5 Tips To “Clean Eating”

Catherine here,

Simply put, “Clean Eating” means consuming foods in their most natural state, when they contain the most nutrients and are healthiest for you.

Clean Eating habits have been known to reduce cholesterol, reduce calorie intake, raise energy levels, and to help people lose weight, too.

Think of it as a lifestyle choice – not a fad diet.

The Cabbage Soup Diet can be considered as Clean Eating because you’re consuming raw vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins.


5 Tips for Clean Eating

Consume several small meals per day.  This does not mean a huge dinner of pasta, bread, and other carbs.  Instead, aim for nuts, fruits, vegetables, and especially in season produce.  Clean eating also means local and in season consumption.

Drink plenty of water.  Drinking water helps transport nutrients around the body.  Drinking water helps digestion.  Drinking water helps our skin to look and feel soft and fresh. Water, water, water!  Clean eaterers typically aim for a gallon of water per day!

Abstain from alcohol.  Red wine, rich in antioxidants, is acceptable to most clean eaters, but the typical dark liquor mixed with soda is not.  Many clean eaters refuse all alcoholic beverages.

Clean eaters consume a majority of organic foods.  In addition to produce, clean eaters prefer grass fed beef, free range poultry, pesticide free vegetables, and native, local items.

Consume a variety of fresh foods – and eat them plainly, or cleanly.  Lightly sautee, steam, or grill your foods.  Avoid processed foods, chemical sugars, or fatty fried items.  Enjoy foods as naturally as possible!

Do you practice clean eating?

Today is a great day to start!

To your health,

  • Danny Post

    I am working toward optimal health. As dietary behavior dictates, I know I must eat clean! Thank you for the tips!

    I would love to have more help on the “what and when” of eating tips that will help me reach my goals. I am down to 229 lbs from 276 lbs, in a little over a year. The last 15 are difficult!

    • Connie

      Hi Danny,
      Check out the cabbage soup facebook page and a lot of interaction goes on there with users of the CSD and what they are doing afterwards. Keep veggies and fruits in your diet and try to stay away from the processed foods. If you have to eat processed then really watch the sodium intake as it’s really high even on the “diet” dinners. Also at our office we are juicing instead of eating donuts! It took a little adjustment but I think we are all doing better and know that this is so much better for us. Continued success to you!!

  • Bri

    The clean eating program is completely correct and useful to stay healthy. I have already practice it before. It is fantastic. Thanks Kate.

  • veronica

    im going to start Monday, with the whole diet, i hope it works, im so done with feeling down and ugly and fat, thank you for all your tips, this is such a wonderful page

  • cheryl

    There is also a lot of info on the Catherine’s facebook page from other readers and users that is very helpful!

  • Melissa

    It is a great cleanse and a good start to a healthy diet!


    I plan on starting the diet on Monday. Could I blend all the ingredients in a vitamix & drink the soup?

    • Catherine

      Yes you can!

    • Catherine

      Definitely yes!

  • MARK


    • Catherine

      That’s because you can’t have a real breakfast depending on what day it is it’s either fruit, or soup or veggies or bananas and milk. It’s a cleansing process so unfortunately no breakfast type items.