Dear Friend,

Cabbage Soup Diet

I thought you might like to read about my personal experience with the diet, in addition to the raw facts presented on the other pages of this site.

I would be doing you a disservice to say the Cabbage Soup Diet is easy. It’s not.

First, chances are you’ll get sick of cabbage really fast – it gets very bland and almost hard to stomach. However, I’ve found by adding curry or other the spice pack that I developed specifically for the recipe on this site, the soup tastes considerably better.

Secondly, some people feel a little light-headed and/or irritable while on this program. However, the good news is it’s only for seven days. This diet is not designed for long term weight loss – in fact, most (but not all) of the weight you will lose is water

But… If you can stick to this diet for seven days, it might be the “quick start” you’re looking for before you embark on a less stringent eating program. It also provides great motivation – by going on a more conventional diet after the first week, you’re more likely to stay on track because of all the positive results you’ve already experienced.

One more thing: I’d definitely recommend taking a good multi-vitamin tablet while on this diet.