5 Motivational Tips For Moving More

Catherine here,

Like I mentioned in the email, you do NOT need ridiculously expensive trainers or equipment to lose weight.  There are tips and tricks to get us UP and MOVING more.

Here are 5 tips to get you moving in the right direction!

5 Tips For Moving More

Tip #1: Tweet About It!

There is a funny new saying going around the web, since everyone seems to post every detail of their lives.  Have you heard this one? “Going to the gym isn’t official until you post about it on Facebook.” LOL. Some people even post pictures of themselves AT the gym.  If you write it out – even posting it on Facebook or twitter – you’re more likely to do it AND others can help to hold you accountable!

Tip #2: Try Something New!

Check out the class offerings at your local gym.  Plain, boring aerobics are OUT.  Now, there are very cool, interesting combinations of exercises being introduced. I’ve heard of a surf-style workout in New York, yoga classes are available everywhere, and there are even dance/Pilates combo classes.  Take a ballet class for adults!  The best part is that many of the classes will be tailored to different body types, such as a modified yoga class for those with stiff joints or other issues.

Tip #3: Remember, Getting There Is Half The Battle

Don’t feel like working out in the morning? Do this: put on your workout clothes.  (Heck, even SLEEP IN THEM if you need to).  Do everything mindfully – tie your sneakers, grab any equipment you need, even get in the car.  Odds are, by the time you do all of those things, your mindset will change and you’ll be ready to go!

Tip #4: Make A Short Term Goal

If you are just beginning a work-out plan, go small.  Make small, tangible goals that you can accomplish.  Perhaps “run for 2 minutes without stopping” or “go for a walk around the block on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday” or “Do 20 crunches today.” Schedule these things into your planner or calendar – literally write them down and give them a satisfying CHECK when you complete them!

Tip #5: Make A Long-Term Goal

If you’re bored with a short-term goal, go even BIGGER! Put your mind to it, put your pen to paper, and make a long-term goal!  Train for a race!  It doesn’t have to be a marathon – start with something fun.  In the US, where I live, there are things called the Color Run, where you get doused with non-toxic colorful paints, and you can just as easily walk it as run it.  Just Google it for locations near you.  I’ve also heard of Zombie runs (runners dress up), 80’s themed runs (same thing) and even runs that let you bring your pets, too!

Tip #6: Make Moves That Count!

Rob and Karen Poulos have created the Fat Burning Furnace, a way to turn your body into a fat-burning machine.  Again, no marathon running required!  Using a series of very specific strength building and training moves, you’ll have your metabolism revved up and burning fat all day long.  If you’re looking for serious results and a detailed workout plan, I strongly suggest you Click Here to learn more about the Fat Burning Furnace.

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