Veggies That Fight Fat For You!

I have a confession to make.

This may come as a shock to you to read, since I run this website, dedicated to eating veggies and fruits as a way to lose weight…but I haven’t always been good at eating my vegetables!

Obviously, I’ve always forced myself to eat some (and did even more so after I learned about the Cabbage Soup Diet many, many years ago) because they are healthy… but now I am at the point where I crave veggies and fruits (especially watermelon) instead of junk food.

It hasn’t always been that way!

The Cabbage Soup Diet helps… you WILL start to crave more vegetables and fruit, and to crave less junk and fattening foods.

But, if you need a kickstart in this department, just keep reading!

Eat More Leafy Greens!

During your Cabbage Soup Diet week, you will be eating more veggies than (for many of you) ever before, and that is a great first step.

But – there are also some specific veggies you should eat MORE of, because these specific greenies will help you to burn even MORE fat.  These vegetables are cruciferous, which means they contain special ingredients to help fight off fat.

And, this isn’t just any fat…These veggies specifically target your BELLY fat, the hardest fat to get rid of.

Which Vegetables Should I Eat Most Of?

So, go get your grocery list, grab a marker, and write these down…

The following are vegetables you’ll want to grab EVERY single time you go to the market:

  • Broccoli
  • Kale
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Bok choy

Cruciferous veggies help to strengthen the immune system, protect against heart disease, AND help you burn belly fat!

Your best veggies, all listed here! <– My favorite cook book!

“But I Don’t Crave Vegetables.”

Okay, so now that you know which vegetables to eat, I want to tell you how I have developed a craving for them over the years.

You need to learn to EAT your way HEALTHY!

Once you get into that mindset that food can heal you and make you feel and look amazing from the inside out, then you’ll be hitting the gym and eating well on a regular basis!

And, when the diet is over, you don’t want to eat JUST vegetables anymore, right?

Eat BREAD Again! <– Learn how to incorporate carbs into your POST-Cabbage Soup Diet and lose Even more weight!!

Multi-grain bread?  Ok.

Avocado?  Ok.

You just need to know WHICH foods will make YOU feel your very best.

That is why Isabel is here!

The Beyond Diet is just that – it is an end to dieting, an end to tasteless food – and an END to the Cabbage Soup cycle, too!

Your solution is here! <– Click for more information!

I strongly suggest you check out this program as you turn to a healthy life style after the Cabbage Soup Diet!

Til next time!


Your solution is here! <– Click for more information!


  • Djwootten

    things are going great thanks for your help how can I print the 7 days I have the shopping list but need the printout for the 7 days . thanks again lost 4 pounds so far. lol Donna

    • You cans ee the whole 7 Day plan here:

      • Janene38

        I am on day 5 and I am out of soup..Can I drink 100% V8 for the remainder of my diet..I am doing really good and I dont want to get off track!

        • Angels


        • Some versions of the diet say yes, others no…I’d go with no for best results

  • Donna, shoot me a quick email and I’ll re-send it to you! my email is catherine at It wont let me post a link here, so email away!

  • Judy Vanderburg

    Hi Catherine I,m really happy with the cabbage soup diet as it service a great perpose for me as I have a fatty liver dease and just in5days I have lost 3kg and feeling much better

  • Learg2

    Am I the only one that has not cheated but as of day four I’ve gained weight?!

    • Day 4 is a bad day for a weigh-in, since you’re full of bananas and milk! Did you see more loss towards the end of the diet ??

      • Layla0107

        Hi, can I use quinoa instead of the brown rice on day 7.

      • jim

        i lost 4kg’s till day 3 n now, day 4- gained it all back.. will it all go bacck till the end of the diet?

        • The bananas and milk make everyone hold onto or gain a couple pounds. Eat more soup through the week and it’ll go back down.

    • L.A.

      I have been following this diet very closely, even walking everyday 30-60 min. But by Day 4, I haven’t lost any weight (well, went down 2 lbs, and gained them back). The only thing I didn slightly wrong was use canned Tomato Soup to add to my V8 soup base. So, by Banana & Milk day, I’m getting really discouraged. Had some chips today and popcorn. Even though I cheated a little, I’ve been eating this soup like crazy and tons of steamed vegetables. I’ve made a 98% change in my regular diet – should I see SOME weight loss? I feel better, and may have lost inches, but I’m sick of not being able to budge the scale! HELP 🙂

      • Days 4 and 5 are not the days to weigh in. The bananas and milk causes EVERYONE to go back up a pound or two.
        Also, if you have had chips, popcorn, and canned soup, you havent been following the plan closely, so I wouldnt expect to see much loss. The canned soup is the worst, it is chock full of salt, preservatives, and artificial sugars. Are you almost done with that batch and ready to make a new batch? Make it without the canned soup AND with no V8.

        • L.A.

          I was weighing every day, just to see how things were going. It was the beginning of Banana/Milk day when I posted my reply, so I hadn’t eaten any of that yet. It is day 5, and I did go back down 2 lbs, so total loss on morning and day of day 5 is 2 lbs. I had another bowl of the soup with the Campbell’s Tomato Soup & V8 in it, and have one or two more bowls left that I will finish on Day 6 (tomorrow). When I make a new batch (which I plan on doing on Day 7 – and eating the soup even after the 7 days are up) I will not use the Campbell’s Tomato Soup & V8 (even though I LOVE that Campbell’s Tomato soup and just stocked up on 12 more cans to add to the 6 I already had). I’m afraid I won’t like the soup as much…canned tomatoes are not that good to me – any suggestions? Thanks for your dedication 🙂

          • If you like spicy soups, you can add some jalapenos or chilies, or even some pepper flakes. If you want to keep the diet going, maybe check out how to make a home-made tomato soup? You can create your own healthier version and edge Campbell’s right out of your cabinets!

        • Dawn

          im confused…no v8 at all? I used chicken noodle soup mix and took out the noodles and added v8– is that okay?

          • You can add v8 but you dont have to..yours sounds fine

    • Enroberts

      you may have problems with your thyroid if you ate lots of Cruciferous veggies.

  • Lakshmi

    i am 17 years old can i follow the cabbage soup diet

  • Lakshmi

    i am 17 years old can i follow the cabbage soup diet

    • I’d vote for no, since you’re still growing. Ask your doctor though!

  • Lakshmi

    i am 17 years old can i follow the cabbage soup diet

  • Elize

    Day 5 and I have lost 3.10 kg. Feeling gr8 and a lot more energetic. Must say the bananas was a life saver yesterday

    • They usually are, and your protein will taste great today, too!

  • Macykeys

    whats a good diet to follow after this one

    • Macy, you want something tailored to YOU! Check out Isabel De Los Rios’ Diet Solution Program where she gives you a quiz to figure out which of three types you are, then lots of recipes to go along with it!

  • Tomclaffey37

    can i have a salad dressing ? if so how about a recipe thanks tom

    • Mix a couple drops of olive oil with fresh squeezed lemon juice, or, personally I use a little bit of the soup broth. Since it’s heavy, a little goes a long way.

  • phjones

    i am so very elated that i finished the cabbage diet and lost 8 lbs,sooooooooo very,very,very happy and the cravings i had for junk food is over working toward a healthy life thanks catherine,Thanks !!

    • Fantastic! That’s exactly what it should do! Congrats!

  • Magbootz

    I am on day 5 of my soup diet and I really do feel great. I have already met my first goal. I don’t like tomatoes though. Can I replace them with something else?

    • Yes, you can do red pepper or grapefruit

      • Yolandapross

        how do you substitute the grapefruit for the tomatoes…how many grapefruits??

        • Aim for 2-3 whole fruits…and don’t add sugar 🙂

  • Rosieme1

    just finish the cabbage soup diet, lost 12lbs feels great cant wait for two weeks to past so i can resume diet again. have 50lbs to lose

    • Rosie, congrats! You should think about something more sustainable, perhaps the Diet Solution by Isabel de los rios, which helps bring GOOD fats back in your diet.

  • Justinessy

    Good day Catherine, its my second day on the diet and its not a bad idea i started at all. just want to know doesn’t prolonged cooking of veggies destroy the nutrients.

    • Good question! Cooking them does break down a little portion of the nutrients, but not too badly. Make sure to take a multivitamin while on this diet as well.

  • Chitalia Bhupendra

    Good day, i am pure vegeterian what is alternative of fish or beef . so that i can start diet.

  • Happy Dieter

    Hi, I’m currently doing the diet and an unexpected social event came up and I have to attend, what do you recommend because I really want to stick to the diet, it would be on my milk and bananas day….I will really appreciate your advice, Thank you

    Also I have a question regarding the milk, does fat free milk and skim milk are the same?

    • You can swap Day 4 and Day 6, it should be easy to find a grilled steak/veggies dish, I would think.
      Yes, fat free milk would work, or soy if you dislike regular milk.

  • paul

    hi,how much brown rice can you eat on day 7,thank you

    • Paul, eat as much as you’d like. If you dislike it, try to “hide” some in your soup 🙂

  • PAN Africanist

    And you even follow this up with an e-mail? This is great! And yes, all of a sudden it sank whilst doing this diet how much lip service we pay to veggies and fruits… portions… never really eat all the leafies… great. And was sure I knew what I was eating and so had confidence..I really cannot still believe how this has worked! Since I was already doing training, I even continued and had my short morning jog. I know my strength and resilience and I did it carefully. I have not gone to the scale because I will only do it after day 7 but what wonderful thing to just slip up the stairs without breathing hard and move fast in town and fit into my old favourite clothes! I am delighted!

  • Mauritza Maingot

    i started the cabbage diet today , i just wanted to kno if i should workout?
    Also how much weight for the most i could lose ?

    • Mauritza, you can still work out, although I wouldn’t recommend training for a marathon this week! 🙂 On average, people lose 3-10 pounds, but veryone’s different. I promise you’ll feel great!

  • Rezaeefariba

    Hi,after firsth week(7 days csd) do i have 2 start same diet 4 next week s!!???

    • You could repeat after a few weeks, but you should think about something more long term, like The Diet Solutionn so you dont have to revert back to this!

  • Rozalynk

    Hello Catherine, i am on my 4th day of the gabbage diet and i feel wonderful. I have lost 8lbs within 3 days and i am so encourage. To continue, I have wanted to eat some fried chicken but i and totally committed to this diet. When i think about it i just get up and do something to remove the temptation. I know that my body is burning fat because i can see how my clothes are starting to fit loose……

    • That’s right, your clothes should be feeling looser! Have you seen this recipe for some healthy fried chicken you can make at home? I havent tried it yet, but if you do, let me know how it goes!

  • Yelena

    Hello! I have just gone through the whole week of the soup, veges and fruit. I did everything as prescribed and lost just 1 kilo. Not sure why. I actually did not feel hungry at all, but disappointed with the result. Might try again in a couple of weeks of eating proteins and veges and fruit.

    • Yelena,
      That is still a decent loss. Plus, you should be feeling great and your pants should be a bit looser, too. You do lose mostly waterweight on this diet, also.

  • Justinessy

    Yay!!!!!!!!! its day seven and am feeling great. but my only worry is some friends are saying i have lost my charm cos so much weight is gone.but am fine . i did this my own way didnt eat any of the foods suggested like chicken,beef,brown rice,milk and bananas. i only eat three small pieces of potatoes without butter on day two. i only did my soup and soup was tasteless no salt and no spice. now my question is how do i maintain this weight dont wonna go back to junck.

    • You’re still the same you though! I hope your friends come around. You’ll find a new sparkle!

    • LIANA


      • I would advise to stay away from the salt 🙂 Water retention/too much sodium is often what leads to belly bloat

        • Lisa Brooks

          I purchased no salt added canned tomatoes so is it okay to add an adobo seasoning which has salt in it?

          • Catherine

            It should be fine as the water dilutes a lot of the salt and if it’s too bland you will not eat it.

          • Lisa Brooks

            thanks. I also didn’t add the bouillon cubes either to help balance the salt. Before my baby I lost 60 pounds by cutting my salt intake. Never lost any of the baby weight so hopefully this works for me as a booster.

      • Becky

        I use sea salt. Much better than the other stuff.

  • Ramya

    Hai Catherine… I am 165 cms height and i was 55 kgs only. now i put weight which is 63. so i would like to start this.. will this effect the people who is trying for baby ? after one week how to maintain my weight .? is there any side effect ? please kindly reply me back…

    • Ramya, if you’re trying for a baby, ask your Dr about the best nutrition. This diet may not be ideal.

  • Dave

    Its day 5 and I have lost 6 lbs, so far (day 1: 3 lbs, day 2: 2 lbs, day 3: 1 lb and day 4: 0 lbs). I think it was the bananas that caused no weight loss on day 4. I have been told, if you want to lose weight don’t eat bananas. I feel great and look forward to increasing my exercise every day. Hopefully I will be at my high school weight (185) by the end of day 7.

  • Kokomf

    bananas makes me sick, what can i eat in their place?

    • kiwi, papaya, or apricot..Sorry for the delay, I was out of town! 🙂

  • Nonkululeko

    I am now on day 4, i cheated for the first time today coz there was a work function, but only ate protein at the function.

    • As long as it wasnt like..fried chicken, or something like that, you should be OK!

  • Uni Studios Team

    Hi Catherine,

    A group of people at work is going to do this diet but we would like to get a list of vegetables and fruits to make sure we’re not eating what we’re not supposed to. Some of us argue that Avocado, Cucumber and lemons are vegetables, others say they’re fruits. Who is right? Can you please help us? We want to get the best result possible.

    • Lemon is a fruit, but feel free to add slices to your water if it helps you to drink more, through the week. Cukes are veggies. Avocado is a fruit, I think, but it should be avoided on the diet because it’s high in fat.

  • Anonymous

    I had lost 15 pounds just BEFORE starting the cabbage soup diet and then lost another 6 pounds by day five. It really works.

  • vicky

    Hi !I started the cabbage soup today and i’m feeling nauseated so much what do i take to calm it.Iam taking apples and oranges for the day.

    • Vicky, Limit your apples, since they have a ton of carbs. You may be hungry, and if thats the case, have more soup! If you feel sick from it (and you shouldnt, since its soup you’ve made with things you like) than drink lots of water, and if you really feel ill, discontinue it.

  • Lilly

    I’m on day 5 and i’m just wondering, after i’ve finished the diet, how can I keep the weight off? And is it alright to go on the diet for two (or more) weeks in a row?? Thanks 🙂

    • Lilly, you should NOT stay on the diet for 2 weeks in a row. If you need to repeat it, wait at least a few weeks. Check out a fave of mine, the Diet Solution by Isabel de los Rios..Even the free video on the page has good info about transitioning from the CSD into something else, incorporating those good fats you need again.

  • Carlyhallmark

    I would like to eat chicken for day 5. How many ounces of chicken is allowed?

    • Aim for the same 10-20 oz…that may seem like a lot of food though, so just eat until you’re full.

      • Carlyhallmark

        Thanks…. Another couple of questions? I am having terrible allergies at the moment right in the middle of this diet. Are sugar free cough drops ok? On the steak and tomatoe day can you have other veggies with the steak and tomatoes or is that all is allowed?

        • Yes, the coughdrops ok! On Day 5, it’s just tomato, soup, and beef (or chicken). Day 6 is other veggies, soup, and beef (or chicken).

  • Shannon J

    I consider myself to be in pretty decent shape (5′ 8″/139lbs). I work out 4-6 times a week, but I could definitely improve on my eating habits (I’m a very picky eater)! I am on day 5 of this plan and feel so good! My jeans are looser and my stomach feels lighter and flatter! I am not even craving sweets or processed food! Thank you!

    • lacey

      Thank you for the feedback, Shannon, and great job!

  • cee

    I’m on day 4 gonna start my milk and banana today had a lot of craving but didn’t do it and it seens as I can only a little bit of soup is that normal

    • lacey

      Cee, just have a bunch of servings if you’re only going to eat a little at a time!

  • Natalie Pamela

    Thanks so much for all the information which is vital for me, anyway.
    I am so glad I found you. I am now on my 7th day so tomorrow onwards I have to be very strong and am planning my meals in advance and trying to learn as much as possible about foods that are high in calories, etc.
    My problem is, I love bread, especially, stone ground wholemeal, pumpernickel types of rye and sour dough, etc. The craving is very big – any suggestions from anyone,
    P L E A S E !!! Help as I am really addicted to bread. I have in my freezer weightwatchers and nimble but it is always the same……I have one or two slices and go on to have many more filled with all sorts of healthy stuff, but still I am always disgusted with myself for consuming so much.

  • wioletta sztuka

    I will be on my 5th day tomorrow, how would you suggest cooking the beef or the chicken? Then the rice, can I just cook it in the rice cooker, do I use butter and salt?

    • lacey

      No butter and no salt!! Just boil the rice or make it in the cooker, but plain!!

  • Chloe

    Instead of using carrots can I use broccoli……….

  • maria moona

    hey dear !!! em starting soup from today… i wana loose more and more weight. em 68 kgs and i want it to be 58-60 range. celery is not available here… so em using more cabbage…. wana loose it as fast as possible … i’ve to attend a function in 9 days wana loose more quickly. tell me how much soup should i drink in a day and how much time do i need to spend on excercise?

    • Maria, make sure not to use this diet for more than 7 days. You can skip the celery, no problem. You should have as much soup as you want – and have at least 3 servings. Since you’re eating so few calories, don’t overexert yourself and work out too hard. Aim for a walk or a jog or something light like that.

  • maria moona

    hey dear !!! em starting soup from today… i wana loose more and more weight. em 68 kgs and i want it to be 58-60 range. celery is not available here… so em using more cabbage…. wana loose it as fast as possible … i’ve to attend a function in 9 days wana loose more quickly. tell me how much soup should i drink in a day and how much time do i need to spend on excercise?

  • maria moona

    plus i dont wana eat any of suggested foods coz i wana loose as early as possible… do help me out dear !!!

    • You MUST eat the other foods, Maria. The soup itself is not nutritious enough and you wont be able to maintain a healthy composition on that. Make sure you eat the other stuff, especially when you get to Days 4-6!

  • maria moona

    plus i dont wana eat any of suggested foods coz i wana loose as early as possible… do help me out dear !!!

  • Thanks

  • Kathy

    I feel so good & feel lighter. I’ve lost 5 pounds enjoying the soup,fruits. I didn’t eat much bananas as I was full

  • Vedaakash

    Am a veggie. what can i have on day 5 n 6

    • Vedaakash

      Can i Have Coconut Water for all the 7 days?????

      • Instead of meat, have tofu or beans. Look at the ingredients of the coconut water: if there is even ANY sugar mentioned or any artificial sweetners, no.

  • debbie henderson

    Dose it matter what cabbage (red or green cabbage)?

    • Either is fine, Debbie!

    • Dora DeClue

      Red cabbace will turn your soup pink…

    • Dora DeClue

      Red cabbace will turn your soup pink…

    • Dora DeClue

      Red cabbace will turn your soup pink…

  • Vedaakash

    Am on Day 3…Soup tastes Good…But am able to have only 2 bowls a day i.e for lunch and dinner. I feel full the other times. Am unable to have 6 glasses of water instead i take 4 glasses of pure coconut water. Is that fine?

    • the coconut water probably has sugar in it!! I would have regular water, and sweeten with pieces of fruit to make it naturally sweeter. If you find yourself not losing weight, it is probably due to the coconut water.

  • Dave M

    Hi, this really is working, and to be honest, is not as hard as people think.! Its just another way of eating great food. Must admit did cheat on one day, where I was craving a chicken roll. Half way through now, and looking forward to Banana day.!

  • Nonki

    It’s day 3 for me today, Im not feeling hungry, and I still have energy. I cant wait to weight my self after day 7. Im feeling good already

  • Bertilia

    I am in day 5 and so far I’m full of energy and yes craving for fruits. thanks Catherine.

  • Chrisma Oosthuysen

    What is kale & bok choy………..I have never heard of these veggies…..

