Don’t Be a Mindless Eater – Pay Attention to What You Eat!

Catherine here,

You know it happens all the time. You are absorbed with a book or latest Netflix show and the next thing you know your bag of salty chips is empty or your pint of Blue Bell ice cream has disappeared. The problem is you could have kept on eating! This is often referred to as mindless eating.
It’s easy to go overboard on eating with mindless calories when you aren’t paying attention to what you are putting in your mouth but instead are more focused on Facebook friends or the latest House of Cards release.

By doing the following you will save calories and stop weight gain:
• Get rid of stashed snacks in your desk drawers. Put them in the break room or kitchen where you have to get up and walk to. Gives you time to think if you really need that snack or not or if you are just bored and need some fresh air.
• Use actual plates and sit at the table when eating fast food. This makes it feel more like the meal that it is and keeps you from gulping it down quickly. We have been trained to “hurry and eat” and it’s hurting our stomachs and waistlines. The pressure to work at your desk has never been higher.
• Think drinking non-alcoholic drinks is okay and harmless? Think again. Some of those Starbucks drinks are pure sugar and cream. Ask for soy or skim milk and avoid the sugar, heavy syrups, and whipped toppings. Just because you have a long drive doesn’t mean you need a heavy drink – drink water with cucumber slices or lemon in it. That’s refreshing and good for your bladder as well.
• When eating with your family get rid of the phones and shut off the TV. Find out how everyone’s day went. You cannot get too much family time and you need to talk to your kids and/or significant other. If you are single you still need to follow rules and give yourself a few minutes to focus on your meal and take your time so your body can signal you when you are full. You don’t have to “clean your plate”.
• If you are a heavy snacker think about trying Dr. Roberta Temes’ Weight Loss for Life program. It helps with overeating, snacking issues and drinking too much socially. Check it out here!
To Your Health,


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