5 Foods That Fight Off Belly Bloat

Catherine here,

The Cabbage Soup Diet is excellent for removing and reducing bloating in the belly region.

What creates bloating?  Retaining water, having too much salt, and even age contribute to a puffed-up mid section.

Let’s get rid of it!

It isn’t cute at all!!

While some foods, like salty items, are known to make you bloated and uncomfortable, there are plenty of foods that will help you reduce bloating to make sure you have a lean, trim looking figure all the time!

5 Foods To Fight Off Bloat

#1) Water With Lemon!

More precisely, lukewarm water with lemon.  Often, the body retains water because it is dehydrated.  Isn’t that odd to think about? It’s true!  Drink more water to flush out your system, including flushing out the excess water.  Adding lemon helps because lemon aids in digestion and helps flush the body as well.

#2) Celery!

This is the reason why celery is included in the Cabbage Soup recipe I use on my website.  It works as a digestive aid to control gas (which is an issue on the Cabbage Soup Diet for some) and it is full of water which helps to hydrate the body.

#3) Watermelon!

Watermelon falls into the same category as celery – it is mostly water.  Even though watermelon has higher natural sugars than some fruits, it also has a ton of water – over 90% water, is full of potassium, and is great for a sweet-tooth, too.

#4) Lentils! 

Often, bloating comes from a lack of potassium combined with a diet high in salt.  Decrease your salt and increase your potassium intake by adding more beans and lentils into your diet.  Full of fiber and quite filling with ample amounts of protein, lentils will aid in digestion and help keep the body regular.

#5) Turmeric! 

Turmeric is a spice, not a food on its own, but adding this to dishes, like curries and soups, will help to aid in digestion. Turmeric is more popular outside the United States and is known for calming upset stomachs (Ginger is also good for this!) and helping to reduce bloating in the body.

For recipes using these ingredients, make sure you visit the Beyond Diet website, run by expert Isabel De Los Rios.  Her recipes are some of my favorites!

To your health,

  • joyaa

    thanks, I didn’t know this

  • La’Cynthia

    Very helpful, Thanks

  • Darlene

    can you add lentils to the cabbage soup…love them

    • Catherine

      HI Darlene,
      We actually want you to stay away from beans this week. After the diet you could add some to the soup to make it taste better and be more filling.
      Thanks! I love lentil soup!

  • Celeste

    Can you use stevia in your tea?