    • You’d be better off googling them to see a pic, but bok choy is a type of cabbage. Kale is a green leafy veggie, like spinach.

      • Chrisma Oosthuysen

        Thank you Catherine, I can surely substitute these veggies with the like’s you mentioned?
        This is day 2 and I felt great this morning when I woke up. I was not so groggy like I normally am.
        I don’t do well on restricted diets…..and was a bit moody last night. Was also so disgusted, as I could not find any cranberry juice.

  • Andiponting

    My soup was delicious .. spiced it up with curry paste . lovely day Eight and 7lb lighter

  • itsjustme

    hello im on day 3. I find that I am very bloated and I haven’t ummm…”used the bathroom,” since Sunday lol. I wonder if I should do? I’ve been eating lots of soup and lost of fruit and veggies

    • It happens!! Drink plenty of water! If nothing else, the bananas and milk will get you back to normal in that department 🙂

  • Anu

    i hate bananas? what dio i do?

    • Anu, you can have papaya or apricot, and make sure they are fresh, not dried. Will one of those work?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Catherine, Finally registered myself. Chrisma here……yippeeee it’s day 4 for hubby and I. Looking good so far and I have lost 2.5Kg to date, (sorry don’t know how to convert to pounds for those of you working in pounds). A quick question: Hubby is concerned about the amount of milk today; would it cause a runny tummy?
    My question: Are we allowed to eat avocado pears? We had half each with our veggies at dinner last night.

    • You should refrain from avocados, since they have a lot of fat. It is really good fat. If you’re vegetarians, you can have it on Days 5 and/or 6. That is a very healthy “cheat” though, and cheats really even the wrong word. I wouldnt have any more, but it wasnt bad.

  • DebbieVause

    This was the easiest diet I have ever tried. I followed the diet exactly as stated and lost 7 lbs. I never felt hungry during the entire week. I am anxious for these next two weeks to pass so I can “enjoy” the cabbage soup diet once again.

  • Syma Javed1


    I am on day 2 and stuck on which veggies I can eat. Can I have salad such as lettece, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, beetroot?

    Thank u xx

    • Yes, sounds great. It’s easier to point out which veggies you should avoid. Do not have: corn, beans, peas. Avoid potatoes, except the 1 you can have on Day 2. Otherwise, eat whichever veggies you’d like!

  • Mary

    Im on day four what should i do i can’t take
    the milk .but i love the diet i lost 5lbs

    • If you cannot have diary, have soy, rice, or coconut milk!

  • Natasha

    I love cauliflower and broccoli and they are easy to get in Greece where I live (cabbage too, but I generally eat blood type wise, so I try to avoid it. Same with brussel sprouts) but I ‘m not sure I can find kale or bok choy.

    I started my cabbage soup diet today and unfortunately it came out bitter… its eithe the peppers I think or the cabbage… my mother though had a good idea which improved the flavour alot, to add fresh lemon and I added some chilli powder…
    I was wondering how I would be able to eat all of this bitter soup… I ‘ll try leaving out the peppers next time or even the parsley…
    any advice?

    could I put in soup courgettes/zucchini? or eat them on the 2nd day with the rest of the veggies?


    • Just add whichever veggies you like and are local, you can even add items not on this list. Since I am in the US, my ingredients are common items here, but you can certainly change it for yourself and location.
      Zucchinis do have some starch, so limit them to just a small helping or so on your veggie days only.

  • Ruvs82

    hi the soup i made came out sour once i added the tomatos is it possible to omit it from the soup completely or if i really need it in the diet – can i make a tomato curry instead with some of the onions? as well as the soup?

    • You can omit the tomatoes from the soup, that’s fine. On tomato Day, #5, have red pepper instead of the tomatoes.

  • Nadine

    I am done the 7 days now, I lost 7 lbs, the hardest part of the diet was keeping my boyfriend away from my soup, I want to go again, do you really have to wait 2 weeks?

    • With this diet, yes. If you want something longer, check out the Xtreme Fat Loss program, which can help you lose up to 25 pounds in 25 days!

  • Kwxmas

    the cabbage diet is going great im on day 3 I wanted to know if i could use salad dressing on my salad if it’s low fat dressing

    • Not this week! Anything store bought will have preservatives and other unnatural ingredients. Make a lemon juice/couple drops of oil dressing, or use some soup broth.

  • Dick Ogden

    I started eating fresh farm vegetables locally grown back in July. I started canning tomatoes, beets, green beans, and freezing corn. I started the cabbage soup diet (9/26) and I see immediate results. (almost all vegetables recommended in the diet I was consuming anyway)

    I have to admit that I drink 8 0z of home made tomato vegetable juice every morning and have done so since July 1. What I now see, is if you are sincere about losing weight you must change your diet to greater portion of juice and green veggies then proceesed food at a restaurant. I also added 1 can of tuna with olive oil at lunch with no additives. My weight is down to 256 lbs …12 lbs off my waist. Belt size is 42 …2 inches off.
    I grill out as frequently as I can and include in my diet chicken, beef, and, lamb.

    I am a heart patient and a under cardio care physcian. I will soon take the required blood test and see what changes have been made as result of the dietary change.

    I’ll keep you posted.

    Dick Ogden

  • Bgherrling

    I caved on banana day,do I have to start over, I had 1/2gapefruit, then 2 bananas, forgot to bring milk, a handful of cherry tomatoes, cup of soup all before noon, then I felt hunger
    on my way home at 445 had a handful of almonds then at home toasted bagel with cheddar
    felt so guily later had 1/2 large orange, hmmm do I continue or start all over? thanks
    I was feeling good I hate that I caved! thanks and sorry Brenda, Canada

    • The other things would’ve been OK, the bagel was the real “cheat.” Id start over for best results. If you have trouble sticking to a meal plan, you might want to check out Enjoying Weight Loss, which becomes your willpower for you.

  • Donna

    This diet has helped me alot. To date I have lost 7.4 lbs and I am feeling great. Thank you for the help.

  • Marcy in OR


    I’m at the end of Day 2. I made the huge pot of soup yesterday. Lots of stuff in there. I’m a big vegetable eater anyway. My favorite meal is grilled chicken breast cut up in a huge salad, or sometimes I switch the chicken out with 2 boiled eggs and bacon and blue cheese and turn it into a cobb salad of sorts. I do this at least 4 times a week for dinner. But I was NOT losing weight. I’ve been gaining and losing the same 4 pounds for the last year and I’ve been stuck in this rut. I eat good but the scale is not moving.

    My problem is I’m a nibbler and I love bread. I work out of my home so the kitchen is accessible any time I want. So if there’s cookies, every time I go in kitchen, I’d grab one. I also am a big bread eater.

    Anyway, made this huge pot of soup and I knew it would be bland and I like spicy food. So I traded the Spring (green onions) for 2 regular round onions, I added a lot of cayenne pepper to make it spicy and a lot of basil. In fact, I put so much cayenne pepper that it was too spicy, and I toned it down with half bottle of the low sodium tomato juice. It isn’t hard to eat and I don’t mind it at all. It is very filling.

    What is surprising me is I’m not hungry and I’M NOT CHEATING!!! Amazing. The other change is how much I’m going to the bathroom, both numbers, so I must be cleaning my pipes out!!

    Looking forward to day 3 tomorrow — really enjoyed the baked potato with butter tonight . Last day of fruit and vegetables. Looking forward to those bananas and milk on Day 4 and especially the steak and chicken on Days 5 and 6.

    I have not cheated and looked at the scale, because if it’s not moving, it will cause me to cheat. So I’m waiting till the morning of Day 8 to see what my progress was. I have 40 pounds to lose. So if this works, like I think it will, I’ll do this for the next few months, once a month, and then I’ll be at my ideal weight.

    So glad I found this — good luck to all of you. No cheating, because you’ll just have to start over, and you don’t want to do that!! What is 7 days? Nothing. You can do it.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

    Marcy in Oregon

  • Michelle R Montes

    I am on Banana day, and I have lost about 5 pounds. I keep my soup in a crock-pot on low all day so my husband and I will go to the soup before cheating. It is so easy! Thank you!

  • Tgreen3007

    Can I eat capers on day 2?

    • Actually, you may want to avoid those. Fresh they would be OK, but if they are in brine, thats a lot of salt we dont want this week..same category as pickles.

  • Skarebear23

    I gained 10 pounds after being sized for a MOH dress and the wedding is this october 22nd. I am on the LAST day of the diet, and i can report that i have not cheated once! i have lost 7 pounds, but as of yesterday to help out i have started doing extra cardio and mini workouts at home, which is helping! i love drinking water now, and finally today let myself drink coffee with skim milk and Stevia to help sweeten. Its a natural Sweetner that has absolutely NO ADDITIVES! Its great, tastes wonderful, and is guilt free 🙂 I found it at a natural foods store in mini packets for conviences. They are 15 dollars a box, but you get a lot of packets! The brand i bought is called “Stevia Balance” definately recommend them.

    I also purchased a vegetarian meal replacement that has NO ADDITIVES, and is all 100% natural ingredients to help with protien. Its very low fat, carbs, and Calories! Since i still have a TONNE of soup left over my plan for until after the wedding is to have a shake for breakfast with a tea or coffee for breakfast, fruit and or veggies for snack, cabbage soup and crackers for lunch, and salmon, a small serving of brown rice, and a veggie for supper, along with drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.

    I want to thank you for this website! Its amazing, and i thank you for helping me get back on the health band wagon, and help me learn to eat smaller portions, less junk, and more water!

    Good luck to anyone who is starting, or in the middle of this diet 🙂

    Cheri MacKenzie
    Petawawa, Ontario, Canada

  • Kristen

    I’m on day 2 and didn’t think it would be this hard!!! But my questions is: can I eat roasted garlic with my baked potato tonight?

    • Yes, you sure can.. just dont roast it with butter 🙂

  • Karen

    I love the soup…..I start last week ..was done Monday..the soup was great I could eat it everyday…I lost 8lbs….I put 2lbs back on…Wish I could stay on this all the time but it says not too grrrrrrr.

    • It does say no to, you’re right 🙂 There is a 25 day program called the Xtreme Fat Loss diet, that promises you can lose up to 25 pounds in that time period, and its more permanent loss, not just water weight, if you’re interested!

  • rebecca atkins

    does it make a difference on how much weight that you are when you starte the diet? i am 5/6 and weigh 155 i want to get back to what i was before i had my baby at 140lbs my baby is 5 weeks old. it seems alot of people lose different amount of weight . i am on day 3 and it has not made me go to the bathroom!!

    • Yes, since this diet targets mostly water weight, people who are heavier will lose more weight…the same is true with most diet plans. If you’re breastfeeding, ask your Doc before going on this diet.

  • Paradisediva41

    Hi, my name is Wanda. I did not start diet yet. Tomorrow will be day 1 for me. My question is: Can I add my Sensa sprinkle to my CSD? I bought the Sensa sprinkles and never used it. Im 5 ft. Tall and Im at a wopping 185 lbs. what should be my healthy weight for my hiet? I am 46. Must take age into consideration…. Trying to avoid any skin wrinkles on my face..LOL!

  • Precimackennie

    i have never bein ona diet before,this is my 3rd day and already i feel very good…thank u catherine

  • Anonymous

    I’m on day 5. I woke up 6 lbs. lighter on day 4. I’m at same weight today. I’ve done this diet about 5 times over last several years and it works; 7-10 lbs each time. I find it so simple and straight fwd. Just follow it – don’t look for shortcuts. It’s only 7 days! I found the key is what you do after day 7. I feel my body really working from day 5 on, and each additional day I stay on track is huge difference. Why celebrate the end of the diet with a pizza?? Doesn’t make sense…
    Once I just continued the diet for a second week, but I tweeked it so it would not be so strict. I kept carbs out, used cream/splenda in coffee, a little salt and olive oil, vinegar, etc. in foods, and ate more meat. But I continued to eat the cabbage soup daily. Last time I did this I lost 15lbs. in 2 weeks. (from 195 to 180). I always use this diet to start a long term change in eating habits. After this ‘cleansing’ I find it so easy to not eat pretzels, sandwiches, etc. This diet puts me back in the right mental state. Last time I kept weight off for 3 years – until I got married! 🙂
    So I’m back!
    By the way – those of you who who wish you could drink wine during this diet. Forget about it. The only time I failed on this diet was when I did that – drank wine a few nights during the diet. Sugar is sugar!

    • Thanks for your input! Keep in touch!

      • Theo

        Can I drink red wine? I am on day 5 and have just weighed in at 6kg less, whoopie. I will start again on Monday, is this ok?

        • That’s a no on both fronts! Don’t drink wine, and also, don’t do this program more than 1x per month, at the most.

  • Ctyree

    when it says I can have tomatoes does it mean I can just drink a can of tomato soup

    • No!!!!! Fresh vegetables only. Look at the tomato soup label – SO much sodium and other preservatives!!

  • Mai_alsaedi

    Hello , its my 1st trier with this kind of diet and i’m now in the 6 day and lost 6lb till now , but I’m stopped eat soup from 5 day cuz its not tasty at all but am stick with daily regyem

    • Why dont you make a soup you like?

      • The diet doesnt work without the soup

        • L.A.

          What is is about the soup that makes this diet work? Why does eating the soup seem to be the difference? Thanks 🙂 I would love to know this secret.

          • There’s a lot of controversy over this. Some say that the cabbage, the celery both have “negative calorie” aspects, so you actually lose weight while chewing/digesting because it takes more energy to do that than it actually contains. You’re also not eating processed foods, bad carbs, or anything like that! It is a diet and a cleanse in one.

  • Kimberly Chu

    Hi Catherine,

    I’m on Day 3 now and I’m indeed feeling lighter! Can I substitute beef/chicken on Day 6 for salmon?

    • Salmon is a fattier choice than some cod or another white fish. Try to have a white fish and maybe a small serving of salmon 🙂

  • rebecca atkins

    i finished the cabbage soup diet yeasterday!! i checked this mornning and i lost 11 lbs

  • Sposh

    I am in day four and feeling great. I cant wait for day seven to come and see results.

    • Tex

      I’m on day 5, don’t like bananas but got one down with the light soy milk this morning blended together and had 1/2 at around 10 and 1/2 at 4 mashed with some of the light soy milk. I’ve lost 9 pounds as of this morning, but will not weigh tomorrow as you said it might not look good and I don’t want to be discouraged.

      I plan on going back on my WW plan after this week and I might try this again in a few weeks. Thanks for the site.

  • Rwogden

    I have completed 3 weeks of this plan(modified). Great Results! Lost 2″ off my waist. Lost 13 lbs…I am now a small 255 lb 6’1″ ex-Marine at 62 years of age. My new goal is to lose 50 additional lbs. Size 44″ pants down to 42″ and still loose around the waist. (results without exercise) I do play golf Sat & Sun)

    Lunch and dinner, I am eating all the veggies, brocolli, cauliflower, green beans, brussel sprouts, onion, gold and red beets, carrots, collards, cabbage (red, white), mushroom, tomatoes, garlic, herbs, and boy when mixed together what a great soup. (chicken stock or broth low salt) I have made a vegtable cocktail from my juicer using these veggies and drink 8oz of juice daily since July. (use very little salt) (lots of lemon)

    Along with these veggies, I grill outside, chicken, pork, beef, & lamb for my protein. (grill lemons and squirt over meat when done. At lunch I eat a small can of tuna fish in olive oil (plain), left over grilled meat listed above and veggies.

    For any desert I eat 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. chase with 8 oz of water.

    Breakfast, I drink veggie juice cocktail and 2 hard boiled eggs or one Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich. (1 cup of regular coffee)

    For drink, Deer Park 16 oz water with each meal. (no soda, no milk, no tea,) Lemon or Lime
    in my water is drink of choice.

    2 gin martinis daily.

    Eliminated and gave up all potato chips, fritoes, crackers, candy, bread (white or wheat), rice, pasta (wheat), cookies, cakes, pies. No french fries! I do not eat fish because of iodine issues. To much fish in diet causes swelling in some very pecuilar places. (angioedemia)

    Thru routine blood analysis my doctor says “keep it up” great results!

    This is one of the best moves I have made and I am never seem to be hungry.


  • Shaquita

    hi i am on my second day and i was wondering do i have to eat the soup more than once a day?

  • Fatz_1983

    Hi, great diet I’m up to day 5! Didn’t think I would last this long! But I feel heaps lighter… 🙂 I’ve had a few cheats on the way including extra salt! Just wondering if this diet is suitable for lactating mothers…. Thankyou

  • Tamekiarwalker

    I am finishing up this diet and it was a little tough at first but it got better and as I saw the scale go down it was really getting better, I am on day 5 and down 11.6 pounds “YEA”!! and I have two days left, and I will return to this diet in a few weeks until I reach my desired weight.

  • Alina P

    I am new here and just started the diet, day 1 is a bit hard since im not really a big fan of fruits. I have a question, for day 2 and 3, can i mix roman lettuce with fresh crushed garlic and olive oil? Also i take Metamucil everyday- 1 glass cup of water with 1 tablespoon of powder. It is used to increase fiber in your diet and everyday intake as well as eliminate waste. Is that ok? or should i stop? Will keep you posted! 🙂

    • yes but only use just drops of oil, barely any at all.

  • Pica Piedra 77

    can i take protein suplements or multivitamines????

  • James Dunn27

    I have been on the diet now for 7 days. I stuck rigidly to the diet and have lost 8lbs. However, since Sunday I have had an awful metallic taste in my mouth. Is this common? I have found that either eating some protein or sucking a boiled sweet takes the taste away for a short time. Has anyone ever experienced this?

    • You have that taste since youve been OFF the diet?

      • James Dunn27

        No, it started as I was coming towards the end of the 7 days.

  • Anonymous

    I Started 5 days ago – I feel a little strange after 4 1/2 days on just Fruit & veg BUT Ive lost 5 pounds in body weight – I dont know where from but its for sure gone hahaha Ill stick with it

  • I am now on day 4 of the diet. an have lost 6lbs I also do water exercise. I never throught i could eat so much vegetables. But it has been good so far

  • Ashachettri407

    Dear Mam,
    Thank you very much for the great help. I am starting my diet plan from today ie 31st October, 2011. Please help me with day to day diet list so that I will not be mixed up. Last week I did and felt very much easy with my body. I am a vegitarrain and need help for every vitamin diet. Can u please send me which veg and fruit I will take daily.

    Thank u for the help.

    Luv u Asha

    • Asha, Best wishes with the diet! You can find the complete 7 Day list here: and have beans, tofu, and avocado..Make sure you take a multivitamin, which you should do as a vegetarian anyway.

    • kweaver

      I started on the 31st as well. Can’t wait to see the end results for both of us.

  • Antoinette


    I started the diet today, wish me luck

    • Good luck!

      • Swathi Rockstar

        i am pure vegiterian and beef s of not my kind so tel me de other option to it

    • shannon

      I just started today as well. Good luck!

  • Sanarzzq1

    If I have chips on day 2 however stick to the diet rest of the days will it have promised results?

  • Weightlossgoal103

    It’s my first day on CSD, had 3 bowls of the soup, since it’s fruit day, I had the following (I made a fruit shake):
    1 ripe mango
    1 1/2 Oranges
    500g of Pineapple
    1 small apple

    Water: I gulped 66oz and counting (I noticed I pee a lot and I always get thirsty)
    Cheat: 1/2 cup skimmed milk 36.6 calories (based on label) – added on my fruit shake above

    NO Sugar, used 1 tbsp of soy sauce for the whole casserole of soup, added garlic (1 bulb), 1/2 tsp of olive oil instead of oil spray, added spices like: thyme, marjoram, rosemary, black pepper and boy, my soup tastes fantastic! I didn’t expect to appreciate my soup since the last time I did this was a decade ago and I struggled to keep up. This time, I see a MORE POSITIVE JOURNEY TO WEIGHT LOSS!

