Go Out To Eat & Lose More: Tips For You!

How To Go Out To Eat And KEEP Losing Weight!

Even though eating at home is healthier for us, there are times when you want to splurge and go to a restaurant for a nice meal – specifically, one that someone else has cooked for you! Haha!

So, we can AND WILL still go out to eat, but in 2013, let’s do it smarter!

Tip # 1: To Go Boxes Are Your Friend!

Ok, so the restaurant serves a huge portion, right?  Studies show that if we are given a huge portion, we will eat it.

There’s a super quick, easy fix to this!

WHEN you are ordering your meal, ask if the server can bring you half on your plate and half in a to-go box.  INSTANT PORTION CONTROL. Easy!

Tip #2: Don’t Get Swayed By “Specials” On The Menu

Specials are – I am sorry to say – often the fattiest and most inexpensive thing on the menu!  Every restaurant knows you’ll look right at those butter laden, cheese covered “specials” and want to order them because they might not be on the menu next time.

Easy fix: Look up the menu before you go!  Decide what you want to eat.  Make sure it fits in your meal plan.  When you get to the restaurant, avoid looking at those Specials and stick to your plan.

Tip #3: Veggies On The Side, Please!

Many restaurants offer you a choice of sides, like French fries, potatoes, or seasonal veggies.

This isn’t even a tip. JUST PICK THE VEGGIES! You’re not going to end up with a boring plate of veggies, you’re most likely going to get something seasonal, local, and very nutritious!

Eating well AND supporting your local economy? Win-Win!

Tip #4: Nutritional Info IS Available – Just ASK!

In the US, pretty much every restaurant must now have calorie counts and health info available…but it does NOT mean the restaurant has to post it on the front door with a “Dieters BEWARE” sign!

Most restaurants will only show you the info if you ask.

So, your quick fix to this little problem is to ASK QUESTIONS!!  You can ask about the nutrition info, allergy info, and any other questions you may have – and they must answer truthfully!

What’s Next:

So much of my info on eating well, both at home and at restaurants, has come from Isabel De Los Rios, health expert.
She is REALISTIC about eating and knows that you’re going to shop at a regular grocery store AND you’re going to go out to eat once in a while.

She doesn’t tell you to restrict your meals, she just suggests you become more aware about what is IN your food and what it does to your body.

Once you know, you make better decisions!

Learn more about Isabel’s Beyond Diet Program HERE.

 Your Tips:

Do you have any restaurant friendly tips?

Cheers to your health,


  • Jesow

    Today is my first day of CSD, wish me for success … can I add some oats to the soup as it is also a good source of fiber?

    • i think the soup has a pretty good fiber count as it is

    • It is a very high fiber, low cal soup if you follow the recipe

      • Jesow

        Thank you Catherine and Andrea, Successfully doing my 4th day, is it okay if I take fruits on day 5 and day 6 too? (papaw, apple & orange)

        • For best results, follow the diet plan. On day 5, have tomatoes, meat, and soup and on Day 6, have meat, vegetables, and soup. do not have fruits.

          • Jesow

            Thank you Catherine

  • Jesow

    Thank you sooooooooooo much Catherine….. I have lost 6.5lbs…. Going to reward me by threading to eye brows and gonna kick start healthy eating ahead…. Thanks again for your kind support and help

  • Shivangi

    Catherine I m pure vegetarian……….can I take whole grain chapaties with green vegetables on 5th day onwards

  • PJ

    When eating out…try to remember to tell your server, “No bread, please.” After a while it won’t bother you nearly as it does at first…after all, it is just habit.

  • Resie

    This is the second time for me. I did CDS in May for 7 days and lost 6 lbs., and I was on the road day 4 with my thermos as not to deviate. However, I am now on day 7 and I followed the CDS to a T, along with workout s and I feel as though I lost no more than 2 lbs. I did not weigh in but I see my back fat and my muffin top in my so – called test jeans and they seem to fit just as it did prior. Is there a reason CDS appeared less effective this time around?

  • Isabel

    Catherine I am desperate!!! I couldn’t eat the soup. I think is because doesn’t have salt. I try to eat but I almost throw up…What can I do? Please help me!!!!