Get Your Blender Ready!!

Blending: Soup is the New Juice!

Catherine here,

Do you turn to soup for comfort food when you are sick? Or when you are doing the Cabbage Soup Diet? Okay I know it’s summertime and in Texas we are having predictions of 110 degree days so no hot soup here BUT chilled and in the blender equals healthy and filling.

Why Soup Over Juice?
Don’t be afraid to try putting your cabbage soup into a blender and hitting puree. I’ve tried it and approve – gives variety to the 7 day diet of soup if you are doing my plan!
One of the advantages of soup is that you do eat it with a spoon and it makes you slow down. Or you can sip it slowly from a glass or your favorite to go cup. The fiber will keep you full longer and cabbage soup averages about 70 calories per bowl/glass and that’s when it’s FULL of veggies. For my recipe just click here for the link.

To get the most out of your “souping” and the least amount of calories make sure you stay away from soups made with heavy cream and butter.
Remember Vichyssoise? It’s a highly rated cold soup but it’s also made with fattening cream, butter, and potatoes! Our cabbage soup is low calorie and helps you to lose weight by staying full and on track.

If you’d like to spice up your Cabbage Soup recipe and make it taste great, click here to checkout my two seasoning packs. It has been blended specifically for the Cabbage Soup recipe to make it zesty !!!

To Your Health,