    What’s great is, I moved 4 times today! ^_^

    • That sounds pretty good! Omit the soy sauce though, since it has a TON of salt. Also, limit the skim milk to Day 4 only, or to a splash in your coffee or tea each morning. Great job though!

  • kweaver

    I’m on day 3 and I feel great. Even when I can’t get to my soup, I don’t even think about grabbing a snack from a vending machine. The soup doesn’t taste the greatest, but I still eat it like it’s going out of style. I feel like I’m taking in fuel vs. taking in flavor. My “raw food” friend said that she once took a bit of food because the smell was so tempting and was sadly disappointed. Maybe I’ll feel the same way when I’m done with CSD.

    • Woo hoo! Awesome, thats exactly how you should feel. Add spices and stuff to make it more tempting, dont be afraid of some curry or some chilies and red pepper, etc.

  • Ljkelly3

    can sweet potatoes be considered a good veggie choice?

    • During the diet week, you can only have 1 potato and thats the evening on Day 2. You can have sweet or white but only one and only then.

      • Ljkelly3

        Thanks Catherine,

  • Amy bell

    I am on day 4 and have stuck to it but only just read to stay away from peas!!!!! I have eaten them ever veggie day not knowing. Also I had made my soup with chilli peppers and cayan it is so spicy and I love it but was that okay. I see everyone saying there soup tasted like nothing. I love my soup. Also day five, which is tomorrow can I do anything to the tomatoes eg. grill them do they have to be raw??

    • You can bake them, grill them, eat them raw…whatever you can do to get them down! 🙂 (Just dont add salt!)

  • Siwa13

    hi friend! I’m on my day4, little sad.

  • Siwa13

    Day 1,day2 I loss 2-3 lbs. first day i ate 3 bowl o soup and lots of fruits, Day two I ate salad 2 bowl of soup. ans some sweet pea with very little salad dip. Day3 3 bolw o soup and4 fruits and2 salads with little salad dressing only. Day 4, i ate 5 bolws of soup 2 glasess of milk and 4 bananas. this morning befor i statrs my Day5 i weight myself I gaint back 3 lbs. that mean i don’t lost anything. why other people lost so much i don’t.

    • You should never weigh yourself on Days 4 or 5, since you’re having and then digesting a lot of bananas and milk. You’re also NOT helping by eating dip and salad dressing. Have those plain!!

  • maria

    Hi i just wondered if the cabbage soup recipe is for a wk supply or not as we are a bit confused about the amount of low sodium v8 juice which we want to use with the 8 cups of water is 48 oz 3lb because my scales are not very good.

    • You should eat as much soup as you want everyday, at least 2-3 servings or more! You’ll probably need 2 batches of soup for the week.

  • Karla

    This diet is amazing!!! This really jump started my weight loss!!!!

  • guest

    Can i do this diet for 2-3 weeks straight or should i take a break in between?

    • NO! You can do this for only 1 week, then take a break for at least 2-3 weeks. If you’d like something more long – term and more intense, check out the Xtreme Fat Loss program by Joel Marion, which says you can lose up to 25 pounds in 25 days!

  • M Longmuir

    Thank you for your support. I’m only on day 2 so I have a long way to go.

  • Angelhala

    Hi there I’m on my 1st day , I just like to know how many time can I have the soup and do I need certin hours between the soup and the fruits or just eat when ever I feel like eating and another thing as well am I allowed all fruits , on fruits day and all kind of vegie on vegie days I would like answers please thank you and one more thing in this week will I loose some weight or not ? And roughly how much weight will I loose .

    • You should eat as much soup as you want every day. Really, the more soup you eat the better. You should eat lower glycemic fruits and veggies most, and you’ll find a list in my FAQs or just google ‘low glycemic’ fruits or veggies. MOST are OK, so its easier to say which you should stay away from ALL week. Do NOT have: beans, peas, corn. Do not have a lot of starchy veggies, like eggplant. You can only have 1 potato on Day 2 and NO other days. On average, people lose 3-10 pounds.

  • Lonnie

    A bit of advise for cheaters.DO NOT EVEN TRY!!!! The diet is awesome I love the foods and it was going very good but I cheated and ruined it ughhh.Instead of baked potato I ate leftover mashed put a tsp of sugar in my tea and had a glass of wine.So the pound I lost on day one I gained back on day 3 because I cheated….Monday I will start all over and in no way will I cheat this time.

    • Thanks, Lonnie!! I want to put this quote ALL over my site!! SO many people do cheat, then ask why they didnt lose weight. BEST OF LUCK to you next week!!

  • Nfernschuss

    You are amazing! I have done the cabbage soup diet before, and did pretty good at it. But it was quite a while ago, and when I decided to restart it, I wanted to do a little more research before I started. That is how I happened upon your site. I am SOOOOOO happy I did. You are making this go-round a lot more easier, interesting, and fun. I don’t feel like I’m in this alone. I’m on day 3, and already lost 3.8 pounds in the first day. Thank you for your time in creating this site!

    • *victory dance* YOU are the reason this site exists!!! 🙂

  • Christopher Antonio70

    This diet is amazing!! I just started it on Saturday and it’s Monday and I’ve already lost six pounds! I do cardio twice a day and I’m feeling great!

  • Carolkleu

    Thanks heaps for the encouragement and the info on which veggies wage war on the fat cells. Your are right, I do feel heaps better after 3 days.

  • Elena

    Thanks Catherine!
    You are correct, I feel great! I am 5.5 lb off after the Day 4.
    I am not hungry, I don’t think about sweets…

    I think the greatest thing is the “enjoying losing weight” program you’ve recommended.
    This stuff is amazing. I truely recommend everybody give it a chance, it’s worth the money you pay and if it doesn’t work for you, you always can get your money back!


    • Elena, thank you for that!!
      Is there any way I could use this on my review page? I think other people would love to hear that coming from people other than me!

  • Wynonah Bates

    i am excited to see the results, and feel them. i dont have a scale, but i can feel that i have lost n how my clothes fit and i’m getting my flat tummy back! day five today, am lactose intolerant so subbed almond milk for the skim, yesterday but could barely down a glass of it, a banana and a bowl of soup. no cravings, not even hunger. looking forward to some chiicken and beef today, but still not hungry …

    word of caution, cruciferous veggies in large amounts in the diet can inhibit thyroid function; make sure you take an iodine suppement (kelp tablets work), and moderate!

    loving to see the results, take care, congrats, and good luck.

  • Shane

    I have just finished my cabbage soup diet. I was 15st 5lb and now im 14st 10lb which means I have lost 9lb 😀

  • JJ — Jersey Shore

    Hi Catherine!

    Thanks sooo much for your “wonderful e-book”. I have been following the CSD to the “T” and I lost 5lb’s after Day-1, I lost 1 lb after Day-2, I held the lose of 6 lb’s after Day-3, and I am currently on Day-4. Thanksgiving will be my Day-6…..and lucky me (I love, love, love steak)….so I am making the entire turkey day dinner for everyone and I will have a beautiful grilled steak and salad w/o dressing! I’ll have some turkey leftovers on Saturday….

    I feel so much better and owe it all to you! I will be incorporating more fruits and veggies into my diet which will help in the future. I already exercise….but, my BIG downfall is BREAD!!!! If you have ANY suggestions to help me curb it or information on which breads might be better for me, I would be most appreciative!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
    Thanks to you…..I now have one more thing to be thankful for =- )

    • JJ,
      Thanks! I love this! I am SO proud of you for staying on the diet over Thanksgiving! You’re a trooper!!

      • TBAR

        Hi is pumpkin good to eat during the diet for fruit/veg? Also can I drink any kind of tea with a little coffee creamer as milk?

        • Pumpkin is a little starchy and carby, so one small serving on your veggie days only. Any kind of tea or coffee is fine but you can only use skim milk (or rice or soy) and no sugar this week.

    • I like bread too but now they sell bread that is 35 calories per slice…Look for that or use unsalted crackers instead.

  • Nou

    I’m not much of a veggie person, so when i shop for veggie i always have a hard time doing it, few of the one you list i have never try before for i have no idea how i should cook them. Thanks to you that make me actually going to try new thing. i am on my fifth days and i now lost about 7 pound, i still look the same though, i’ll wait till day 8 and see if i look any leaner. Anyway i’m going to have thanksgiving right after my diet end, is it gonna be bad for me?

    • If you eat 4 plates of food and 5 slices of pie, yes, that would be bad! Try to keep your Cabbage Soup week in mind – fill your plate mostly with veggies and meat. Try to eat less of starchy veggies, like potato, and more leafy greens from salads. Use a smaller plate to keep your portions in check as well!

  • Tmontsheng

    i started my diet today and i feel very good cathy, how wonderful now my weight is 91kg just too much for me indeed as i am from 87kg. i will share with you how much it is on day 7 hahahaha.i ate apple cranberrry juice peaches and apricot mmmmm for the first time in months having more than 3 fruits in a day, i just love it!, cathy i will share my experience with you and my team mates who have decided to eat the CBD,lets do it good friends!…..

  • R_shell71

    I made your soup on the weekend and I am not doing the “cabbage soup diet” but I am learning to eat healthier in order to lose a large amount of weight. Your soup is awesome – I add a little hot sauce and red pepper flakes. I have been taking this soup to work for lunch and honestly I could eat it every day. Thanks.

  • Madlaceann

    Hey there, Catherine. I was just wondering, is there a way to do this diet, lose the weight, and keep it off? Like maybe it’ll stay off if I don’t go crazy eating after the week is up or maybe if I try working out during the diet? Thank you!

    • Yes! You can continue to eat the soup as a meal replacement, best results are to eat it for dinner and have lunch as your biggest meal of the day, that way you have time to burn it off. Dont snack at night, and snack on fruits and veggies during the day. Keep the cabbage soup ideas in mind-fresh produce, very little salt, and little to no takeout/fast food, etc. Best of luck!

  • Blood_hell5

    this is just superb !!!!

  • Devergori_l

    ive been sticking to it religiously and its day 5 and haven’t lost anything

    • It is different for anyone. Some people do not see loss until the last few days. Days 4 and 5 are the worst to weigh in, since you’ve eaten the bananas and milk, heavier and more carbs, etc, than youve had in days. Wait til the end and weigh in again.

  • Davisgwd41

    This is day 4 and I am feeling good. I have already lost 4 lbs and it has been so easy,

  • Gemma_jane21

    So I’m on Day 4… Am I only allowed to eat banana’s and soup and skimmed milk? Nothing else including no veg? Is this also the same for day 5, no veg?

  • Sandi

    I have finished five days of the CSD & have lost 11#. People have already
    began asking me what I am doing to lose at.?Also, You seem to have
    So much energy. Thnx for all the help. This has been the easier diet ever.

  • Dia_nuca

    Yesterday was Day 2 and I couldn’t fall asleep because I was soo hungry! Ha Ha Ha ! But my bad was that the veggies I made were not very pleasant to taste… Today on fruit and veg I had a great idea on how to cook them and it was perfect! No probs at all, and to my surprise I cooked pork chops and shoulder of pork with baked potatoes for my BF and had no cravings at all, I didn’t touch them! Yaay ! Huge accomplishment for me 🙂 I’m waiting to see what tomorrow brings as I am not a big fan of bananas… Will roast skinless and boneless chicken do for the day after? Hope so!
    Thanks for all your help!

    • You should NOT be hungry! Eat as much soup as you need to in order to stay FULL, that is the key. Chicken is a great substitute, no rproblem at all.

  • tanlily

    I have finished my DIET, and I feel so great. I have done a lot of diets and found that Cabbage Soup is the BEST. Only 7 days, but you can see visible results, my chest pains are gone, so amazing, will recommend this to my friends.

  • Nitza Tsur

    Are tomatos considered veggies?
    Are grapes considered fruits?

    • For this diet, with what is allowed each day, tomatoes are seen as veggies and yes, grapes are fruits. You have a whole day of tomatoes on Day 5, so if you are not a huge fan, eat them sparingly throughout the rest of the week.

  • Mollymoo

    Day 4 and I have lost 7 pounds so far! thanks for all your help.

  • Sarah

    I was wondering since day 5 is just tomatoes, beef & soup, what are people eating for breakfast that day??? I would like some suggestions. Thank you in advance.

    • I know it’s odd, but soup!! 🙂 Personally, I start with a cup of just broth, the soup liquid, until I am ready for soup. You could also blend some, add some icecubes, and you’ve got “juice” for breakfast 🙂

  • Suzanne

    Hi Catherine, I just finished Day 3 today….and i ate one slice of garlic bread….
    but i didn’t cheat the other days at all…and i won’t cheat in the future either
    but i checked my weight and its still the same 🙁 also….im a vegetarian
    so wen i eat tofu on day 5 and 6, can i cook it a little in olive oil???

    • Garlic bread is bread, carbs, salt, oil, fat, butter, cheese… I wouldnt expect your weight to change now. It also wont change on days 4 or 5 with the bananas, so dont weigh yourself, otherwise you may get discouraged. Since you’ve cheated, I would recommend skipping the olive oil. Instead of tofu, you can do black beans too, if you want some variety.

  • Laceyliland

    I am on day for and as of yesterday I was down 6lbs! This site has been wonderful, thank you for making it do easy!!

  • Dgabegator

    I am on day 5 feeling good and doing great. I LOVE THE SOUP. I haven’t check my weight, but feel like I have lost a few pounds. I don’t feel bloated anymore. This has taught me to try and make more healthy food choices in the future. I do love red wine, but haven’t missed it on this diet. When I’m finished, what bread and cheese can I choose, if any? Thank you

    • Whole grained bread! Anything with white flour is bleached and will be less wholesome and less healthy than grain bread.

    • I am not sure about the cheese since I’m lactose intolerant..I’ll do some research!

    • AmberMarie6

      I read that swiss cheese helps block fat!

  • Arushivogel

    Hi Catherine…..I want an advice please…..can I eat kiwi and no bananas at day 4??
    I haven’t start the diet yet. And another thing….in my country is so difficult to find celery…., is this a problem for the diet????????

    • You can skip the celery! Add more cabbage! You can eat kiwi, apricot, or papaya on Day 4 instead of banana.

  • Magbootz

    Can I drink any of the Odwalla juice drinks for my fruits and vegies?

  • Minga

    I would love to know how many bowls of soup ppl are eating pr. day. I am on the banana day, had 5 bananas and 5 bowls of soup, and of course lots of water, I try to drink at least 2 liters a day. But I am curious as to how much others are eating and drinking:)

  • orchard

    Hi, on day 6 of the diet now and have lost 4.5 kgs. Feel great and can see the difference in my waistline. I added garlic and cayenne pepper and a bunch of spinach to my soup. It has a wonderful taste and I am enjoying the break from the ‘automatic’ eating I have been doing before going on the diet. It is hard when you do all the cooking for a growing family and don’t feel hungry yourself when it comes time to eat. This week I have very aware of everything I am eating and how much sweet stuff my family get thru during the course of a normal week – I have been turning it down this week when offered by the kids or hubby. I have also noticed that the arthritis pain I have been dealing with in my shoulder and hip disappeared on day 3. That was a surprise. I have had this pain for over a year and my doctor prescribes pills rather than deal with causes. I have stopped taking the daily pain killer and am feeling small but manageable pain. I am wondering how much your systems inflammatory condition is caused by the foods we eat without thinking. it takes 3 days to break a habit apparently so this diet should help a lot of absentminded habits be broken. Thanks for your follow up emails the links and advice have been interesting and supportive.

  • Mlee307

    Well day 7 and I haven’t lost a single pound! It might be because I normally only eat one meal a day, dinner. I normally eat tons of veggies, and very little fruits. I am not into bread and do not drink soft drinks, coffee, tea, and water only. And I normally eat tons of cabbage during the week. Love it. So the soup did not bother me one iota. Other than the meat, it is what I eat normally. The soup did make me more hungary, so I just ate more soup. It probably would have helped if I had rev’d up my exercise more. But I am very glad to see how much this diet is helping others!

    • You’re right, sounds like you already eat very well! This diet does work best on those who tend to eat out a lot, have a lot of fast food, like sodas, etc. Good luck for you in the future!

  • angie ong

    hi cat, i have a question here, do i have to cook the tomatoes or just eat it raw?

    • Either way is fine on Day 5, just get them down! 🙂

  • Sylvia

    I decided to skip the banana and milk day, or actually cut back to just two bananas and skim milk. I ate vegetables the rest of the day. Will this have a negative effect on the rest of the plan?

    • I am not sure, to be honest. Sounds like you should be OK. I hope you had some soup, also.

  • Boss Enterprisese

    I completed the diet on yesterday and I’m very pleased with the results ! I lost 8 lbs and I now have the craving for more veggies. I have also shared it with friends who are now checking it out. Thanks

  • Kitkat6624

    excellent! working and adjusting well, cravings at night are of habit,but I`ve lost the bloat by using part of the plan. TY

  • Nurseymb

    Can I have fish instead of meat on 5th day??? I can not eat meat.

  • Himali

    I cant eat that soup i hate green onions.
    Plz help me out

    • Dont add the green onions then. Make a soup you enjoy. Add spices you like.

  • Sun Villarealty

    I am on my sixth day. Wow! Steak is great and I feel wonderful . The fourth day was difficult. I was full of gas. Still looking forward to weighing.

  • Matis1

    Hello Catherine! I just started your diet and had 3 questions….1. can i use a tad of butter to sautee the veggies? If not what can i use? 2. can you bbq any of the veggies, and meat instead of broiling? 3. I love soup,, but I need the flavor of garlic salt. you had said no salt, so what can i do to it for that salty flavor i love so much?

    • Matlis1
    • Try not to use the butter! Use PAM or a few drops of olive oil instead. You cannot use bbq sauce, but you can certainly grill the meats. You can add garlic this week, but no salt! Reducing salt is the name of the game. You wont miss it after a few days!

  • Aldanegri

    Hi Catharine, Im on my second day….I would like to ask you if is bad to have coffee with sugar? The difficult part of the diet is stay without my coffee….. I get headaches if I don’t drink it….. therefore, im having my mornings coffee with sugar…. thank you for your help.

    • Drink the coffee with skim milk and no sugar. At the very least, use stevia, but using any sugar will certainly have an adverse effect on the weight loss. Dieting is about changing your routine slightly, try to drink it without sugar if you can.

    • Knightvette81

      I know what you mean about the coffee I have to have cream and sugar. I thought either have a headache or drink it black. I know in the long run it would be worth giving up the cream and sugar. I think maybe after this week drinking it black I may always have it that way. I was really putting too many flavorings in my coffee. I have lost 6lbs in two days, some of my weight loss may have been giving up the cream and sugar in my coffee. This is only 7 days you can do it I did. I did. GOD BLESS.

  • Priyanka Jain

    Hey I am pure vegetarian please let me the substitutes of meat , noveg ..thanks in advance

    • On the protein days, you can do black beans or other beans, tofu, fish if you eat fish, avocado, etc. Lots of choices! 🙂

  • Tracey

    I started loosing water retention after the first day. Amazing!!

  • Jenniferlelias

    Didn’t know green onions were aka scallions so I bought 6 large yellow onions. Just realized on day 3 when I told someone it was more an onion soup and couldn’t even find the cabbage. Learned my lesson from the stomach pain and will make it the right way the next time I try. Never ate so many onions in my life. Looking forward to day 4 tomorrow!!

    • Beacheyes17

      this made my day, I laughed so hard! you poor dear!

    • Chandracombs

      Don’t feel bad. I didn’t know what ” spring onions” were either. I know what green onions are but the way the recipe list it as “large onions”, green onions (scallions) are always small. I had went to the store and bought everything I needed for the soup except the onions. I came home and googled it on the internet and saw a picture of them and then knew what to go back and buy.

  • Chandracombs

    I’m on Day 1 and I keep running to the bathroom. (LOL)

    • Akay

      You probably ate too many of the “go to the bathroom now” fruits. Had the same experience but felt awesome on day 2.

