5 Healthy Spices

Instead of reaching for that sugar-coated ketchup, spice up your Cabbage Soup or any other meal by adding SPICES!!

They are lower in calorie than pretty much ANY bottled condiment, and some even contain some nutritional properties as well. It’s a win-win!

Here are a few spices to try instead of something sugary and bottled! (Did you know even VINEGAR has sugar?!)

Spices To Use Now!

1. Turmeric – Americans are behind the rest of the world in the use of turmeric.  It is related to the ginger family of plants, and ginger is something you might be more familiar with.  Use turmeric in curries, sauces, or add it to your Cabbage Soup!  Health benefits include fighting free radicals, antioxidants, and is also an anti-inflammatory, which means it can help ward off or reduce issues with arthritis, among other issues. 

2. Oregano – Oregano has been called a “mini salad” by many nutritionists and health experts.  It contains Vitamin K and helps to keep your bones strong!  Oregano also helps ward off bacteria in the stomach – which leads to colds and the flu.  This is one powerful spice!cabbage soup

If you need some new, amazing, healthy recipes to go along with these new spices, I suggest you check out Isabel De Los Rios’ site and her info!

3.  Cinnamon – Especially during your Cabbage Week, on Day 4, pick up that cinnamon and add it to your banana/milk smoothie. This is MUCH better than the fake vanilla that might be tempting you from the cabinet.  Cinnamon helps to regulate your blood sugar, which leads to eating less and leads to less cravings over all. Good bye to the feeling of “crashing” when you add cinnamon to your diet.

4. Nutmeg – Coffee-loving friends, have you tried this? Add 1/4 of a teaspoon of nutmeg to your coffee!  Love this! Let me know if you’ve tried it!  Nutmeg is sweet, BUT, according to research it helps to actually prevent cavities!  Nutmeg also helps to slow the growth of tumors.

5. Cayenne Pepper – I’ve mentioned this before but it is TOO vital and healthy to not mention again. Cayenne helps to SPEED UP your metabolism, which helps you burn fat. Isn’t that why we are here?!  Cayenne will help you to eat less over time, as well, as it helps you to keep that metabolism revving all day long.  Add it to your soup instead of sugar-filled hot sauce (or use fresh peppers, your best choice).

New spices call for new recipes, right?

Before I started using advice from Isabel De Los Rios, I didn’t know the best foods to eat for MY body.  It took me time to discover this, but not everyone’s body is the same. There are diverse foods that you or I should eat to be healthy, and different foods work differently in my body compared to yours.

I learned when I watched a video created by Isabel De Los Rios and her partner, Jeff, and apparently there were a few things I was doing totally wrong! I bet you are, too.

She has created this test (no studying necessary), and you take it and it tells you what “type” of body you have, and which foods work best for that type of body – it is pretty surprising the stuff you can actually eat and lose weight, all because those are the right things for your body.

Now that I know which “type” I am (mixed, if you’re wondering), I can eat what I want (Avocados, anyone? Yum!) and have kept my weight off! Yay!

Cheers to your health and to a good spicy meal!



PS: if you want to know more about Isabel’s program, here is what you’ll learn:

Here is a summary of what Isabel’s program includes:

  • How to determine the exact types of foods that are most appropriate for your specific body and metabolism type. After all, we are all different, so 1 specific diet is NEVER right for everyone.
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  • Is organic food worth the price?
  • Over 100 healthy meal plans and even detailed shopping lists.
  • The honest truth about carbohydrates and how much you really need.
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