Flat Belly Tricks That Work!

Flat Belly Tricks That Work!

You already know that the stomach is one of the hardest things to work out, tone, or define.

The Cabbage Soup Diet helps you to beat the bloat so your belly feels flatter and smoother, by ridding our bodies of sodium.

Most of us tend to eat thousands of milligrams of sodium per day – sodium makes us retain water, and our bellies feel bloated.

Remove the salt and you remove the bloat – that’s why the Cabbage Soup Diet works so well.

After The Soup

Even after you finish the Cabbage Soup week, there are other things you can do right now to help keep your Cabbage-flat belly there for GOOD.

Flat Belly 5

  • Easy one: KEEP salt out of your diet!  You lived without it for a full week on the Cabbage Soup Diet, so keep your good habits going! Replace your salt shaker with some red pepper flakes for extra points!


  • Chew thoroughly! I recently read that “digestion begins in the mouth” and if you only chew a few times before swallowing, you’re sending huge gobs of food into your belly.  It’ll take much longer for your body to break down big pieces of food to digest than small pieces.  If you chew longer, you give your mouth time to aid in digestion… which means you’ll digest faster and without a “food baby” or bloated belly.


  • Snack at 3pm!  Most people tend to have breakfast, a small snack, then lunch…and then not eat until dinner, sometimes as late as 6-7pm or later.  For a flat belly, you want to eat small meals but more often, which will keep your metabolism burning long after you stop eating.  For best results, have something with some protein, like some almonds or a piece of low fat cheese.


  • Reduce your sugar intake. Yep, seems like a no brainer. However, there is some science involved here.  The more sugar you eat, the more insulin you produce, we know this, right? The less sugar you eat, the lower your glucose levels remain. There is another chemical at work here too, calledglucagon, and the less sugar you eat, the more fat-fighting glucagon you produce. The more sugar you eat, the less glucagon you produce.


  • Eat WHOLE grains – but monitor your portions!  Whole grains (like quinoa, spelt, and others) are great for a flat belly. GOOD fats, like the ones Isabella discusses, DO include whole grains, and continuing to eat small amounts will help shrink your belly. (This doesn’t work if you eat the entire loaf of the warm French bread you got from the store).

The Last Tip Is Silly…

I listed this one as ½ of a tip, because it is pretty silly…but works!

  • See a comedy! No kidding – laughing strengthens abs, it’s that simple.  Go to see a comedy show, watch a silly movie, even turn on America’s Funniest Videos for some cheesy, gut-busting laughter.  Smiling will also put you in a good mood, too!

Those are a few short cuts I’ve thought of, read about, and practiced, over time, to help me maintain my weight and feel great all the time.  What do you do to look and feel your best?  If you have any flat belly tricks, please leave them in the comments!

Till next time,


  • wow this sounds good,wont be easy but worth a trial

    • Gateways

      hi, i lost 10cm and 5kg in one week
      thanks to cabbage diet

      • Yumna Azhar

        5 kgs?????? are you serious?????

      • Fadia Shams

        Hi dear Catherine, i have tried the Cabbage-soup about 9 months ago. i had added a slat to my soup and i used to add sugar to my tea but i reduced it from 2 tsp to one 2 times a day, and i used to eat very little low fat sliced cheese with all what i have done i still did lose 4 kg and every body i knew realized that and i felt great!! but later on i spoiled my self and back to the bad eating, so i am now over weight again and this my 2 day with the cabbage-soup i am still having sugar in my tea and i ate a bout 100gm of piling meat in day one and also eating one hand full of natural macadamia. i want to know with all i have added to my soup and my tea is this will effect my health? and i is true that the cabbage-soup make us losing mussels more?
        My regards

  • Sharon

    cutting salt out of my diet has worked wonders for me. I don’t feel bloated at all and have much more energy than before. I actually don’t even miss it. I love the cabbage soup and does my husband so we have it a couple times a day without going on the diet.

    • Excellent way to maintain your loss! Add s0me protein to make it more filling, like some lean chicken or black beans 🙂

  • juju

    i believe in cabbage soupppp its really work….:)

  • Sbu Xaba

    I soooo want a flat belly as ! I’ve already started cutting down on sugar…would be so hard starting the rest as well! Yaaaaay! I’m tighting those abs!!!!!!

  • Natasha Angelakis

    hi, I have always had a lot of salt, its one the things I really need. Before I did the CSdiet I had followed Isabel del los Rios’s diet… and she supports salt intake (natural – unrefined) so I do use it. And I mention this because I ‘ve noticed that you suggest one goes on her diet after the Cabbage soup diet.
    thank you

    • Hi Natasha, the key is the natural, unrefined product. You’re right, we do need some per day, but its not the processed salts in fast food. Too much, in women especially, does cause bloating as well.

    • leeven

      great tips . thnx

  • Heathertabron

    Cabbage Soup diet really work! I lost 8 lbs in a week! 🙂 I will definitively try to keep the weight off and continue with the 5 steps belly tricks!

  • Keeleyjs

    i soooo hope i get goo results of this …. second day went perfect 🙂 and found it easy…i have a holiday next week so cramming in my final attempt before i go…fingers crossed 🙂

  • Keeleyjs

    oh and how many calories are in the soup just rather curios

  • Roycapiro

    going to start this soup diet with my wife ,so i can help her along .being a chef i dont realy add salt to my food ,we have to much of the stuff

  • Laura

    Hi I’m on the diet – just finished Day 4.
    Everyone is eating all this wonderful gourmet meals
    And baked goods but I’m following the diet without cheating.
    I have lost 5 pounds during the 4 days.

  • Slimi_mi

    I made the soup amd shopped the fruits and veggies. Day 1 will be tomorrow.
    I am hopeful that i will lose those extra pounds. still wish me good luck.

  • Bbjulse

    hi catherine..am just curious. do i need to make a soup everyday for 7 days or i can make large container of soup which is good for a week and put it on a fridge?

    • You’ll prob need two batches this week. Keep it in the fridge.

  • Jessica

    I need to lose weight for a military weigh-in next week (trying to join the National Guard) so I am trying this diet to see if I can lose weight fast and not slow like I have been!

  • Alafiya1

    Hi i’m new at this and very excited to try this today is my first day, so far so good but have a question on day 5 theres either chicken or meat i would go with chicken but would like to know how to season my chicken regarding salt !!

    please help would really appreciated 🙂

    • Really, anything EXCEPT salt is good 🙂 Plain is best!

  • Amanda

    Praying this works! Have a wedding dress to look fantastic in a week!!