  • Yabbadebbadoo

    I did the cabbage soup diet for one week and lost 9 pounds! Getting ready to do it again. It really works!

  • Dianavinzant

    This is day one! I have to drop some weight. Wish me luck.

  • Beacheyes17

    I am on day two of my diet with my hubby. He dropped 2.4 pounds the first day, and I lost 3.5. I am thrilled!!! We love the diet and are enjoying cooking, baking, and stir frying (with a little pam spray) and steaming all our veggies today. I did this diet with my mom when I was 15 (I know…terrible….we didn’t realize how bad it was for me.) and I lasted to the beef and tomato day and I was done. It was too hard to not cheat. I hate tomatoes, and alternatives weren’t around to my knowledge. But being in charge of my own diet is amazing. I am eating red peppers on tomato day. YAY! I can’t wait for banana day…. I get to drink a carton of light soy milk (lactose intolerant) so this diet sucked when I was younger because we never knew about substitutions! I love it! This site is amazing!!!!

    • Legalizemurder_00

      what!? you can substitute red peppers for tomatoes? I hate tomatoes~! Unless they are in something.

  • Jonimac

    I’m on day 4, by day 3 I was down 5 lbs. I’m not really having any cravings, except for coffee. My only cheats have been a Mini Babybel on day 2 and a hard boiled egg on day 3 (I usually eat a low carb/hi protein diet so I was really craving some protein). I added white pepper and ground ginger to my soup and left it simmer overnight. I really enjoy the soup with the low sodium V8 juice as the basis for the broth. Can’t wait for some steak tomorrow night!

  • Ntbrown101

    Can you not have black coffie

    • You CAN have black coffee, even add skim milk if you’d like. Sugar is the only part off limits this week. Theres no way I could stick to or endorse a diet without coffee!!!! 🙂

      • Ntbrown101

        That great me and my wife are on day three loving it.

  • Trinidy84

    I’m on day two of the cabbage soup diet and I am already sick of the soup:) the first day went pretty good then later that evening I started getting really dizzy and light headed, I felt really weird and felt like I was going to pass out so I ate more fruit and went to sleep! Day two I still have no energy and this is a hard diet to stick to but I’m going to do it because I want to
    See 10 pounds gone! I already weighed and I didn’t lose any weight the first day! I hope this works for me! Thanks!

  • Chandracombs

    I just can’t eat 6 tomatos!!! I have had 3 so far today and it’s almost 6PM. I had a tomato this morning for breakfast with baked chicken. Then I had another tomato for lunch with a bowl of soup. Then I had my third tomato with dinner. I made rib tips. I’m stuffed!!! Do I have to eat 6? Tomorrow is beef and vegi day. I could try and eat more tomatos then.

  • Anonymous

    Day 4 bananas and skim milk. I have not cheated so far, the only modification I added was using a small amount of bullion cube to add flavor to the soup. I have not weigh myself at all but have been going to the bathroom a lot. I also found out by drinking a small glass of 100% cranberry juice helped the dizziness. Can”t wait till tomorrow day 5 to eat some meat and protein. Hang in there guys remember your goals and try to stick to the plan. You will be happy and can treat yourself to something like clothing, etc. You deserve it and give yourself credit. Thanks Catherine.

  • Laurelmaxim

    On day 5 can I sub boneless chicken breasts instead of beef. I really do not prefer red meat, with the exception of lamb. The leafy green veggies…are you referring to spinach, other lettuces, etc?

    • Yes, you can do skinless chicken or a white fish. Lamb isnt a good sub b/c its more fatty than other meats. Yes re: the leafy greens, but you can have other things – tomatoes, mushrooms, whatever, as well.

  • miss

    what is bok choy? Never heard of it. A picture plse?

  • Cyhren

    Very dizzy today. A nap sound like the best thing in the world, as I’m finding any excuse not to go to the gym! Eating soup as I type this, as I don’t want another banana right now. I am looking forward to tomorrow and some MEAT! I believe tomatoes are from the under world, and there is no way I can ingest them raw… I must morph them through oven roasting or put them in salsa….. thank goodness salsa ingrediants are all veggies! Not craving my wine like I thought, but I am starting to dream about lunch meat.

    • Have a bite of meat or protein if you’re dizzy, or even stop the diet if you’re really not feeling well!!! For the bananas, try a milk and banana smoothie! Instead of tomatoes, you can have red pepper or grapefruit..will one of those work better for you??

  • Jatkins2007

    thanks for your tips and encouragement. I am on day 2 and doing well. I made a few adjustments to the soup, but don’t think it changed it too much. I didn’t have carrots or tomatoes, so I added asparagus, mushrooms, water chestnuts, and jalapenos.

  • Lucyjuicey

    So today is the morning of day 6!! Slept super well after having chicken (I added Cajun spice and baked in the over) last night! Really missed meat, so I’m really looking forward to steak day! So far I’ve lost 6.5lbs and I’m very happy. Using this diet as a kick start to my 2012 weight loss. Only 4stone to go !!!

  • Klclowes

    On day 5 is it acceptable to slightly roast the tomatoes- absent any oil, salt, etc… Instead of fresh tomatoes? Thanks. Kc.

    • Yes, as long as you start with fresh ones you can prepare them however you’d like. I just wanted to use ‘fresh’ to clarify to not use canned tomatoes or anything like that

      • Jen

        Why not canned tomatoes?

        • In the soup, canned tomatoes are fine. On tomato day, fresh is best. With all veggies, some of the nutrients are lost through cooking, so its best to use fresh whenever possible.

      • Jen

        Why not canned tomatoes?

  • Klclowes

    On day 5 is it acceptable to slightly roast the tomatoes- absent any oil, salt, etc… Instead of fresh tomatoes? Thanks. Kc.

  • Anonymous

    On day seven, unsweetened fruit juices, brown rice and cabbage soup. After cooking the brown rice, I add some to the cabbage soup mixture to have like soup and rice with a small pinch of bullion cube for taste. It was great and filled me up. I have had 2 bowls of soup with the rice so far and having a 3rd bowl tonight for dinner. I also drank some unsweetened cranberry juice to ease the dizziness. I have already seen the difference although I have not weighed myself yet. I am waiting till tomorrow morning to get an accurate weigh in. I also did some strength and cardio to tone my overall body. I cant believe that I am on day 7. I plan to redo diet in 2 weeks. Days 5 and 6 were my favorite days because of the meat, protein. I added onions and mushrooms to the steaks and stir fry using canola oil spray. Delicious, I am going to treat myself to something fantastic. I already have a new attitude. Thanks Catherine.

  • Happy

    Used Venison and moose steaks to make it even tastier on days 5 & 6
    zero fat
    Broke down and made popcorn for a snack but hope it wasn’t much of a cheat.

  • Anonymous

    Day four for my fiance and I and we are having different reactions to the diet he must have a stronger stomach than me. We have stuck to the diet and to be honest it has not been as hard as I thought it was going to be, although the soup does get a bit boring so for a change I put it in the blender to make it more like a broth and it still seems to be working but is a little more enjoyable. Although we are both looking forward to the steak tomorrow I have a feeling that we will struggle to eat it as we are both feeling full most of the time we have never eaten so much but I know its going to be worth it. Thanks Catherine for your emails and support

  • melissa

    i’m starting the diet today…is it still ok to have my glass of wine? i was told it helps with dieting

    • On this diet, wine isnt allowed. If you do decide to cheat with it, red is a better choice than white.

  • melissa

    i’m starting the diet today…is it still ok to have my glass of wine? i was told it helps with dieting

  • I’m starting the cabbage diet this Thursday. Going shopping for everything Wednesday 🙂 Cant wait to start!!

  • Also, I am not much of an onion fan.. can I substitute anything for them or take them out completely?

  • Qchenbupt

    I have reached my last day and lost 10 pounds. I really like the result but most weight lost happens on my belly. I really wish I can lose some weight on legs. What can I do please?

    • Squats, lunges, movements like that. Look up some leg movements on Youtube!

  • Anonymous

    Just finished my diet and lost an amazing 12lbs, I’m delighted, just need to keep it off and lose more now.

  • Anonymous

    Day five and going strong I have lost 6 1/2 lbs in five days pretty good going I think thanks

  • Victoria

    so at the end of day 4. I got myself a buddy and were doing really well without a thought of cheating or giving up. I do have to say that by the 4th day that soup is getting harder and harder to eat, but we are a strong team… that is the most important thing. I also got my sister on it… she’s at the end of day 2 and really looking forward to the baked tator. 🙂 very excited about meat… 🙂 GOOD LUCK 2 everyone else… wishing you nothing but the best!!

  • Betty

    Thanks a million Catherine. I am on Day 3 and look forward to Day 4 tomorrow when I will try the bananas. I am a banana eater and I am glad I now know I need to cut on it. Thanks for the information about fat fighting veggies! Wow! I am staying on some of these even after my 7 days! Thank you so much!!!!!! Betty

  • Latol

    Hi, Can we eat the soup more than once a day?

    • Yes! You should be eating it 2-3 times at the very least. It is your breakfast lunch AND dinner!

  • Kimi

    I am a vegeterain so what can i have on day 5 6 & 7 in place of beaf…

    • On Days 5 and 6, you can have fish (if you eat that), or tofu, beans, avocado, etc, your usual low fat high fiber high protein sources. There is no meat Day 7

  • Zanelehappy

    can i use Sweatners with my tea

    • Not this week! No sugar, honey, splenda, stevia, nothing this week. Skim milk only.

      • Kcop

        just saw this I’m on day 5 and I have been putting sweetener in my tea….how bad would that hurt me?..that’s the only time I have cheated.

  • Jwilkins822

    I requested your e-book on the cabbage diet, but I have never received it. This is day 6, and I have lost 11 pounds. This is the only diet that has ever worked for me since being diagnosed with diabeter.

  • lynne

    Do I HAVE to have 8 bananas on Day 4 and 6 tomatoes on Day 5? Would it be okay just to eat a couple of each? I like the idea of a banana smoothie, but I don’t know if I can do the skim milk – is there anything else you suggest? Also, I am drinking a ton of water. I usually add a lemon slice & one package of sweetener to my glass to give it flavor…can I do this during the diet?

    • Just eat enough to get full/content. Space them out throughout the day to try to eat as many as you can. Instead of skim milk, you can do soy or rice. If you dont like any milk, have a serving or two of a plain, non-fat, high protein yogurt. You can def add the lemon this week but not the sweetener!

  • katie

    Day 4 of my Cabbage Soup Diet! Doing much better then yesterday. Yesterday was the hardest day since starting! I was so hungry all day no matter how much of my soup, fruits or veggies I ate. 🙁 Today has been nice. I get to eat bananas and drink skim milk! That will make the perfect bedtime snack!! 🙂

  • Peptisha

    I don’t use dairy, can I replace the skim milk with soy milk?

    • Yes, you sure can! Make sure its plain flavored, and ‘lite’ if possible.

  • Jeandooley1987

    On the diet for 3 days. On day 3 i was brought to a restauant as a surprize from my boyfriend but i only eat vegetables no potatoes but there was gravy on them would this make a difference or will i start again

    • Mandy

      Your not allowed gravy so I would say stay off for a week and then try again

  • ADoo

    Hello!! 🙂 I’m on day four(and I think I’ve already lost 4-5kg, is that even possible? lol) I was around 84-85kg before the diet and I am now below 80kg :o. I’ve only full-cream milk available at home and I diluted it A LOT before drinking it. I’ve drank two glasses + 2.5 bananas already(I love bananas, hmm). Is it OK to dilute the milk ? – Also, what can I eat instead of brown rice for day 7? thank you. 🙂

    • It may have an impact on the weight loss. 🙁 If you dislike day 7, repeat Day 3

  • Sophieriggs

    hi iam on day 3 of the diet and iam doing really well totally stuck to it, i no i prob shouldent weigh myself every day but i hav ive been doing it in the mornings which wud b a accrate reading right? apparantley ive lost 6lb, iam not sure if anyone else has had doubts but in the mornings i feel slim look slim, but by the time i hav my first soup i feel and look bloated then i weighed myself again and ive apparantley put on a extra 3lb…………..slightly confussed

    • I am confused too. If you’ve lost 6 pounds, how did you gain an extra 3?

  • Sophieriggs

    hi i need sum advice iam usually a massive meet eater, so iam finding it a bit tricky how to cook veg, apart frm boiling it!! and wot veg is gud in this diet

    • Grill them, sautee with some oil, or just eat them raw for best results. Any veggies are good. You can NOT have: beans, peas, corn, avocado. You should not have a potato, except 1 on Day 2, and you cannot have yams or starchy things like that

  • Tammytiger85

    Im on day 5 and I can not eat any more soup! Literally…. I’ve tried and barf it up! So
    Even looking at it makes me sick! I totally over did it on soup the first 4 days, can I continue with out eating any soup??

  • Carl

    I cant believe this i have lost 8 & 1/2 pounds and today is the fourth day ! I have stuck right to the outline ! I can say this works Thank You !!!!!!!!!!

  • Danianamarincaye

    Catherine, an urgent question: can I invert day 6 and 7? I’ll have a big BBQ on Sunday 🙁 Thank you

    • Danianamarincaye

      Oops, and I’m on day 5, so far so great 🙂

  • Zanelehappy

    HELP, am on day 4 and brought into work my blend of banana and skimmed milk but forgot my soup. am starving and not wanting to buy some quick fix soup from supermarket. any pointers on how i can cope. otherwise i just have to suffer it until i get home and have soup.

    • drink plenty of water! Look for a low sodium soup, the lowest you can possibly find!

  • Sheelakeswani

    On the diet for five days, feeling fine. Never been on diet before.

  • Charles

    Is banana day also a general fruits-and-vegetables day?

  • Pippag

    I can’t understand it? I first did this diet a year ago and lost 10lbs in under 2 wks.
    Since then if I put on a couple of lbs I’d follow it again and alway to success.
    Recently for some reason my weight had jumped. I’ve put on a total of 10 lbs.
    I did the soup diet to the letter for a solid week and this time I lost absolutely nothing!
    I am gutted and now getting very worried and not to mention depressed.
    This diet truly is a great diet but I can’t understand what’s going wrong.
    Pls help

    • Im not sure, either. Did you add salt? Not drink enough water? Drink alcohol?

  • Roger-s

    hi all i started last Monday 9/1/2012 my wight was 18.6 today 16/1/2012 i weigh 17.6 i mixed all the veg you said with chilli and spices and it tasted great, i only drank water and tea ,thanks for your guidance

  • Stevededrasawatzky

    can I have a sweet potaote instead of a potatoe?

  • Copleykim18

    well I finished my 7-day diet yesterday I waited until today to weigh, I had also started walking but in 1 week I have lost 17 lbs I can’t believe it! I promise I did…maybe the walking is catching up with me too idk soooo excited thanks!

    • Awesome, congrats!

    • Dchj_jernigan

      did you do your walking while on the diet? How for were you walking at a time and how often? (every day)

    • LYNDA

      how long/far were you walking? TY

    • TISHA

      oh wow!!im motivated now…congrats!!

  • Palesa

    Hi Cathy, i have read the fat fighters veggies, is grean beans also one of them or should i not eat it tommorrow with my soup as tomorrow is my 2nd day?

    Kind regards,


  • Barb

    What is the reason you can’t do this diet for more than one week at a time especially when you need to lose around 40 pounds? Thank you for the tip of eating red peppers on tomato day. Great diet! Thank you!!!!

    • It is too low cal, your body risks going into starvation mode and clinging to any calories you give it. Sounds odd, but you need to eat to lose weight.

  • Berenda

    Cant drink milk so was wondering about almond milk?

    • Almond can have a lot of added sugar. Your best bet is a light, plain soy, but almond is OK too.

  • Jerryandmelody

    I started the diet today. I used reduced sodium v-8 and 2 reduced sodium chicken bullion cubes in my pot of soup. Will these ingredients cause me problems in loosing the weight?????? I noticed in a post below you said to not use V-8.

  • Jerryandmelody

    I started the CSD today . I used reduced sodium V-8 and 2 reduced sodium chicken bullion cubes. Will this hinder my loosing weight??? (I noticed below a post that said to not use V-8)

  • Margaret

    I think however that all what is about this diet specificly,is also depending of the age of the personne,some womens at the age of over 60 ties maybe should be more aware of doing this so drasticelly?isn’it?

  • Rtigerlady

    i am a diabetic and need to lose weifgt very badly. is this diet okay for me? i’m fearful i might get low blood. can you help me? tigerlady

    • Give your doctors office a quick call. I am not a medical professional! 🙂

  • Minahpatel

    Hi , Today is my day two. I feel very good when I read all coments. Went to bathroom a lot
    but today do you think I can drink couple glass of cranberry juice again? I don’t drink tea.

  • Minahpatel

    Hi Cathy, I also had half avacado with my fruits yesterday. Do I start again today? Its my day two. And if yes can I drink cranberry juice everyday ?

    • Try to avoid avocado this week, unless it is your meat replacement on Days 5 and 6. It is pretty high in fat. You can drink cranberry every day, but for best results, stick to water.

      • Minahpatel

        Thank you so much for your help.

  • HT

    I’m on Day 5 and I’ve lost 4 kilos already! My question is – in the soupwhy do we have carrot, bcos arent carrots a high carbohydrate vege like potatoes? In the aitkins diet I remember they said all tubers (ie anything whos edible part grows under soil) is a high carbohydrate food eg carrots, potatoes, onions….

    • You do need some of the naturally occurring carbs in some veggies, but not too much.

  • Matoka1

    I tried this diet a few years ago for two days I found it boring and I didnt like it .but last week I decide to try it again and I put chilli and a lot of spices and I liked it tomorow I will be doing my second week I lost 5bound and hopping to lose more what can I have on the second week

  • Anonymous

    Hello I’m on my day 3 of the diet..on my second day i drank the soup twice but didn’t have much veggies just carrots i weighed myself today and i haven’t lost anything yet tomorrow will be my day 4 and I’m feeling a bit discouraged. I’m wondering is it because I’m not consuming as much fruits and veggies or am i not having enough soup?

    • Yes. They say the more soup you eat, the better. Aim for 2-3 BIG servings and a lot of other veggies. Make sure you’re having 6=8 glasses of water, too

  • Tammy

    how much soup are you suppose to eat a day ?

  • Tammy

    how much soup do you eat a day ?

  • Anonymous

    how much soup are you suppose to eat a day ?

  • Mina

    Hi Catherine,
    Today is day five and I lost 4 lbs. Because of I’m strick vegetarian I can’t eat chicken, beef or fish. How much beans or avacado and tofu I can eat?

    • Tofu or beans, unlimited. Avocado is high in fat so only a small serving!

  • liza

    hi, is blueberry not good?

  • kimie

    Was wondering can I have coffee with this diet

  • Anonymous

    can i drink black coffee ???

  • Alvira Saralina


    hi i’m on day 2 and already lost 2 kg i feel great and cant wait until the last day.

    atlast something are working thanks Cathrine.

    you really make my day.

    i just stragel with drinking water is there something els that i can use instead.

    • Water is really your best drink. Add some fruit to it, like lemon, or make ‘spa water’ and get a jug of water and put lime, lemon or orange slices. Strawberries in water are good too but they break down after a while, so you have to drink it quick. Watermelon in water is yummy to

  • liza

    can we have V8 vegetable juice hte small can that is 5.5 fl oz?

    • It isnt the size so much as the type of V8. Regular V8 contains a TON of sodium. If you get the low sodium version, you can drink it every day.

  • Cecilia

    Hey there i have not started with my cabbage soup diet but will do so soon.
    I will keep you up to date.

    Till than!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Merileen

    I don’t suppose to eat bananas(per my doctor’s orders. And don’t eat red meat,can I do chicken breast on that day ?

    • Merileen-E

      Other then the bannas ,I love all the veggies,thanks very much you have my vote of confident.

