Low Calorie Salad and Soup

Happy Summer Officially!! Catherine here, I just made a huge pot of my delicious cabbage soup. I know you are thinking it’s too hot for soup but it’s so low calorie and filling and that’s what I need right now! … Continue reading

Keep Pantry Well Stocked!

After the 7 Day Plan A Low Calorie Healthy Salad Keep Your Pantry Well Stocked Catherine here, Sometimes after the 7 Day Plan you start to slip back into your bad habits. You need to keep your refrigerator and pantry … Continue reading

14 Pounds Gone – Catherine’s Way!

14 Pounds Gone …..Soup, Moderation, Mindful Eating Catherine here, Yes, I’m really talking about myself. I’ve lost 14 pounds since my March blog on Hearts of Palm linguine along with cabbage soup and moderation. If you are not familiar with … Continue reading

Did You Cheat on the 7 Day Soup Diet and Still Lose Weight??

Catherine here, How many of you will admit to cheating when on the 7-Day Cabbage Soup Diet? I’ve had several people email me their favorite go to “cheats” and I just have to share some of them. Plus they still … Continue reading