    • For BEST results, treat this as a cleanse. Do not drink V8 or Cranberry, drink only water. Dont add salt to ANYTHING even on your potato on Day 2. Best wishes!

      • Jewel Apollon

        I added salt throughout this diet and im on day 3, will this affect my progress?

  • Leah

    dose it work if u do the plan but dont eat the soup x

  • madge

    Hi I have a question once the week is over what should I do to keep losing and also not gain weight back ? Any advice

    • Madge, keep your cabbage soup ideas in mind – lean protein, produce, and no fast food! 🙂

  • Ashleybertha

    I think Im about to start the cabbage soup diet! One question, how much difference would it make if I only ate cabbage like without the exta carrots, tomatoes, and onions?

    • You wouldnt lose as much weight. You need as much nutrition as possible this week.

  • Lubalarabe

    Hey Catherine. Any substitute for celery? Can’t find it anywhere in my part of the world.

  • Sharondhl1

    Hi, started the diet today and looking foward to the results, a bit of a headache but i am trying to drink as much water as possible. I made two lots of soup and packed them in lunch boxes in the freezer to last the whole week. I blended one lot and then mixed with the other unblended half and the consistency and taste is awesome!

  • Kkelleher84

    Well I just completed day 2 of the CS diet and haven’t seen a drop in my weight yet. What is also frustrating me is ny stomach is looking larger and rounder than ever. I’m following everything to a T but it’s a bit discouraging. Is this normal and how long should it normally tske to start really seeing results.

    • If you’re not really overweight, it will take longer for changes to show. Also, I cannot tell if you’re male or female from your user name, but for women, our cycles can interrupt with weight loss. Def keep going, for some it doesnt show until Days5 or 6. Make sure you’re drinking 8-10 glasses of water and 3-4 big servings of soup.

  • Neeraj jatav

    pls mail on my id the diet plan

  • mccendejas

    hi catherine i start my CS diet tomorrow i wt. 120 pds but want to get a flat stomach and get into shape is this a good diet for me? If so can i add yogurt to the diet “activia vanilla with fiber”

    • If that is an ideal weight for your height, then you will probably only lose a couple pounds with this diet. It will help with bloat, so yes, bellies do look firmer and youll fit into tight pants better. Do not add yogurt. Because youre already a decent weight, you must treat it as a cleanse to get the best results. NO salt, NO butters or dressing, nothing to drink but water, no chewing gum, etc.

  • Kendra0906

    I am on Day 4 and i have already lost 9lbs. I am soo excited that I lost it so fast that I wanna cheat and eat a cookie bt I want: ). 3more days to go!

    • Ireland

      Way to go Kendra! I am on Day 1 today.
      Are you doing excerices too?

  • Scookie418

    Hi Catherine, is it safe to be on this diet for more than one week?

    • No, it is not. There are too few calories. After a week, instead of losing more, your body will cling to the calories instead. Repeat only 1x per month.

  • Scookie418

    Hi Catherine, is it safe to be on this diet for more than one week?

  • Blossom

    I’m on my third day, i feel really bad because I cheated today as I was in lecture hall and felt and heard the embarassing buzz in my tummy. I find it really hard during the day because it is not practical to carry to soup to university. I do have my fruit but I normally do not eat a lot of veg, so I would love if anyone has any tips for cooking any types of veg which I can take out with me. Still continuing unto day four will not quit.

    • If you have a spare water bottle, blend the soup into a juice or puree and drink it like that!

  • karen

    I Love this soup….however the recipe I got didnt have mushrooms or carrots…which I am going to add tonight. No one told me not to eat salt? I have been putting salt in my soup. ????? salt soup or not?

  • Anonymous

    can you put red cabbage in the soup aswell? im going to start tomorrow.

  • Mehves

    Hi, I lost 5kg/11.1 pounds in one week. Thanks for your advice. I exactly applied your guide and the result is fantastic.I need to loose 20kg more/3.149 stones, but already feeling lighter. This week I will make a normal diet and next week I will turn back to cabbage soup diet for one more week. Many thanks.

  • Blue0503

    hi im allergic to cellery is there an alternative or would it still work if i left the cellery out. Thanks

  • Mahjan

    Hi. Can kids eat this soup too? not as a diet but just like any other soup beside main food on the table ? why not chewing gum ? I found not added sugar in store but i did not try it yet cause I dont want to loos my diet ?

    • It really isnt healthy enough. Youd want to add protein to theirs or serve it with something else, like you mentioned. Gum is an OK cheat but it isnt good this week because when you chew gum, you suck in air which goes into your belly, causing bloating.

  • girl cabbage diet

    what is the substitution for milk on day 4

    • Soy or rice milk, or plain yogurt. Look for a greek yogurt as they have the most protein, but compare labels and get the ones with the lowest sugars, they sneak nasty amounts of sugar in yogurt

  • Cassie

    On the final day it says brown rice is there anything I can add to this so it doesn’t taste so bland?

    • any spices, except salt. also, you can put it IN the soup so it has a heavier, stew like consistency

  • Laura

    Hi, I was wondering what would happen if I only drank the cabbage soup for a week, without eating the fruit and veg?

    • You will be hungry and miserable!! Have those fresh veggies and protein sources !!

  • sandy

    Hi I just want to reduce a few inches off my waist. Is it ok that I get my periods during my diet week or should I start after my periods??

    • For the best results, wait until your cycle is over

    • emey

      hi my name is emey,and i have tired the soup diet. from the first day i couldn’t continue i felt really sick ,and my head is going to blow, so i don’t know what to do,and i really want loose wight… what is ur suggestion?

      • A vegetable and water soup shouldnt make you feel that bad. You should discontinue the diet and call your doctor

  • Chris


    This diet is excellent. Both my wife and I are loving it! The veg’s in the soup are delicious!

    Many Thanks



  • Alisha

    I am hoping this diet works….Im going to start tomorrow…..Am I supposed to cut the cabbage into small pieces and let it boil, and is it supposed to be cabbage alone, or can I add other vegetable? Thank You

  • Ireland

    For the Chicken on Day 5 or 6 (instead of beef) what is the best way to cook it for this diet.
    Also for the brown rice on the last day, how much brown rice are we supposed to have?
    Thanks for all this information, and sharing the cababge soup diet, I am only on Day 2 but cant wait to se the results. My soup tastes great, not bland at all, i used lots of spices and 2 cans of tomatoes.

    • Have as much rice as you’d like! Cook the meat however you’d like also, grilling or broiling is probably best!

