Does Your Willpower Vanish On The Weekends?

For many, sticking to any diet plan Monday through Friday is easy.

You create your meal plan…and maybe you even spend one weekend day cutting veggies, making and freezing meals, and planning for the week to come.

Monday through Friday, it is pretty easy to eat well.  You are less likely to be socializing with friends (as in, going out to eat…or drink) and you maintain a constant routine by going to bed and waking up for work.

Perhaps you even workout or take a class…during the week only.

What About The Weekend?

Friday night hits…and you go out to dinner…

Saturday night, your partner wants to go out for dinner and drinks…and you go.

Sunday, repeat the same, and by Monday, you’re wondering how and when it was that you messed up your program, right?

Ending The Cycle

I recently read an article that suggests you factor in those “play calories” so that you will still be within your calorie range on Sunday night.

Here is an example…

If you plan to eat just 25 calories less each weekday, by the weekend, you’ll have an extra allotment left for a weekend treat – and you wont even be veering off course!

Let Isabel De Los Rios show you how to eat your FAVORITE foods again.  

Do not be stuck eating “diet” or “lite” foods packed with fake, yucky sugar.

There are plenty of awesome treats that are rewarding and satisfying – like that glass of wine you crave, or a big piece of anti-oxidant rich dark chocolate.

The article had another great suggestion, too, and said to schedule a morning workout, or even a casual morning walk with friends… you’ll be less likely to indulge if you’re looking forward to an activity the next day!

What If That’s Not Enough?

If you simply cannot say no on the weekends, you need to change how you think.

I’ve mentioned it before: food isn’t a reward for a good workout…and you shouldn’t plan to binge Saturday if you’ve had a good week of clean eating.

Think long term – think about your weight loss goals, and don’t simply think about that burger you want NOW or that drink you want NOW.

Many of us need help in learning how to say no…especially on the weekends!

And, most of us need help choosing the RIGHT items for our individual bodies.

Learn which foods are best for YOU! <– Isabel will show you how.

Till next time,


  • Shantese Lomax

    This site is very helpful.

  • Can u help us we are having a lunch meeting on on day five at Pancke House and no meat can we have eggs/

  • skinnybliss

    I recently started scheduling my workouts for every other day – so that always means that either Saturday or Sunday I am working out. I do not drink alcohol the night before a workout, so that limits my skinny margarita treats to only the one day before I do not have to work out. I drink less on the weekend that way and keep my metabolism burning strong through the weekend, too. So far it has been working. I’m down 5 pounds.