7 Protein Packed Foods To Eat For Weight Loss

Catherine here,

From reading my email, you know that protein is necessary!

Protein is contained in bones, red blood cells, muscle tissue, and even your hair and fingernails.  You need to consume protein to help re-build the stores in your body and to function properly.

Protein is contained in many of our food sources, and here are a few items that contain a substantial amount of protein.  Add these to your meal plan and grocery lists!

7 Protein Packed Foods

-Turkey Breast – 30g of protein per 100g of turkey breast

-Tuna – 26g of protein per 100g of tuna

-Low Fat Mozzarella Cheese – 25g of protein per 100g of cheese

-Veal – 36g of protein per 100g of veal

– Soybeans – 17g of protein per 100g of beans

– Eggs – 13g of protein per 100g of eggs

-Pumpkin Seeds – 33g of protein per 100g

Do you have any favorite protein sources?

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  • drsoniya

    me feeling sugar low on 2day of diet only vegetables what shiould i eat

    • Catherine

      When you feel low on day 2 it is okay to have the baked potato earlier. That will help.

  • Astrid

    My second day I screw up the diet. I didn’t have the notes and I eated fruits , vegetables and bake potato. Tomorrow Iam thinking I should eat only vegetable and the jump to banana day . Please help , what should I do?

    • Catherine

      I think that would be fine. Just eat veggies and soup on Day 3 and then Day the regular banana day.

  • tlc

    On day 2 veggie day can I have a salad and if so what type of dressing is allowed if at all?

    • No normal dressing unfortunately but you can mix lemon and lime juice with some garlic and cilantro or parsley. Try to be as natural as possible and stay away from vinegar and oils!! Good luck and keep going!

  • Jennifer

    I am a huge egg lover. Can I substitute eggs for meat on the protein day?

    • Catherine

      Yes if they are hard boiled or just use PAM to scramble them. Just have a couple. Thanks!