  • Lastlaplil

    Hi, I added a stock cube to the soup before I found your website. I hadn’t realised it was all about the NO SALT. However it was actually a reduced salt cube. Is this ok? I have a big pot ready to eat?

  • Monica

    Is it ok to add crystal light mix to my water for that week? Its only 5 calories and has no sugar or sodium….Thank you I am going to start this diet next week I can’t wait!!

    • For best results, dont use it. It has a lot of artifical flavorings and ingredients. Add fresh fruit to your water instead

  • Samantha

    Day 4 was horrible because I hate both bananas and skim milk! I stuck with it though and I can see a difference in my body. I haven’t weighed myself because I know I would have become obsessed, but regardless of if I lost any pound I do feel healthier.

    • Pedewar

      About the bananas and milk…we had bananas that were about to go bad, so we peeled then and put in bag in freezer. We put these in blender with skim milk to make a smoothie. maybe you might find this more palatable. I quite liked it.

  • maare

    can i use diet sweetner

    • No, no sweetener, no honey, no stevia, no splenda, none of that.

  • maare

    hi,i m on diet 2nd day i have drunk skimmed milk is it ok…can i drink skimmed milk for the whole week…plzz reply

    • You can have it in coffee or tea only throughout the week, and on Day 4

  • maare

    How many fresh tomatoes to use instead of canned ones?

    • In your soup, add as many as you like! Make sure you like that soup. On Day 5, have 6-8 fresh ones.

  • Leema

    Greetings ! while on soup diet , can i have hot green tea with honey ? or plain green tea thrice a day ?

    • Skip the honey and drink as much green tea as you would like.

  • Christinanatalie

    HI Catherine… Im starting the diet today and got some veggies that are not included in the recipe, I.E. zucchini, enoki mushrooms, yellow squash and kale. will this effect anything in my diet process? From reading most of your answer to similar questions its seems as so you can add any veggies in this soup but I want to be double sure if I’m going to be doing the diet for a week and not have it be a complete failure! appreciate you getting back to me in advance!

    <3 Christina Natalie

    • Zuchinni and squash can be carby, so try to limit those, but otherwise, sounds like a great soup

      • Christinanatalie

        Ok… So I’ll take the squash and zucchini out… But broccolini and boc choy is ok to thow in right? I don’t want anything to starchy do to the fact that I want the best results! Sorry for all the questions I just want to insure I’m doing it right! Thanks again

    • Zuchinni and squash can be carby, so try to limit those, but otherwise, sounds like a great soup

  • Chris

    Hi Catherine! I saw on another post that someone asked if they could substitute quinoa for the brown rice. But you didn’t answer it. Could you please this time? This is my third or fourth time on the diet and it has always worked for me but I’d rather the quinoa. Thanks in advance!

    • It isnt a bad substitute but it does have some fat in it and more carbs than rice, so rice is really the best choice.

  • Monica

    Hello, I am going shopping today to buy all the stuff needed for csd. I can not stand tomatoes by themselves, is there anything I can substitute them with on day five? Thank you.

  • M Samem

    what if u miss a day or two of the soup does it effect ur results (u just eat fruit and veggies )

  • RH

    Can I eat fruit and vegetables on the 5th day of the diet?

    • No, on Day 5, you’re limited to tomatoes, meat and soup.

  • Cjgraham_72

    Catharine, can I use regular onions instead of green onions in the soup?

    • Yes you can. I suggest green because they are a less powerful taste, so more people like them. I love onions personally, I put both in my soup!

  • Benefitlady

    Luv these emails!!! Very helpful!!!

  • M Samem

    Can u mash the potato ( boil n mash )

    • Sure! Just do NOT add salt! Add only a little bit of butter, also, or none at all.

  • M Samem

    Can I boil the potato and then mash it like mash potato and then at butter

    • Try not to add the butter, or add just a tiny bit, but yes.

  • vivian

    Hi catherine, I am 158kg in weight and just discovred your cabbage soup. I have been trying different diets to loose weight but nothing seems to be working for me so far, do you think I have chances with your soup?. I need help as my situation is life threatennig.




  • vivian

    Hi catherine, I am 158kg in weight and just discovred your cabbage soup. I have been trying different diets to loose weight but nothing seems to be working for me so far, do you think I have chances with your soup?. I need help as my situation is life threatennig.




  • Maria_twin

    can I boil my potato instead of roasting?

    • You can do whatever you want to it, just dont add salt!

    • You can do whatever you want to it, just dont add salt!

  • Maria_twin

    you wont believe this, but where I am it is difficult to find skimmed milk. I only managed to get cowbell powdered milk (with a blend of skimmed milk) is this okay or forget about the whole csd

    • Is there a lot of fat in it? If not, just add lots of water and that should be OK. If you cannot find skim, you can do plain soy or even plain yogurt with no sugar added.

    • Is there a lot of fat in it? If not, just add lots of water and that should be OK. If you cannot find skim, you can do plain soy or even plain yogurt with no sugar added.

  • Zarnish Arshad

    i want to loose my weight within 12 days.esp my belly.

  • Roberts7118

    I had done this diet last year and lost a total of 13 lbs. I followed your instructions to a T. After the diet I was motivated to continue to eat well. In addition, my skin cleared up from cleansing my system from so many toxins. Thank you so much for your guidance.

  • M Samem

    Can u just have the just the soups water not the veggies ??
    I try have it all but someday I can ever take down the whole soup

    • The diet wont work and youll be starving.

      • M Samem

        Can I blend it (purée )

      • M Samem

        Can I blend it (purée )

  • M Samem

    Can I purée its ??

  • Vickycupcake91

    Ok I havent quite exactly started the diet yet but mu question and concern is at the time im truing to breast feed but aint making much milk.. If I strt the csd will it stop it completely? And if its ok to tke prenatal vitamins while on the diet?

    • Call your doctor for this one! It is not recommended to do this diet while breastfeeding.

    • Suli_valesente

      Hello, I am a breastfeedind mom too. Regarding your issue of not making enough milk. you can try to take one of this: fenugreek (I bought it from amazon.com), also mother’s milk tea, and from Amazon.com too, they works wonder. My baby is almost 7 months now, and she eats a lot. The more you feed your baby with breast milk, the more of milk you will produce (supply and demand). Catherine had suggested to me, that I can start to do the CSD diet, once I wean my baby to formula (when she is older). I am planning on breast feeding my baby until she is 12 mo, and will wean her to formula after. Good luck to you with everything!

  • Naveen_kurechiya

    Can i use salty soup plz reply me last time edit more comment but not any answered so plz sir i m waiting ur response.

