Obesity Increases Because Of Bad Fat. Are There Good Fats? Yes!

Over the years, the people in most countries have gotten bigger.

And by this, I don’t mean taller…I mean fatter.

I am from the US, (Texas, y’all!), so I know this area most of all, and it’s pretty well known that almost a full 75% of Americans are obese…and about half are morbidly obese.

All kinds of health problems – heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and early death, can be attributed to the rise of obesity.

But Americans eat LESS fat now than ever before…

It’s true!

Check out the following FACTS ABOUT FAT from my go-to nutritionist, Isabel De Los Rios.

Click Here to hear these Fat Facts and more directly from Isabel!

Fat Facts

1. Did you know that during the 60 year period from 1910-1970, the proportion of traditional animal fat in the American diet declined from 83% to 62%?

2. During this same time butter consumption plummeted from 18 pounds per person each year to 4 pounds per person each year.

3. During the past 80 years, the consumption of dietary cholesterol intake has increased only one percent.

Okay, so if we aren’t having butter and more and more people are controlling their cholesterol, what gives?

Click Here to hear these Fat Facts and more directly from Isabel!

1. During the same period, the average intake of dietary vegetable oils (margarine, shortening, and refined oils) increased by about 400%.

2. During the same period, the consumption of sugar and processed foods increased by about 60%.

Isabel is convinced that you NEED fat in your diet, it’s just the kind of fat you ingest that you need to worry about.

It’s the bad fat in sugar, processed foods, junk foods, and fast foods that we DON’T need – and that is the kind of fat we eat most of, especially in the land of drive-thru’s!

(Okay, look at the dates of Isabel’s facts above… Is it a coincidence that the FIRST McDonald’s opened in 1954?! Nope, not at all. They knew when to capitalize on our laziness!)

How To Eliminate Processed Foods:

Take a look at my recent post, “Diet” Foods Damage Your Waistline” and start by NOT buying those items. You’ll remove a bunch of processed, artificial foods out of your meal plan….and you’ll immediately start to lose a few pounds.

Make sure oils you cook with are organic, and the butter you use is natural. Yes, Isabel says butter is OK in moderation!

Click Here to hear which fats are A-OK from Isabel!  Hear it from the expert!

Wouldn’t you rather eat wholesome, nutritious WHOLE foods, than quick, fast-food fixes anyway? What is your favorite REAL food recipe?

Until next time,

  • Bec

    Brown rice, tuna, tomato and avocado just all mixed in a bowl 🙂

  • Gold

    Got rid of gall bladder problems with blood red grapefruit almost every morning along with a lot water and a LOT of walking.
    Took a few months but it worked for me.
    Dr was stunned.

  • Fnagreen

    Good to know, whst will be the next health U turn…….. smoking

    • I’m not a smoker, personally. Are you? The Hypnosis Network also makes a Non-Smoker’s program!

  • Bspirocapetown

    which oils are organic?
    And which oil is the best to use when you have to fry?

    • Read labels wherever you live! Try a peanut oil!

      • Moryen

        Try olive oil, instead. Peanuts have too many toxicity problems. You can go from zero to 100 on an allergy scale in next to no time. Also, there are some good other oils on the market. Olive oil should be extra virgin.

        • That’s true! I shouldn’t recommend something that could be so heavily allergic for some..Thanks, Moryen!

  • Yumna Azhar

    I dont really eat out much plus i have had a thorough checkup with my doctor and there is nothing wrong with me medically still im unable to lose weight.

  • Tahiya

    is the cabbage soup diet safe to try? I mean is it going to lead to a eating disorder. I’ve checked into some websites and some of them said its not good for your health since you don’t take any calories at all.

    • Quite the opposite, the CSD should lead you to healthier eating! The diet is only a 7 day plan, and you do certainly consume calories – the soup, juices, other fruits and veggies, and protein in the form of lean meats for 2 days. It is NOT a starvation diet, but sort of a cleanse diet. It’s 110% percent safe.
      This program – or anything else – can lead to danger IF abused. The intention of my site is to give you the proper plan, recipes, and be here for questions. I like to stress it is for 7 days ONLY, shouldnt be repeated, and shouldnt be long term. I hope that helps! Email or comment back with any other questions/concerns you have.

  • Pam

    That does sound really good. I love avocado, wish you could find it frozen! They have been so expensive lately, so haven’t bought them.
    Oh, and am on day 7 of Cabbage Soup diet, I think I feel better, but only lost a couple pounds. It did give me the motivation to get going and get healthy!

    • Pam, do you live in a warm area? I am in Texas and find avocados much less expensive at my farmer’s market. Sometimes you do only lose a few, and it is mostly water weight, but you’re right, it should be a jump and motivation. Bravo!

  • Maureen

    ‘bad fat in sugar’

    There is no fat at all in sugar, sugars are simple carbohydrates.

  • Carolyn

    My husband and I went on the CSD and of course he lost 12 lbs and I lost 7 but that’s ok. I thought if I had the soup for the following weeks for breakfast and lunch and then a regular dinner I would continue to lose but I didn’t, although I didn’t gain weight either. Should I go back on the CSD again to lose more weight or try something else? Thanks.