Fresh Fruits to Fight Fatigue and Anxiety

Catherine here,

I love the weekends because that’s when all the pop-up tents appear for the fresh summer markets full of produce, fruits, jams, honey, salsas, and sometimes homemade tamales!! (In Texas at least!)

If you see some fresh raspberries at the store or market be sure to get some as they are energy boosters. Phytonutrients in the berries stimulate cellular mitochondria to convert glucose and fatty acids in the fatigue fighting compound ATP. Researchers state that eating raspberries every day will help you beat fatigue in as little as one week. There are only 64 calories in one cup of raspberries!

Need to calm down and release some anxiety? Try eating 2 cups of cherries a day. A cup of cherries (with pits) is only 51 calories. So much better for you than a piece of candy and so good for your mind when you have a hectic day.

You also need to take advantage of all the fresh melons at the store. Now is the time when they are super cheap and they are super low in calories!! One cup of watermelon has only 46 calories and 1/4 wedge of a cantaloupe is only 46 calories as well! Use your melon baller and then fill up some charming wine glasses with the fruit to add a special flair to dinnertime parties.

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To Your Health,


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