    Thank u

    • The entire point of this week is to eliminate salt from your diet.

  • Naveen_kurechiya

    today is my 2nd day, i am using salt in soup (according to taste).
    i am using in soup –
    cabbage, tomatoes, green piper, enough water, only
    no use celery and other material so plz suggest me…
    what effect ?

  • Betty

    What do you recommend eating after the diet is over? I’m on day 4.

    • Personally, I go by Isabel De Los Rios’ Diet Solution!

    • Personally, I go by Isabel De Los Rios’ Diet Solution!

  • Betty

    What do you recommend eating after the diet is over? I’m on day 4.

  • Naveen_kurechiya

    I am follow the diet plan, i am feeling well
    Thank u

  • Naveen_kurechiya

    I am follow the diet plan, i am feeling well
    Thank u

  • Naveen_kurechiya

    1st day i used only Cabbage Soup no any fruit or juice,
    and 2nd day use cauliflower (as a vegetables) along with three time cabbage soup.
    i m feeling well.

  • Naveen_kurechiya

    1st day i used only Cabbage Soup no any fruit or juice,
    and 2nd day use cauliflower (as a vegetables) along with three time cabbage soup.
    i m feeling well.

  • Naveen_kurechiya

    Please help me sir….

    4th day diet plan- bananas and skimmed milk. but sir no found there skimmed milk, yoghurt so please suggest me any alternatives.

    5th day diet plan- Beef and tomatoes. but sir i am vegetarian no beef or chicken use in diet, so please suggest me any other alternatives of beef.


  • Micheller_ae

    The soup is so tasty and delicious and can’t wait to eat it …. I was dreading it because I don’t like cabbage ….guess you never know till you try it ….on day four and feeling good ….

  • Naveen_kurechiya

    Please help me sir….

    4th day diet plan- bananas and skimmed milk. but sir no found there skimmed milk, yoghurt so please suggest me any alternatives.

    5th day diet plan- Beef and tomatoes. but sir i am vegetarian no beef or chicken use in diet, so please suggest me any other alternatives of beef.


  • Jeanette Gilliam

    Hi I just finished the 5th day. Tomorrow I will do the beef and leafy green veggies. What can I put on the veggies to taste like a salad? Would vinegar and olive oil work? so far I have lost 5.7 pounds and I don’t want to mess up on the last two days….also can I substitute chicken again for tomorrow? thanks

    • Yes, chickens OK. Add fresh squeezed lemon juice and olive oil, not vinegar.

  • Naveen_kurechiya

    I’m on 5th day, and take 2 egg instead of beef so i want to know this is wrong……?

  • Lynzstratton

    I have done this before and lost 11lbs in a week. But I’m worried about doing it again for two reasons: 1, I get really bad headaches from no caffeine as I cannot stand coffee/tea with no sweetner. ( can you add honey or anything sweet?) 2, I’m exercising most days and worry that it will be too much to do both…..? Your advice is appreciated 🙂

    • You can take aspirin, like Excedrin, which has caffeine, or try to drink iced tea or coffee without sweetener, as any sweetener isnt allowed this week. You can still exercise but this is not the week to train for the NY Marathon 🙂 some light cardio should be enough.

  • M Samem

    Do u have to put green pepper and tomato sauce ??

    • You can omit the green pepper and you should NOT add a premade tomato sauce to anything

  • Motrips

    Can you eat other fruit (like an orange) on day four in addition to the bananas and sim milk and soup

  • Pep

    For days 5 and 6 can the beef be added to the soup?

    • Yes, thats a fine way to go. I usually add my rice into the soup on Day 7, too

  • Laura Odwyer

    Can i have all types of veg on day 6 finding today hard help. on a positive note lost 5 pounds so far

  • ok im going to start this diet this week i stoped smoking one month ago and i did it with hard candy what can i have in replacement of that and what is the most you lose in a week?

    • No candy this week! You can have a stick per day of sugar free gum HOWEVER gum can lead to bloating because you’re sucking down air, too. On average, people lose 3-8 pounds.

  • Sammst Clair

    I’m wanting to lose 20 pounds, is it okay if i do this diet until then?

    • Nope, that wont work. This is a 7 day cleanse for you to get started with only.

      • Haupaloota

        so if I lost 10 pounds before i start this CSD I wont lose weight?

        • I dont get the question. You will still lose weight. But you cannot/should not lose 20p using this diet.

  • anlo

    Hi I’m just in the process of making this soup but have no green peppers just red and orange. Is there any specific reason why I can’t use them instead. Thanks

  • anlo

    Hi I’m just in the process of making this soup but have no green peppers just red and orange. Is there any specific reason why I can’t use them instead. Thanks

  • Keep200

    Today is my first day on the soup, any advise? Please reply thanks

    • Lynzstratton

      I had fruit for breakfast, soup for lunch, fruit for snack and two helpings of soup for dinner then fruit for pudding! Keep it up, the weight loss is so worth it 🙂

      • Keep200

        Thanks for sharing! I had pineapple and papaya for breakfast, soup for lunch and grapefruit for snack. Today is your first day too?

    • Lynzstratton

      I had fruit for breakfast, soup for lunch, fruit for snack and two helpings of soup for dinner then fruit for pudding! Keep it up, the weight loss is so worth it 🙂

    • Keep200

      Yay! I lost a total of 7lbs. Thanks CSD!

  • Andrei

    How Much money would that cost you in a week?

  • Andrei

    Its for my project.

  • Chrisann

    What all can i put on me beef??

    • Spices, no salt. No soy sauce, no condiments of any kind.

    • Spices, no salt. No soy sauce, no condiments of any kind.

  • Dominique carignan

    I am confuse about day 5 can you eat meat and chicken or just one or another

  • jery

    after i finish my diet what light break fast to eat is it good poorigde or not

  • meklit

    hi i eat brakfast boling egg this is wrong??? thank u

    • Yes, thats wrong. You shouldnt have an egg. For breakfast, have your soup

  • Thalita

    I’m on day 5 and I chose baked chicken instead of beef.
    I seasoned it with garlic power, lemon juice, a tad bit of crazy salt and some chicken seasoning with no salt. Was that ok?
    Also when I reheat my soup everyday I put some more garlic powder and some cilantro to give it more taste.. Is that cheating?

  • Rod

    I am on Day 3- I haven’t been hungry yet and enjoying all the Veg and Fruit! I haven’t cheated once but yet I haven’t seemed to lost any weight. Does the amount of soup you eat have a big impact of your outcomes? I have had 1-3 bowls a day…need to start getting results for motivation! At the moment aspirations of losing 10lbs are dwindling…..
    I also feel that, although I am eating accordingly-the quantity of food I am eating is far greater than my regular intake-will this affect my potential weight loss?

