Enjoy These Cocktails & Stay On Track

Catherine here,

cocktails-2Time for holiday parties and…gulp…time for temptations, too.

This blog post is strictly for my 21 and over readers.  Please be, above all else, safe this season and every day in between!

You probably already know that alcohol can be the downfall to ANY diet.  In addition to the drinks having lots of calories – the mixers and the alcohol –  you’re likely to make food mistakes, too, like hitting the drive thru line or a diner full of fried foods.

In this post, I have 8 drinks ideas and ways to shave some serious calories off your cocktails.

Check out the list and let me know if you have any good ideas to add!

8 Waist-Line Friendly Drinks

1. On the Rocks! Sip slowly with this beverage, but skipping the mixer in any cocktail automatically reduces calories.  Add some water, use plenty of ice, or add sparkling water.

2. Gin and Tonic!  A long favorite, gin and tonic can be made with diet tonic and taste exactly the same.  No muss, no fuss.  Add plenty of ice or lemon or lime slice to give your sip a kick.

3. Vodka! Sweet Tea Vodka is one of the many new flavored vodkas on the market.  Add some low cal lemonade (or lots of real lemon juice!), and skip iced tea and sugar. Refreshing and low cal – win, win!

4. Vodka and Cranberry Juice! If you’re looking for a full flavored drink with low calories, but you want to add a mixer, try vodka with cranberry juice. Orange juice contains tons of added sugars. Of all bottled juices, cranberry contains the fewest artificial sweeteners. Look for 100% juice on the label.

5. Margarita!  Save money and calories by not using a store bought mix.  They add calories and artificial ingredients to keep those mixes sweet and able to sit on store shelves for months.  Make yours with tequila, lime juice, plenty of ice, and sip slowly.

6. Tequila and Club Soda! This is possibly the lowest calorie sipper on the list. Drinking just tequila and club soda, with a slice of lime, will only set you back about 100 calories. Sip slowly!  Keep in mind replacing any sugary mixer with club soda will reduce the calories in your drink.

7. Rum and…!  Enjoy the sweet taste of rum but save calories by choosing a spiced rum.  Or, use diet coke instead of regular coke.  Remember that regular coke has quite a high sugar content, though, so if you’re going to splurge, make sure to limit your drinks.  Diet colas are also known for being addicting – so really limit this beverage.

8. Mojito Twist!  Use watermelon instead of sugar in a classic mojito, mixed with rum, sparkling water, and mint.  Skip the sugar and use cubes of watermelon! This drink will remind you of summer.

Do you know of any drink recipes that are calorie – and waist – friendly?

To your health,

  • Florida Mom

    I just want say thanks and yum. Those are some really good ideas!

  • Lizette

    Wow and I thought its going to be a dry festive season! LOL Another suggestion is light wine but I pour in half wine and half soda water (sparkling water) with a dash of lemon juice with lots of ice.

  • Sweetp

    I like to add diet tonic water to wine or drink it plain with just ice and a squirt of lime juice.

  • Rori

    Tequila , coocunut water, water and a lime. Over ice of course
    Low cal and yummy

  • CoachMac14

    Any suggestions for a beer drinker.

    • Catherine

      Just drink the lite ones and limit yourself!!!

  • Ellie

    My family will be really happy to know that rum and diet coke is on the list since it’s our family social drink of choice. We always fill up the glass full of ice, pour the rum over the ice, fill the rest of the glass with diet coke and add a lime wedge. For the, vodka-cran mix it together and pour it over crushed ice so it’s like a slushy with lime.

  • Donna Carroll

    i just chase vodka with water it works for me and no after taste i get plenty of water and can still have my vodka.

  • Diane

    Can you put the cabbage soup in a blender and drink it

    • Catherine

      Yes you certainly can. Some do that regularly. Good luck!!