5 Tips To Curb Cravings

Catherine here, Why is it that we never seem to get a craving for fruits and vegetables? It seems like cravings are little tiny monsters, roaming around in our brains, destroying our good intentions by creating longings for foods that … Continue reading

6 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

Catherine here! We are all longing for a super fast metabolism, one that is constantly burning up the fuel (calories) that we feed it, keeping us energized, feeling great, and losing weight. But, over time, from simply aging and from … Continue reading

How Strength Training Burns More Fat!

Okay, let me just say, I do NOT expect you to be lifting giant barbells and become a Olympic body builder! Far from it! When I say “strength training” I mean something as small as lifting water bottles or soda … Continue reading

Spices That Accelerate Your Weight Loss

Adding a variety of spices to our diet (not salt!) will help us in many ways!  Some spices make us feel fuller, some help cut cravings, and others help out metabolisms move faster and help us digest. In the plainest … Continue reading

Weight Loss Super Foods! Grab These On Your Next Grocery Store Trip!

One of my most popular past posts was about peppermint and cayenne pepper flakes, two products that are inexpensive, easy to find, and help curb our appetites! (I’ll re-post the link at the end of this post) Since that was so … Continue reading

Sweet Holiday Swaps To Stay Thin!

Halloween…Then Thanksgiving…Then Christmas! Why do all of these holidays involve such fattening foods? Even if you don’t live in the US, I know you have upcoming holidays that include treats as well – junk food is a global epidemic! Haha! … Continue reading

Breakfast Ideas For Your Soup Week And Beyond

Catherine Here! You have asked me for breakfast ideas and you’ve got them!! We all know that to maintain a consistent blood sugar level, to avoid night time eating and cravings, and to keep our metabolism moving constantly, we NEED … Continue reading

10 Fall Fruits and Vegetables You Need To Eat!

It’s Fall and that means fall fruits and veggies! I am a huge advocate of eating locally grown produce, supporting my local farmer’s markets, and eating in season fruits and veggies whenever possible. You probably know by now that I … Continue reading

Tips To Stop Emotional Eating!

If you have a bad day at work, do you immediately think about going home and indulging in some ice cream, or maybe even some carby foods, like pizza or pasta? If so, you’re an emotional eater. And, just so you know, … Continue reading