    • If you are not heavy to begin with, the diet wont really help. You should def have at least 3-4 BIG servings of the soup, that’s your weight loss tool right there. Make sure your soup has zero added salt and make sure you’re having 8-10 big glasses of water. For faster results, drink nothing but water and black tea/coffee.

  • Kim

    Hi Catherine,

    I am currently 148 pounds and am looking down to lose 18 pounds (not in one week though). My height is 5’5.
    Do you think that, if I stick to the cabbage soup diet for a whole week without ever cheating, I’ll be able to lose a minimum of 8 pounds or am I not heavy enough to lose that much?

    Thanks for your future answer!

    – Kim

    (Looking forward to starting the diet on May 14th, 2012)

  • Sharon

    My partner has a skin condition and cant have tomatoes, can this ingredient be substituted?

    Many Thanks

    • Yes. Simply leave it out of your soup and on Day 5, have red pepper or grapefruit.

  • Higgins

    Hi, I know you lose more weight the heavier you are, so do you have to be particularly large to lose much weight during the week because I’m not the skinniest girl at 66kg to 157cm, but I wouldnt say I was overweight. So looking at my measurements do you think I will lose much.


    • This helps everyone but less if you’re not too heavy. Do the cleanse version of the diet: no V8, no cranberry juice. Drink only water, black tea and black coffee. Do not use ANY salt, butter, or oil.

  • T Gudnes

    i want to lose 10kgs, wouldn’t there be any side effects if i skip one week and go back to the cabbage soup diet after that week?

  • T Gudnes

    i want to lose 10kgs, wouldn’t there be any side effects if i skip one week and go back to the cabbage soup diet after that week?

  • M Samem

    I don’t like mushrooms do I have to put them in my soup ??

  • asra baig

    can i use brown bread instead of brown rice ..if yes then in what quantity…also i would like to know that how many glasses of milk can i have in the 4th day..thanx

  • Bev

    I understand the the cabbage will gas you up as well, Is their anything one can add to the soup to cut the gasses?

    • Beano or anny over the counter medication will help, as will drinking 10+ glasses of water per day

  • zoe

    I have a question regarding the sugar intake reduction point… Do you mean a reduction in artificial sugar intake or both artificial and natural sugar intake.? Because all kinds of fruits include natural sugar…. Thank you.

    • Processed, artificial sugar is what we want to get rid of. Some people need to monitor natural sugar intake too, but most people can easily process the natural sugars in fruits, especially compared to artificial stuff

  • smicha88

    Hello catherine

    I’m starting the soup in a few weeks times and was wondering if i have to eat breakfast or i just have to start with the soup?

  • rocky

    hi I did it twice within 4 weeks ,I lost 10 kg (22) pound in addition to 8 kg before on normal diet in total now I lost 18 kg , what really did it fast is the cabbage soup diet perfect it really work .

  • secretgirl

    Hi, as i understand this diet only cuts belly fat.? My thigh is quite fat, and the belly is thin. Should i try the diet to cut off me thigh fat?

    • This will not really help the thighs. It is a cleanse to reduce water weight only.

      • Jack Cyp

        Correct me if I’m wrong.. We will lost weight by following tis CSD bcos we get to reduce ‘water weight’?

        • Yes, you’re right. It is water weight/bloat, etc. The diet is really more of a cleanse. It should be followed for only a week and then you should move into something more permanent to keep the weight off. If someone reverts back to eating lots of fast/processed foods, there is risk that the weight comes back.

  • Shreerajshetty

    hey can we have green tea …. while dieting .. ?

    • Yes. Drink it plain or with skim milk, no sugar or creamer

  • KP

    Hello, Just read about this diet and i am super excited to try this one! I just have one question, doing this diet cleanses the system is what you said and i believe and all the weight loss is essentially the ‘water loss’..so is there any visible difference in body shape or is it only on the weighing machine ?

    Many Thanks.

  • cheekygirl

    if a women is on her period will this still effect her diet?

  • cheekygirl

    if a women is on her period will this still effect her diet?

  • hestep

    after i finish the diet, What do i do the next week? because if i want to continue the diet, it said i should do it for a week then stop then another week. so what do i eat after I finish my diet so i can keep my weight off?

  • V-Hyun

    How many calories does this cabbage soup contain ? I tried searching for the answer but i wanted to have an accurate answer lol. Thanks.

  • xoxogossipgirl

    Hey Catherine. Someone else asked this question as well but you didn’t answer it. It would really really help me if you do this time, please? 🙂 if i am on my period during this diet will it still work ? because im on my fourth day, and on my period as well.

    • You probably wont lose as much while on your period, but you’ll lose more after when your body releases the excess water/bloat/etc.

    • You probably wont lose as much while on your period, but you’ll lose more after when your body releases the excess water/bloat/etc.

  • xoxogossipgirl

    Hey Catherine. Someone else asked this question as well but you didn’t answer it. It would really really help me if you do this time, please? 🙂 if i am on my period during this diet will it still work ? because im on my fourth day, and on my period as well.

  • J

    hi, i want to start my diet on sunday.. i hope i can loose as much pounds in a week

  • Redken247

    Hi Catherine, My partner and I are on day 3 of your soup diet. I have lost 5 lbs and my partner has lost about 7 lbs. Is it ok to do the Atkins diet after the soup diet? Or just use some of the recipies

  • Mslatravia

    can i subsitute skim milk with water because i donot drink milk

    • Have soy instead. If you dont drink any milks at all, skip Day 4 and repeat Day 3.

  • Nom nom

    Hi Catherine,

    I am lactose intolerant & on Day 3 today, and was wondering if I could substitute Almond Milk for the Skimmed Milk tomorrow?

  • esterlina bauttista

    thankyou for this column it helps me a lot reducing my weight.

  • Lscindrella2008

    I followed your instructions to the letter but have lost just 1 pound in 4 days. I don’t get it why?? 🙁

    • Lynn A

      Lscindrella2008, It takes time individually for the body to adjust to any change, looking for fast results is not an advisable way to go on any thing, weight did not come on over night and it will not come off over night and be a healthy benefit for the over-all results of becoming healthy and long lasting weight losing is not just a diet to lose weight it is a change of a better way of living a choice for a better life health wise. This I have found to be very true as I yo-yoed on diets looking for that fast results and all it did for me was ..yes I lost the weight and was happy just to find eventually gained it back and more I can say from my own experience slow and steady is the only way to live a happy life…all GOOD things take TIME, as the turtle said to the rabbit. lol life was meant to be enjoyed not rushed through, one can miss so many things when one is always running , stop a while and stroll, ♥

  • FionaBelli

    can I sweeten tea with honey?