      • Instead of bananas, have apricot, kiwi or papaya. They are similar to bananas so you might want to check with your Dr and make sure those are okay. If you cannot take any of those, just repeat Day 3. Yes to chicken on the meat days, make sure it is skinless. White fish, like cod, is acceptable too.

  • Enroberts

    thanks for the list – but I am hypothyroid from Hashimoto’s (Auto-immune thyroid disease) and it is recommended that I stay away from cruciferous vegetables. So what veggies should I eat more of???

    • Give your doctors office a quick call on that one. I am not a medical professional so I dont want to steer you in the wrong direction!! 🙂

  • Eveytay

    This is my fourth day on diet and I feel bloated, after 2 days I lost 2 lbs and have not weighed since, the only thing I cheated with was a piece of pizza and 1/2 glass of red wine will this interfere with my weight loss, I will be weighing on the 6th day

  • Mozeesteoh

    So for the first 3 days i eat nothing but the soup right and then on the 4th day i start eating the other stuff right. How much weight can i lose in these 7 days

    • Nonononono! Not healthy! You have to follow the plan for bes tresults. You cannot starve yourself!

  • Oceansid

    what about zucinni and yellow squash?

  • himeko

    I will be starting CSD this weekend and have a few questions. I make my own salad dressing with apple cider vinegar, dijon mustard, garlic cloves, some herbs and extra virgin olive oil. Can I use this on my salads? What about other allowed condiments? What can I season my steaks with? Are ground beef patties allowed on Day 5 and 6??

  • Sofiakhan

    Im on day 5 but i only had the cabbage soup on day 1. I just could not take it down i absolutely felt sick with it. However i am following the rest of the diet. Will that make a diiference to my weight loss?

    • Make a soup you enjoy! Yes, it will make a difference if you dont have soup.

      • Mette

        I am on day 4 and I cant eat any more cabbagesoup. I used a white cabbage. No matter what spices I add it still smells like fart and it makes me nauseous just to think about it. What kind of cabbage do you use for the soup? Can I use an other type of cabbage for the soup? Like cauliflower, broccoli, chinese cabbage, savoy?
        For the last two days I have been making tomato soup and cauliflower soup and then been eating the whitecabbage raw with fresh lemon to make it go down. But I am wondering if the boiled cabbage works better for water/weightloss? Hopefully vegetable soup with no salt and raw cabbage on the side can do the trick as well..?

        • Are you using a canned tomato soup? if so, you will NOT lose weight.

  • Sweetanjewel

    Is it ok to make the soup in a crockpot?

  • Sweetanjewel

    Is it ok to make the soup in a crockpot? What spices can I add to the soup?

    • Yes, thats fine! Add anything EXCEPT salt, garlic salt, celery salt, any salt!

  • Mina

    Hi Catherine, Thank you so much for your help. I finish my CSD today and lost 5lbs.
    I feel great. Can’t wait for next month. 5 more to go!

  • Troxelllv

    I am on day 4. I smashed up 4 ripe bananas, added some Cinnamon, skim milk and ice. Made a shake and it is GOOD! Lost 4 lbs so far.

    • Moomoo67

      OMG I just made myself a banana shake and your right excellent thanks for the great tip will be drinking these all day lol.

    • Eve

      Thank you for this tip – I was dreading day 4 until I read this 🙂

      • Sarah Watson

        Me too!

    • Sarah Watson

      Yum! Will try that for sure!

  • Atederick

    Drinking Cranberry juice (100%) is ok, right?

  • Atederick

    Is chewing my Nicorette gum ok?

    • If it stops you from smoking this week and helps you fight cravings, YES!!!!

      • Sidenote – medical hypnosis can help w/smoking too! If you read this site, you know I love the Hypnosis Network products..if you’re interested, google them!! 🙂

  • Laurenmelhado1

    I am on day 4 and I do feel great, to be honest I have struggled so far to cut out all the fattening things I usually enjoy, I haven’t weighed myself but I can feel I have lost some weight already a pair of jeans that I struggled to get into now go on my waist is more defined,

  • Rita

    Have I ruined my diet if I ate a hard boiled egg?
    How does 1 equal in my coffee (2x per day) affect?

    • Both will sabotage your results. Equal is awful, all fake ingredients. Skip it for this week!

  • Bmw

    hi i was on the cabbage soup diet for4 days and i already lost 9 pounds go me go me !!!! but it did teach me to eat more veggies and instead of grabbing something sweet i grab fruit i use to drink 3 cokes a day i havent had a coke or a full cup of coffee since i started this diet thanks so much !!!!

  • Catherine

    I am starting tomorrow so will let you know how I get on but I wanted to ask:
    I exercise quite a bit (netball twice a week) and classes 3 x week – will this be enough food to keep me going or should I have a protein shake before each gym session?
    Am getting married in 6 weeks and my diet isn’t going to plan – look slimmer but scales are still too high but guess that’s the muscles!! Still a stone to go so thought this would give me a quick jump start!!
    Thanks 🙂 x

    • I think you wrote on fb too, right? let me know if not 😉

  • Darrell

    This is an amazing resource expecially for those of us who dont necessarily know what or how to eat healthy. Thank you so much for your advice and guidance.

  • TS

    Hi day 4 starting for me today. I blended the soup from day 1 and found it very easy to eat this way didn’t think it would matter. Start of day 3 had lost 1.4 kg will wait till tomorrow to weigh in again.

  • Thouraya

    yesterday I finished my cabbage diet and I only lost 3.1kg. I was hoping to loose more. I feel better and that what counts.

  • Layla

    hi, can i eat fruit instead of the juice on the 7 th day

  • Dmitchell6

    I hate tomatoes what else can I eat instead ?

    • You can leave them out of your soup. On Day 5, have red peppers or grapefruit instead. Will one of those work? 🙂

  • Moomoo67

    Well I am on day 4 tomorrow good thing I love bananas lol. But I do not like milk only in cereal or in tea or coffee is there anything else other than water I can have? I did weigh myself I think I lost 4 lbs already but I really think it is water lol. Time will tell!

    • On Day 4, have soy or rice milk instead or a serving of a lowfat, plain, greek yogurt. On the other days, you can have skim milk in your coffee and tea, dont use whole milk or any sort of creamer.

  • Chelseaa–xo

    is it bad to chew gum on the diet?

    • For best results, dont chew gum. Chewing gum leads to gulping air that settles in our belly, SO it could lead to bloating! I recently read that. For best results, no gum 🙁

  • Chelseaa–xo

    is it bad to chew gum on the diet?

  • Knightvette81

    I am going on my third day and I have lost another 2 lbs. I have lost 6 so far in two days. I want to share this alternative to the receipe I used diced tomatoes with green chilies it is pretty hot and it makes you drink more water. I hope this is a good addition. Do you think so Ms. Catherine? Thank you so much for this site. I did this before and lost some weight. But this is more enjoyable with all the support and comments. Thank You so much.

    • Diced tomatoes and chillies are great additions. If you used store bought Rotelle, try to make your own next time. If you made your own, even better!

    • Diced tomatoes and chillies are great additions. If you used store bought Rotelle, try to make your own next time. If you made your own, even better!

  • Knightvette81

    I am going on my third day and I have lost another 2 lbs. I have lost 6 so far in two days. I want to share this alternative to the receipe I used diced tomatoes with green chilies it is pretty hot and it makes you drink more water. I hope this is a good addition. Do you think so Ms. Catherine? Thank you so much for this site. I did this before and lost some weight. But this is more enjoyable with all the support and comments. Thank You so much.

  • Roachsam317

    hi i am on my 3rd day of the diet but i have suffered with severe headaches everyday since, are the headaches associated with the diet

    • Yes, from lack of protein or caffeine. If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, you can have it but use just skim milk to lighten it. You can slso take aspirin. If you’re really uncomfortable, discontinue the diet

      • Roachsam317

        oh thats great, i drink fizzy drink mostly along with tea/coffee with 3 teaspoons of sugars so i think i am definately a caffeine freak, will it be ok to have the tea/coffee with sugar or without, i was thinking maybe just the 1 sugar rather than the 3?
        im also finding it really hard craving just ordinary food, not junk food, will it be ok to have 1 or 2 plain dry ryvita’s or cream crackers to curb my cravings?

        • In order to lose weight this week, you must skip the sugars, the fizzy drinks, and the crackers. This week is about changing your behaviors and really having a cleansing experience.

  • Debbie

    Hi i am on day 2 of the diet now. Me and a friend are doing it together. Now i was just wondering do we do this diet for two weeks and then off for two weeks.

    • You shouldnt do this for more than a week. If you go longer than 7 days, your body will cling to the calories and youll stop losing weight. Only do the diet once per month.

      • Debbie West

        but if we only do it once a month won’t we put back on the weight that we lose in the 7 days. Or is there any special meal plans so we know how to keep it off

        • Debbie

          I just read the coment about the headaches. But if we have 1 cup of coffee a day with no sugar and just use a little bit of milk will we still lose weight?

          • Make sure its skim milk, and yes. Just a touch to lighten the coffee wont hurt the results. Many people are able to keep the weight off. After the diet, if you go to an all-fast food diet, you’ll def regain, but if you keep the diet principals in mind, youll be fine!

    • Debbie

      I did the diet for two days but was getting really bad headaches ,getting dizzy alot and felt like throwing up. I had to go off it. But aleast i can say i tried. I lost have my weight before just from cutting out cheese and mayo and margrine and junk food. And walking alot and doing exercises so i think i will do that again.

  • Lattu

    I am an average weight person and i lost 6 lbs and this is my 7th day ! So excited ! looking forward to it every month from now on ! Yay !

  • sandy

    I started going on longer walks and since I have gotten my dog used to the walks he picks up his leash when its time… So I’m feeling great..

  • Roachsam317

    hi catherine, just wondering when u say beef and tomatoes does this mean no fruit and veg at all to eat during the day?

    • Yes, just on Day 5, have tomatoes meat and soup only.

      • Roachsam317

        ok cheers, last day tomorrow, have been on the scales already as couldnt wait any longer, lost 5lbs which im please with as i had my 4th baby only 12 weeks ago!
        was thinking of doing the diet again next month but im not sure i can do 7 days again, could i just do the 1st 4 days or would this be pointless?

  • Leasa_s

    My husband and I are on day 5, and are doing well and feeling great. Neither of us have lost any pounds, but we can sure see it in the mirror and in the way our clothes fit. Glad we are on it, regardless. It will help establish better habits when we are done; good launch pad!

  • Asaira

    hey Catherine! i send u a msg before too but almost 3 days ago but didnt get reply, i am on 5 day for CDS, but didnt lose anything. i didnt cheat, i took soup twice a day and eat oatmeal in breakfast. i read all comments and it make me feel so bad for me that why i am not losing. plz help me i will wait for your reply thx.

    • Oatmeal is the problem, there is no oatmeal allowed. If you dont follow the 7 day plan, you dont lose weight

  • Tatiana

    Hi Catherine. On day two of the diet and all is going well. I’m doing it with my mum and we’re keeping each other motivated. I was just wondering, as we are SERIOUS tea drinkers, are we allowed to have milk in tea? Or is this a no-no?

  • Susie C

    I should be on day 4 right now but yesterday was the Super Bowl, so I went off it, not much but did go off it. I did Day 3 over again today and tomorrow is the banana and skim milk day. Was I right to do Day 3 over again or should I have gone on to Day 4? Let me know thanks. I really love this diet.

  • wawa

    today is day 3 , last night was kinda hard for me , felt like throwing up and a little headache , took two tablets and went to bed to forget about my feelings , today i am doing great, can really feel a difference in my stomach area,

  • blossom

    I just want to ask if i can have raw coconut ( one or two pieces) as fruit / veg.

  • Lp2005sowk

    I started the diet last week. I lost 12 pounds!!!!!

  • wawa

    tomorrow is my last day of the csd , I Started @ 221 lbs, now I am @ 209 in a very short week , down 12 lbs , I am so proud of myself for not cheating , the second day was the hardest for me and milk and banana day as I do not drink milk , horray for me , I feel great ,

    • Fantastic! On Day 4 you could have yogurt, if you do it again

      • Sco

        What kind of yogurt? is acceptable exactly?

        • Yogurt should be the absolute last choice on Day 4, only if you dislike skim milk, rice milk or soy milk. Have about 2-3 servings, make sure its plain flavored, high protein,no sugar or flavoring added.

  • Layla

    hi, can i use Bok choy in my csd. plz let me know.

  • Layla

    thank you for your quick resopend. your the best

  • Layla

    thank you for your quick resopend. your the best

  • Layla

    hi, am starting csd today i finished the last one on 30/01/2012 what u think how bad its to start sooner. i have reguler onions is that ok.
    thank you

  • Krayola27

    Thank you Catherine, I work midnight shift and today was my first day on the csd. I’ve been eating the soup since I woke up today at 3pm. I’ve only eaten 3 small bowls, but I feel full and light. Forcing myself to keep it up; your support has really helped!! Looking foward to my results. Thanks a lot!!

  • Ari

    Hi, is it okay if I do the diet for five days instead of seven?

    • Certainly! You wont lose as much weight but itll still be good for you and youll lose a few pounds.

  • Christineayoade

    On 7th day can I add as vegetable corn, or peas or bean with the brown rice. if no please could you explain why.

    • Corn peas and beans are the veggies to avoid this week because they are all starches and carbs, not as nutritious as the other leafy greens.

  • Pixiechix298

    wow thats great 17 lbs, i’ll be doing this soup next month

  • McasselsRN

    I am on the Banana and skim milk day and I have lost 9lbs already!! This is great 🙂 The second day with only the veggies was by far the worst. I feel great now. Can’t wait for the steak tomorrow 🙂 Thank you for the support through this website and blog

  • Jeanettepm

    I’m looking forward to day 7 when I can have some brown rice, but I’m finding it impossible to buy pure cranberry juice any where near where I live, or even online- the products that I’ve seen advertised aas ‘pure juice’ all seem to have water AND sugar in them! Any suggestions? I live in Eastbourne, on the south coast of England, UK.

    • Layla

      hi jeanettepm, i couldn’t help it asking you how do you make the brown rice.

    • Just skip the cranberry juice then, and drink water for best results.

      • Sco

        Hi could I have a Cranberry and Pomergrante 100% juice? or Cran & another mixture, as long as its 100% juice and has Cran in it? Pls let me know, thank for your time.

        • Have plain, no sugar added cranberry, v8 if you want, and water. Thats it.

  • Monika_szymaszek

    I would like to know if I can use lemon with my water and if I can use tablespoon of olive oil with balsamic vinegar and pepper with my salad ?

    • All are OK except the balsamic, since it is often made from a reduction of sugar

  • louise

    this is day 4 down 6 pounds not bad who would have thought i could eat this many veg and fruitlouise

  • Caesar9230

    I’ve been eating cabbage soup daily since 3 weeks now, but I am not sticking to any specific diet. I’m eating other things but in a very small amounts, in addition to 30 minutes daily exercise. I lost 12.5 pounds since then. I am extremly worried that will affect my fatty liver condition & I’m totally lost now.
    Is it ok to take cabbage soup daily if I’m eating other stuff? Would that still make me lose lots of weight, perhaps too quickly? Or would the weight loss decrease in the future?
    Please help me!

    • Stop the diet, you should never ever do this for longer than a week.

      • Naveen kurechiya

        But dear i don’t like cabbage so i never accept this so please suggest me what can i do. Can i replace cabbage with other substitute (Vegetables )
        please suggest me i am waiting your response.

      • Sco

        Hi Catherine Soup, I just order a pair of jeans on HSN (on tv), I thought I should get either a size 10 or 8. I choose the 8, and guess what! They are too big, need to send them back for the 6! WOWOWOW 😉

  • Naveen kurechiya

    I am on day 2nd and not good feel , because cabbage don’t like so cabbage soup was very tasteless for me, i try and more try but second time in a day Could not eat, and now I hate is the smell . So please suggest me how to continue my 7 days diet plan, and give advice for how to make cabbage soup tasteful.
    I was prepared this way:
    1/2 cabbage head
    4 onion pink
    3 tomatoes
    2 green peppers
    2 carrots
    1 bunch of celery seeds
    12 cup water
    and salt as par taste.
    and boil for 2 hrs.
    than i feel very tasteless, if i can make tasteful soup please suggest me.

    • Sco

      I used one 48 oz bottle of V8, low sodium and 8 cups of water, also 10 oz of fresh mushrooms, a packet of onion soup mix (Liptons), green onions (called scallions too), dont like celery, so added an extra green pepper, and # carrots. I also added some garlic for taste, basil and a tiny bit of oregano, pepper. And 2 cans of diced tomatoes rather than 3 tomatoes…. try to low sodium (salt) …..and I added a litte bit of Hot Sauce! It is delicous! Try it this way!

      • Naveen kurechiya

        But dear i don’t like cabbage so i never accept this so please suggest me what can i do

        • Try a different diet. This is cabbage based.

        • Sco

          Naveen, Sometimes things can different, if prepared differently. Try it the way I recommended, I am sure you will like it! It really is yummy! What have you got to lose? ha ha except weight! Please? your friend, in a healthier living!… Let me know!

    • Naveen kurechiya

      Can i replace cabbage with other substitute (Vegetables )
      please suggest me i am waiting your response

      • No 🙂 You must have cabbage.

        • Naveen raj

          In our place I dont get skimmed milk so may i know the alternative

          • Naveen Raj

            can i use only soup, fruit and raw vegetables for 7 days (without skkim milk, backed potato,beans,chicken,banana, etc.)
            please reply me as soon as possible because i want to start diet plan from tomorrow.

          • No, that wouldnt work. You need the protein and other items.

          • rice milk or soy milk are the best choices

    • Use The Trinity (Celery, Green Peppers, and Onion) Sautee(in olive oil or pam) them first Fresh and finely chopped. Use Two cans of ROTEL (Chilli and diced tomatoes) . Implement garlic and /italian seasonings/basil. Use fresh! Season with Use 2 cubes chicken boulion or chicken broth! Pepper and Spices (no Salt) Garnish with Parsley and the green onions. Add mushrooms and red onion if u like them too.

  • Mamu

    I just started but I think it funny that on Day 5 you can have up to 5 tomatoes. The whole soup is built on tomatoes, not sure I would want 5 more! I read that most of the weight lost will be fluids and not all fat. I just need a jump start in the worst way. Even thought I had bypass surgery I find it hard to keep it off which I have done except for 15 pounds in the last 3 years. I will have to modify because my system needs protein. I found a great protein shake that taste great and excellent to fill that need.

  • Jennycharles1

    Today is my first day… I like the soup & fruit sooo far., looking forward tomorrow with bake potatoe !! Wish me luck 😉

    • Asi

      MAy i know how u make Cabbage soup which u look sooo far

  • Sharon

    Hi Catherine, Nice to hear from you, you are so dedicated, today is only my second day on the CSD,not any changes as yet. I feel very bloated and constipated at the same time, any advise??

    Thank you.

    • Are you drinking enough water? Aim for 8-10 big glasses and at least 3-4 big servings of soup.

  • Janiceglynn6

    Starting my diet tomorrow looking forward to it :):):)

  • Asiyabhatkar25

    I m going to start cabbage soup diet from tommorrow

  • Asi

    MAy i know in Cabbage soup diet can I take hot water with lemon in morning.

  • Asi

    MAy i know in Cabbage soup diet can I take hot water with lemon in morning.

  • Jelliosa

    Hi Catherine!… During Day 1 I had this craving for soda crackers…. and I checked the Nutrition Facts….It contained around 150mg of Sodium… I just want to ask if that was a cheat… but I’m still working on up to Day 7… I hope I’ll be able to shed off pounds and just like your article above, develop a craving for healthy food instead of junk…. Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Apostoliceads

    I’m starting Monday the 5th on the soup diet, I weighed 250 when I started my first, I’m down to 225 just by cutting out bread and pastas. I have done the soup diet several years ago, I still want to lose 35 more pounds, wish me luck……..

  • While on this diet can I eat raw cabbage on veggie day?

