Diet Soda Disaster

I am constantly asked one question:

“Can I drink diet soda during the Cabbage Soup Week?”

The answer is absolutely not.  During your CSD, you should stick to water, water, and more water.

After The CSD

After you finish your CSD, I am constantly asked another question:

“Can I drink diet soda again?”

The answer is still absolutely not!  And today, let me tell you exactly why.

Disaster Soda!

“Disaster” is a much better name, because this product does a disaster to your body and your meal plan!

  • Harvard noted that women who drank 2 sodas daily had a decline in kidney function
  • Diet_Cola1University of Minnesota determined that women who drink one lite soda daily have more belly flab than women who do not drink sodas
  • University of Texas realized that two or more cans a day increased women’s waistlines by 500%
  • Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia determined that diet soda as a mixer in a cocktail actually makes the drinker more drunk while drinking and more hung over after
  • University of Sheffield in England discovered a preservative in soda that is linked to asthma, hives, and other allergies
  • University of Michigan linked soda drinking to a decline in teeth health and the appearance of more cavities, too

Honestly, do you need any more reasons to put down the soda and pick up the water?

To your health…to your kidney health, heart health, oral health and more.

  • nancy

    This really surprised me . I have heard and read numerous things about diet soda , but never the facts on belly fat , which i found interesting . I love the flavoured waters like the ICE drinks are these better for you or too similiar to diet soda??

    • From what I’ve seen on the internet they seems to be better for you than sodas. Check out A Daily Dose of Fit. Tara reviews the drinks. She favors them as well. Here is some of what she wrote:

      Sparkling ICE is a zero-calorie beverage that “combines fresh mountain spring water, natural fruit juices and six essential vitamins and antioxidants.” While the list of ingredients is short, it does contain a few red flags that require some explanation:

      1) Sucralose. I’m honestly not a fan of anything but sugar because certain substitutes affect my stomach in a way that doesn’t feel too hot. That might not be the case for you so I can’t completely X the product because of it.

      2) Maltodextrin. It’s kinda like a corn syrup, defined across the Internet as a “caloric sweetener.”

      3) Mannitol. A sugar alcohol, so yet another sweetener.

      Go to their website or just google ICE drinks to read more.

  • C Gallagher

    That U of Texas quote seems odd – if a waistline was 26 inches, it would become 156 inches if it was increased by %500. Maybe the rate of increase was %500 higher…..

  • Melissa

    I’m a diabetic this sucks for me. I love my cokes. As a diabetic my kidneys are already being affected. I can’t possibly just drink water all the time. Grrrr.

    • Sorry Melissa I know it’s hard.

    • Katy

      Try lemonade sweetened with stevia. I use KAL brand. I’ve found the other brands have an unpleasant aftertaste.

  • Barbara Cannon

    I have heard that Stevia and other Stevia-type plant sweeteners are not harmful as described regarding Sucralose, Equal, and other non-natural sweeteners. I haven’t found many soda-type beverages that are sweetened by Stevia, but I was hoping there would be eventually if it is not a harmful sweetener. Thank you, Barbara

    • Thanks Barbara I hope they do too.

      • JoJo

        But wait, there is an all-natural sofa sweetened with Stevia! It’s called ZEVIA & it comes in a lot of different flavors. I buy it at Whole Foods, but now my Publix carries it. It’s a bit pricey, but a nice treat. I like the ginger root beer & lemon lime.

  • Joan

    You have not thoroughly explain why the diet soda create the type of problem that exits. please further explain details. thank you

    • Hi Joan,
      You might do some research by searching “why diet sodas are bad for you” as there is so much info out there it would take me forever to type it.

  • lob

    soda water is better than drinking lemonade as a mixer.

  • mary

    water tea and moderate coffee. best no booze, nothing white no sugar. work out and everything will be fine!

  • Fathima Sinhawansa

    Hi, I hate still water.. 🙁 Is fizzy water also not allowed in this diet??

  • Jan

    Can you chew sugar free gum on the diet?

    • Catherine

      We would prefer that you didn’t because it’s going to make you want more sweets.

  • christine

    Hi Catherine,

    I realize how bad diet soda why do you recommend it your lite cocktails .

    • Catherine

      Not everyone can give up their soda so if they must drink it we would suggest using diet instead of the regular sugary ones if they are trying to lose weight
      . We’d prefer they didn’t drink soda at all but we can’t control other’s habits.