  • Gingerfoster22

    I am starting the cabbage diet tomorrow. Could you please tell me if I can put more vegetables in the soup like broccoli and zucchini?

  • Jcc_student

    I have been thinking about doing this diet for a week. The question that I have though is I will be going away on vacation the following week after I do the diet and its an all inclusive resport. I am just worried that I will gain the weight right back the first day on the report with all the food and alcohol there. Should I do the diet before a vacation like this or no?

    • Since this is more of a detox program, you may want to do it after you get back 😉

  • Smicha

    Hi Catherine , I’m starting cabbage soup and wanted to know if it ok to eat colslow on day two?
    Please let me know

  • Smicha

    Hi Catherine , I send you a message earlier but I didn’t get a reply !
    Please can reply to this cos i have started the soup today and wondering if u can have coleslaw tomorrow as its a vegetable day?

    Please reply.

    • I did reply, the thread is right below this one. You cannot have anything with mayo.

  • smicha

    Hello catherine
    i have started the cabbage soup, just wanted to know if its ok to eat coleslaw on day twoo?
    please let me know

    • 3rd time answering this! NO coleslaw. Nothing with mayonnaise. If you just have shredded cabbage and spices, that is ok.

  • Daaki2

    hello. does it make me loose arm fat

    • Nope, this diet doesnt work on particular spots except the belly. This will help you lose belly bloat.

  • susemi

    Catherine, this is my first day (yayy..!) We are on this diet with my husband.
    I wonder if I can substitute celery with any other vegetable? I love eating it raw but in the soup it tastes so strong.

    • You can leave it out!

      • susemi

        That was fast!! 🙂 Thank you so much!

  • susemi

    Catherine, in veggie day, are we allowed to eat baked (without any oil) veggies as well? Can I bake some eggplant at the same time with my potato? 🙂
    Also, is tomato allowed in 2nd and 3rd day?

    • Yes, eat them however you’d like. Tomato is allowed on your veggie days and it is the only produce you eat all day on Day 5. Make sure you dont eat too much on the earlier days so you’re sick of it by Day 5.

  • Sarah_science21

    Hello. This is my second time doing this detox and I found it works well. I don’t really like vegetablet much though and find day two really tough. Is it okay to have a small amount of fruit also? I’ve just given in and had some grapes…….

  • Kat

    Hate bananas. Anything I can substitute those with? I was thinking avocado perhaps. Also, is this very different from the tomato soup diet? Instructions are exactly the same minus the fact that this is a cabbage soup and the other is a tomato soup? I prefer tomato soup to the cabbage so I was wondering if that would be fine 🙂 Thanks!

    • Avocado is much too fatty. Use kiwi, papaya, or apricot instead.

      I am not sure of the tomato soup diet!

  • Jess

    If I didn’t have my baked on day 2 can I have it any other day?

  • Delisacole

    For the soup can I just do cabbage and spices??

    • Why would you want to do that? It would be boring and tasteless. You need the nutrients that come from a range of veggies. The point of this week is to have as many veggies and fruits as you can. Make a yummy, colorful, veggie filled soup.

  • Ijoyb77

    Can you use napa cabbage or does it have to be green cabbage?

  • Roeminaya

    I lactose intolerant, can I do almond or soy milk on the milk and banana day?

  • zoe

    I’m gonna start this tomorrow, but will it be a problem if I was 15?

  • zhs

    should I do any exercise with the diet?

    • It is not required and you’ll still lose weight. Try a short walk after meals or a light jog, or chase your kids or pets around. This is not the time to train for a marathon!

  • hazelennis

    day one for me and i am excited…i went for an hour walk to the market to buy the ingredients. ive had friends tell me of this soup and how they raved about it. wish me luck.

  • lwalsh

    i have put 6 large onions into my soup instead of spring onions. will this affect weight loss?

    • No, that is perfectly fine. Onions of any kind are great for us.

      • lwalsh

        Thanks Catherine. Is green tea ok to drink?

  • Heather

    I did the Cabbage soup diet for one week and followed it exact, and to my surprise lost 10.5 pounds to the decimal 🙂 ,,I feel great and my clothes feel better then they have in a long time 🙂 today is my first day I can go back to eating regular foods and not sure what to do, I dont want to gain it back!!!! My plan is to do this every 2 weeks.. but what about the meantime?

  • minoo

    hello…can u plz tell me the wat is skim milk? i use regular sealed pack milk..
    nd the soup recipe that u have told is only for 1 day? or v can store it in can for more than 2 days?
    plz reply quick em gonna start it after sum time :/

  • vanitha

    In cabbage soup can i add salt and pepper? and even baked or boiled veg too?

    • No salt at all. Stick to the recipe for best results.

  • Andrea

    I made the cabbage soup but I didn’t put miushroom or package spice only soup mix. is it okay?

  • sana

    Hi i tried csd for five days but i got realy bad constipation i drank lot of water but it s not work i dont know what to do

    • Pam

      Get Blessed Herbs Digestive Stimulator™ I use to be constipated all the time and ANY other constipation pills caused more pain! this is the best product i have ever used! keep adding another pill each time you take it until you get results! it also strengthens your bowel walls for better elimination. I hardly need to use it at all anymore. but I found it to be true to its name blessed herbs IT WAS A TRUE God send for me! all natural herbs and would not conflict with diet if taken while doing it! I live in Canada and have it shipped to me from the States from there web site with no problem. Friends that have tried it get the same AMAZING results as me! have ordered it several times for family and friends I hope this helps have a BLESSED day!

  • Pam

    can i exchange the skim milk for zero fat plain greek yogurt? I hate milk and the calories are the same, but the calcium is higher in the greek yogurt, then the skim milk and your diet says we are drinking it for the calcium benefit.

  • Pam

    Sorry Catherine didn’t read through all the questions before asking about the yogurt! So yay!!! being YES to that! So here is one I did not see…BRAGG’S all purpose Liquid soy seasoning? it is all natural only made with the soybean vegetable protein and purified water are its only ingredients? so there is no salt in it but it tastes like salt! also I see that you say no vinegar but again what about the Bragg Mother apple cider vinegar it is zero cal. and is NOT acidic it makes your body alkaline? So please answer these two questions and clarify that it is ok to mix the lemon juice with some olive oil for the salad? because that is how I’ve been using the mother vinegar ( has to be mother unfiltered to be alkaline ) for the benefit of other readers.