  • Asi

    Today is my first day,I drink hot water with lemon at 7:30am after that i m going to have soup at 12am and fruits at 1 pm and again soup in evening at 8Pm is that ok. And in between can i have Marie lite Biscuits which has no fats

  • Asi

    Today is my first day,I drink hot water with lemon at 7:30am after that i m going to have soup at 12am and fruits at 1 pm and again soup in evening at 8Pm is that ok. And in between can i have Marie lite Biscuits which has no fats

    • Yes to the water with lemon. Only have fruits on the fruit days and NO biscuits.

  • Asi

    Tommorrow is veggie day,so may i know i have to have cook vegetable or have raw vegetable & if it is cooked can i have with chapati

  • Asi

    Tommorrow is veggie day,so may i know i have to have cook vegetable or have raw vegetable & if it is cooked can i have with chapati

  • Asi

    May i know on second day can i have boiled Green color lentil or brown color lentil or Black gram

    • You cannot have lentils at all this week, no beans at all. Stick to only the foods listed on the diet plan.

  • Asi

    May i know can i have coconut water on day 3

    • Directly FROM a coconut, yes, on your fruit days only. Store bought is a no.

    • Directly FROM a coconut, yes, on your fruit days only. Store bought is a no.

  • Asi

    Can i have brown bread sandwich with lots of vegetable on day 3

    • Of course not. You cannot have bread this entire week.

    • Of course not. You cannot have bread this entire week.

  • Asi

    Can i have 1 chapati in lunch & in dinner with vegetable because i feel weekness in day 2 & in day 3

  • Asi

    In day 3 which fruits & vegetable should i eat because in my place i dont get vegetable like Broccoli,Kale, Brussels sprouts & Bok choy

  • Asi

    May i know hw to make Tasty cabbage soup, because my cabbage soup is tastless which i dont like at all

  • Asi

    May i know can i have any 1 real fruit juice of apple,grapes,chickoo or orange on day 3

    • Please check out the eBook for all your answers, or my FAQ page.

    • Please check out the eBook for all your answers, or my FAQ page.

  • Juleena

    can i drink coffee?

  • Vivian Gaba

    I’m in Ghana how can I get a copy of the medical hypnosis? Since I don’t have any form of credit care, how do I pay.

    • Youd have to write to the company, I think they only take credit cards.

    • Youd have to write to the company, I think they only take credit cards.

  • Revtee

    well m gonna start from Monday! Wish me luck!
    P.S. how many times in a day I should have the cabbage soup??????

  • Asi

    In our place I dont get skimmed milk so may i know the alternative

  • Hadasa

    Can I do the cabbage soup and yet am planning to sit for my exams in two weeks time?

    • Yes of course..why would you think they couldnt be done together?

  • I am so afraid that I’ll do this, and I won’t lose weight. I used a type of cabbage, but not like the one that some use… because here in Austria, there are like.. 5 types of cabbage. But I just got through the first day and I’m depressed, I’m so hungry.

    But I’m scared that I’m eating too much, or too little. How many times, a day, can I eat the soup? And the veggies for the 2nd day?

    • Eat at least 2-3 BIG bowls per day, but the more you eat the better. You should never be hungry on this diet, you should feel full constantly. Eat eat eat more!

      • Thank you for the reply. I just finished day two and it was HEAVENLY to eat that lovely potato. BUT… Why do I feel like I’m constipated/bloated and can’t go to the bathroom? No matter how much water I drink? And when will I see results on the scale? Because I just stepped on it and I haven’t lost anything and I’ll be starting the 3rd day now.

        • I think I answered on FB, but if not, post again 🙂

  • Anitastevens61

    Can I take my vitimins on this diet and my prilosec?

    • Vitamins, yes. For medication questions, you should give your doctor a call.

  • Fran

    what do you eat in the morning,
    how many time do you eat the soup , do you eat the soup all the time or do you eat other things though out the day but you have to eat the soup at least once a day

  • Fran

    what do you eat in the morning,
    how many time do you eat the soup , do you eat the soup all the time or do you eat other things though out the day but you have to eat the soup at least once a day

  • alb

    Is it ok to exercise while on the 7 day cabbage diet? Or stay away from weights but cardio ok?

  • alb

    Am I able to still exercise? Weights n cardio during the 7 days?

  • alb

    Am I able to still exercise? Weights n cardio during the 7 days?

  • alb

    Am I able to still exercise? Weights n cardio during the 7 days?

  • Ddseeds

    Does it matter how much soup you eat?

    • Have at least 2-3 BIG servings, you need to eat as much as possible

  • Ddseeds

    Can you drink Cranberry Juice daily?

    • If you’re looking to lose the absolute most weight possible, skip the cranberry. Otherwise, have 1-2 glasses per day, max.

  • DanMan58

    Can you eat as much soup as you want? and can you hve Cranberry Juice daily?

    • Have at least 2-3 servings per day, and yes you can have cranberry but to lose the most weight possible, avoid the cranberry

  • hannah

    How do you eat kale during this diet?

    • You can eat it.. Personally, I like it best baked as kale chips. Sprinkle some olive oil, some pepper, bake at 400 for a few mins or until the tips start browning..Eat warm!

  • Marius Mag

    Dear Catherine,
    I havent seen something mentioned about pineapple. is it allowed eating it in the days with fruits?

  • Marius Mag

    Dear Catherine,
    I havent seen something mentioned about pineapple. is it allowed eating it in the days with fruits?

    • Yes, although it is high in sugar, so eat smaller quantities!

  • Leigh

    Reading the recipe, does this amount last you a week or do you need to make more than one batch to get you through??

  • Naveen raj

    4th day can i use protein powder mix with soup instead of banana and skimmed milk.

  • Ginger

    I am on day 3 of this diet so far it is going good, I can not drink milk can I substitute low fat cottage cheese?

    • No to the cottage cheese. Have soy or rice milk instead, and if no to those, have a serving or two of plain, high protein yogurt

  • Salvant24

    Hi, Catherine today is my first day on the Csd. Wish me luck to do this diet right

  • This morning I was ready and a roaring to go.Out of the blue I fixed my husband some breakfast.and lo and be hold I ate a tiny bite of his turkey luncheon meat.size of a quarter:( Now I know why my weight has been a problem.I did’t even realize iI did it till it was swallowed.The first thing I thought was “Oh no do I have to start over tommorow over a bite or chew of turkey lunch meat. I am dissapointed.I am surrounded by gorgous fruits for today and veggies for tommorow.
    Lisa K

  • Ler

    I cant eat cabbage, can i replae it with anoter soup? carrot and corriandr maybe?

    • No, this diet is based off the properties contained in cabbage

  • Hogwytch

    can one drink tea with milk and a sweetener in on the CSD?
    Day 1 was fine, day 2 was hard – forgot my baked potato so had it day 3…is that okay? Today is bananas and milk – will have a smoothie tonight. The soup is great! Not really cabbage soup at all – just a good veg. soup.


  • Mamazagt

    Can I eat mini sweet peppers on my vegetable day???

    • If they are fresh, yes. If they are jarred or canned in a sauce or mixture, no.

  • Nicola_henderson7983

    I am one day one and feeling great got loads of engery hope it lasts 🙂

  • Sheilszow1

    I just discovered “KALE” and it’s my passion now ! Crazy as it sounds. I put it in everything. I always have a bowl of it cooked and ready to just heat and eat, or mix it with brown rice or more veggies. I must say all of those veggies you wrote are all my favorits. I’m hoping that I’ll be sucessful with the caggage soup diet as I do love everything that go’s in it. Thanks, Sheila

  • Zoha

    Is it ok to add some lemon pepper and vinegar to the soup for extra flavor?

    • Lemon from a fresh lemon, yes. Pepper, yes. Vinegar, no.

  • Terrymillerfuller

    I love veggies, not fruit so much; however, during the diet, I craved fruit. Only lost 6 lbs; however, today, the 3rd day after I stopped the diet, I’ve lost 2 more lbs. Keeps working after you are off the stringent routine. Still drinking juice and sweets no longer appeal to me.

  • Mandy72

    you have put up what veges to eat moat of which i have and tend on getting when i go shopping but what about fruits, i know watermelon is good but what r some others?

    • Mandy72


  • Kim

    can i have canned kraut as a veggie?

  • Kim

    is canned kraut okay as a veggie, has lots of sodium?

  • Abbie

    I like to have a glass of wine at the end of my 12 hour shift. Is it ok to have maybe half a glass of red with my soup?

  • Rhonda28years

    I did this diet a few years ago for about 3 months and loss 30lbs! My sister and I are starting again. I’m looking forward to it. I’ll let you know how it’s going!

    • Good luck!! Not to be a pest, BUT, this diet does work best in a weeks time only 🙂

  • Shanzay

    I have to lose weight for my wedding. I have 4 months and I need to lose 22lbs…. I am planning to start the diet from tomorrow.. I don’t think I can control my cravings for bread etc… Wish me luck !

    • Good luck! Dont use this diet for longer than a week though.

    • Good luck! Dont use this diet for longer than a week though.

  • Carmella Robertson

    I am starting the CSD on Monday March 19, everything I have heard about this sounds great… I know I have it in me, but I need to lose at least 20 lbs. Is it possible?

    • Not with this diet. You need to only do this diet for 7 days, as a cleanse, then move into something more long term. If you do this very strictly, and you have a lot to lose, you may lose 7-10 pounds alone from thiss

    • Not with this diet. You need to only do this diet for 7 days, as a cleanse, then move into something more long term. If you do this very strictly, and you have a lot to lose, you may lose 7-10 pounds alone from thiss

  • anonymous :P

    Do we need to exercise with this diet ? It’s just been one day and I drank a lot water and 3 bowls of Cabbage soup… I did not urinate much… ? Is that okay or I should improve something… ??

    • Have the soup plus the other items, so have your fruit or veggies or whatever the day calls for. You need to be eating a lot and drinking 8-10 biiiig glasses of water per day

    • Have the soup plus the other items, so have your fruit or veggies or whatever the day calls for. You need to be eating a lot and drinking 8-10 biiiig glasses of water per day

  • Bettypanchuk

    I”m still beastfeeding should I wait to do it?

  • sam

    On day six of csd, found day 5 the thoughest not much choice of what to eat. Banana day was the best for me! Can i eat sweet potatoe as a veggie on day six??

  • Tmpower12

    Today is Day 5 for me… So far so good… So far I lost about 4lbs and I am starting to feel real good about this diet… today is beef, tomotoes, cabage soup and water. tomorrow is steak just wondering if I am allowed any dressing ( low calorie ) with my leafy green salad… if not what is suggested? Thanks!

  • Sherry

    Today is my first day and Im really looking forward to losing a bit of weight. Wish me luck.

  • Kulamanu58

    Aloha, I like everyone’s comments thank you! Today is my second day on the “Cabbage Soup Diet”.. I tried to make the soup as tasty as possible. It’s a low- cal. Minestrone Soup. I used olive to saut’e veggies and Mrs. Dash for my seasoning also curry powder, and cumin,added a bay leave to it also. I love my soup!! Didn’t think at first I would but it’s fine.It could be worst. Thanks again! Will post on my 7th day. =)

    • Using store bought soup as a base is not going to help you lose weight at all. You need to make the cabbage soup from a water base. Store bought soup is incredibly salty.

  • Siva_suda

    Hi Catherine, I’m on day 2 and have just started on veggies. I started with carrot sticks and cucumber slices. The cabbage soup can taste better with a bit of more salt, but I’m not complaining. I added 2 bouillions only to the soup – as suggested. This morning I weighed myself and found that I had lost 2-3 lbs already! I also workout (intense cardio) an hour for four days a week. Felt a bit weak and lightheaded, but managed. Thanks for your guidance. I am a heavy tea/coffee drinker (with lots of milk/cream and sugar) – miss it a lot!
    Thanks Catherine! Love your website.

  • Ladybutterfly46

    Me and my sister will be going shopping this weekend for our soup supplies. We now live next door to each other and will do this together along with walking. We have a cruise to go on in Oct and we both are in need of slimming down…I will keep you posted

  • Caroline

    I am on day 2. I was wondering if I can dip my veggies in ranch salad dressing, if not, balsamic vinaigrette?

    • No to both. Use REAL lemon juice and olive oil or some soup broth.

  • Caroline

    can i use salad dressing on my veggies?

    • No, Use REAL lemon juice and olive oil or some soup broth.

  • Sowens951

    are you allowed to eat pineapple

    • It has a high sugar level so only have a small serving per day. Make sure its fresh and not canned.

  • Rose

    Both my husband and I started the soup diet TOGETHER and it makes a BIG difference – we are on day 6….I have lost 8lbs and my husband 12lbs -not bad at all. I have been adding curry powder to the soup is that OK? At work each lunchtime I go for a 45 min brisk walk so Im hoping this will add to my weight loss. My only concern is what to do when day 7 is over – it says not to do 2 weeks in a row on this diet – if I add more meats and fish can I still have the soup – oh I did a TINY cheat – had 1 sugar in my black tea JUST ONCE and ate 10 almonds, I had such a bad craving and didn’t want to blow all the work I’d done – but that was just once now I’m back on track and happy as its steak day……………..yummmmy
    my goal is 30lbs by June 29th so still a long way to go. LOVE the results so far

  • Debkuzub

    I am on week 3 of this diet. I have stuck to it like glue….no substitutions and no cheats, as well as exercising every day, so it is a little depressing that in 2 1/2 weeks I have lost a total of 5 lbs.

    • Thats the problem there. This is a 7 day diet only. If you stay on longer, you dont lose weight because your body clings TO those calories. You’re ruining your own results by staying on the diet too long

      • Debkuzub

        My husband has been on the same length of time as I and he has lost 15 lbs each week. I lost about 2 lbs the first week and 3 lbs the second week. The instructions with the cabbage soup (same as all the others) diet say that you can continue further weeks unless you lose more than 17 lbs in a week and then to take 2 days off before continuing. So you are saying that if I go off the diet for awhile and then go back on for another 7 days I should lose 2 or 3 more lbs?

        • I have never, ever seen instructions about losing 17 pounds or anything like that!

          With this diet, as far as my research goes, you can do the diet safely for 7 days, once a month. This is a cleanse not a long term program.

  • morzik

    Could you give me some advice on how to stop eating at night? I always want to eat at night! 7ish 9ish.. and i am also dealing with a severe sweet tooth 🙁 every time i finish a workout i want to eat alot too! Why is that? Anyways you’ve been a a great help i thank you so much!

    • Make sure you’re fueling your body enough for that workout, have a half piece of bread with peanut butter or some almonds or something. Make sure to have a good, filling dinner as well, and check out soem of my sweet tooth solutions in the blog too!

  • Rosetta S

    day 5 for me. i have been eating soup atleast 3 times a day and have been following the plan to a T, yet i have not lost any weight.. if i wasn’t consuming 4-6 bottles of water a day i wouldn’t be visiting the washroom more than usual, either.. help?!
    if it makes a difference i am a female, 5’6, 145 lbs..

    • You’re not too heavy to begin with and that is why you dont lose as much. This should be done as more of a cleanse than a diet for you. Keep going with at least 3 big servings of soup and 8-10 glasses of water. Do not drink anything but water and black coffee or tea. Have NO salt or butter or oil and you should lose a couple.

  • Dammylee

    Currently in Day 2, am still hanging in here. Kind of tough. Cant wait to eat some meat and bananas. Will keep you guys posted

  • Jkay

    Today is day 3 so far so good, haven’t cheated at all Im looking forward to day 5 to eat some meat!!!!

  • Michelle

    I’m beginning day 4 and I’ve only lost 3.8 lbs. Did I do something wrong? Do root vegetables make a difference? On the all veggie day, I at tons of them, with a large bowl of spinach. Please help. I want to “see” the weight loss. I haven’t exercised, does that make a big difference?

    Thanks for the help!

    • Weighing in on Day 4 is not a good idea because of the bananas. Keep going and you’ll see more!

  • Michelle

    Can I have sugar free/ lactose free creamer in my coffee? Sounds gross, but I just can’t drink my coffee black.

    • No, the fake stuffs worse than the real stuff. Add skim milk.

  • Michelle

    Also, can I use vanilla soy milk instead of skim for day 4?

    • Use plain soy as the vanilla flavor has too much sugar. Add plain soy to your coffee instead of creamer

  • ummu emaadh

    I am in day 5. can i eat fruits in these 3 days?

  • Naniem29

    Ive feel so much better since I startedthe CSD I feel more energy and breath so much better Im on day 5 and yesterday I lost 3 lbs. I was diagnose with throid and just start taking meds. Is it safe for me is there anything I should be careful of.. nevertheless I really do feel better as of now.

    • If you have a good personal doctor, give him or her a call!

  • Abbijones

    I am at the end of day 3 and have gained a pound!! I don’t understand why!! Please help me.

  • after making the soup on the first day could not take it dont like the celery in it is there any other thing i could use in place of it or is it optional

  • Assaas79

    I will start tomorrow,i have an exstra 9kg i have to lose.i hope this dite work with me.

  • Mimah

    am on day 2 of the cabbage diet. yesterday didn’t have time to ma ke the soup, will it be as effective if i just skip the soup?

  • Allison

    Hello, this is my first time trying this diet and it seems a little hard for me but this is my second day and i am dong it and trying to keep positive, i wanted to know if i am allowed to chew gum or will this effect my diet? thank you

    • Gum is considered a cheat but not a bad one. If it stops you from having pizza, yes, have some sugar free gum. However, when we chew we gulp down air which leads to belly bloat so for best results, try not to chew gum

  • Michelle L Hill13

    I’m at the end of day 3, I’ve never tried this diet before but I love it. I didn’t know it was possible to feel so healthy. Its great eating as much as you want without feeling ‘fat’. The cravings for unhealthy foods have gone for me, finally!! Day 2 was difficult, it was just a bit boring but it made the fruit I had today taste delicious!!! This diet is great because it’s easy not to cheat. The only problem so far is not drinking alcohol, I’d love a lager and lime right now especially as the sun is shining, but I’ll power through with a glass of cold water with ice! I’m scared to weigh myself just yet but I can feel a difference in my clothes. Good luck everyone

  • Eveth27

    I started my diet, i have lost 5 pounds so far, i still have not see it yet.

  • Paredes Amanda

    Will one batch of the cabbage soup last the whole week?

  • Lifesgood1900


  • Nepali_keti

    Just by reading everyones comment i couldnt stop myself to add my experience..So i wanted to do this cabbage soup diet long time ago , but was never motivated as i am such a FOODIE..but recently i joined a gym with my fren and thought why not do it now..So i asked her and we both decided to do this 7 day diet plan..If it worked its great and if not atleast our body was cleaned and you dint eat junk.. and also we work out 7 days a week for 2 hrs ( 1 hr of cardio and 1 hr of strengths and upper body )So day 1..was pretty hard as i hated the soup the taste..but finally we finished day 2 was easy 3 was also fine , today is day 4 and day of bananas and skim mil so far i had 2 bananas and 1 cup of skim milk , and a smal bowl of soup ( now the soup tastes much better than day 1) …day 4 my stomach is kindda upset and i am am going bathroom a lot ..But i just weighed myself and i have lost 10 pounds..Feels great !!!!! cant wait to weigh in myself at the end of day 7..if this works out we will try it again in a mth !
    Good luck to everyone who is on this diet !

  • pearlC

    i haavnt cheated since day 1, im on day 5 now. had soup for breakfast, beef and tomatoes for lunch and for dinner i had fish and veggies (green beans, cauliflower, carrots). green tea, and water with lemon for my drinks. im worried i messed up the diet. will i stop losing weight? i weighed myself ealier on and was amazed to find out that i lost 8pounds, my stomach flat!!, clnt believe it. will be sad if im fat again tomorrow.

    • You shouldnt have beans at all. Basically, you did Day 6 on Day 5. So, for your 6th day, go back to just tomatoes, meat, and soup.

