Cabbage Soup Users Share Their Success Stories

Catherine here,

I’m always excited when I get emails from cabbage soup users who have completed the diet and are happy with their results. It helps them get to the next step of the journey.

I’m going to share a few with you to hopefully get you motivated as well:
Linda F-S. writes: Just to update you. On the Cabbage Soup Diet last week, I lost a total of 12.4 pounds. Only had 1.2 pounds creep back on, but today, being Sunday, it is a salad day for me. 🙂

Marvin F. writes: I have found that the addition of siracha to my soup is a great flavor enhancer. On the morning of day 5 I am down 7 pounds. Thanks. My concern now is that I realize that the 7 pounds have a large water component but I want to keep the weight off.

John V. writes: I lost 11 pounds in 6 days on the cabbage soup diet. I’m incorporating the Greek diet now so I don’t miss out on protein and other vitamins you mentioned me needing. I am grateful for the cabbage soup diet because it made me realize I can get rid of all bad things that were holding me back from losing weight and not really miss them! I just made another big batch of cabbage soup to eat along with some healthy options from the Greek diet as well.

Ermie C. writes: (A few months ago) Hi, I lost almost 8 pounds thank you soooo much! I love the cabbage soup diet. Recently he wrote that his daughter was also doing the diet because she saw the change that he made after the first try.

While the Cabbage Soup Diet isn’t a permanent plan that you would stick to – it is a great way to cleanse your body of unhealthy processed foods and sugary drinks. It is great motivator for continuing on with healthy eating after the 7 days are complete.

If you want to learn more about the Cabbage Soup 7 Day plan you can check out the Cabbage Soup Diet and recipe by Clicking Here. There are lots of good tips from dedicated cabbage soup followers!

To Your Health,