Does Eating After 8 PM Make You Fat?

Catherine here,

late-snackingIf you do as much research and read as many articles as I do, you come across truths…and you come across some fibs!

One major misconception is that eating after 8 pm makes you fat.

That is NOT true!

Calories are calories, and it doesn’t matter when you eat them.

The problem, for most people, is what they choose to eat late at night.

You are more likely to reach for dessert-like items, including chips, ice cream, or cookies.  You can think about getting fast food or ordering a pizza…and THAT is a problem!

Your metabolism doesn’t have a clock…but your brain does, and after dinner, you think to eat sweets.

The other problem is quantity!

Eating just a bite of your favorite treat would be alright…but even the best of us will add an extra scoop of ice cream or grab that last piece of pizza.

When is it OK to eat after 8 pm?

If you have determined how many calories you can eat daily, and you are under that number but hungry at 8 pm, have a snack.

Make good choices!

Eat some fresh fruit, munch on a crunchy carrot, or have a small serving of cereal and milk.

It is all about moderation and balance!

Do you have a favorite healthy late night snack?  Share it with me on Facebook!

To your health,

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  • Tanguilla Tan Harris

    I keep my granola bars nearby & trail mix. I have the ones with nuts & chocolate chips. I eat in moderation.

    • Catherine

      As long as you eat them in moderation then it’s okay!!

    • Catherine

      My favorite are the peanut butter and chocolate chip ones. 100 calories and filling!

  • Anon

    I love you. Thank you.

  • monza

    thanks, if that was so, all the people in Italy would be fat as they do not eat till 8.30 o9pm and they eat pasta.

    • Debora Adrig

      Monza, where in Italy are you? I’m visiting Rome the end of October! So excited, but nervous!!

  • Cerise

    I am soo glad you cleared up that fact for most people & yes a calorie is a calorie no matter what time of day or night it is. Most people don’t know that. Even well educated people.

  • Nylda

    A 1-oz piece of cheese is really good for me.

    • Connie

      I love cheese, too, have a hard time stopping with just one ounce, though!!

    • Catherine

      I agree with you!!

  • Michelle

    Actually, it’s not about eating after 8 – it’s really about waiting it out before
    you get to bed. The general rule is – you need 2 hours to digest the food before your sleep. So, if you’re eating after 8, make sure you don’t sleep till 2 hours later. Your best bet, drink some water and wait it out – cravings always disappear 🙂

    • Catherine

      Good advice! Brush your teeth again and shut off the lights don’t watch the enticing food commercials!!

    • Jason

      And where did you hear this? Most of the calories your body burns are literally just to keep it alive. When you sleep, your body is burning more calories than if you were say, watching TV. Sleep time is body repair time!