Going Vegetarian? Avoid These Mistakes!

A lot of people email me to say that the Cabbage Soup Diet has convinced them that going vegetarian is going to be a healthier lifestyle for them in the future.

If that is you, congratulations, and if it isn’t…that’s OK too, and the info here will help you as much as a non-meat-eater!

Why Should I Stop Eating Meat?

There are a lot of reasons why people choose to become vegetarian today…Some people use morality as a reason, some want to reduce their carbon footprints, and for others, it can be a religious requirement.

Other people insist that by going vegetarian, they will lose weight….

And while this lifestyle CAN help you lose weight, if you do it properly….

There are a few things you can do that will make you PACK ON the pounds, even while saying “no” to that hamburger.

Here Is What NOT To Do

    1. Don’t eat too much cheese!
      One thing NOT to do is slather everything in cheese.    Cheese is a good source of protein, but it is NOT the only non-meat protein available!  Eat products with good fats, like avocado, and tofu, which also pack protein without the high calories that come along with cheese!
    2. Faux meat doesn’t mean “healthy” meat.
      Just because your veggie burger doesn’t have meat in it, that doesn’t mean you should have three patties.  These products, like veggie burgers, faux-chicken nuggets, and other fake-meat products tend to be high in sodium, which means (especially for women) that we can retain the salt and feel bloated.  That BLOAT is what caused you to jump on the Cabbage Soup Diet plan, so don’t sabotage your weight loss with frozen, salty, faux-meat.
    3. Skimp on veggies.
      There is no substitute for fresh, healthy veggies.  Dried fruit has so much sugar that you should treat it as a dessert – NOT as a serving of regular fruit.
    4. Just skip the meat.
      It is also not healthy to eat as you normally would…and just take out the meat.  You NEED protein and healthy fats in your diet (just ask Isabel!) for your metabolism to work well consistently.  If you go vegetarian, you need a supplement, and you need to make sure you are eating protein on a daily basis!

So, while going green can be a healthy step in the right direction, it can also be a way to pack on the pounds if you don’t eat correctly.

Make sure to read up on your new found diet, and make sure you’re meeting all of your nutritional needs, to ensure you’re happy, healthy and thin, today AND tomorrow!

To your health,


  • Rosaleendempsey30

    Hi, Catherine, i just want to say thanks to you and the cabbage soup diet and your words of encouragement , i have lost 9lbs doing my week on the csd. It was tough at times but worth it in the end. rosaleen

    • Rosaleen, that is fantastic! You should be proud of yourself for sticking to it! Make sure to have a plan now, for long-term, so you dont risk gaining it back! -Cat

  • Rosaleendempsey30

    Hi, Catherine, i just want to say thanks to you and the cabbage soup diet and your words of encouragement , i have lost 9lbs doing my week on the csd. It was tough at times but worth it in the end. rosaleen

  • Rosaleendempsey30

    Hi, Catherine, i just want to say thanks to you and the cabbage soup diet and your words of encouragement , i have lost 9lbs doing my week on the csd. It was tough at times but worth it in the end. rosaleen

  • Sierrasoar

    Catherine, thank you so much for your site and words of encouragement.
    I started off cutting out fast food, at age 48 I’m 5′ 8″ and 202lbs, 6 weeks ago I was at 235 which was my weight for the past 15+ years, I used the CSD as a kick start to my own diet plan and it’s working wonderfully! I modified my own diet because I lift weights and walk 2 to 3 miles daily along with regular exercise so I take in more protein as to not lose muscle, I finally found my 6 pack I had in storage, yeah!!! I’m ready to start another round of CSD, my goal is to get around 180lbs which I have no doubt I’ll achieve, my only concern is I’ve noticed excess skin on my body now, what should I be doing to help while it returns to a normal covering or will it? Thank you again for everything!

    • The skin should go back into place…drink plenty of water! 🙂

  • Manaspal186

    Thank U Catherine, Your valuable suggestion has been work already, I loss my weight two kg just start a week prescription, when I will be start next time? one month leter or 2 week?

    Thanks again good night

    • You want to take off at least 2 weeks in between diet weeks, and you should really transition to something more long term, like Isabel De los Rios’ Diet solution program!~

  • Seemabmehdi

    Thanx a lot Catherine.

  • Linda Emley

    Thanks Catherine!
    Never wanted to give up steak anyway:)

  • Cathie1308

    I have started out on the CSD today, after being out of sorts since breaking my knee earlier in the year. I have piled nearly 3 stonnes on….. I am already vegetarian and have been for the past 27yrs…Started out at 11 stonnes 9 ounces today………lets see how i will have done by this time next week……….

  • Musyangi_kajeri

    Thanks catie, am now happy with my new lifestyle with cabbage soup daily after the seven day diet meals

  • Musyangi_kajeri

    Thanks catie, am now happy with my new lifestyle with cabbage soup daily after the seven day diet meals

  • Pamela oresegun

    Hi! Cathy. Just started the cabbage soup. All thanks to you. I am already feeling good with myself. I do look forward to continuing with the soup after the 7 days.

    • Pamela,
      the hard work is all you! Make sure you don’t continue with the diet for longer than 7 days! if you need help sticking to a meal plan, check out Enjoying Weight Loss and see what you think!

  • Snider184

    I did really well on the 7 days – lost 10 lbs but after 2 weeks off I’ve gained it all back. What do I do????? It is so disheartening. I’ve kept my calories low and watched what I ate. Please advise on what I should do next.

