5 Foods To Eat For Perfect Skin!

Catherine here,

Staying away from processed foods, cutting down on oily foods, and staying away from alcohol are great ways to improve the skin on your face and all over your body.

Additionally, if you’re having some skin issues – acne caused by stress, or diet related issues, there are a few items you should reach for to help calm and  revive your skin, bringing it back to its original glowing, fabulous state!


Similar to spinach in looks, watercress is a leafy green veggie that is almost peppery in taste.  Watercress is full of antioxidants that flush the system of toxins and also help to remove excess fluids.  (Watercress is also safe to eat on your Cabbage Soup Diet week!)

Bunch of grapesRed Grapes

Wash these before you eat them!  Red grapes contain chemicals shown to help inflammatory skin issues, like psoriasis.  Grapes also contain a natural antihistamine, which means even the worst allergy sufferers will be bothered very little by this food.


Yes, I know that plenty of people dislike the texture and taste of plain tofu…so mask it!  Tofu contains calcium, unsaturated fats, and is a very low fat source of protein.  Iron and copper are in tofu, along with more antioxidants.


Pretty much every member of the berry family boasts skin clearing antioxidants.  Blueberries have a high fiber content, helping you to stay full, which means they make a great snack!  Strawberries have another cosmetic advantage, too: the seeds and skin help to keep teeth white and remove surface stains. One single serving of raspberries contains almost a third of the daily dose of dietary fiber needed to keep your gastrointestinal system running smoothly.  Cranberries are loaded with antioxidants and can help prevent the adhesion of certain bacteria.  Grab some berries on your next trip to the store – summer is the perfect season to try some local treats.

ganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weissAvocado

This might seem obvious to many of you – ever heard of avocado used as a face mask?!  Apply it on your skin or eat it!  Avocados contain vitamin C, they are proven to help reduce skin inflammation, and the oils are thought to help produce collagen.

Did you notice that ALL of these items are Cabbage Soup Diet week safe?!  I know my skin looks great every time I do the CSD.  Did you notice that, too?

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To your health,

  • Faith Etsano

    Can you fast and cabbage diet same time?

    • Catherine

      Do one or the other as it’s not healthy to do both. You don’t want to wear yourself down!

  • joyaa

    kelsa wants

  • Amy

    I thought we aren’t allowed avocados this week?

  • JoAnne

    You aren’t allowed avocados during the diet week but that’s only for 7 days after day it’s okay to eat them in moderation!

  • TZ

    I added some green chilies and cabenaro, now my cabbage soup is very spicy hot, tasty and I like it better. Will this affect my weight loss?

    • Catherine

      That sounds good!!!

  • SueZ

    I agree with most of these suggestions except the tofu. I LOVE tofu & believe it to be very healthy but to suggest it for skin clearing is a little iffy for me. When I used to be vegan I ate TONS of tofu (sometimes for breakfast lunch & dinner!) & while I was on that diet I had the worst severe cystic acne ever (which I’d never had & do not have anymore). I’m not saying this was do to the tofu but it is well known that soy acts as estrogen in the body & sometimes I wonder if the skin problems were hormonal, possibly related to all the soy. Just wanted to point that out, although I know you’re not suggesting to over-indulge in tofu but to enjoy it as part of a healthy diet. Just be careful if you are eating it to help your skin.

    • SueZ

      *due not do! Can’t believe I did that!

    • SueZ

      I would’ve put Wild Salmon instead of Tofu personally. When I switched over it helped my skin immensely! (Not attacking your suggesting, just adding food for thought for discussion 🙂 )