5 Tips To Curb Cravings

Catherine here,

Why is it that we never seem to get a craving for fruits and vegetables?

It seems like cravings are little tiny monsters, roaming around in our brains, destroying our good intentions by creating longings for foods that we know we should not be eating!

Well, it’s time to make those good intentions stronger and get rid of those pesky cravings for once and for all.

Here are 5 Tips To Curb Cravings that have helped me – and please leave a comment on the post or on Facebook if you have a tip, too.

5 Tips To Curb Cravings

Tip Number 1: Remain Stable!iStock_000001667800Small

Your blood sugar, I mean.

When your blood sugar dips down – when you’re hungry – your body will start to crave high sugar items to get those levels back up.  Keep your blood sugar regulated throughout the day and you will experience fewer cravings.

Tip Number 2: Don’t Let Them In!

Your house, I mean!

Foods with a “soft mouth” feel are easy to eat and feel good in your mouth – so once you eat one item like this, you want more..More…MORE!  Big Food Companies do this on purpose!!  Sugary bakery products are especially guilty of this. Don’t buy these items, don’t even keep them in your house!

Tip Number 3: Get A Glass Of Water!

If you’re craving a certain food, try drinking a big glass of water first because your body and mind can easily confuse thirst for hunger.  If you stay hydrated – drinking at least eight 8oz glasses of water daily – you’ll notice a reduction in your cravings over time, too.

Tip Number 4: Grab Your Toothbrush!

I don’t mean eat it, either, LOL.  If you’re trying to skip dessert, right after dinner, brush, floss, and gargle.  According to Baylor College of Medicine Research Center ‘s Molly Gee: “When you have a fresh, clean mouth, you don’t want to mess it up,” which makes you less likely to give in to a late night craving.

Tip Number 5: Retrain Your Brain!

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  • hann

    Is cabbage diet okey for breast feeding mom??????

    • Jenn


  • aliya

    started this diet yesterday on day 2 have lost 2lbs already

  • bre

    Will you be harmed if you do the diet for more than a week.

    • It would be unhealthy for you as it is low in nutrition and calories so you need to take a few weeks break from it.