Avoid These 5 Sneaky Sugary Disasters!

Did you know that “sugar” has over 50 separate names?

Food companies can trick us (yes, another trick by the Big Food companies) by using different words for sugar – sucrose, fructose, corn syrup, etc – but they all mean the same thing: excess sugar and excess calories.

No thank you, Big Food companies!

I recently read an article that showed that sugar has been sneaking up in some very surprising places, so I wanted to give you a quick run down of the top 5 items that have shocking sugar contents – and you should do your best to avoid these!  

5 Super Sugary Foods:

#1: Salad Dressing

There is a major reason why you cannot use bottled salad dressing during the Cabbage Soup Diet, and it’s the same reason you should not use bottled salad dressing after the diet either: SUGARRRR!

Even the healthiest sounding dressings, like Vinaigrettes, are loaded with excess sugar. “Fat-free” versions have even MORE sugar because they still need to taste good after they remove the fat.  

Instead, use lemon juice and a dash of olive oil on your next salad.

#2: Yogurt

Here is an easy rule to remember: if the yogurt has “fruit” on the bottom – it’s a dessert, not a breakfast or lunch item.  The added “fruit” is usually coated in sugar.

Even Greek Yogurt, the healthy trendy food of 2012, has come under fire for claiming “no sugar added” when over a third of it’s calories come from sugar listed under a sneaky and deceptive name!

Yogurt can be a great food to eat, but check those labels! Look for plain, no flavored yogurt, and add real fruit to it instead.

#3: Bread

Yes, some bread contains serious amounts of color – and it isn’t even for the taste. It’s for the color! Yes, adding sugar to brown bread makes it browner, which screams “healthier” to the consumer than white bread, for example.  

If you can buy bread from a bakery instead of the grocery store, the bread will have less additives, like sugar and salt, which keep it fresh on the shelves longer.

#4: Ketchup & Other Condiments

Most ketchup is nothing but bottled sugar!!! Check out the bottle of ketchup you probably already have.  I guarantee sugar is listed as an ingredient, or it may be labeled as one of it’s sneaky-named counterparts, like corn syrup.

Many people look to condiments like ketchup during the Cabbage Soup week, but they are OFF limits, and now you know why!

By the way, the same thing applies to pretty much all bottled condiments, especially barbecue sauce!!

#5: Granola

Remember when granola tasted bland and was tough to eat, but you ate it anyway because it was good for you?

Well, it WAS like that until the Big Food companies realized that if they dumped sugar on it, you’d buy more of it.  This is another situation where looking at the label is the KEY.  Compare brands, buy the ones with the lowest sugar content!

Now…How To Stop Eating This Junk?

Even though we learn about the bad ingredients in foods, it is really tough to give up what we love, right?

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To your health,