Avoid These Overly Salty Diet Disasters!

Whenever I reiterate that you should NOT have salt on the Cabbage Soup Diet, someone always asks: “But Catherine, we ARE supposed to have some sodium daily, aren’t we?”

Yes, we are.  But the tiny amounts we need can be found naturally occurring in foods that we eat.

The PROBLEM is that companies add tons and tons of UNneeded, extra salt to their products.  Adding salt is one way to make the shelf-life of a product last longer – meaning the companies can say the item expires later on.  (Sort of like “salt-pork” if you heard of that).

Even worse, when companies label things as “diet” or “lite” they are usually adding more salt to retain the flavor.

That leads to: bloating, water retention, and weight gain.

We don’t want ANY of those!

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Here are 7 salt-filled foods to avoid FOR GOOD:

Frozen meals!  This is the worst non-diet diet food.  Most frozen dinners contain over 30-40% of your needed salt intake per day.  Eating enough of these can cause you to gain weight over time – the exact opposite of what the “diet” meal promises to do!

Bottled Juices! Did you ever stop to look at a grape juice label? There’s added sodium in there.  Vegetable juices, like V8, can have up to 500 milligrams of sodium! (This is why I suggest that if you use it during the CSD, you look for a low-sodium version!)

Canned Vegetables!  If there are veggies in the can, it HAS to be healthy, right? WRONG!!! One regular sized can of veggies may contain up to 700 milligrams of salt. (This is why you shouldn’t have anything canned during the CSD week. Makes sense now, right?) Eat fresh when you can, or frozen as an alternative.

-Ramen Noodles!!  I actually saw a co-worker eating this and asked if I could take a picture of the label.  Check this out – look at the excess salt in there – and that’s one single serving. Most people eat two of those at a time, yikes.

Canned Soup! The high sodium levels in soup also help to extend their shelf-life, but may also be expanding your waist line, too.  Some companies have introduced new “low-sodium” soups, but your best bet is to make your soup at home (such as the Cabbage Soup!)

Condiments!  Did you know that 1 tablespoon of soy sauce can contain over 1,000 milligrams of sodium?  Teriyaki sauce has over 600 milligrams per tablespoon as well.  Put down that sauce!  Use real lemon to flavor your foods instead, or cayenne powder, etc.

“Baked” Chips/Snacks!  I am sorry to say, but if you swapped your regular potato chips for the new “baked” versions that are everywhere, you might be eating the same amount of sodium – OR MORE!  Compare labels before you switch items just because it is marketed as low fat.

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This list is just a small sampling of the salty foods that we need to avoid.  Do you have any items to add to the list?  Add them in the comments!