  • Yolandaw32

    what if u don’t like tomatoes so what can do skip. the tomatoes the only way I can eat them. is in the soup

    • Have red pepper or grapefruit on Day 5

      • Jordana

        Hi! Is it possible to have BOTH grapefruit and red pepper on day 5? For example, grapefruit for breakfast and red pepper / fresh tomato for dinner? Also the same question with the skim milk and non-fat pain yogurt on day4? Can you combine the two? Thanks!! 🙂

        • Cathy

          You should have one or the other!!

  • Kelz0477

    ok im only on day one, but got confusion! can i eat as much soup everyday or just the first day? also work permanent nights can i eat through the night? pls help confused. by the way the soup tastes quite nice. thankyou x

  • Broxsonj

    I am on day 3 and it seems like I have not lost any weight and I have followed the diet to the letter??? I have been eating the soup at least once a day and as much as twice a day I have not cheated at all have only drank water and cranberry juice. I have not really made any extra trips to the bathroom sock was just wondering if this is normal or am I doing something wrong. Thank you for your feedback Jennifer

    • You’re not eating enough soup. You should have 3-4 giant bowls of it, it is your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

      • Broxsonj

        Is it to late into the diet to start eating the 3 bowls a day or should I start it over

        • Keep going and eat more soup! For best results, skip the cranberry for the next few days.

          • Broxsonj

            Ok thanks I will be eating more soup also can I have canned pineapple it is canned in 100% juice

          • No!! Nothing canned or storebought.

          • No!! Nothing canned or storebought.

          • Broxsonj

            Ok thanks I will be eating more soup also can I have canned pineapple it is canned in 100% juice

      • Marymarli0305

        I’m done with my diet today and I lost 5 Pounds during the week, I’m excited anyways, but now I understand why I didn’t loose more weight…. I was eating just once my cabagge soup… how long do I have to wait to try this diet again??? thx

    • You’re not eating enough soup. You should have 3-4 giant bowls of it, it is your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Bubbly_bekkah22

    I am a very picky eater i dont like mushruooms, peppers or tomatoes. Do i have to eat all of that in the soup for it to work or can i just cook it in the soup and pick it out?

  • Sofwath Adnan

    hey catherine

    i want know whether this CSD will help me to reduce my upper arms’s fats. I’m very much worried about this. I want have a this upper arm.
    thank you.

    • No, it probably wont help there. This works mostly on belly fat and water weight.

  • ummu emaadh

    im on day five. i almost lost 4lbs. thanks a lot,

  • binu

    I am on Day 2 of your diet and this morning I weighed myself and I still weigh the same. Am I doing something wrong?
    I had fruits like orange apple strawberry and grapes 3 times yesterday with the cabbage soup. Does it matter if I add salt in the soup?

  • binu

    I am on Day 2 of your diet and this morning I weighed myself and I still weigh the same. Am I doing something wrong?
    I had fruits like orange apple strawberry and grapes 3 times yesterday with the cabbage soup. Does it matter if I add salt in the soup?

    • Yes, salt is the enemy this week. If there is salt in your soup, you wont lose weight.

  • amber

    On the morning of day 2 I had lost 3.5lbs. Now I’m on the morning of day 3 and I’m 1lb heavier than yesterday. Wth I didn’t cheat. I guess I just have to wait and see the end results.

  • amber

    On the morning of day 2 I had lost 3.5lbs. Now I’m on the morning of day 3 and I’m 1lb heavier than yesterday. Wth I didn’t cheat. I guess I just have to wait and see the end results.

  • Rae

    If your soup is blah… try spicing it up, I added curry powder, freshly sliced jalapeño peppers (or dry seed peppers) & fresh minced garlic. Enjoy!!!

  • amber

    On the morning of day 4 now. I’m definitely seeing this through to the end. I’m down 4lbs and I feel awesome. Banana day!

  • Patsy

    I’m on my last day. I didn’t need to lose that much weight (about 5 lbs.) but I hadn’t been able to get it off before, so I decided to try the cs diet. I’ve lost 4 lbs. and I’m hoping for one more by tomorrow morning, or even 1/2. The thing that amazes me is that I’m not hungry! I’ve been exercising at the gym every day – weights 2 days and aerobics 40 minutes every day. I already eat lots of veggies because I have a garden, but having definite parameters for each day really kept me from cheating. I’m thrilled.
    My question: How do I keep this weight off? I’m going through my closet tonight and tossing all the clothes that were somewhat big, but are now too big. I DO NOT want to go back to the “old” me. Actually, I am old. I’m 69, but I feel younger and much more confident that I look the best I can.

    I’m not interested in hypnosis, but would like any suggestions from people who have kept the weight off.

  • Ouesse73

    I’m a sweet eater I don’t eat food. With big quantities I eat high calories quality food !

  • Mona

    Can I use fat free milk instead of skim milk on day four? I also drink coffee very morning but I put in a fat free coffee creamer in it. Is that ok?

    • No to both 🙂 Most of the time fat free = more sugar than the kind WITH fat. Def skip that this week and use skim milk.

    • No to both 🙂 Most of the time fat free = more sugar than the kind WITH fat. Def skip that this week and use skim milk.

  • Today is the last day of my cabbage soup diet. I weighed earlier this morning and I lost 11lbs!!! From 127lbs, I’m now 116lbs!! I’m soooooo happy! Thank you so much, Catherine!! I will recommend your site to my friends! More power! 🙂

    • Alright Cess!!

    • Alright Cess!!

    • Rosalind

      congrate keep it up

    • May

      how did you make your cabbage soup? Please share here .

  • Samantha

    hello. im starting the csd on friday. and i allowed todrink coffee? if so, can i use splenda and skim milk?

    • Yes to black coffee, yes to skim. No to splenda, sugar, truvia, stevia, or any sweeteners.

  • Biancak

    good day , i’am from south africa and i’am on day 3 … going well .. just a bit dizzy … drinking alot of water everyday , i can excatly see the acid leaving my body … a choclate on my desk and i didnt touch it !!! 4 days to go wish me luck … bibi

  • Carol Tubb

    This actually happened to me. And, it did all start with the Cabbage Soup. Now, I do crave veggies ….. more than any other food. I gave up wheat – 7 months ago, (and I feel a lot better) and I do not have any cravings like I used to. I have never eaten the soup for a week straight, but I’m going to your site now and do it. Thanks for this.

  • Yoolchin

    Hi all.I must say days 1 & 2 were the worst but now i’m on day 3 of the diet, I feel pretty good,I was looking forward to this day,thankfully I looooove fruits,and I get to have bothy veggies and fruits. Can I substitutes broccoli or green beans for the baked potato and the brown rice?I am not a big fan of neither of them. Tomatoes i’ll do,I love tomato

    • You can have broccoli but not green beans this week. If you skip the rice just repeat Day 3 with fruits and veggies instead.

  • Soon2bscretchen


  • turning back the clock

    It’s day 7 and i’ve only lost 3 1/2 lbs! I was expecting much more. I’ve not experienced any bathroom action and am confused why it didn’t work.

    • Tell me more about what you ate. Did you add salt to anything? Have a glass of wine? Cook with something other than olive oil? Did you eat soup for breakfast lunch and dinner?

  • Mnaranjo_03

    Is there anything else I can drink on day 4 besides skim milk? I am currently in china and I havent found any skim milk.

  • Mnaranjo_03

    Is there anything else I can drink on day 4 besides skim milk? I am currently in china and I havent found any skim milk.

    • Have soy or rice milk instead. Make sure its plain not vanilla or flavored

  • Leenie

    Now on Day 5 and I’ve lost 7 lbs !!! Had a slight blip and had 2 glasses of wine & a pkt of cheddars 🙁 but other than that, this diet is truly AMAZING !!! I’ve just come through a year of chemo and I’m now on Herceptin, and had piled on 2 stone, so this is just what I’ve needed to ‘kick start’ me into losing the weight I so badly need to for my Summer hols. Thank you Catherine, you’re a Star ! xxx

  • Rcutie814

    can i add crushed tomatoes or tomato sauce/paste to the soup?

  • G Smith

    im on day 5 now…wow what a week i had. not weighing in yet but feeling great. will continue to eat healthy until i can start my next 7days. thanks Catherine and everyone for the motivation:)

  • Meech

    Can I puree soup? Only on day three and this is only way I can manage to eat more soup without cheating,

    • Yes, go right ahead. Blend it, puree it, drink it hot, drink it cold, whatever you need to do.

  • Poojatrivedi123

    Do we need to eat the soup all 3 times a day for 7days ? What if I Skip Potato and skim milk ?

    • For the diet to be successful, yes, soup 3-4 times per day as your breakfast lunch and dinner. You can skip the potato with no issues. If you skip the skim milk, use soy milk or have yogurt instead.

    • Yvettebeaumont

      i fell off the wagon on day 1, day 2 and day 3 am now up to day 5 and am still kinda perservering with it – havnt lost a great deal but do feel my clothes are not as tight – it has definitely got me into some better habits again apart from a headche today i have been feeling really good – headache is probably from the stuff i shouldnt have eaten yesterday… you do feel soo much better when you eat healtyk its just breaking those old habits that are hard….

  • Poojatrivedi123

    Do we need to eat the soup all 3 times a day for 7days ? What if I Skip Potato and skim milk ?

  • Liana


  • sybilb

    Is there something I can drink beside Milk on the fouth day,I do not like milk?

    • If you dislike cow’s milk, have soy or almond milk. If no to those, repeat Day 3

  • I have a question about the diet before I get started. I have done this diet in the past and at the time I was still eating meat. Now that I am a vegiterian, what can I do instead of meat? What is your best recommendation?

  • Pooja

    Hi Catherine – Can i substitute baked potato with half foot long veggie sub ? Pls do let me know

  • Ani

    I really want to try this but my boyfriend is concerned i wont be getting enough nutrients. I take a multi and omega every day. I can still take those yes?

    • Yes, you need to take them! If your hubs is worried (which is very sweet) add some protein into your soup, like beans or something.

  • Marty B.

    Hi, I’m starting the cabbage diet tomorrow and would like to know if I can add salad dressing to my vegetables and if so what kind? Marty B.

    • Nothing store bought. Use soup broth or add some EV olive oil and fresh lemon juice, not store bought

  • Marty B.

    Thank you, I would have bought store bought.

  • Msjomaa

    Hi I’ve done as the CSD says and I have not lost any weight .., y??

  • Jrv1953

    diet not working and i have kept it perfectly

  • Tam Rbnsn

    What can I have on my baked potatoe

  • foca3

    im relly excited doing this diet as ive read all positive comments!!! im starting next Monday, feeling a bit nervous as im hopeless in following a diet but need to loose 8 kilos by November!!

  • foca3

    Just wondering can i use any sweetner like an equal for my tea or coffee?

  • Tracywolst7

    well i am amazed how this diet went i have just finished a week on it and lost exactly 1 stone ,thats with no exercise apart from normal everyday routine ,its brill just wish i had known about it earlier but i am now back to my usual 9and half stone and am so chuffed its brilliant !!!!

    • Tracywolst7

      also may i add on day seven my partner said i deserved a treat ,we went to pizza hut ohhhh nooo but i had 2 bowls of salad 1 piece of pizza and shared half apple crumble and ice cream and still in a week lost a full stone so do it right this deit does work 🙂

  • Lottie Robinson

    I’m sad to say I have up on the third day, I could hardly walk I was out of energy and exhausted, as soon as I had a sandwich I instantly felt more energetic, I lost almost 2lbs in two dys but if this diet was making me feel this bad then I just couldn’t keep it up, I am only 16 so I suppose the fact that I’m a teen meant my body needed more energy from my food, all these amazing stories have made me feel guilty for quiting but I felt awful, I struggled to put my hair in a pony tail, maybe I’ll try it again some time but for now I’ll just stick to healthy eating… Lots of love xxx

    • You should not do this if you’re under 18. I am glad you’ve stopped the diet.

  • Rosalind

    Well I’ve finished my CSD last day was Monday I lost 27.2 lb thank you Jesus. Catherine you are a blessing with all the information you give help us to go all the way, so I say keep it coming I NEED IT. I gave it to two of my friends now and they are ready to go because 1. they see how I;m doing and the differant it;s making in my life.
    2. they are reading your book to get started you have giving then hope thanks you are the best.

    • deborah

      27 pounds?? in a week?

  • KathyB Williamson

    Hi, Our son plans to join the US Army as soon as he can drop 20#. I have suggest that he had the Cabbage Soup diet to his new exercise regimen. Where can a get a printed copy of the Cabbage Soup Diet?

    • I emailed back as well. You can print any info from my site that you would like!

  • Sandraorourke

    Im confused, Im starting today (wish me luck) the recipe says canned tomatoes but reading something below you say no canned tomatoes only fresh, which is it???

  • Melissa93

    I want to start your diet, after reading how much people lost. But i’m worried about the cruciferous vegetables, as i have an underactive thyroid (hense why i want to lose weight), is this going to effect me and/or mess with my medication?

  • Sara

    Started my csd today. Bit of a headache this evening but loving the fruit and the soup isn’t as bad as I thought it would be

  • Asa

    I think this might sound weird, but when I couldn’t eat CSD anymore, I blended the soup in the blender and drank it instead and that helped 🙂 It kinda tasted like V8!!

  • Cabbage Man

    My doctor gave me this diet in March of 2012. I was pretty strict for about 2 weeks, then I started to modify it by adding seasonings and 1 lb of cooked ground chicken to the soup. I also added peanut butter to some of my fruits and salad dressing to the salads. I still continued to lose 5 to 6 lbs per week and I took day 7 off and ate what I wanted to (no junk food though) I ended up losing 42 lbs in 2 months.

  • Tori

    i was wondering-can you take a sea salt cleanse anytime during this CSD?

  • tori brown

    Can you take a sea salt colon cleanse while on CSD?

  • Marcia

    Three questions:
    1) What is the effect of eating, for instance, cantaloupe as well as bananas on Day 4, or broccoli or fruit as well as tomatoes on Day 5?
    2) Can I substitute non-fat yogurt for skim milk on day 4?
    3) WHY does this diet work? Is it some sort of nutritional mystery?
    We know that, even if you eat 4 or 5 cups of soup a day, it’s almost
    impossible to exceed 1000 calories, but theoretically, that doesn’t
    matter. Is it the chemical interaction of the foods?

    • I am not a Dr so these are not medical based answers, they are my experience only. The bananas and milk on Day 4 are to get rid of sugar cravings, so you shouldnt have any sugary fruits, like cantaloupe.
      This diet is not even really a diet, it’s a cleanse. You’re eating such low calories and high fiber that you flush out your system and can drop a few pounds in just a few days.
      Yes to the yogurt on Day 4. Make sure its plain flavor, non fat, no fruit on the bottom, and compare labels to find the lowest added sugars. One of the Greek yogurts may be your best bet to get some protein.

  • deborah

    I used to food combine using the fit for live plan I was so thin fit and helathy, I am now trying to get back to it and shift 2 stone. on day to of the cabbage soup plan and thinking ways of eating properly again. thai and vietnamese salads are fat free and delicious, balsamic vinagar is fat free, there is so much that is delicious and helathy we just have to spend a little time.

  • Sakshi

    Help me lose weight

  • yoyo diet queen

    On day 2….rough one since i am not much for veggies! I can handle the soup, but i had so much today, I’m already tired of it! I’m actually looking forward to day 4…i could eat banannas all day!

    • You can get creative with them..blend them into a juice or something? Would that help?

  • Clara

    Iam really impressed!!!The cabbage soup diet made me loose 4kg!!! Thanks alot!!

  • Adey

    This diet is so, so difficult for me but I have lost heaps of weight after only one week and feel much better for it. The soup is really horrible but I persisted and survived! On week two I am going to leave out the tin of tomatoes and add a chicken stock cube, or two. I think it will be more appetising. It really is amaxing how the weight just drops off.

  • Synthia

    At the end of the 4th day, gave up. I have not hurt this bad in many years. I age the banana and drank a glass of milk that morning and had SO MUCH bloating and pain in my gut that I thought I was going to have to go to the Dr. I just paced and ate tums and paced some more. Did not eat any of the soup. If I had it would have just come back up and I could not have stood that on top of the pain in my gut and the bloating. Hat that I can not finish it, but will look for a way that is a little more “gut friendly” for myself.

  • Jen

    To be honest, right now I am in a “funk” persay. I have a huge amount of stressful things going on in my life, not to mention that in the last 6 months I have lost my Dad…. my Mom has had at least 6 surgeries and I stopped smoking. I find myself eating to take up time when I am bored, I also find myself using food as a comfort and substitute for smoking. I am eating the cabbage soup and the veggies, I just find myself wanting more come night time especially. Any ideas?

    • I am so sorry to hear about your loss, but congratulate you for stopping smoking. You can blend your soup and drink it that way. Try to make yourself a night-time ritual that doesnt involve food, or have some tea or something instead. If you’re interested in Hypnosis (which I discuss on this site often), the Hypnosis Network has a quit smoking program. I havent tried it but I love their weight loss stuff.

  • Hana

    Catherine .. i am going to start this diet from tomorrow one thing i want to ask is can i use olive oil if i want to bake vegetables ??? and can i use bran bread ?? is it ok or it won’t work please do reply ..

    • Use the tiniest bit of oil you need. Do not eat bread this week.

  • Nyenyezi Ngwe

    CSD is awesome,….finished yesterday and lost 6kgs…… feeling good again….am so happy…thank you Catherine for your ideas

  • Laurel

    I have been doing Weight Watchers but cannot get under 150. Was hoping to bust thru. I made it two days on this, then fell off the wagon. I was so hungry for other things and so tired of the soup i didnt want to take another bite. I thought I could handle only 7 days, but I guess not. The wagon ran over me.

  • Determined

    Day 4: bananas and skim milk. I hate skim milk but love non fat plain yogurt. So I cut up bananas in the yogurt and added stevia for sweetener and it was delicious and palatable. I am wondering if this substitution is okay??? After day 5 I have lost 7 lbs.!!! I know much of the weight loss is water and bloat but man do I feel better!!! Onward to day six!!!

  • Lady B

    I am on day five of the CSD. I’ve done this twice before. Today i decided to brown ground beef (10 oz) and add it to the soup for lunch and dinner (5 oz) at each meal. I also ate cherry tomatoes as snacks all day. It was delicious! So far i have lost 11lbs! Tomorrow STEAK!

  • talkalot33

    Well I am on day 7 now. I followed this diet until day 6 where I cheated and had some wine. I gained back one of the pounds I lost, so officially I am only down 2 pounds since the start. from 125 to 123. I found this diet was torture, always hungry and really, who wants soup and vegetables for breakfast? Not sure I will try this one again.

    • You should not have ever felt hungry, this isnt a starvation diet. You shouldve had 3-4 huge bowls per day plus more.

  • tiff923

    ok…i need a buddie to do this this. on day 3. started while I was off work for 2 days, bad idea. Snacked 🙁 do I start over??

  • Kfny

    Can I replace the baked potato on Day 2 with a sweet potato?

  • sweetpearls

    Im on day 4 n have not lost no weught just been bloated

  • Mia

    I began the Cabbage soup diet on Monday! Today is Wednesday and already lost 5lbs. Sorry cant wait till end of week to weigh in! I feel great! Love the soup. I used the low sodium V8 juice in it and I love it. I eat a bowl for breakfast and every meal along with the other things I am allowed to eat on that day. I am never hungry, drinking lots of water too. I have about thirty pounds I need to lose. Most likely will do this diet again in two weeks. Soooo glad I tried it! Thanks for this wonderful site and all the help. Very encouraging!

  • Morgan

    I would just like to say that I am so excited to do this! I’m 15 and I love eating, so diets are not really “my thing.” Although I’m not fat, I feel like I am constantly worrying about my weight and the poach I’ve got. I haven’t done many diets because I’m a picky eater, and veggies and I don’t really get along. But when I saw this diet, I got really excited because of how fast you see results. I have tried working out to loose wight, which helped a little, but I find it so much harder to continue without seeing results, so I have kind of stopped exercising (mostly because of midterms/finals), but I cannot wait to start again WITH the CSD!!
    I do have one question though, On day four can you drink something besides milk? Cause I’m allergic to dairy?

