5 Slimming Summer Secrets

Whenever I read about weight and seasons, the focus is always on WINTER.  I get it.  Since we are staying inside, we move less.  We also need to stay warm so we wear lots of layers (I grew up in Connecticut – I know how to layer!) and we go outside as little as possible.

It makes sense to worry about that “winter weight,” the few pounds we get from hibernating indoors.

But what about summer??

I recently read an article and I swear, it blew my mind.  There is a summer weight gain issue too, but it’s from the opposite side of things.

Since it’s warm and nice out, we go to parties where we have too many cocktails.  Or, we hit up a friend’s house for a bar-b-que, and maybe we have too much food. (I live in Texas now, this has definitely happened to me!) Or, since it’s wedding and graduation season, we go to ceremonies and have cake, ice cream, and all those fattening foods associated with celebrations.

Here are 5 tips for NOT allowing stray pounds to creep up as you celebrate and enjoy the beautiful weather!So, how do we stay slim?  

1.  Ditch the sugar sauce.  What is sugar sauce, you ask? Barbecue sauce!  Many brands have more tablespoons of sugar than a slice of cake!!  I know I’m not speaking for only myself when I say that I’d rather have my treat in cake form as opposed to barbecue sauce form.

2.  Cut off the fat.  If you’re grilling up some steaks, remember to cut off the nasty fatty bits before you cook it.  Removing just a few bits of fat (which tastes yucky anyway) can save you between 5 and 10 grams of fat – per serving.  Wow!!

3.  Throw veggies on the grill!  Most people just grill meats, but why not use some aluminum foil to make a packet of onions and peppers, too?  Grill those up, layer over your steak, and you wont even need to find a low sugar barbecue sauce.

4. Turn up the heat!  Summer is full of amazing spicy peppers and other veggies.  Add some real pepper or even some red pepper flakes and you’ll make your metabolism kick itself into high gear!

5. Enjoy the sun!  Try to take a 20-30 minute walk after you digest your meal.  Remember your sunscreen, too!  By taking a short walk after you eat, you’re already starting to burn the fuel you just consumed.  Throw a ball to your child (or pet), take a walk to your neighbor’s house, or plant a flower.  Do a physical activity you enjoy, and it wont even feel like a workout!

What do you do during the Summer months to slim down and keep looking your best?

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