Days 5+6: Vegetarian Friendly Protein Sources

Catherine here,

As I mentioned in my email, one of the most popular Cabbage Soup Diet week questions comes from non-meat eaters, or people looking to eat less meat, and they ask:

What protein sources can I have during Days 5&6 (instead of red meat, fish, or chicken)?

That’s a great question, and the good thing is, there are a lot of tasty, healthy answers!

Instead of meat, check out the following for your protein fix on Days 5&6, or just in general.

Maybe you’ve joined the “meatless Monday” trend or maybe you’re a vegetarian for life.  Either way, these items are sure to be hits in your household!

Protein Sources For Vegetarians:

-Beans & Lentils – this protein packed food is also the least expensive and easy to store.  Buy dried beans and you’ve got plenty of meals in store.  Try to avoid canned beans which may have added sodium to increase their shelf life. Remember to read those labels!

Nuts – Almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews and pine nuts are all vegetarian friendly protein sources, but you should eat them in moderation on the CSD.  Off the Cabbage Soup plan, nuts make awesome snacks for on the go, too – much better and more filling than a fast-food pit stop!

Chia Seeds/hemp seeds – better known for fiber content, chia and hemp seeds are the perfect addition to a morning smoothie.  Add them to your soup during the CSD.

-Tofu/tempeh – probably the most common protein source for vegetarians, tofu can be grilled, crumbled over a salad or eaten alone.

Avocado – these yummy veggies must be avoided on your vegetable days but for vegetarians, a small serving of avocado on Days 5&6 is a perfect choice. Avocados are more fattening, however, than many of the other choices, so have these in moderation.

Not Exactly Vegetarian But Worth Mentioning:

Greek Yogurt – do NOT eat yogurt during the CSD week (except perhaps a small serving on Day 4) but plain, unsweetened, and fruit-free yogurt can be a good protein punch!

Eggs – many vegetarians do not eat eggs, but if you do, eggs are a great protein source.  Eggs are NOT Cabbage Soup Diet friendly.  Remember to skip the salt.

Did I miss anything?

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