14 Pounds Gone – Catherine’s Way!

14 Pounds Gone …..Soup, Moderation, Mindful Eating Catherine here, Yes, I’m really talking about myself. I’ve lost 14 pounds since my March blog on Hearts of Palm linguine along with cabbage soup and moderation. If you are not familiar with … Continue reading

Beat the Flu Season With These Tips!

Catherine here, January not only brings resolutions but cold weather and unfortunately the flu. Hopefully you haven’t had it yet and won’t get it! Doctors still say the best defense is a flu shot and plenty of vitamin enriched foods. … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Calories Beware!!

The Season Of Overeating Has Arrived! Catherine here, Many of you are preparing for the big Thanksgiving feast next week and that means plenty of over eating! So how can you keep from gaining 1-4 pounds during this festive time? … Continue reading

Harvest a Pumpkin Low Calorie Smoothie!!

Harvest Time Means Pumpkin Smoothie Time Catherine here, If you want to enjoy Autumn and need that Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte to do it then I’ve got a great low calorie smoothie for you to try! No guilt required! Combine … Continue reading