  • Pam

    Sorry to keep commenting 🙁 but the liptons dry soup mix has salt in it and is very hard to find any pkg. without! AHHH! some also contain sugar!

  • Mandy

    The Lipton soup mix I found contains sodium. Should I be looking for a soup mix with no sodium?

  • Sarah

    I followed the instruction(cabbage soup plan for9days)strickly without cheating but I lost only1pound,why I didn’t lose much can someone explain ,thanks

    • Misses Thomas

      Sarah our metabolism is different. If you drink green tea it will boast your metabolism and you can lose the weight faster. Give it another try and make sure you put no salt in it. Good luck. I know you will do well.

  • Vongai

    My friend and I are trying out this diet and we have been arguing on how to make the soup. Kindly advise what we do with the vegetables when we have finished cooking the soup. Do we sieve the soup, separating liquids from solids or what. I was so sure that we just eat everything but my friend is of the opinion that we sieve it and have the liquids only.

    • Tauqeer Amjad

      Don’t eat vegetables, If u don’t like ’em… Just have ur soup… BTW if u have cooked t for 2 hours all the desired & essential ingredients are already in soup… Moreover rating vegetables will further reduce ur appetite… I tried it both ways and lost 5 Kgs in just a week….

    • JC

      I think it’s optional – either eat the soup “chunky”, or use a juicer to make a broth. I don’t think you’re supposed to discard the solid veggies, though!

      • Catherine

        The vegetables will help to fill you up so if you like them eat them!! Your call but they will help you to stay full!

    • gwen

      You eat all of the soup. Vegetable and broth.

  • Sherri

    Hi Catherine: Thanks for your latest tips. I have just finished my 5th day. By this morning had lots only 2lbs. i have a problem with dry skin on an ongoing basis…so as I’ve lost so little weight, does that mean I don’t have too much water in my body to lose?? I have also twice been told after blood tests that I need to consume more sodium…and I know that salt is important to the body to maintain good health…so I am not sure if this diet is suitable for me. I would like to lose about 10-14 lbs…and don’t want to lose it too quickly either because I don’t want sagging skin after losing weight. Is there any way that I can prevent this?? Your answers to these questions will be very much appreciated.

  • Stacey

    I LOVE my coffee and I have suffered by not using powder cream or cream of any kind, however; I have been using one pkg. of Equal per cup…..Why or is this affecting my weight loss?

  • Tammy

    I am going into the last day tomorrow. I have already lost 9.9lbs. WOW this is awesome but I am worried about what happens after the diet ends. I have decided to go right onto Weight Watchers points thing. I hope I can keep this weight off. I am so excited to keep this going. Definitely going to do this again in 2-3 weeks.

  • Beth

    Hi there. I did this diet last week and lost 10lbs!! I was so happy because I have tried almost everything. But I have a huge question… I was wondering if I was to stay on the cabbage soup diet for a long time like 8 weeks would that help to lose more weight, along with working out?

  • Raydiance

    Can I do a intense workout while I am on the cabbage diet?

  • Stephanie

    Does it drive you nuts to answer the same questions and to constantly see people write LOOSE weight instead of LOSE weight? I’m on Day 4 now and so far so good. Thanks for all your info and guidance for this program!!

  • LJ

    Hi! i had done the diet before and they work some but I do not feel thinner this time and I followed to the T, well I had coffee in the mornings with a splash of skim milk. What did I do wrong??? I finished yesterday and it was so hard this time because I was hungry all the time!!!
    I do enjoy your website so much!!!

  • Fareeha Afaf

    Hi Fareeha here. My hight is 5.2 & my weight is 65.8. It’s horrible. Plz send me a diet plane for an ideal fittness. Plzzzz

  • Mary

    Do you make the soup once and eat it for the seven days. Or make it everyday?

  • Debra

    I have a very important question about this diet. How can a type 2 who has to inject insulin work with this. I have made the soup, but am using it as a lo cal mini meal to keep from over eating at meals. I already test my blood glucose 3 times a day and if it goes low, I would not have any choice about eating sugar to raise it. And since the object of the diet is to keep my body from making insulin, injecting it seems counter productive. I have cut way down on sodium and sugar. I really want to lose weight and I need to lose much more than 10 pounds. I need to lose over 130 pounds and wanted to use this as a jump start. But I cannot do without some protein, and since I have kidney damage, I cannot eat too much potassium which most fruit is filled with, so I could not do the banana day.

  • stephanie

    This soup taste pretty good, its not juky at all!! I lost 5 pound the first week, I skipped the second week and then did it again, with a lil shredded chicken to add more flavor and change it up a bit, I lost anothe 5 pounds, i am not gonna lie I have 2 piece a candy a week when I feel like I realy need it..overall its a good way to lose weight and enjoying ur soup 🙂

  • Zenia

    Can I substitute the green onion for a different onion?? And if I want to skip one of the meal with the rice or potato will it affect my result positively or negatively??

  • booda boom

    how much does it cost ?

  • Ebony

    I just started this cabbage soup diet but i put turkey sausage in mines is that too bad? I feel like its a chore if i just eat straight vegetables then i will get sick of it and not do it any more please answer Catherine i need to know so i cant stop eating it

    • Catherine

      It’s not suppose to have any meat in it!

    • Catherine

      You can only have meat on Day 5 and Day 6.

  • TT

    I have followed this diet to the Tee and did not cheat once, yet i only lost two pounds… i dont understand why??

    • Catherine

      Everyone’s weight loss is different. Sorry you didn’t lose more!!

  • Jimmy

    Hi Catherine, Thanks for helping me out losing weight. I am very happy that within 15 days, I feel like new born again. I love the cabbage soup and I use it frequently during the week. I also like fresh red lentil soup with lots of fresh carrots and tomatoes and a touch of cumin seed with some red hot chili peppers. So now after I followed your seven day diet, I am practically on this weekly menu:

    Breakfast: Weetabix / skimmed milk or Kiwi / Mandolins

    Lunch: fresh vegetable soup / or lentil soup – 2 bowls

    4pm: fresh fruits or cereal depends what I took as breakfast

    Dinner: Chicken breast grilled with spices with lots of boiled vegetables

    or seafood pasta or couscous with fresh veg / chicken etc etc


    Just one word of encouragement to beginners: I used to include salt ( lot ) in any food I take, and I never believed that I quit salt, but now when you feel the difference, you will never use it again.

