EXACTLY How I Stick To My Food Plan!

One of the best ways to stay accountable and stay on your meal plan is to write everything down.

If you keep a small notepad in your purse or with you at all times, and you’re very honest, you will write down everything and very quickly, you’ll discover something new.

What you’ll discover is that you are going to be less likely to eat bad stuff!

It will seem really easy.  You won’t want to write down ‘ate 25 cookies’ or ‘1 whole pint of ice cream’ because you know it is bad and it looks bad in writing, too.

I learned this trick from Dr. Roberta Temes and it is one of many ideas that helps me stay on track.

Dr. Roberta Temes

Dr. Temes is an expert in helping her patients (she is currently a psychologist in New Jersey) to avoid overeating by using a variety of techniques, including:

  • Medical Hypnosis
  • One on One Counseling
  • Tapping…and more!

The program I’ve been using (constantly for a while, and less often when I just need a boost to get back on track) has been around for 5 years, and there has been a lot of great things said about it.

Medical hypnosis has been approved by the American Medical Association and the British Medical Association, too.

The people I’ve spoken to have used medical hypnosis to follow their diets, and most have had to use very little effort to keep at it…

I will talk about willpower another time – but guess what?

It doesn’t really exist.

That is why we cannot resist temptation and we, essentially, fall off the wagon of eating well.

How I Stay On Track

The Enjoying Weight Loss program is different!

It is easy, because instead of fighting your inner self, you’ll feel good about what you’re doing, and (I’m serious) you’ll actually want to do the stuff you hear on the CDs, such as:

  • drinking more water and drinking less soda…
  • eating more vegetables and fruits…
  • getting motivated to walk more and move more in general…
  • to be satisfied with one serving at dinner and other meals…
  • to effortlessly reduce cravings…
  • and the list goes on! 

The program is called Enjoying Weight Loss, and the point of it is to really ENJOY the journey to health using Dr. Roberta’s soothing and encouraging words.

I’ve read a lot about it (again with the science) but the results are pretty clear. If you’re already trying to lose weight, this helps. It just does.

It boosts whatever results you’re getting alone, and helps make the results happen faster. The faster we see results, the more likely we want to stick to our plans, and the more we stick to our plans, the faster we see results.

If you’re interested in this, head over to the Hypnosis Network to learn more, and tell them Catherine sent you!

To your health,