “difficult days” we supported each other. We continued with our daily 1 mile walks, did some yoga and he even did several workouts on the TotalGym. We drank lots of water everyday. Like everyone else we want to make sure we do not backslide. We already planned out our meals for the next two weeks. If you can, get a diet buddy or buddies to keep each other on track.

    Thank you for all the information and help to continue in our weight loss and journey to improved health.


  • sunsee

    What can i use if i can’t find unsweetened cranberry juice? I can only find diet

    • amor825


    • Connie

      Try just putting some mashed fresh cranberries in the water or just put some cucumber slices in your water. It tastes great and is natural!!

  • amor825

    I totally love sweet potatoes. I have been eating white rice for more than 4 decades, and just recently switched to sweet potatoes. I thought I would miss rice, but now, the only person in our house of two who eats rice is my son. Soon I will also be weaning him off of it, especially that he also likes sweet potatoes. Been on sweet potatoes for over 2 and I feel really good.

    • Connie

      Thanks for sharing! Sweet potatoes are great!