Eating Healthy On A Fast Food Budget

There is a popular myth going around that says eating well (meaning healthy!) must be expensive.

That is SO wrong!

I am happy to tell you that there is a way to eat well without spending a ton of money!

Honestly, you will NOT spend any more than you do now…and, in fact, I bet I’ll help you to even save some!

6 Tips To Save Money and Eat Well!

  1. Stop Going Out! It has to be said.  Restaurants serve huge portions, the markup of prices on simple dishes, like pasta or chicken is incredibly high, and you’re simply more likely to eat more if you’re not at home.  Cook your own dishes – control your portions, control your ingredients, save money, and lose weight.

    *I learned that restaurants often serve 3 times the amount of food we should eat in a single sitting!

    I learned this and 20+ other tips to start shedding pounds immediately from Dr. Roberta Temes’ eBook, Weight Loss Tips by Dr. Roberta Temes, which you can check out here for free!! (I promise, no charge!).

  2. Farmer’s Markets Are Your Friend! In addition to finding inexpensive and in-season produce, farmer’s markets often offer homemade pastas, nuts, honey, and other groceries.  Purchasing local helps your community, too.
  3. Aim High And Low. On the shelves at the grocery store, often the most expensive items are right at eye-level.  Store brands, with the same ingredients and lower prices, are usually on the top and bottom shelves, where we are least likely to look!
  4. Buy in Bulk!  Your perishables, like fruits and veggies, should be fresh whenever possible, but purchase bigger quantities of meats and dried goods, like beans and rice, and you’ll save buying bulk.
  5. Speaking Of Beans… Instead of red meat or chicken, which can get expensive, use beans, tofu, eggs, shitake mushrooms, or other lentils.  There is a trend called “meatless Mondays” where families swap one night’s meat based dinner for a vegetarian meal.
  6. Do It Yourself!  Grow a garden full of vegetables, or if you’re limited on space, inside herb gardens will help you to save some cash and enhance the flavor of your foods.  Cut back in store bought (and super sugary) marinades in favor of a dry rub using fresh herbs.

Can you think of any other money saving tips that help you to eat better, too?

For 20+ awesome tips from Dr. Roberta Temes, don’t forget to click here to download her free eBook, Weight Loss Tips by Dr. Roberta Temes by Dr. Roberta Temes.

  • CatnipH

    Frozen veg still contains the goodness in them and is quite often on offer in the supermarkets (buy one get one free etc) and lasts for ages.

    Frozen fruit is also often on offer but I’m quite picky about it as sometimes it defrost a bit of a softer texture (smooshy!).
    I get over this by using the more expensive fresh fruit to eat as it is, and use the frozen stuff for smoothies/sorbet etc.

  • Michelle Starks

    Great tips. Thanks for all of your information!

  • Elizabeth Tier

    can you eat hamburger on beef day

    • Catherine

      Hi Elizabeth,
      Yes you can try to buy the leanest or pat the grease out of the hamburger once it is cooked. Have a great weekend.