  • luckeydemi

    Can I chew gum on the diet?

  • Tyler1306

    @mad5911 Hell yeah!! right on im definitely thinking of rewarding myself with a new wardrobe!! today was my day 4 and so far no cheating.the way i motivate myself is by thinking bout all the new clothes im gona wear when im thin again!!! thanks catherine

  • Chobee Girl

    My husband and I are on day six and have lost a total of 9 inches off our waists & my hips! Soup gets a little hard to eat after day 4, but I see the results and the light at the end of the tunnel!

  • Crystal

    Do I eat the soup breakfast lunch and dinner..

  • TD

    I’m on day 3 and my husband insisted it was okay to have a sweet potato as a vegetable…is it? Or should we stop the diet and start all over again?

    • Your hubby was def wrong! No need to start over, but no more potatoes, either

  • bRingiton

    I started doing this diet and it has been great so far. I am in day 7 and I am feeling some weakness as I have not been stuffing. I tried drinking more water w. hich I need to continue

  • bababy

    SO you’re not eating any breakfast foodsjust the fiery for breakfast lunch and dinner?

  • Deena


    • Susan C

      I have never heard anyone say that. I can only ask you one question, Did you follow the CSD to the letter? Exactly? If you didnt what did you change? I feel it is a great diet. Please answer.

  • Patty

    Its my 2 nd day on csd n I’ve cheated a Lil today. Had 2 pieces of chips. And I dipped my veggies w bean curd sauce. I also dipped a few cucumbers w hummus! I was wondering did I totally mess up? And will it effect my csd

  • alisa

    i am going to start the diet on saturday. i love fruits and veggies so that is not a worry. my question is this. regarding the veggies- can you use olive oil or cooking spray or anything of the kind? i am fine with raw veggies but if i was going to cook them i am unsure how to do without any oil of some kind. also, i do not eat dairy so i saw something that i can have soy or almond milk. is this true? love the smoothie idea.

    • Susan C

      I am curious to see what the answer is regarding soy or almond milk

  • Nurse L

    Got a recipe for cabbage soup with some of these vegetables in it? What do I use to spice up cabbage soup?

  • Lalalalalala

    I am on day 3 of the diet and lost about 4.5 lbs. the soup has become harder and harder or me to eat. I’ve tried to eat 2 medium sized bowls a day. Is that enough? Or will eating more give me better results? Thanks! ( I started weighing 125 and I’m am down to 120.5) (:

  • katt87c

    I havent started the cabbage soup, just found out im expecting can I still do it? Im over weight with 30 pounds from my last pregnancy. And I wish to loose some weight even tho im pregnant.

  • Lj

    Is coconut and fresh coconut water ok? Any nuts?

  • karina

    Do you eat the veggies on the soup or just the broth?

  • Anne

    Hello Catherine, I am on day 6 and the last time I weighed myself I didn’t seem to move much on the scale, but I feel leaner. Can I the CSD for 2 weeks straight? If not why? Even if I haven’t reached my target weight. Thank u for all your help

  • JO

    I am on day four and I am allergic to bananas. Any good alternative? I love milk but I am not sure if it good to just drink the skim milk. Can’t wait for MEAT!

  • stephanie

    Its day 5 for me and I’ve only lost 2 lbs so far I’m. Am I doing something wrong? I love the soup and eat almost a whole pan a day. I have a event coming up and have gain about 15lbs over the winter. Please help

  • stephm

    I’m starting to feel little discouraged. I’m on day 5 and have only lost 2 pounds. I don’t know if I did something wrong?? I have been eating the soup everyday and I love it.I was wondering if its cause I was eating zucchini and squash on my vegetable days I was eating other specials broccoli onions mushrooms so on. I’m going to be going out of town and want to fit into my clothes I’ve gained 15 pounds over the winter.

  • Temprance

    ARRRGGH!!! I was so hopeful that this would work for me again as nothing else I am doing is working. NO such luck!! I have extended the diet to 10 days so far and still have not lost one once. I am so frustrated. I did tweak the soup by adding fresh kale, spinach and very low sodium organic turkey broth to equal parts water. I do not think this would effect the diet. The first few days I did make a mistake by eating Greek yogurt. Unfortunately, I did miss those notes. Due to many allergies I was unable to incorporate the 5-day plan. For protein I would have a hand full of almonds.
    Since prior to the diet I was already heating extremely healthy and exercising and was still getting fatter. I was hesitant to eat anything other than the cabbage soup 4 times a day. Feeling pretty discouraged at this point.

  • cajnbaby12

    Question? Am i suppose to eat this soup for breakfast too? because its kind of nauseating first thing in the morning.

  • Meahri

    I am a vegetarian. So should I eat steamed tofu or fried tofu?

  • Karms

    Is it possible to eat peanut butter with celery during the seven day diet?

  • rachel

    hello.. well im on day 2 and i usually eat pine nuts at least once a day l.. i ate a handful of it does it make a difference.. because i know its very healthy

  • rachel

    i ate my potato at day 2 at lunch not dinner.. because i was starving. Does it make a difference?

  • Lindz

    I’ve got a birthday meal to go to on my day 4…can I change my banana day for a steak day?

  • May

    My daughter and i were partners in this diet program. That helps.
    Thanks Isabel for the tips.
    We each loss about 2 kg. = 5 lbs.
    A bit disappointed after reading the rest loss as much as 4 kg.
    Probably two reasons
    (1) we ate more than our normal intake afraid that we would crave for other stuffs.
    (2) use of chicken broth mixed with water in cabbage soup
    Next time we do would moderate the above two and i am sure we would lose more.
    Other than that, we look and feel much better !

  • Kkreedrn

    Catherine, can I swap days 5 and 6? I’m off today (day5) and work 12 hrs tmrw, so it would be easier for today to be the unlimited beef day..

  • ian

    just got day one over is it ok to eat lettuce?

  • jan

    well after reading everyones comments i have been on the diet day 4 .. but i am 53 years old and going through a rough time. going through a earthquake losing my home and marriage and now living in a small home not happy in my job and really depressed i put on 40 kgs. so i am now 80 kgs. which is really bad. i use to be 64 kgs. So day 4 dont want to stand on the scale til day 7 but my biggest fear if this doesn’t work i don’t know what to do than. and if it does what happens to the two weeks that i am off the diet will it all come back. and all of this is for nothing :(….

  • Sherly Marlene

    Since day one I’m feeling dizzy, just pure water drinking…any solution?

  • Tanya Harris

    I have cooked up my cabbage soup today ready to start tomorrow!! I was going to start today, but my soup wasn’t cooked in time for lunch so had to have a brioche roll :/ oops! Lol. Looking forward to starting tomorrow. Not going to weigh myself til day 7 though. Noted my weight down today and I’m 11st 4lbs so fingers crossed I shift a few pounds… also popping to the gym tomorrow to start up a monthly membership! Beach body here I come! 😀

  • Candise S

    Started the diet last week with my husband and I must say it has been fun. We truly enjoy the weight loss and the feeling of getting back to feeling healthy again. We’re on our second round and things are looking brighter. In the past nothing has really worked nor worth putting ourselves through. So thank you for allowing us to feel awesome. Thanks to you we are on our way with11lbs lighter. Oh did I mention we were losing about 4lbs a day. Now this is a diet worth telling the world.

  • Kenzie

    What about regular dill pickles? Are those okay on the veggie days?

  • Vixangel

    I can’t manage 4 big bowls but I have been eating loads of fruit and veg. I’m on day 5 now and cannot wait for meat!!! I only eat 2 big bowls and then 2 mug fulls…will I fail?

  • Chelsea Pugh

    …Are you allowed to eat pickles during this diet on the second day? Pickles are simply cucumber, only pickled.

  • Andipanda

    Just finished and lost 10lb. Buzzing. Going to do this once a month now 🙂 x

    • Catherine

      Ten pounds is awesome.

  • brit

    is it okay to dip crackers in the cabbage soup? multigrain not salted tops.

    • Catherine

      NO to crackers sorry this is a tough week!!

  • Janet

    I just came across your site today, which happens to be day one on the CD for me. I am wondering if the green peppers in the soup are essential? I normally enjoy green peppers but sadly bought some bitter ones this time :'( They are so hitter they pretty much give me a tummy ache. If they are super important I will force them down, but if it’s OK to skip them I’ll probably pick them out. One more question, are China seeds allowed….. like making China fresca? Thank-you in advance for taking time to answer this. So happy to have Googled across your site 🙂

    • Hi, It’s okay to get rid of the green peppers! I don’t know if the Chia seeds will be a problem or not to be honest. I know you cannot have the chia fresca because of the sweetener in it. Maybe skip them this week or you can try a glass a day and if you don’t lose any weight it’s from the chia seeds. I would think since they help you to hydrate that it would be okay. Might want to google that!!!

    • Hi Janet, You can skip the green peppers it is okay!! Also no to chia seeds this week. Chia fresca has sweetener in it so double no!! Have a successful week!

  • Val

    Can red bell peppers be substituted for the green peppers in the cabbage soup?

  • kam2020

    I made mine with spicy V8 juice and lots of red pepper flakes. I know it isn’t lowest sodium but extra water will take care of that. It is really delicious plus the hot pepper is great for metabolism. Happy New Year

  • Jade

    I’m on day 4, bananas and skimmed milk day, but I can’t stand bananas! What can I have instead? I was thinking of repeating day 3 again? have lost 3.5lb upto now. Advice please 🙂

    • Hi Jade,
      you can successfully substitute bananas with papayas, kiwi or apricots. Just pick one of those. Good weight loss so far keep going!!!

  • MartiY

    Hi, what do you think about eating roasted sweet potatoes (no oil or anything added) while on this diet? Its technically a root vegetable, so I’m trying to figure out if it would be a negative thing… Thanks!

    • Catherine

      Hi, You can eat one large one on potato day (day 2) but that is the only day!

    • Catherine

      No potatoes except for 1 on Day 2 only!

  • Anis

    I am a vegetarian and don’t eat tofu. So i subbed meat flr beans. Is that bad? Or is it considered a cheat?

    • Catherine

      No that is fine! Keep going!!

  • Melissa martin

    Can I have baked beans on my day am having my baked potato?

    • Catherine

      Absolutely NOT! They are full of sugar and molasses. Half a cup is 190 calories and they just make you want to eat more! Sorry!

  • Yolie

    I just finished the diet! Great results, BUT how long should I wait before doing the cabbage soup diet again? I want to lose another 10 lbs. Thank you so much!

    • Catherine

      You want to wait at least 2 weeks as you don’t want to run yourself down by not getting enough carbs and protein! Just watch your calories and you’ll be fine and you can keep eating the soup!!

  • Bina

    Day 2 of diet.. Cheated by having a tiny cup of black tea with dash of honey in the morning…. Pls say it’s okay as I need something warm when I wake up! Bit constipated too! Help!

    • Catherine

      Honey is loaded with sugar. It’s okay to have hot tea it’s just the honey makes it bad 🙁

  • Kera

    I didn’t realize I had bought the non low-sodium version of the v8 vegetable juice. Do you think it will make that much of a difference?

    • Catherine

      You will be fine. The water will dilute it!! Have a great weekend.

  • Alice Theimer Burnett

    How much brown rice on day 7 and how much unsweetened fruit juice?????

  • Nickidior

    I have followed the CSD religiously and I’m at day five I weighed myself and have only lost 1 lb since starting the diet. When I read all these comments people are losing vast amounts in the first few days. I haven’t cheated and followed the plan perfectly is there something I’m doing wrong? Need help before throwing the towel in!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you

    • Catherine

      Hi Nickidior, Not sure why you are not losing weight. Have you been drinking plenty of water to flush your system and eating the soup? About 90% of the people that use the diet lose. Try hanging in there for the last two days.

  • Dorsa

    I just started the diet today, and accidentally put 1 tbsp. of salt in the pot. Its a huge pot, so I didn’t want to discard the cabbage soup. Will the diet still work for me? Also, can I drink coconut water on this diet.

    • Catherine

      Don’t worry about the salt it’s a big enough pot!! I would say no to the coconut water though because it does have some sugar and salt in it so it would be better to drink plain water so as to not have more sugar cravings.

  • Kristi

    I am a huge coffee drinker, but need creamer with my coffee. I don’t plan on cheating in any other way, but will this cheat kill my diet? Thank you!

    • Catherine

      You can use skim milk in your coffee but heavy creamer is a no-no!

  • christy610

    Hi! so i’m on day 5 and i really don’t like tomatoes at all, they’re really hard for me to eat. Is there anything i can substitue them for?

    • Catherine

      You can substitute grapefruit or fresh apricots!!!

  • Kaylin

    Really having a hard time with the breakfast thing. And I cannot give up my coffee no matter what! Haha. Are chia seeds okay while on this? Also what about low calorie vinagarette dressings for veggie day? I want to make a huge spinach and veggie salad but for flavor I wouldn’t mind a teaspoon of dressing! Can’t be that bad! Also can you have cranberry juice everyday?

    • Carol

      On day one and seven it’s okay to have unsweetened cranberry juice although I know some have it every day. A tsp. of dressing especially vinaigrette shouldn’t hurt just don’t get carried away as it has sugar in it. Coffee is fine just no sugar in it. Chia seeds should be okay, too.

  • Whit

    I was wondering if drinking whey protein would be okay before and after a workout during the CSD

    • Catherine

      We usually say no to the shakes but if you are doing a serious workout I think it would be fine. I’m assuming it would be about 200 calories for the shake with the skim milk.

  • Lynn

    I’m starting the diet in the morning. Today I am shopping
    For all the fruits and veggies. I have a question. Is there
    Specific fruits that are better to eat than others? Any fruits
    I should avoid?

    • Susan

      Remember to just eat bananas on day 4. Some people think grapes make you gain weight and advise staying away from them. Just google the sugar content of each fruit and eat in moderation the ones that are higher. Melons are good for you!!

  • danyale

    On day 6 can i mix the chicken with the soup and bake it?

    • Catherine

      I don’t see why not! That sounds pretty good actually. Love baked chicken.

  • milka

    why the cabbage diet does not allow you to have corn, beans, peas, or bananas?

  • Steph

    can I have avocado or coconut water?

    • Sharon

      Not on the 7 day diet. When you are maintaining your weight then you can put some avocado in your salad and some coconut water in your smoothie.

  • Steph

    coconut water in my fruit or veggies smoothie? and avocado is a fruit but thinking it’s probably not allowed…

  • Luvinjnk

    is it ok to drink a v8 on my soup and veggie day? I am not a banana eater are there any ideas what to do for this?

    • Catherine

      If you can use the low sodium V8 juice on those days as the regular has a lot of sodium in it so you don’t want to consume a lot especially if you’ve used it in your soup as well. Instead of bananas you can have fresh apricots or papayas. If you don’t like those you might want to repeat day 1.

      • Luvinjnk

        ok Great thanks so much!

  • Ready4vacay

    Starting this diet tomorrow and very excited!
    I have a couple of questions prior to starting:
    1. Is it okay if I leave the green peppers out of the soup? (I’m really not a fan!)
    2. Is it okay to swap Day 4 and 5? (I have dinner plans on Saturday night, so really need to be able to eat something!)

    • Sharon

      Hi yes it is okay to leave the green peppers out if you do not like them. It should be okay to swap days or if you want to skip banana day (if you don’t have a problem with sweet cravings) then repeat day 1 or 2.

  • Taty

    What if you just eat the soup all week (no veggies, fruits, banana, meat..) ? Will it make a difference?

    • Susan

      Your body won’t like it and you will lose strength and muscle tone it’s not healthy to just eat soup all week.

  • Lisa Brooks

    I’ve seen other recipes that say you can add other vegetables but those they don’t have a website like you do. What is your opinions on adding green beans and peas?

    • Cathy

      I would say no to peas and yes to fresh green beans not the canned ones.

  • Christy

    Can I eat anything else besides soup bananas an skim milk on day 4!?

    • Catherine

      No, it’s a boring day I know. You can make some banana smoothies that help and put a dash of cinnamon in it for more flavor.

  • Safa Soliman

    hi im on day 6 now i ate white fish/smoked salmon instead of the beef is it fine?

    • Celeste

      The whitefish was okay but smoked salmon can have a lot of salt and oil it just depends on the brand.

  • Tirangue Cisse

    i dont really like veggies but love carrots. can i just eat carrots?

    • Cat…

      You really need to eat more veggies than just the carrots!! Try some new ones to experiment with. You might be surprised! Eggplant grilled or baked is pretty good and filling!! So is grilled squash! Experiment!

  • Angel Dot Sandlin

    Am starting tomorrow and shopping!! Can I have olive oil or low fat dressing on a salad? If not, what can make it palatable?

    • Catherine

      Just use a little olive oil if you need to make it easier to eat!!! Good luck and stay strong!

  • Bella

    Is avocado and lemon ok?

    • Cat…

      On the 7 day plan you do not want to eat avocado but otherwise when dieting it is fine to have a little avocado. It is high in calories and fat but they are good for you!

  • Nicky Tierney

    Just had half an avocado on the first day, didn’t realise it wasn’t allowed! Have I blown it? Going to do zumba for an hour now so will it be ok?

    • Catherine

      Don’t beat yourself up over it! Go to Zumba and keep going with the plan!!

      • Nicky Tierney

        Cheers ????

  • Sura

    Ladies.. I did this diet several times in a span of a year (maybe 3 times in total) and I have kept the weight off to date. I lost in total 12 kilos in total. Of course, I incorporated the gym (weights only) 6 days a week initially and now reduce it to 4 (only sometimes 6 now – if I have make up sessions for my PT). I love the cabbage soup diet. If anyone wants fast results that are for keeps, this is the diet. It never fails.

    • Thank you Sura! We appreciate your input! You are totally right about exercising, too. It’s a must to build muscles and to stay toned! Congrats on your success!!

  • Sarah Watson

    Day one and struggling big time! The soups is okay but the thought of having to eat it for 7 days and that smell! I am eating and eating and still so hungry! Is making me wonder if it’s worth it. Craving carbs! If I have half a baked potato tonight would that affect my weight loss dramatically?

    • Hang in there Sarah. Are you eating enough of the fruits and veggies allowed? You should feel full. Don’t give up keep going! Day 2 is a full potato with butter. Hang in there!!!

      • Sarah Watson

        Thanks Catherine! I am feeling a bit better today though still very hungry! Had a potato for breakfast with kaleslaw on top, the soup is terrible so going to try and make a nice batch tomorrow. If I am really hungry later, can I have another small baked potato (with no butter?)

        • Make sure you are putting enough veggies in your soup and seasoning. It should taste good or you won’t eat it. That’s why we came up with the seasoning packets to try to get people to eat more of the soup. Yes it has salt in it but at least you are eating the soup and staying full that way. Otherwise it is just too bland. Are you losing weight?

    • Catherine

      I know you have already made your soup but next time try our cabbage soup seasonings which really make the soup taste great. Go to to check them out. Have a great trip!!

  • BEttina

    hi, on day 2 or 3, thinking of baking some portabello, with some ground garlic /mint and cilantro, covering with tomato
    . think that is OK

    • Catherine

      Absolutely! That sounds great!! Keep going!

  • BEttina

    feeling on avocado…. maybe cut into the soup on day 2 or 3 . a 1/4 of one. i see mixed thougths on that

    • Catherine

      While on the diet I would stay away from them unless you feel weak and need some protein then I would say a hard boiled egg and a piece of avocado would be fine. They are good for you but high in calories (234)! Thanks and good luck!!

  • BEttina

    i like to drink some apple cider vinegar in my water. that should only help , yes?
    2T day

    • Catherine

      2T a day won’t hurt your diet so continue your routine!! Best of luck to you!