    Thanks for your good work.

    • Catherine

      Thank you Jimmy for sharing your experience. So happy for you! You are an inspiration to us!

  • Ela Herrera

    can we also include real meat in the soup?

    • Catherine

      No meat in the soup!!

  • Lindsey

    I have an initial army weigh-in and I am on Day 4 with this diet. I weighed 160 when I started. But now I weigh 161. I did however get taped. I passed my tape. I was at 33% body fat and now I am down to 29%. I am just hoping that maybe if I just give it some time with this diet, I’ll lose the pounds. But I am not sure.. What should I do?

    • Cat

      Make sure you are drinking plenty of water to flush your system. I would keep at it. Eat lots of soup to fill up with. Hang in there…

  • sazzuu

    hi.i am following the diet but nothing get acourding to my desire. guide me plzzzz

    • Catherine

      Hi Sazzuu,
      Not sure of your question. Do you mean you aren’t losing weight yet?

  • Bob Davies

    What can you have for breakfast while on the 7 day cabbage soup diet

    • HI Bob,
      Day One you can have fruit (except bananas)
      Day Two your only choice is veggies or soup for breakfast
      Day Three You can have fruit again (no bananas)
      Day Four You can have bananas but no other kind of fruit
      Day Five Soup for breakfast
      Day Six Soup for breakfast
      Day Seven Soup but can add brown rice to it.
      Sorry not a great breakfast diet!!

  • guest12

    Hi, can I please find out if we’ve to have only the soup (without the vegetables) or both? Thanks!

  • jacob morton

    how much does a typical week cost?

  • Tee

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful advice and helpful tips. Youʻre awesome1

    • Cat

      Thanks Tee glad you find it helpful!!!

  • Chris Young

    Hi there
    Chris here I’m recovering from spinal surgery. I’m on day two and just realised i put 3 bullion cubes in there and some salt. Is the soup useless now.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Catherine

      Hi, Usually you only put 1-2 cubes in and then no salt because the cubes have way too much salt in it. You can dilute it down some more. Did you use V8 juice, too? It might still be okay. Try diluting it with more water if it tastes salty.

      • Chris Young

        Hi Catherine
        I made ten litres of soup and later read this forum and threads. It tastes ok I just didn’t want the salt in there defeating the purpose of the soup.
        Chess Chris

  • Busi

    Wowwwwwwwww..This soup is a miracle..i feel great..Lost 3 kg already day 5

  • Marites Tejada

    just follow the instruction . its a soup with lots of vegestables!

  • Marites Tejada

    way back 2008 one of my friend tried that cabbage soup . when i remember that i tried also ..it really works and i am continuing the diet because i feel good and lighter than before..

  • Christy

    Dear Catherine, I’m your fan indeed! You help me a lot with your one week cabbage diet soup (CDS) . I did try and felt the change and was delighted to see my tummy flattened to a certain level. I need to continue on this to get rid off a little more to enjoy that yummy tummy!!! Wonderful work outs gives best results and toning to body also. Even my face looks fair n glowing. Hats off to you Dear Catherine. Thanks a lot and may continue to help many like me
    love and thank, Christy Zion

    • Catherine

      Sounds like you are doing great! Hats off to you my friend!!

      • Christy

        Hi again Catherine, I’m so excited for your response… It really encourages me to go on with the CSD.. Also Thanks for posting belly tricks… I’ll give a try Dear…love you and thanks once again. Christy Zion

        • Catherine

          You are welcome and have a great evening!

  • Buyi

    I ate cabbage soup for 7 days and i lost 8.9 pounds 🙂

    • Catherine

      That is awesome – great job!!!

  • ka tisha

    Hi I want to lose 20kg but am drinking cabbage boiled water can it help me

    • Cat..

      You would be better off following the cabbage soup 7 day diet plan on my website. You otherwise will be missing out on important vitamins and protein. You don’t want to become weak and bored with the cabbage boiled water!!

  • maze

    I work at night from 6pm till 4:30am I did the soup for the seven days and felt wonderful afterward but I am now scared that I am going to fall back into that slump again. I need to know what to do.

    • Catherine

      I would recommend packing healthy snacks and I’m assuming you eat around midnight or so – I would pack some fruit, a salad if possible and a light sandwich. By light I mean low cal cheese, lunchmeat and bread and then have some lettuce and tomato to put on it to make it more filling. Stay away from sodas and sugary treats. Good luck!! You can always make more of the soup but add some protein to it and brown rice.

  • Phoenix

    Yes as a nurse …i can say that great posture helps with a flatter belly. It takes stomach muscles to keep your back straight and your body alignment intact.

  • Phoenix

    As a nurse I know have an option. Chewing is a human need.. It also burns calories. It may be more fulfilling to have chunkier soup and will also fulfill that need… Along with leaving your vegie’s raw. This isa fulfillment for the need to not destroy the vitamin and minerals that veggies have to give us that get destroyed by heat. Your body will thank to you…m you will burn more calories..fulfill the basic human need to chew.. Especially if your a regular meet eater or trying to curve that habit. . Also you may boil away these nutrients and vitamins and minerals because the smaller to you make your veggies.. The more the heat can kind of break down the food and of course lose Al the good stuff.. Especially considering that you will be reheating this great dish.

  • cathalene

    Thank you very much for all your tips .I lost seven pounds on your diet.
    keep up the good work

  • SuziQ

    I done the diet for a week and lost 9lbs and hope to start again next week. I think it’s amazing with fantastic results if you stick to it ????????????????????????

  • Elsie Amb

    are we aloud eating the soup in the middle of the night. lets say after 12 am?

    • Catherine

      If you are hungry then that is fine. The goal is to keep you from eating sweets and junk foods!!

      • Elsie Amb

        Perfect.. staying away from sweets and junk is not a problem. I was just wondering cuz I’m usually up late and starving so that’s good to know

  • Catherine

    Hi, no you eat the vegetables and the broth! That way you are getting full with healthy veggies that are low calorie.

  • Donna Lezon

    By day two the veggies in the soup were making me nauseous. Can i just eat the broth and still expect results?

    • Catherine

      You can just eat the broth but it may not keep you full enough. Make sure you eat the fresh vegetables as well and the potato.

  • Misses Thomas

    I lost 8 pounds the first week and 14 the second time I did the diet. I waited 2 weeks in between. My ex did the diet for a month straight. He lost 46 pounds. He looked great and kept it off. It works if you follow it to the letter.

    • Catherine

      Congrats you did awesome! Have a Happy New Year and thank you for the input!!