  • nraha

    I’ve been veggie now for 2and half years and never felt better! Not for any moral or religious reasons, just because one day at a barbie I suddenly couldn’t face eating fish which i’d been eating so much of along with chicken, i’d ditched all red meat & processed derivatives a long time before so just thought why be a ‘peskatarian’ might as well go the whole hog (no pun etc!) BUT even though i do feel a lot better i’ve not lost more than a half stone, i’ve got exactly 3 stones to lose before i’m within my recommended BMI – so am seriously taking on board all the advice listed above, mainly points A&B!!

  • Namreentahir

    Hi m 70 kg now wanna loose 15 kg help me plz i ne er did any diet b4 kindly help

  • Bertilia

    I did lost about 6 lbs with theCSD . After finish that week I was afraid to eat but everything when back to normal and with running extra mile I’m still losing weight, and sometime enjoy a good steak.

  • Katie0

    I am on day three of the CSD, I am 10 lbs lighter already? My husband is 7 lbs lighter, Will I gain it back if I continue with weight watchers after the seventh day? I have lost 50lbs so far with it. I am 179 lbs and need to lose 20 more lbs

    • You wont gain it back if you’re on a program like WW! Perfect idea.

  • Dexundone

    I eat cabbage soup, and steak, I just use a leaner cut, filet Mignon. I’m a foodie, portion control is the answer, I’m 61, weigh 133, and do yoga, drink wine and love my 5 grand kids. dex

    • Portion control is the answer, definitely. Wine, however, is not for people still trying to lose weight

  • Octavia

    Hi Catherine, thanks a lot for the advice. I have completed my 7 day soup diet and i don’t crave for junk anymore. I haven’t weighed myself yet but i feel a little bit lighter. Are the green beans good to maintain weight?. I will eat vegetables only this week, then next week i’ll start the soup again.


  • Winsome

    Is it o.k to use sweet potato on the potato day

  • Stacie G

    Hi Catherine. I am on day 2 of the CSD and am feeling great. I recently completed 10 days on The Master Cleanse and was able to easily transition to this program. I need to lose 10 lbs on this diet and am committed to sticking to the plan and following it precisely.

    Thanks so much for the wonderful emails; they really help in terms of motivation and overall education.

  • Lysa

    Now on day five and still going strong. I have gone from 87.6kg at the start to 83.8kg this morning. Thank you for the kick start to my diet. My husband is very happy with my results and is going to join me on the next one. Thanks… Lysa…x

  • Anonymous

    I followed the Cabbage soup diet perfectly. It fit right into my regular eating ‘likes’, so easy. After 7 days (and I felt great), I never lost a pound. I am 30 pounds overweight and have been for about 12 years. I gained it really fast and never can take it off. I love the way the diet makes me feel, except the banana/milk day, I think I am lactose intolerant. Why didn’t I lose any weight?

  • Abcde Marie

    II came across the cabbage soup diet after my husband and I gave up junk food.. I am 5’3 and I started at 192 lbs which accumulated fast! I did 2 rounds of the cds with 1 week between the first time and now I’m on my second week break continuing to lose weight, I am down to 172.2 in 30 days! My husband 5’6 start at 168 and cheated 3 times on the diet bursting whataburger but still managed to lose down to 152 lbs. My friend also embarked on this 7 day plan and lost meaty 18 lbs. In one round! Be careful to take breaks in between and eat high protein and veggies. It’s worth it!!!

  • Mardendogs

    THANK YOU, i am a non meat eater but eat fish and have overdone the cheese n vegge products, so will reduce those and eat more fresh fish and take my vitamins, great updates, thank you

  • Sexykincha

    i am on the day 3 of cabbage soup and i already feel lighter…………i was just curious to know Catherine can i do the CSD 3 weeks consecutively?

    • no! Only 7 days. Otherwise, your body will cling to the calories and youll stop losing weight. Only do the diet once per month.

  • Hana_123

    hey I’m a Vegetarian

    need the seven Days Meal Plan

    Can You Help


  • Hana_123

    hey I’m a Vegetarian

    need the seven Days Meal Plan

    Can You Help


  • hannah

    I am still lost as to why dried fruit can have more sugar than fresh – one dried fig must contain the same amount of sugar as one fresh fig when no sugar has been added to it.. it is not possible that the sugar increases due to it being dried – if it does – please will you explain how? (I understand that as it shrinks the volume changes so per wieght measurement the sugar will appear to be more in dried fruit but not when it is like for like, i.e. one fruit to one fruit)

    • If you dry it yourself, it’s 100% OK. Unfortunately, dried fruit from the store is usually coated in a powdered sugar.

  • Lacey

    I’m on day six and having trouble with the “eating meat” part since my diet pre-CSD was mostly vegetarian (my partner is completely vegetarian, so I find myself eating vegetarian also by default). I would love to substitute tofu for the meat today, but am not sure how that will affect the diet. Please let me know if this is okay. Thanks. (btw- I haven’t lost any weight whatsoever, but I feel absolutely fabulous! My energy is higher than ever before! It may be because I have always been pretty healthy in general, and I don’t have a lot of water weight to lose. However, cutting processed foods, carbs, and salt out of my diet has left me feeling extremely healthy and wonderful. I can’t wait to continue this healthy diet of fresh veggies on the daily! I can’t wait to have a glass of wine though! lol COME ON TUESDAY!! Haha) GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!! Stick it out! You can do it!